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In the world of mobile phones, there is a simple rule to lure customers - give the best technology & innovation at affordable prices, and the brand can rule the roost. Micromax mobiles seem to follow this code as the brand has captured major market share as well as mind share in India. Today, Micromax mobiles are leading the mobile market in India by launching the best smartphones at the most affordable price. Own a Micromax mobile now and be the part of mobile revolution in India!

Micromax Mobile is an Indian brand that enjoys the status of 10th largest mobile maker in the world; the brand has rolled out many smart and pocket-friendly handsets for Indian consumers. Due to its smart pricing strategy and excellent features, it has carved a niche in this highly competitive mobile market. Micromax smartphones are beautifully designed to cater to the need of Indian youth. It has very appealing logo, which symbolizes strength, integrity and glory. Despite being a budget phone, it is packed with almost all features which any expensive smartphone has. The camera phones facilitate you to capture your moments, eliminating the need of carrying bulky SLR. It runs on Android, which enables you to access many applications that further help boost the performance of your smartphone. As far as performance is concerned, Micromax mobiles are far superior to the competitors. It is extremely customizable and user-friendly. The best part of the device is its battery life; the strong battery allows you to watch watch movies, play music, talk to your loved ones for long hours. The Micromax Mobile Price list last updated on August 2015.

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One of the leading conglomerates in India, and 10th largest in the world for making smart and pocket-friendly handsets, Micromax has already won hearts, in spite of entering the market late. With their competitive prices and ingenious features, the brand stands as a tough competition against high-priced devices.

Micromax smartphones are beautifully designed with the right size and appeal to cater to the young audience in India. Its impressive logo is enough to talk about the brand's motto which symbolizes strength, integrity and glory. The handsets have sophisticated appearances, with an ergonomical grip, and state-of-the-art hardware. Hence the phones not only have smart look, but also deliver quality performances. Since they Micromax targets the youth, its smartphones are nothing but pure style and fabulous.

The cameras phones from the house of Micromax, eliminate the need for carrying bulky DSLRs everywhere you go. Micromax's cameras are technologically advanced with remarkable camera lenses, that fit the requirement of amateur photographers. Since Micromax handsets cater to a various kinds of audiences, they offer handsets with different camera features. For capturing priceless moments, ensure that you shop for Micromax mobiles that have excellent primary and secondary camera features. They are LED flash and can click amazing pictures even in low light conditions at high resolutions.

Micromax smartphones run on Android Operating System, and so have an intuitive user-interface, and plenty of generic android applications for all kinds of functions. The devices are extremely customizable, user-friendly, and are delivered with re-installed apps like M!Live, Hike, Opera Browser, etc

As far as performance is concerned, Micromax is unquestionable. In spite of being budget phones, Micromax hasn’t compromised on performance. These handsets are loaded with top-notch processors and chip-sets. Whether it is multi-tasking, gaming, watching movies for long hours, or whatever it is that you plan to do with your handset, Micromax is seamless, convenient, hassle-free, and at the same time improves the user experience. The best part about these phones is their battery life. They offer longs hours of talk time for long hours of fun.

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