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Books by publisher "Epenguin"

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    Howards End

     By E M Forster [Ebook, Adobe epub 2013]
    Rs. 131 91 (30% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Howards End depicts the life and manners of the upper middle class that Forster knew from his own life. He portrayed the shortcomings as well as the amenities of society along side the frequent trivialities he saw. He felt that people need not be static even when a society was....   more
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    The Road to Oxiana

     By Robert Byron , Colin Thubron , Etc [Ebook, Adobe epub 2007]
    Rs. 852 775 (9% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued In 1933 Robert Byron began a journey through the Middle East via Beirut, Jerusalem, Baghdad, and Teheran to Oxianathe country of the Oxus, the ancient name for the river Amu Darya which forms part of the border between Afghanistan and the Soviet Union. The Road to Oxiana offers not only...   more
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    Selected Poems

     By Robert Burns [Ebook, Adobe epub 2005]
    Rs. 767 706 (8% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued Let other poets raise a fracas 'Bout vines, an' wines, an' drucken Bacchus, An' crabbit names an' stories wrack us, An' grate our lug: I sing the juice Scotch bear can mak us, In glass or jug.--from "Scotch Drink" Robert Burns, the son of a tenant farmer in Ayshire, Scotland,...   more
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    The Way of All Flesh

     By Samuel Butler [Ebook, Adobe epub 2013]
    Rs. 131 91 (30% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! Spanning four generations, Way of All Flesh critiques Victorian philosophy through Ernest Pontifex. Our unlikely hero rejects the life of religious responsibility forced upon him for one of freedom only to find that life on the other side can be lonely when no one else has risen to the occasion...   more
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     By Vladimir Nabokov [Ebook, Adobe epub 2012]
    Rs. 767 706 (8% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued Humbert Humbert is a middle-aged, fastidious college professor. He also likes little girls. And none more so than Lolita, who hell do anything to possess. Is he in love or insane? A silver-tongued poet or a pervert? A tortured soul or a monster? Or is he all of these? Humbert...   more
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    Things Fall Apart

     By Chinua Achebe [Ebook, Adobe epub 2013]
    Rs. 769 699 (9% OFF)
    Discontinued Okonowo is the greatest warrior alive and he is one of the powerful men of his clan. But he also has a fiery temper. Determined not to be like his father, he refuses to show his weakness. When outsiders threaten the traditions of his clan, he takes violent action. Will...   more
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    Just So Stories

     By Rudyard Kipling [Ebook, Adobe epub 2014]
    Rs. 65 44 (32% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! The Volume Include The Crab that Played with the Sea The Sing-song of Old Man Kangaroo How the First Letter was Written The volume includes The Beginning of the Armadilloes, How the Rhinoceros Got his Skin and How the Alphabet was Made Kipling began to visit South Africa regularly after...   more
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     By Nassim Nicholas Taleb [Ebook, Adobe epub 2012]
    Rs. 692 629 (9% OFF)
    Discontinued Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the bestselling author of The Black Swan and one of the foremost thinkers of our time, reveals how to thrive in an uncertain world. Just as human bones get stronger when subjected to stress and tension, many things in life benefit from stress, disorder, volatility, and turmoil....   more
    Other Editions: Hardcover 2012 Paperback 2013
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    The Big Short

     By Michael Lewis [Ebook, Adobe epub 2011]
    Rs. 852 775 (9% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued 'We fed the monster until it blew up ...' While Wall Street was busy creating the biggest credit bubble of all time, a few renegade investors saw it was about to burst, bet against the banking system - and made a fortune. From the jungles of the trading floor to...   more
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    Dollar Bahu

     By Sudha Murty [Ebook, Adobe epub 2007]
    Rs. 689 634 (8% OFF)
    Discontinued A story of how money corrupts the way people look at one another and how it can almost tear a family apart Vinuta marries Girish, a bank clerk, and starts living with his family in Bangalore. She adjusts to her new family well, looking after her husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2008
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    Gently Falls the Bakula

