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Books 104/89

2330701. Catholic Social Teaching: Learning & Living Justice by Pennock, Michael
2330707. Vincent McCauley, C.S.C.: Bishop of the Poor, Apostle of East Africa by Richard Gribble
2330714. Walking with Those Who Hurt by Joyce Rupp
2330715. Befriend the Darkness, Welcome the Light by Joyce Rupp
2330716. Meeting God in Our Transition Times: A 5-Part Group or Personal Guided Retreat by Joyce Rupp
2330717. All of Life Is a Holy Festival by Joyce Rupp
2330722. Exploring the Religions of Our World by Clemmons, Nancy
2330737. Catholic Essentials: An Overview of the Faith by Amodei, Michael
2330738. Eternal Seasons: A Spiritual Journey Through the Church's Year by Henri J M Nouwen
2330739. Street Spirituality by Robert J Wicks
2330740. Meditation in Daily Life: A Morton-Based Spirituality by James J Finley
2330741. Self-Esteem and Christian Growth by S T Loughlan Sofield
2330750. This Is Our Church: A History of Catholicism by Pennock, Michael
2330757. May I Have This Dance?: Guided Meditations by Joyce Rupp
2330761. Seasons of Hope: Facilitator's Pack: Guidebook and 4 Journals by M Donna Mac Leod
2330764. Sacred Space: The Prayer Book 2009 by Jesuit Communication Centre Ireland
2330765. The Seven Sorrows of Mary: A Meditative Guide by Joel Giallanza
2330770. Sacred Space for Lent 2009 by Ave Maria Press
2330774. The Bereavement Ministry Program: A Comprehensive Guide for Churches by Jan Nelson
2330783. Gifts of the Eucharist: Stories to Transform and Inspire by Nancy C Reeves
2330796. Agency by Alderac Entertainment
2330797. MasterMind by Alderac Entertainment
2330798. Stargate: Sg-1 First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Sourcebook by Inc Alderac Entertainment Group
2330801. Adventure Compilation Book 1 by Alderac Entertainment
2330802. Adventure Compilation Book 2 by Alderac Entertainment
2330803. Secrets by Jim Pinto
2330806. Legend of the Five Rings by Steve Jackson Games
2330808. Creatures of Rokugan by Brian Bates
2330810. Emerald Empire: The Legend of the Five Rings Companion by Douglas Sun
2330813. L5r RPG Masters of Court by Aeg
2330816. L5r RPG Masters of Magic by Aeg
2330817. Fealty and Freedom by Shawn Carman
2330823. Prayers to an Evolutionary God by William Cleary
2330828. What You Will See Inside a Synagogue by Lawrence A Hoffman
2330829. What Matters: Spiritual Nourishment for Head and Heart by Frederick Franck
2330866. Spring: A Spiritual Biography of the Season by Gary Schmidt
2330877. Christians & Jews in Dialogue: Learning in the Presence of the Other by Mary C Boys
2330885. Sri Sarada Devi, the Holy Mother: Her Teachings and Conversations by Swami Adiswarananda
2330888. Finding Grace at the Center: The Beginning of Centering Prayer by M Basil Pennington
2330915. Hospitality-The Sacred Art: Discovering the Hidden Spiritual Power of Invitation and Welcome by Nanette Sawyer
2330917. Talking about God: Exploring the Meaning of Religious Life with Kierkegaard, Buber, Tillich and Heschel by Daniel Polish
2330950. Hearing the Call Across Traditions: Readings on Faith and Service by Adam Davis
2330952. Writing Your Way to Joy: The Power of Words as Spiritual Practice by Cartledgehayes, Mary
2330962. The Brick Testament: The Story of Christmas by Smith, Brendan Powell
2330963. Secret Lives of the First Ladies: What Your Teachers Never Told You about the Women of the White House by O'Brien, Cormac
2330974. Date Him or Dump Him?: The No-Nonsense Relationship Quiz by Melissa Heckscher
2330982. The Peanut Butter & Co. Cookbook: Recipes from the World's Nuttiest Sandwich Shop by Lee Zalben
2330990. Yoga for Regular Guys: The Best Damn Workout on the Planet! by Page, Diamond Dallas
2331011. The Spotter's Guide to Male Species by Juliette Willis
2331014. Secret Lives of the Civil War: What Your Teachers Never Told You about the War Between the States by Cormac O Brien
