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Reading magazines online is fun, exciting and a unique experience. The question is why we read magazines? There is no specific answer to this question. However, self-analysis, acquiring knowledge, learning and enjoying different content can be some of the basic reasons. Of course, these might not be true for all magazine readers. Unlike other reading mediums, magazines tend to tempt us with colourful pictures and words. Morever, with interesting, bold and fun content, they create a positive image in the mind of readers. This probably is the motivation behind most, if not all, reading adventures. We read because we enjoy reading, of course, sometimes reading is forced upon us by a job or by school. But, generally we read because we have the innate tendency to discover new things. Other times we read solely to pass the time or  just for the love of reading. There is a never ending relationship between a reader and a magazine.

Magazines are an active medium, keeping the reader in control. Readers become deeply engrossed with the magazines that they choose to read. A bond of trust grows up between the reader and chosen magazine, a strong relationship develops. Reading a favourite magazine is like talking to a friend. If a reader feels connected with a particular magazine, it can redefine the readers own self-image. Readers have their own choice of magazines when it comes to meeting their needs and moods. For new readers as well for the regular ones, there are latest magazines available online. Forget the woes of going to shops for buying magazines, enjoy shopping magazines online at Infibeam. Infibeam recommends latest as well as best selling magazines for  your perusal. Infibeam gives you amazing offers on magazines like “Forbes”, “Better interiors”, “AutoCar”, “Mother and Baby” and various others. Avail subscription for 1 year and enjoy cool discounts on shopping at Infibeam.

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