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New Books in India (Latest Books)

A true book lover is someone who loves to collect new books so he can read them in leisure & share the pleasure of reading with friends and acquaintances. The release of latest books is much awaited by avid readers and bibliophiles. New books may be of various genres like fiction, non-fiction, history and many others. The popularity of an author, extent of relevance to social context and reflection of current events; is among the main criteria, used in judging the popularity of the latest books. Below is the list of new books (latest books).

In a bid to cater to the ever growing popularity of reading, mass media are profuse with advertisements and promotional activities, announcing new book releases. The announcement of new books is the surest way to reach out to the masses. Recent books by bestselling authors gain more prominence, during the promotional activities. Recent books dealing with a very recent uproar, prevalent social issues, and natural calamities gain prominence is the new books list. Keep checking this section for new book releases to obtain the best deals.