2331018. Good Housekeeping Perfect Desserts: 55 Recipe Cards with Cards by Good Housekeeping Magazine
2331019. Betty Crocker's Classics: 55 Recipe Cards[ With Recipe CardsWith Dividers] by Betty Crocker
2331037. This Saint's for You!: 300 Heavenly Allies for Architects, Athletes, Brides, Bachelors, Babies, Librarians, Murderers, Whales, Widows, and Yo by Thomas J Craughwell
2331040. The Official Nancy Drew Handbook: Skills, Tips, & Life Lessons from Everyone's Favorite Girl Detective by Penny Warner
2331043. The Crimes of Dr. Watson: An Interactive Sherlock Holmes Mystery by John M D Watson
2331047. Big Fat Lies! : The Fiendishly Deceptive Trivia Card Game by Mental Floss
2331061. Baby: 16 Assorted Notecards& Envelopes by Quirk
2331063. Cat: 16 Assorted Notecards& Envelopes by Quirk
2331064. Dog: 16 Assorted Notecards& Envelopes by Quirk
2331079. Kitchen Garden Box: Save and Sow Seeds of Your Favorite Vegetables by Mike Mc Grath
2331083. Posters for the People: Deluxe Notecards by Enis Carter
2331095. Land of the Lost: The Official TV and Movie Companion by Schnakenberg, Robert
2331098. CSI: The Interactive Mystery: Crime Scene Investigation by Sam Stall
2331111. Sounds of the Chakras by Harish Johari
2331112. Sacred Sounds of Santeria: Rhythms of the Orishas by Raul J Canizares
2331113. Sounds of Tantra: Mantra Meditation Techniques from Tools for Tantra by Harish Johari
2331114. Awakening Kundalini for Health, Energy, and Consciousness by Chris Kilham
2331119. Strength Training on the Ball: A Pilates Approach to Optimal Strength and Balance by Colleen Craig
2331139. Gnostic Philosophy: From Ancient Persia to Modern Times by Tobias Churton
2331141. The Dreamer's Book of the Dead: A Soul Traveler's Guide to Death, Dying, and the Other Side by Robert Moss
2331146. Sacred Mushroom of Visions: Teonanacatl: A Sourcebook on the Psilocybin Mushroom by Ralph Metzner
2331149. Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming: Awakening the Visionary Life by Catherine Shainberg
2331167. The Reflexology Atlas by Bernard C Kolster
2331171. Jesus the Rabbi Prophet: A New Light on the Gospel Message by Jacques Baldet
2331172. Sacred Sounds of the Female Orishas: Rhythms of the Goddess by Raul Canizares
2331173. Ritual Drumming: Evoking the Sacred Through Rhythms of the Spirit by Mishlen Linden
2331174. Attunements for Day and Night: Chants to the Sun and Moon by Harish Johari
2331175. Rolfing in Motion: A Guide to Balancing Your Body by Mary Bond
2331182. Fulcanelli and the Alchemical Revival: The Man Behind the Mystery of the Cathedrals by Genevieve Du Bois
2331198. The Knights Templar in the Golden Age of Spain: Their Hidden History on the Iberian Peninsula by Juan Garcia Atienza
2331207. An Unlikely Prophet: A Metaphysical Memoir by the Legendary Writer of Superman and Batman by Alvin Schwartz
2331220. A New Reformation: Creation Spirituality and the Transformation of Christianity by Matthew Fox
2331237. From Boys to Men: Spiritual Rites of Passage in an Indulgent Age by Bret Stephenson
2331242. Shakespeare and the Ideal of Love by Jill Line
2331265. The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit: A Return to the Intelligence of the Heart by Joseph Chilton Pearce
2331274. Herbal Prescriptions After 50: Everything You Need to Know to Maintain Vibrant Health by David Hoffmann
2331302. William Blake's Sexual Path to Spiritual Vision by Marsha Keith Schuchard
2331306. Mas Alla de los Ninos Indigo: Los Nuevos Ninos y la Llegada del Quinto Mundo by P M H Atwater
2331326. Twelve- Tribe Nations: Sacred Number and the Golden Age by John Michell
2331329. The Seeress of Prevorst: Her Secret Language and Prophecies from the Spirit World by John De Salvo
2331355. Tales of a Modern Sufi: The Invisible Fence of Reality and Other Stories by Nevit O Ergin
2331369. The Sacred Center: The Ancient Art of Locating Sanctuaries by John Michell
2331376. The Future of the Ancient World: Essays on the History of Consciousness by Jeremy Naydler
