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Books 109/35

2435255. Mian Xiang: The Chinese Art of Face Reading by Henning, Hai Lee Yang
2435259. Life Scripts by Ursula Markham
2435260. Order in the Court by Benjamin Sells
2435261. The Book of Goddesses by Blair, Nancy
2435266. Child Birth Doesn't Have to Hurt by Geoffrey Chamberlain
2435267. Gentle Art of Spiritual Guidance by John R Yungblut
2435268. Zen: The Supreme Experience: The Newly Discovered Scripts by Alan Watts
2435333. Managing Archives: Foundations, Principles and Practice by Williams, Caroline
2435353. Digital Libraries and the Challenges of Digital Humanities by Jeffrey A Rydberg Cox
2435355. Solving Management Problems in Information Services by Urquhart, Christine
2435366. Ethical Decision Making for Digital Libraries by Anderson, Cokie G.
2435367. Building Bridges: Collaboration Within and Beyond the Academic Library by Anne Langley
2435390. Wikis: Tools for Information Work and Collaboration by Klobas, Jane
2435402. Strategic Change Management in Public Sector Organisations by David Baker
2435409. Open Access: Key Strategic, Technical and Economic Aspects by Jacobs, Neil
2435445. The Academic Research Library in a Decade of Change by Carr, Reg
2435449. Corporate Literacy: Discovering the Senses of the Organisation by Anne Kauhanen Simanainen
2435463. Improving Library Services to People with Disabilities by Deines-Jones, Courtney
2435468. The Impact of Organisational Culture on Knowledge Management by Du Plessis, Marina
2435478. Institutional Repositories: Content and Culture in an Open Access Environment by Catherine Jones
2435485. Library Performance and Service Competition: Developing Strategic Responses by White, Larry Nash
2435493. Knowledge Management for Services, Operations and Manufacturing by Young, Tom
2435495. Acquisitions Go Global: An Introduction to Library Collection Management in the 21st Century by Agee, Jim
2435505. The Rise of the Dragon: Inward and Outward Investment in China in the Reform Period 1978- 2007 by Kerry Brown
2435508. Instant Messaging Reference: A Practical Guide by Bridgewater, Rachel
2435517. Emerging Technologies for Knowledge Resource Management by Pandian, M. Paul
2435529. Information History - An Introduction: Exploring an Emergent Field by Weller, Toni
2435540. Expatriates in Asia: Breaking Free from the Colonial Paradigm by Hipsher, Scott A.
2435550. New Thinking for 21st-Century Publishers: Emerging Patterns and Evolving Stratagems by Kist, Joost
2435564. Tenth European Fluid Machinery Congress: Advances in the Optimisation, Design and Maintenance of Process Machinery by Institution Of Mechanical Engineers
2435565. Online Dispute Resolution: Technology, Management and Legal Practice from an International Perspective by Wang, Faye Fangfei
2435569. The Future of Post-Human Knowledge: A Preface to a New Theory of Methodology and Ontology by Baofu, Peter
2435844. Formation of Hydrazine as a Chloramine By-Product by Issam Najm
2435864. Simple Knits for Little Cherubs by Knight, Erika
2435866. Practical Palmistry by Jon Dathen
2435867. Digital Photography Basics by Les Meehan
2435868. Painted Worlds by Jim Warren
2435869. World Heritage Site Guidebook by Pieter Van Der Merwe
2435875. 1000 Great Cross Stitch Designs by Kelly, Maria
2435876. The Mind Workout Book: 150 Exercises to Train Your Brain to the Peak of Perfection by Robert Allen
2435878. Offerings: The Art of Brom by Brom
2435879. Nasty Astrology: What Your Astrologer Won't Tell You about Your Star Sign by Richard Mac Donald
2435881. St Paul's: The Story of the Cathedral by Ann Saunders
2435884. The Cartoonist's Workshop by Steve Marchant
2435886. Improve Your Memory by Robert Allen
2435888. Digital Photography Problem Solver: The Top 101 Digital Photography Questions Answered by Meehan, Les
2435901. Kiddography: The Art & Life of Tom Kidd by Tom Kidd
2435902. Healing Self-Massage: Over 100 Simple Techniques for Re-Energizing Body and Mind by Kaoverii Weber, Kristine
2435905. Pop-Up and 3-D Cards: Step-By-Step Projects to Make at Home by Angel, Emma
2435913. Adorable Crochet for Babies and Toddlers: 22 Projects to Make for Babies from Birth to Two Years by Lesley Stanfield
