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    Christ- centered coaching: 7 benefits for ministry leaders

     By Jane Creswell [Ebook, Epub 2009]
    Rs. 1,237 989 (20% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued Creswell draws from her extensive corporate and ministry coaching experience to provide ministers and other church leaders a clear definition of what coaching is and the seven basic benefits an individual, team, or church can receive through a qualified coach. Solidly based in experience, each chapter is built upon an...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2006
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    The Alexander Antidote: Turning Conflict into a Prescription of Wholeness for the Local Church

     By Warren Ii Dr Thomas [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 654 622 (5% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: The joy that comes from a meaningful relationship is one of the richest blessings. Even so, there are people in every community who, for whatever reason, do and say difficult and destructive things-and the church community is no different. Confronting these difficult personalities and potentially damaging events becomes a...   more
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    Bridging Strategies- - Leadership Perspectives for Introducing Change

     By Dr J Robert Clinton [Ebook, Adobe pdf 1992]
    Rs. 655 458 (30% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Change happens. It can be deliberate. Most of the time it is not. Leaders will bring about change by virtue of their giftedness, role, and vision. Particularly is this true of leaders in power roles--senior pastors and organizational heads. For those with position power there is usually not a...   more
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    Cyril of Jerusalem

     By Edward Yarnold [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2000]
    Rs. 1,896 1,707 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: This study of the life and works of Cyril, Bishop of Jerusalem, assesses Cyril's thought in the context of fourth-century theological developments and includes up-to-date translations of a selection of his writings....   more
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    Focused Lives, Inspirational Life Changing Lessons From Eight Christian Leaders Who Finished Well

     By J Robert Clinton [Ebook, Adobe pdf 1995]
    Rs. 655 458 (30% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: This is a book describing findings from the study of eight Christian leaders who finished well. The concept of a focused life is developed from comparative study of the eight. Four focal elements are defined (life purpose, effective methodologies, major role, ultimate contributions). The reader can analyze his/her own...   more
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    Forgiving the Church: How to Release the Confusion and Hurt when the Church Abuses

     By Judy R De Wit [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2011]
    Rs. 261 220 (16% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: "How do I forgive the church?" is an interesting question. Many ask it. Many can't answer it. Abuse by a church leader is horrendous and evil. It often goes outside of anything we ever thought or imagined a pastor or church leader could do. The very persons we thought...   more
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    G- TRAX Devos Book 1: Whats in a Leader

     By Ron Fast [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 436 414 (5% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: This series will be focusing on how to be a leader. In our lives, each of us is a leader in some way. There are always people who look up to us. We may not know it but we are setting an example for someone that we rub shoulders...   more
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    Habakkuk- - Hope for a Leader in Troubled Times

     By Dr J Robert Clinton [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2002]
    Rs. 655 458 (30% OFF)
    Discontinued Adobe PDF eBook Rights: Copy not allowed. Print allowed : Unlimited Read aloud not allowed. Each installment in this biblical leadership commentary series examines each book from a leadership perspective. How can they inform leaders today with helpful information for their leadership? Habakkuk is part of a Biblical leadership commentary...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2004
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    Haggai- - Restoring A Work of God, Inspirational, Task- Oriented Leadership

     By Dr J Robert Clinton , Mike Hannah [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2001]
    Rs. 655 458 (30% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: This book is one of a series of Biblical leadership commentaries. This series explores the most relevant books of the Bible for leadership findings. The leadership commentary on Haggai involves an overview of the book of Haggai, i.e. a recognition of the contribution of the book as a whole...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2004
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    Handbook for Deacons

     By J D O Donnell [Ebook, Adobe epub]
    Rs. 654 445 (32% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Handbook for Deacons is an excellent resource for all ministers and deacons. Dr. O'Donnell begins by exploring the biblical basis for these servants of God, and then helps the reader discover what the Scriptures say about the responsibilities of a deacon. The timeless message of his work continues to...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 1973
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    Having A Ministry That Lasts- - By Becoming a Bible Centered Leader

     By Dr Robert Clinton [Ebook, Adobe pdf 1997]
    Rs. 655 458 (30% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: This in-depth manual defines a Bible centered leader and gives a Life Long Bible Mastery Paradigm based on the concept of core, that limited number of Bible books and materials that a given leader should master over a lifetime. Gives the Equipping formula and guidelines for habitual input from...   more
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    Jeremy Lin: An Unauthorized Biography

