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Books by publisher "Icon Books"

  • 21.  

    30- Second Politics

     By Steven L Taylor [Ebook, Adobe epub 2012]
    Rs. 721 656 (9% OFF)
    Discontinued New title in this introductory series. Each political theory is explained in no more than 2 pages and some propaganda-style imagery helps to clarify things further. You may be OK with standard stuff like Conservatism and Democracy, but do you really know what Patrimonialism is? And what about Oligarchy? Anarcho-syndicalism?...   more
    Other Editions: Hardcover 2012
  • 22.  

    Another Alice

     By Alice Peterson [Ebook, Adobe epub 2013]
    Rs. 371 304 (18% OFF)
    Discontinued Love, lust, boys and shopping—the main worries of a teenage girl? Not for eighteen-year-old Alice Peterson, who, at the height of her youth and promising tennis career, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In the midst of shock and denial, and the enduring question, 'Isn't it old people who get...   more
  • 23.  

    A Carpet Ride to Khiva

     By Christopher Alexander [Ebook, Adobe epub 2010]
    Rs. 776 706 (9% OFF)
    Discontinued Subtitled, }Seven Years On The Silk Road{. A personal story of seven years living in the remote desert oasis of Uzbekistan, full of traditional weaving and dyeing, carpet workshops, silkworms and 'My Heart Will Go On'. Chris Alexander originally travelled to Khiva, a remote walled city in Uzbekistan on the...   more
    Other Editions: Hardbound 2010
  • 24.  

    In Harms Way

     By Martin Bell [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2012]
    Rs. 625 569 (9% OFF)
    Discontinued After a lifetime of impartial reporting for the BBC from the world's war zones and trouble spots, Martin Bell writes about the human misery and political cynicism that makes up the war in Bosnia. A veteran of ten earlier wars nothing has moved or angered him more than this war...   more
  • 25.  

    Perfect Rigour

     By Masha Gessen [Ebook, Adobe epub 2011]
    Rs. 632 575 (9% OFF)
    Discontinued A thrilling account of an utterly brilliant and utterly eccentric Russian mathematician which sheds a rare light on the unique burden of genius  In 2006, an eccentric Russian mathematician named Grigori Perelman solved one of the world's greatest intellectual puzzles. The Poincare conjecture is an extremely complex topological problem that...   more
  • 26.  


     By Manjit Kumar [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2009]
    Rs. 579 533 (8% OFF)
    Discontinued The dramatic story of one of the most important and challenging scientific theories of the twentieth century, set in the context of the great social and economic upheavals of the period. Kumar's powerful history shows how a small band of young, mostly German scientists developed a theory which baffled fellow...   more
  • 27.  

    Science & Islam

     By Ehsan Masood [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 579 533 (8% OFF)
    Discontinued Tie-in to a new BBC TV series, to be aired early 2009. It is little understood today that the medieval Islamic world paved the foundations for modern science and institutions that now form our everyday world. This book explores the circumstances that led to this revolution in scientific thinking. The...   more
  • 28.  

    Sex, Botany and Empire

     By Patricia Fara [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2004]
    Rs. 637 580 (9% OFF)
    Discontinued "Enticing ... with a sharp eye for 18th-century mores, this is an engrossing exploration of the growth of the British Empire." Good Book Guide The story of Carl Linnaeus and Joseph Banks who revolutionised the systems for classifying plants during the 18th century. The hardback edition was nominated for the...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2004
  • 29.  

    Why Blame Israel?

     By Neill Lochery [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2009]
    Rs. 547 498 (9% OFF)
    Discontinued Israel is too often seen as the guilty party in the Middle East conflict. Neill Lochery argues that this interpretation, led by the liberal media, is unfair. A recent poll revealed that over half of Europeans think Israel poses the biggest threat there is to world peace above the infamous...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2001
  • 30.  

    30- Second Astronomy

     By Francois Fressin [Ebook, Adobe epub 2013]
    Rs. 721 656 (9% OFF)
    Discontinued An expert, fully illustrated guide to 50 discoveries in astronomy. How hot is Venus? Can you distinguish between a pulsar and a quasar? Is there a universe or a multiverse? Where do we fit into the infinitely grand scheme of things? How do we map the Cosmic Microwave Background? Most...   more
  • 31.  