2435917. The World of Faery: An Inspirational Collection of Art for Faery Lovers by David Riche
2435923. This Day in Music: An Everyday Record of 10,000 Musical Facts by Hawkins, Pete
2435926. 500 Fairy Motifs by Myrea Pettit
2435930. Nasty Feng Shui by Lottie Anderson
2435933. Planet Christmas: The World's Most Extreme Christmas Decorations! by Smith, Chuck, Jr.
2435934. Flea Market Finds & How to Restore Them by Atkins, Caroline
2435935. Instant Tarot by Adam Fronteras
2435936. How to Take Great Photographs by John Hedgecoe
2435942. The Happy Plan: The Complete Diet and Lifestyle Plan for Natural Happiness by Yabsley, Charmaine
2435951. Spirit Roads: An Exploration of Otherworldly Routes by Devereux, Paul
2435953. How to Make Your Relationship Work: Learn How to Love and Be Loved by Geraghty, Anne
2435954. How to Resolve Conflicts: Turn Conflict Into Cooperation by Grant, Wendy
2435984. Shallow Graves in Siberia by Michael Krupa
2435985. The Great Naval Race: Anglo-German Naval Rivalry 1900-1914 by Peter Padfield
2435993. The Terror of Tobermory: Vice Admiral Sir Gilbert Stephenson KBE, CB, CMG by Richard Baker
2436000. Dangerous Devotion by Christopher Portway
2436009. Casualties Sustained by British Army in the Korean War 1950-53. by Naval Military Press
2436010. Korea 1950-1953, Prisoners of War, the British Army. by Peter Gaston
2436011. Military General Service Roll 1793-1814 by Alt Mullen
2436012. Waterloo Medal Roll by Naval Military Press
2436013. Waterloo Roll Callwith Biographical Notes and Anecdotes by Charles Dalton
2436015. Our Regiments in South Africa 1899-1902. by John Stirling
2436019. Hart OS Annual Army List for 1860(corrected to 29 December 1859) by Naval Military Press
2436020. Four Years on the Western Front by A Rifleman
2436021. Official History of the Great War.Principal Events 1914-1918 by Hmso
2436022. Indian Corps in France by Lt Col Merewether
2436024. Subaltern on the Somme by Max Plowman
2436025. Hart OS Army List 1895 by Naval Military Press
2436026. List of Officers and Men Serving in the First Canadian Contingent of the British Expeditionary Force, 1914 by
2436027. Thirty-Fourth Division 1915-1919. the Story of Its Career from Ripon to the Rhine by Lt Col J Shakespear
2436028. For Conspicuous Gallantry. the Register of the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal 1855-1992 by Phil Mc Dermott
2436029. Deathless Story. the Birkenhead and Its Heroes by A C Addison
2436030. Jameson Raid by Naval Military Press
2436031. Gallantry by Sir Arnold Wilson
2436032. Scots Guards 1919-1955 by David Erskine
2436033. Army Regulations (India) 1913. Volume VII. Dress by
2436034. Dress Regulations for the Army, 1891 by Hmso
2436035. Dress Regulations (India)1931 by
2436036. Voice from Waterloo by Sergeant Major Edward Cotton
2436037. Times Diary & Index of the War 1914-1918 by Naval Military Press
2436038. Tunnellers by W Grant Grieve
2436039. Art of Attack and the Development of Weapons by H S Cowper
2436041. Pipes of War. a Record of the Achievements of Pipers of Scottish and Overseas Regiments During the War 1914-18 by Seton
2436042. Distinguished Service Cross 1901-1938 by Fevyer
2436043. Victoria Cross 1856-1920 by O Moore Creagh
2436045. Distinguished Service Order. 1st January 1916 to the 12th June 1923 by O Moore Creagh
2436047. Divisional and Other Signs by V Wheeler Holohan
2436049. Complete Despatches of Lord French 1914-1916 by Naval Military Press
2436050. Sir Douglas Haig OS Despatches by J H Boraston
2436055. Afghan Campaigns of 1878 1880biographical Division: by Sidney H Shadbolt
2436056. History of the 22nd (Service) Battalion Royal Fusiliers (Kensington) by
2436057. History of the 51st (Highland) Division 1914-1918 by Maj F W Bewsher
2436058. Somme Harvest.Memories of a Pbi in the Summer of 1916. by
2436060. 56th Division (1st London Territorial Division) 1914-1918 by
2436061. Letters of Colonel Sir Augustus Simon Frazer Kcb Commanding the Royal Horse Artillery During the Peninsular and Waterloo Campaigns by Major General Edward Sabine
2436062. Royal Highland Regiment.the Black Watch, Formerly 42nd and 73rd Foot. Medal Roll.1801-1911 by Capt John Stewart
2436063. Seventh Division 1914-1918 by C T Atkinson
2436064. 25th Division in France and Flanders by
2436066. Through Hell to Victory. from Passchendaele to Mons with the 2nd Devons in 1918. by R A Colwill
2436067. 39 Months with the Otigers, O 1915-1918 by D V Kelly
2436068. Weary Road. the Recollections of a Subaltern of Infantry by Charles Douie
2436070. Haunting Years by William Linton Andrews
2436073. Slaves of the War Lords by Henry Russell
2436075. Naval General Service Medal Roll 1793-1840 by Kenneth Douglas Morris
2436077. Military Operations at Cabul: Which Ended in the Retreat and Destruction of the British Army in January 1842with a Journal of Imprisonment in Afghan by Lieut Vincent Eyre
2436079. Forty-One Years in India: From Salbaltern to Commander-In-Chief by Field Marshall Earl Roberts
2436081. German Air Raids on Great Britain 1914-1918 by Joseph Morris
2436082. History of the London Rifle Brigade 1859-1919 by Various Contributors
2436087. Stories of the Crimean War by W J Tait
2436089. With Kitchener to Khartum by G W Steevens
2436095. Royal Fusiliers in the Great War by H C O Neill
2436096. History of the 1st and 2nd Battalions. the Leicestershire Regiment in the Great War by Colonel H C Wylly
2436097. Royal Leicestershire Regiment, 17th Foota History of the Years 1928 to 1956. by
2436098. History of the 1st Battalion Sherwood Foresters (Notts. and Derby Regt.) in the Boer War 1899-1902 by