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Books by publisher "Untreed Reads"

  • 1.  

    The Duel

     By Barbara Metzger [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2012]
    Rs. 393 314 (20% OFF)    Download Now!
    In Stock. Delivers in 60 seconds! From the award-winning author of A Perfect Gentleman comes an enchanting tale about an imperfect earl and the picture-perfect woman who teaches him that love is always worth fighting for. The Duel is a sexy historical romance featuring Ian, the Earl of Marden, from long-standing fan-favorite and two-time. Originally in...   more
  • 2.  

    That Little Piece of Fluff

     By Rich Jax [Ebook, Adobe epub 2010]
    Rs. 98 93 (5% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: Millie lies in a bed in a convalescent home, clutching what appears to be a simple ball of carpet fibers. In a nurse's attempt to part the patient from her unusual object, a story unfolds, making it clear that the bundle of fabric represents more than just something left...   more
  • 3.  

    Roads Through Amelia: Comedy and Tragedy

     By Joshua Calkins Treworgy [Ebook, Adobe epub 2010]
    Rs. 131 124 (5% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: It's time to take another horrifying trip through the streets of Amelia. In this outing, Jake and Emily are pressured by a bully and his friends to spend one hour in Amelia's abandoned theater. With the discovery of two unusual masks inside, Jake and Emily are about to show...   more
    Other Editions: Ebook, Adobe pdf 2010
  • 4.  

    Roads Through Amelia: Faith in Amelia

     By Joshua Calkins Treworgy [Ebook, Adobe epub 2010]
    Rs. 131 124 (5% OFF)
    Discontinued Description: In this third outing of the acclaimed horror short story series, the evil of the city of Amelia attempts to corrupt Father Michael Sternin. Will Father Sternin's faith be strong enough to withstand the evil taking over the town, or will he succumb to darker forces?...   more
  • 5.  

    Abattoir in the Aether

     By L Joseph Shosty [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2012]
    Rs. 187 159 (15% OFF)
    Discontinued Book Four of Series One. Fresh from their adventures on Mercury, Nathanial Stone and his ward, Annabelle Somerset, are limping through the aether in a dilapidated flyer when they unwittingly stumble upon a heliograph station in solar orbit between Earth and Mars. Now in the sinister clutches of Dr Henry...   more
    Other Editions: Ebook, Adobe epub 2012
  • 6.  

    Ace of Hearts

     By Barbara Metzger [Ebook, Adobe epub 2011]
    Rs. 374 307 (18% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued A classic work from author Barbara Metzger, now available in ebook format for the first time! Never did Alexander "Ace" Endicott, the Earl of Cards, imagine himself to be thrice-betrothed against his will by the doings of three desperate debutantes. So he escapes London to his property in the country,...   more
    Other Editions: Ebook, Adobe pdf 2011
  • 7.  

    The Administrator

     By S Joan Popek [Ebook, Adobe epub 2012]
    Rs. 309 257 (17% OFF)
    Discontinued Storylines in this collection: A fantasy voyage that puts a new twist on Alzheimer's disease; a drunk, as far down as she can go, is ready to give up until she meets a different kind of alien, right there in the gutter; a robot suffers from comical depression, and a...   more
  • 8.  

    An Affair of the Mind

     By Jacquelynn Luben [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2011]
    Rs. 62
    Discontinued When Rosalind, an unfulfilled forty year old, observes the start of a romance, her mind takes off into flights of fancy and her thoughts are filled with the prospect of passionate encounters. But the outcome is something she did not envisage. A work of short crime from our Fingerprints line...   more
    Other Editions: Ebook, Adobe epub 2011
  • 9.  

    The Alamo

     By Robert E Hollmann [Ebook, Adobe epub 2012]
    Rs. 185 157 (15% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued The Alamo is one of the most famous stories in Texas history. The story of the bravery of the defenders and the sacrifice they made for Texas is known throughout the world. Come now and join two students, Nancy and Jimmy,as they travel with Lady Texas to that shrine of...   more
    Other Editions: Ebook, Adobe pdf 2012
  • 10.  

    The Album

     By Sandra White [Ebook, Adobe epub 2010]
    Rs. 306 254 (17% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued Catherine Rowan Montgomery has had a good life as an acclaimed artist, a much-loved wife, mother, and grandmother. But after her husband dies and her own ability to care for herself is lessened by illness, she begins to live a nightmare as a victim of elder abuse. Afraid of one...   more
  • 11.  

