The World of Camera Accessories

From 'camera obscura' that made use of glass, lenses, paper and darkened chamber for photography, the present day cameras have indeed come a long way. The first camera ever, was invented by an Iraqi scientist. Several theories went into its making and now we have the highly advanced result, of consequent discoveries- the Digital Camera.

The "Generation X" Facet

Sandisk Micro SD without Adapter Gone are the days when you would have to buy a film roll, wait till you exhaust it and get it developed at a studio. Progress in technology has resulted in the ever so stylish Digi-Cams and they have become a vital part of our lives. Up-to-the-minute, compact and elegant, the advanced cameras come in different makes, style and features. The well known brands include Canon, Sony, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and Fugi to list a few.

Apart from the key device there are few very important accessories that almost define a camera. Flashes, Memory, Lenses (Filters), Cases, Battery and Charges, Tripods, Card Readers, Digital Frames and Camera Kits are a few of the most indispensable camera accessories.

Flash Memory - The Right Sparkle

All the accessories are crucial to the functioning of the camera. Flash memory is one of them. Cameras are often sold with either removable flash memory card or an onboard memory chip which helps in storing the images taken. While buying flash memory you should be careful to choose ones with very high read-write speed, than the typical ones. Flash memory cards come in many different formats and choosing the right one may be a difficult task. The two main types include:

  • MMC (Multi Media Card)
  • San Disk (SD)

The San Disk has an improved version of original MMC design and is therefore better. They may vary in memory from capacities of 1 GB to 2GB models. There is speculation that 4 GB and 8GB models will soon hit the market.

Card Readers - What more do you need?

Technology has presented us with the up market digital cameras. It is also important that all the accessories get equal prominence. The card reader is one such accessory which complements the flash reader. It helps extract files from common flash memory formats used in cameras, digital audio players and PDA s. The internal as well as external card readers are equally handy. It is a good replacement for the cable that is provided with the camera and provides a suitable interface for accessing the various types of flash memory. The card reader treats any flash memory inserted to it as a disk drive. It allows you to browse through the contents and copy the relevant information into your hard drive. What’s more? All this is instantaneous and takes very less time.

Lenses - The Crucial Weapon

The main function performed by them is to take light and focus it onto a light sensitive surface which in turn captures the image. Wide, normal and telephoto are the basic types of lenses. Normal lens creates a picture similar to human eye. The wide lens pushes the background away and telephoto lenses do just the opposite. The most popular ones however are the Zoom lens. It generally is a combination of the three basic types built in one. Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Olympus, Tamron, Pentax are the names of the top selling lens brands.

Filters: The lenses are almost incomplete without a suitable filter. The Types include:

Protective and UV filters: They are apt for outdoor shots as they absorb UV light and provide a less hazy picture

Polarizing filters: They reduce glare and help highlight the color of the sky.

The neutral density filters: They reduce light without affecting color.

Ultra thin filters: They prevent the vignetting problems faced when using a wide angle lens.

Colored filters: They help moderate the tone and improve setting and is ideal for landscape photography.

Special effect filters: Ideal for enhancing a particular product of interest and widely used in special effective photography.

Camera Accessory Carrying Case - An Elegant Add on

Accessory cases help protect the accessories. The case is generally composed of cylindrical shaped compartments wherein the accessories can be arranged side-by-side. Each compartment is attached to a backing panel and are both made of padded material which acts as a shock absorber. The depth and vertical extension of the bag are also enhanced by cushioning and the very flexible covering flap. This kind of accessory case is apt for most accessories including the delicate lenses.

Tripods - Its Significance

Ever imagined what the world of photography would be, had there been no tripods. It not only assists in mounting the camera but also serves a multitude of purposes. It helps mount the camera on your desktop, tabletop or on beams. They are used for both action and still photography. They help cameras tilt and pan smoothly so that image distortions are prevented. The camera tripods are indeed very crucial to photography and are used by amateurs as well as ace photographers. The miniature tripods are very handy as they can be carried around easily.

Battery and Charges – The Backbone of a Camera

Battery and Charges are the backbone of camera’s functionality. Cameras which come with rechargeable batteries are hassle free and less expensive. Flash, display screens etc speed up the battery usage and hence there is a need to have rechargeable batteries. The batteries may be of different types. A camera which makes use of the easily available battery is by far the most convenient. In case the battery wears out the camera should be accommodating enough to help replace the discharged battery with a common disposable battery. The capacity is denoted by the unit mAh or milli amp hour. Chargers also play a very important role in camera maintenance.

Camera Kits - Would you like to miss?

Camera kits are something that you cannot do without as they help protect and carry the camera around. It is interesting to know that camera cases may range from form fitted case to backpack having several pouches. The three main types include:

  • Form-fitting cases
  • Small bags that act as camera packs
  • Backpacks or sling packs.

The form fitting case will not work if you decide to get yourself another flash or any other accessory. A small bag would be a better option as you can fit in the camera along with the accessories. And better still you may get yourself a backpack or sling on which may last you longer as you evolve as a photographer and decide to add more accessories.

Each of the components making up the camera is equally significant, so are the accessories. Little wonder then that the camera accessories mentioned above are an integral part of modern day photography.