     By Belmont And Belcourt Biographies [Ebook, Open epub]
    Rs. 196 137 (30% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: With the whole world watching his every move, Jeremy Lin has become an international phenomenon. Everyone is talking about him, breaking down his basketball skills and analyzing him in every way. But does anyone really understand where he came from and how he got here? With Jeremy Lin: An...   more
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    Jonah- - Seeing Gods Perspective, A Crucial Paradigm Shift

     By Dr J Robert Clinton , Una Lucey [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2002]
    Rs. 655 458 (30% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: This book is one of a series of Biblical leadership commentaries. This series explores the most relevant books of the Bible for leadership findings. The leadership commentary on Jonah involves an overview of the book of Jonah, i.e. a recognition of the contribution of the book as a whole...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2004
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    Leadership Emergence Theory- - A Self- Study Manual For Analyzing the Development of a Christian Leader

     By Dr J Robert Clinton [Ebook, Adobe pdf 1989]
    Rs. 655 524 (20% OFF)
    Discontinued This self-study manual gives a comprehensive overview of the three major factors (processing, time, and leader response patterns) that interweave together as God shapes a leader spiritually, ministerially, and strategically over a lifetime to bring about His purposes and resulting ultimate contribution. (456 p.) Description: This eBook version explores life...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 1989
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    Leadership Paradigms in Chaplaincy

     By Joel Curtis Graves [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 1,572 1,493 (5% OFF)
    Discontinued This dissertation argues that business people, clergy, lay persons, and many chaplains do not understand the leadership and management dynamics of chaplaincy, and this lack of knowledge has a direct impact on how chaplaincy is done and not done in certain areas. In chaplaincy and many churches, leadership, management, and...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2007
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    Missional Transformation: Gods Spirit at Work: Essays Celebrating the Outreach Ministry of Dr. Eugene Bunkowske

     By Mark Press [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 261 248 (5% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Missiologists and mission-oriented folks have been invited to reflect on topics that touch on the transforming power of God's Spirit. This series of essays has been produced as one way of celebrating the fascinating, missional career of Dr. Eugene Bunkowske, long-time missionary to Africa, long-time linguist and Bible translator,...   more
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    Nehemiah, Focused Leadership

     By J Robert Clinton , Daniel H Allen [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2002]
    Rs. 655 458 (30% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: This is a Biblical Leadership Commentary giving leadership lessons, principles, and many leadership articles explaining leadership concepts seen in the book. This is part of the Clinton Biblical Leadership Series which at this point in time includes 14 commentaries: 1,2 Tim, 1,2 Cor, Phile, Philip, Daniel, John, Haggai, Titus,...   more
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    Reaching people under 40 while keeping people over 60: being church for all generations

     By Edward H Hammett , James R Pierce [Ebook, Adobe epub 2009]
    Rs. 1,637 1,146 (30% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Many established churches are facing a number of challenges in today?s increasingly secular culture. Such a shift in many communities creates a challenge of church growth and church health when it seems that satisfying the needs of one group creates barriers to reaching another group. So many are asking,...   more
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    Reverse Mentoring: How Young Leaders Can Transform the Church and Why We Should Let Them (J- B Leadership Network Series# 41)

     By Earl Creps [Ebook, Adobe epub 2008]
    Rs. 1,634 1,062 (35% OFF)
    Discontinued Earl Creps is known for his work in connecting the younger generation of postmoderns with their Boomer predecessors. The author of "Off-Road Disciplines," Creps, in this new book, takes up the topic of how older church leaders can learn from younger leaders who are more conversant with culture, technology, and...   more
    Other Editions: Hardcover 2008
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    Servant Leadership: Jesus and Paul

     By Efrain Agosto [Ebook, Adobe epub]
    Rs. 654 458 (30% OFF)
    Discontinued "Efrain Agosto provides a rich and textured study of religious leadership as exercised by Jesus and the apostle Paul. The study is not only exegetically thorough, it provides an implicit challenge to contemporary religious leaders to rethink and reform our own roles. In the last chapter, Agosto makes that challenge...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2005
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