    Angel in the Snow

     By Glen Ebisch [Ebook, Adobe epub 2011]
    Rs. 330 274 (17% OFF)    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued Charles Wood is a new kid at North Hill Academy, and expects to have all the usual newcomer problems. What he doesn't expect is to rescue a beautiful girl from a crazy motorcycle gang, and to find a fellow student lying on her back in the snow—dead! Excerpts: From The...   more
  • 12.  

    The Anonymous Amanuensis

     By Judith B Glad [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2007]
    Rs. 371 304 (18% OFF)
    Discontinued When Eve Dixon decides to make her own way in a man's world, she doesn't count on having to do it disguised as a young man. When James Quinton, misogynistic entrepreneur, hires a secretary, he doesn't expect to be attracted to hi... her. Once employed, Eve finds herself discovering that...   more
  • 13.  

    Another Life

     By Doreen Owens Malek [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2012]
    Rs. 54
    Discontinued Successful defense attorney Juliet Mason knows it will take more than high ratings and juicy scripts to give sex soap start Tim Canfield a brighter tomorrow. Evidence is rapidly mounting that daytime TV's hottest actor knows a lot more about the murder of his beautiful temperamental costar than he's telling....   more
    Other Editions: Mass market paperbound
  • 14.  


     By Jl Rowan [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2010]
    Rs. 185 157 (15% OFF)
    Discontinued Talithia is governed by its Guardians, enormous black panther-like creatures who communicate telepathically. People in the surrounding kingdoms fear them, led by an evil queen who covets their rich land. After bitter fighting, in which Arnon, a peaceful farmer, emerges as a leader, the Talithians realize they will never have...   more
    Other Editions: Ebook, Adobe epub 2010
  • 15.  


     By Sabine A Reed [Ebook, Adobe epub 2013]
    Rs. 374 307 (18% OFF)
    Discontinued The magical kingdom of Ashuliya is cut off from the rest of the world by an ancient curse. When the king is murdered, Princess Jaelyn knows she could be the next to die. After failing to convince the council to seek the murderer, and thwarting one attempt on her own...   more
    Other Editions: Ebook, Adobe pdf 2013
  • 16.  


     By Trey Dowell [Ebook, Adobe epub 2011]
    Rs. 62    Download Sample eBook
    Discontinued Danny has a simple job: he makes people pay for their mistakes. Unfortunately, even hitmen screw up too. When an exhausted Danny escorts an unreliable accountant to his final audit in a run-down hotel, he realizes the moneyman isn't the only one scheduled for termination. And when you need a...   more
    Other Editions: Ebook, Adobe pdf 2011
  • 17.  

    Bananas Foster

     By Sandra Murphy [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2012]
    Rs. 62
    Discontinued Everybody has "those days." The ones where you realize that things aren't what they used to be and may never be again. So you trek off to the doctor's office for a tonic or pill and hope for the best. When the doctor starts with "you're getting older," it's never...   more
    Other Editions: Ebook, Adobe epub 2012
  • 18.  

    Bandits Kiss

     By Mary Lou Rich [Ebook, Adobe epub 2012]
    Rs. 272 225 (17% OFF)
    Discontinued Abducting and ravishing the lovely Elena as revenge against her father, the man who cheated him years before, the villain El Gato soon becomes ashamed of his actions and returns the woman to her home. Original. Miguel, the dangerous black-clad gunman from Colorado Tempest returns to ride as El Gato...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 1993
  • 19.  

    Basement Brawl

     By Robert Evans [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2010]
    Rs. 62
    Discontinued In this first outing of a new short story series by Staff Sergeant Robert Evans, Sergeant O'Quinn finds himself battling in an underground mixed martial arts fight in Iraq. Is the fight really just two men battling, or is it a setup for something far more dangerous for the American...   more
    Other Editions: Ebook, Adobe epub 2010
  • 20.  

    The Bavarian Krisp Caper

     By Kaye George [Ebook, Adobe pdf 2011]
    Rs. 62
    Discontinued Mandy adores Bavarian Krisp donuts. A nice day at Boston Common with her niece, Ella, turns ugly when her quest for the goodies takes her down a dark path. Out of work and out of donuts. What lengths will she go to in order to satisfy her sweet tooth? A...   more
    Other Editions: Ebook, Adobe epub 2011
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