2331405. Taught to Lead: The Education of the Presidents of the United States by Fred L Israel
2331406. Rise, Let Us Be on Our Way by John Paul Ii Pope
2331407. True Believer by Nicholas Sparks
2331408. Approval Addiction: Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone by Joyce Meyer
2331409. The Red Hat Society: Fun and Friendship After Fifty by Sue Ellen Cooper
2331410. Over Her Dead Body by Kate White
2331411. Nice Girls Don't Get...: Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office and Nice Girls Don't Get Rich by Lois P Frankel
2331412. 4th of July by Maxine Paetro
2331413. Cinnamon Kiss by Walter Mosley
2331414. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
2331415. The Sky's the Limit: Passion and Property in Manhattan by Steven Gaines
2331416. The Angel Experiment by James Patterson
2331417. The Christmas Train by David Baldacci
2331418. Good Grief by Lolly Winston
2331419. A Body to Die for by Kate White
2331420. The First 48 by Tim Green
2331421. Shoot the Moon by Billie Letts
2331422. Inside the Kingdom: My Life in Saudi Arabia by Carmen Bin Ladin
2331423. The Last Voyage of Columbus: Being the Epic Tale of the Great Captain's Fourth Expedition, Including Accounts of Swordfight, Mutiny, Shipwreck, Gol by Martin Dugard
2331424. Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson
2331425. The Perricone Promise: Look Younger, Live Longer in Three Easy Steps by Nicholas Perricone
2331426. One Magical Sunday: But Winning Isn't Everything by Phil Mickelson
2331427. Superman Lives! by Mike Carlin
2331428. Batman: The Complete Knightfall Saga by Bob Kane
2331430. I'm Just a DJ But...It Makes Sense to Me by Joyner
2331431. Before You Quit Your Job: 10 Real-Life Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Know about Building a Multimillion-Dollar Business by Robert T Kiyosaki
2331432. The Power of Simple Prayer: How to Talk with God about Everything by Joyce Meyer
2331433. Last Man Standing by David Baldacci
2331434. Last Man Standing by David Baldacci
2331435. The Camel Club by David Baldacci
2331436. The Camel Club by David Baldacci
2331437. Trumpnation: The Art of Being the Donald by Timothy L O Brien
2331439. 1st to Die by James Patterson
2331440. Mary, Mary by James Patterson
2331441. Harvest for Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating by Gail Hudson
2331442. The Other Side of Me by Sidney Sheldon
2331443. Up Country by Nelson De Mille
2331444. A Knock at Midnight: Inspiration from the Great Sermons of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. by Clayborne Carson
2331445. The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, JR. by Clayborne Carson
2331446. Sea Glass by Anita Shreve
2331447. Leslie Sansone's Eat Smart, Walk Strong: The Secrets to Effortless Weight Loss by Leslie Sansone
2331448. Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen by Julie Powell
2331449. Last Dance: Behind the Scenes at the Final Four by John Feinstein
2331450. The 5th Horseman by Maxine Paetro
2331451. Working with You Is Killing Me: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Work by Kathi Elster
2331452. 2nd Chance by James Patterson
2331453. 2nd Chance by James Patterson
2331454. Papa Rico Papa Pobre by Sharon L Lechter
2331455. Daily Readings from Your Best Life Now: 90 Devotions for Living at Your Full Potential by Joel Osteen
2331456. Kiss the Girls by James Patterson
2331457. Along Came a Spider by James Patterson
2331458. Reason for Hope: A Spiritual Journey by Jane Goodall
2331459. Su Mejor Vida Ahora: Siete Pasos Para Vivir A su Maximo Potencial by Joel Osteen
2331460. The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield
2331461. It's Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy by D Michael Abrashoff
2331462. Missed Fortune 101: A Starter Kit to Becoming a Millionaire by Douglas R Andrew
2331463. Derailed by James Siegel