     By Sudha Murty [Ebook, Adobe epub 2008]
    Rs. 689 634 (8% OFF)
    Discontinued -Shrikant was restless . . . Holding a bakula flower in his palm, he was wondering why he was fascinated by this tiny flower, that was neither as beautiful as a rose nor had the fragrance of a jasmine or a champaka. And yet, it was very special to him....   more
    Other Editions: Unknown Paperback 2009
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    The Help

     By Kathryn Stockett [Ebook, Adobe epub 2011]
    Rs. 614 565 (8% OFF)
    Discontinued Amidst the turbulence of the Civil Rights movement, 3 Mississippi women quietly start their own revolution with a book, some toilets and a chocoloate pie. This book has the makings of a real word-of-mouth bestseller, and should be a reading group favourite. 'Daring, vitally important and very courageous. I loved...   more
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    Hold my Hand

     By Durjoy Datta [Ebook, Adobe epub 2013]
    Rs. 598 550 (8% OFF)
    Discontinued About the Book: An awkward young man, Deep, obsessed with libraries and books, has his dream come true when he is sent to Hong Kong by ATS Technologies to study and test the library cataloguing software at its head office. There he sees her – the most beautiful girl he...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback, Adobe pdf 2013
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    The Idea of Justice

     By Amartya Sen [Ebook, Adobe epub 2009]
    Rs. 669 609 (9% OFF)
    Discontinued Is justice an ideal, forever beyond our grasp, or something that may actually guide our practical decisions and enhance our lives? This title presents an alternative approach to mainstream theories of justice which, despite their many specific achievements have taken us in the wrong direction in general. Is justice an...   more
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    Indias Struggle for Independence

     By Bipan Chandra [Ebook, Adobe epub 2000]
    Rs. 862 785 (9% OFF)
    Discontinued About the book: India's Struggle for Independence is a detailed take on the Indian independence struggle. The book holds facts that are primarily from researched and oral sources. It is the first major book on the struggle and is written in a very concise manner.  The Indian independence movement was...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2012
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    I Never Thought I Could Fall in Love

     By Chanchaldeep Singh Sandhu [Ebook, Adobe epub 2011]
    Rs. 512 477 (7% OFF)
    Discontinued About the Book : Could life be any better? Playboy Ronnie thinks he has hit the jackpot when he has sex with Miss Fresher in her car on Freshers’ Night; saves himself from ragging by making fools of his seniors; and when his money-making scheme with his friend promises to...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2011
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    Like It Happened Yesterday

     By Ravinder Singh [Ebook, Adobe epub 2013]
    Rs. 598 550 (8% OFF)
    Discontinued About the Book: Has anyone ever asked you—What were the best days of your life? That one period of your life you always wanted to go back to? And live that life . . . one more time? When asked this, I closed my eyes and went back in my...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2013
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    Love Over Coffee

     By Amrit N Shetty [Ebook, Adobe epub 2010]
    Rs. 512 477 (7% OFF)
    Discontinued Rajni blew her hair away from her face. My heart skipped a beat. 'I love you!' I blurted out. Her cheeks turned a deep pink. I could sense that her anger had completely disappeared. Anup, a happy-go-lucky boy next door, finds himself a misfit in an IT company. On the...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2010
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    Makers of Modern India

     By Ramachandra Guha [Ebook, Adobe epub 2010]
    Rs. 2,157 1,941 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued About the Book : A rich and comprehensive repository of Indias political traditions, this book profiles nineteen Indians whose ideas had a defining impact on the formation and evolution of the Indian republic, and presents compelling excerpts from their writings and speeches. All of them were influential political activists, who...   more
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    A New Earth

     By Eckhart Tolle [Ebook, Adobe epub 2005]
    Rs. 661 594 (10% OFF)
    Discontinued Eckhart Tolle's first full length book in eight years will be a cornerstone for personal spirituality and self-improvement for years to come. Taking off from the introspective work he began with The Power of Now, the number one bestseller that has sold millions of copies worldwide, Tolle provides the spiritual...   more
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