Upcoming Mobile Phones in 2016

Technology never ceases to upgrade and looses its validity if left to stagnate. The growing list of upcoming mobiles in India, from leading manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Micromax, Xolo, LG and more brands.justify the fact that telecommunications industry is in a constant state of change. Upcoming mobile phones are subject to speculation, examination and a host of other assumptions which are put to rest, by sources that preview the upcoming mobile phones.

There are various sections on the web page, announcing a list of coming soon mobiles. These upcoming mobiles in India have spectacular releases, making the event, well known to the masses. The product specifications sheet is uploaded on websites much before print and television advertisements make their way into homes. There is a review section as well, for users to post their comment or expectations on the various upcoming mobile phones in 2016. Upcoming mobiles in India from market leaders like Nokia, Samsung, LG and Sony are tried, tested and reviewed, allowing consumers to choose precisely.

Like upcoming movies, people are equally excited about upcoming mobile phones. Customers are always look forward to what new things are coming up in a mobile phone. Technological advancement has an overbearing impact on customers' psyche, and they always expect something more than what they already got. On the other hand, mobile makers are also keen to serve something new to customers to satisfy their demands. Hence, research & development are going in full speed at the manufacturing facilities of mobile phones. Mobile engineers are working hard on improving overall customer experience, which includes touch screen, OS, camera, processor, RAM, storage, connectivity and multimedia.

This showcase of upcoming mobiles in India includes upcoming mobile phones in India. Reason behind creating this showcase is that customers get complete information on features & facilities they are expecting in any upcoming mobile. Infibeam uploads some of the best upcoming phones in India which will launch in 2015. Now explore this showcase and get your budget ready for the next mobile revolution!

Alteration seems to be in the mood of changing the shopping world too. Yes, it's the online shopping; that seems to newly & frequently opted path, this days. Infibeam's online shopping & deal of the day, section is here to savour all the taste-buds of shoppers, that come in all shapes and sizes!

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