    30- Second Elements

     By Eric Scerri [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2013]
    Rs. 721 656 (9% OFF)
    Discontinued A beautifully illustrated full-colour guide to the periodic table and the stories behind its most important elements. When was radium discovered? Who are Dmitri Mendeleev and Glenn T. Seaborg? Who discovered uranium’s radioactivity? Which element is useful for dating the age of Earth? And why doesn’t gold have a scientific...   more
  • 32.  

    Jilted Generation

     By Ed Howker , Shiv Malik [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2010]
    Rs. 563 518 (8% OFF)
    Discontinued Born after September 1979? Struggling to find a decent job, even though you’re a graduate? Can’t afford to buy or even rent a house? No prospects?   Welcome to the jilted generation.  Things go wrong in society all the time, but rarely do they go wrong for an entire generation.  Drawing...   more
  • 33.  

    For Whom the Bell Tolls

     By Martin Bell [Ebook, Adobe epub 2011]
    Rs. 632 575 (9% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued Martin Bell OBE has been many things – an icon of BBC war reporting, Britain's first independent MP for 50 years, a UNICEF ambassador, and 'the man in the white suit' – a tireless campaigner for honesty and accountability in politics. But as For Whom the Bell Tolls reveals, he's...   more
  • 34.  

    50 Facts That Should Change the World

     By Jessica Williams [Ebook, Adobe epub 2007]
    Rs. 632 575 (9% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued Revised and substantially updated edition of this hard-hitting political bestseller, which provides an eye-opening, if not down-right disturbing portrait of the contrasts that exist in the world today. 'Lucidly written, excellently researched and with detailed referencing, the world won't look so rosy when you've put it down' }Ecologist{ In this...   more
  • 35.  


     By James Davies [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2013]
    Rs. 729 663 (9% OFF)
    Discontinued A powerful and headline-grabbing polemic on the failures of the psychiatry industry, by a practising psychotherapist who has written for the }New Scientist{. Why is psychiatry such big business? Why are so many psychiatric drugs prescribed, and why, without solid scientific justification, has the number of mental disorders risen from...   more
  • 36.  

    Do You Think Youre Clever?

     By John Farndon , Libby Purves [Ebook, Adobe pdf]
    Rs. 579 533 (8% OFF)
    Discontinued 75 of the most intriguing questions taken from Oxbridge admission interviews, such as: What percentage of the world's water is contained in a cow? Luckily, it also contains the answers. A wonderful collection of oddly brilliant questions and answers taken from the infamously challenging Oxbridge interviews.'What happens if I drop...   more
  • 37.  

    An Entertainment for Angels

     By Patricia Fara [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2009]
    Rs. 553 503 (9% OFF)
    Discontinued Electricity was the scientific fashion of the Enlightenment, 'an Entertainment for Angels, rather than for Men'. By demonstrating their control of the natural world, Enlightenment philosophers hoped to gain authority over society. And their stunning electrical performances provided dramatic evidence of their special powers.  Using contemporary illustrations, Patricia Fara vividly...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2003
  • 38.  

    The Etymologicon

     By Mark Forsyth [Ebook, Adobe epub 2011]
    Rs. 556 512 (8% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued 'I'm hooked on Forsyth's book ... Crikey, but this is addictive' - Mathew Parris, The Times. Sunday Times Bestseller and Book of the Week on Radio Four. The Etymologicon springs from Mark Forsyth's Inky Fool blog on the strange connections between words. It's an occasionally ribald, frequently witty and unerringly...   more
  • 39.  

    The Genius in All of Us

     By David Shenk [Ebook, Adobe epub 2010]
    Rs. 1,267 887 (30% OFF)
    Discontinued Adobe EPUB eBook Rights: Copying not allowed. Printing not allowed. Lending not allowed. Reading aloud not allowed. Never expires. With irresistibly persuasive vigor, David Shenk debunks the long-standing notion of genetic "giftedness." We are not prisoners of our DNA, and greatness is in the reach of every individual. Now in...   more
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    The Girl on the Wall

     By Jean Baggott [Ebook, Adobe epub 2011]
    Rs. 632 575 (9% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued An extraordinary memoir – told through a hand-sewn tapestry – of a very ordinary English life  As the clock struck midnight on 31 December 1999, Jean Baggott vowed that from that point on her life would be devoted to the  happiness of ‘the girl on the wall’ – a  1948...   more
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