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Upcoming Books, For Those Early Chasers!

Bibliophiles, are the species one of their kind. They are the peacock, all time awaiting to match their steps with the raindrops. No other movie or form of entertainment could bring them that moment of delight. Just like the flicks-freaks, bookworms too has that committed memory for the upcoming book releases. The love for books is something that never ceases to exist. This love forms a platform for remembering the release dates of upcoming books.

Books leaves you stoned, with the awesomeness they hold within. Many book lovers have confessed their addiction towards reading. Once you take a book in you hand, it starts to reciprocate to your love. And you just can't leave it aside. Just like a movie, it has it all in it – emotion, drama, action, romance and a lot more. Infact, book has that brownie point counted on it's imagination factor. Imagination factor – which takes you to the places you have never been to. The places, that might be just that phantasmal place. Movies and Books, stand distant on this front. While the creator of the movie, serves you with his own imaginary world. The creator of the book, gives away the rein of imagination in the hand of the reader's insights. Widening the space of creativeness. And thus the significance of books.

Tech-world has got it all formulated. Right from your office desktop to your kid's cram sessions. The bygone era's locksteps seems to be eloped, with the revolution of tech-world. Books seem to be the lone debris, that hold utter importance till date. And maybe that is why, folks wait for the upcoming books. This appetite for learning, has been sensed by the authors and publication houses. Thus they have came up with handy concept, where readers can pre-order books. This concept trims the concept of biding one's time.

'Advantage India' by APJ Abdul Kalam and Srijan Pal Singh and 'See Me' by Nicholas Spark are a few books that are counted as most awaited upcoming books of 2015. And on Infibeam, we're glad to assist you with a well formed directory of all such upcoming books. Where you can pick your select, and pre order books that beckons you! Also get discount up to 30%.

Inhale the fragrance of freshly printed pages, take an emotional tour with the characters and become a part of their lives, only with books on Infibeam!