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Books 110/146

2474270. Russia: A Short History by Ascher, Abraham
2474284. Kahlil Gibran: A Spiritual Treasury by Suheil Bushrui
2474297. God: A Guide for the Perplexed by Ward Keith
2474322. Paul: A Short Introduction by Morna D Hooker
2474323. Daoism: A Short Introduction by Miller, James
2474331. Political Philosophy: An Historical Introduction by White, Michael J.
2474338. Did My Genes Make Me Do It?: And Other Philosophical Dilemmas by Stroll, Avrum
2474405. Sexual Ethics and Islam: Feminist Reflections on Qur'an, Hadith and Jurisprudence by Ali, Kecia
2474411. Christian Criticisms, Islamic Proofs: Rashid Rida's Modernist Defence of Islam by Simon A Wood
2474451. Gibran's Little Book of Love by Kahlil Gibran
2474498. Ali Shariati by Schirin Fathi
2474591. Coping with Bipolar Disorder: A CBT- Informed Guide to Living with Manic Depression by Steven Jones
2474596. V&a: Cats by Beryl Reid
2474597. Scandinavian Ceramics and Glass in the 20th Century by Jennifer Opie
2474601. Children's Pleasures by Anthony Burton
2474604. Glass by Reino Liefkes
2474605. Pewter: At the Victoria & Albert Museum by Anthony North
2474612. Indian Embroidery by Rosemary Crill
2474615. Branded by Gareth Williams
2474633. Dialogue: Relationships in Graphic Design by Shaun Cole
2474646. The Modern Ideal: The Rise and Collapse of Idealism in the Visual Arts from the Enlightenment to Postmodernism by Paul Greenhalgh
2474729. Teenagers and Their Problems by Gerardo Castillo
2474730. Guide to the Bible by Antonio Fuentes
2474731. The Vision of Tnugdal by Jean Michel Picard
2474732. Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis by Carl Selmer
2474733. When the Son Man Comes by Federico Suarez
2474734. Diocese of Killaloe 18th by Murphy, Ignatius
2474735. Diocese of Killaloe V1 by Murphy, Ignatius
2474736. Diocese of Meath: Ancien by
2474737. Faith Famine and Fatherland in 19th Century Midlands by Alfred P Smyth
2474738. Tertullian the Puritan by Cahal B Daly
2474739. Diocese of Killaloe1850-1904 Vol3 by Murphy, I.
2474740. A Short History of the Catholic Church by Jose Orlandis
2474742. Aquitaine and Ireland in the Middle Ages by Jean Michel Picard
2474745. Ireland in the Stuart Papers1719-1765: 2 Volume Set by Patrick Fagan
2474747. Cultural Identity and Cultural Integration: Ireland and Europe in the Early Middle Ages by Doris Edel
2474748. The Irish Dissenting Tradition by Kevin Herlihy
2474749. Studies in Medieval Language and Culture by Michael Richter
2474751. British Books in Biblical Style by David Howlett
2474754. Reading the Past: Essays on Medieval Literature and Society by V J Scattergood
2474759. Philosophers of the Enlightenment: Locke, Hume and Berkeley by Hanratty, Gerald
2474760. Texts and Their Contexts: Papers from the Early Book Society by V J Scattergood
2474761. Irish Dissenting Tradition by Mike Inglis
2474762. T.P. Flanagan by S B Kennedy
2474763. T P Flanagan Special Ed by S B Kennedy
2474765. Moral Philosophy in Britain from Bradley to Wittgenstein by Cahal Daly
2474766. Irish Art Societies and Sketching Clubs: Index of Exhibitors 1870 - 1980, 2 Vol Set by Ann Stewart
2474767. Irish Charter Schools 1730 - 1830 by Kenneth Milne
2474768. The Religion of Irish Dissent by J Herlihy
2474771. The Chapter ACT Book of Christ Church Dublin 1574-1634 by Raymond Gillespie
2474772. History of the Catholic Diocese of Dublin by P Kelly
2474774. Belfast Merchant Families in the 17th Century by Jean Agnew
2474775. Divided Loyalties: Question of the Oath for Catholics in the 18th Cent by Patrick Fagan
2474776. Law and Disorder in 13th Century Ireland by James Lydon
2474781. Swimming Against the Tide by S Kennedy
2474782. The Celtic West and Europe: Studies in Celtic Literature and the Early Chuch by Doris Edel
2474784. Buckingham and Ireland 1616- 1628 by Victor Treadwell
2474785. Irish Public Sculpture: A History by Judith Hill
2474786. Man Made Man: Ethical and Legal Issues in Genetics by Peter Doherty
2474787. Bede: On Tobit and the Canticle of Habakkuk by Bede
2474788. Bede: On Tobit and the Canticle of Habakkuk by Bede
2474789. Leper Hospitals of Medieval Ireland by Gerard Lee
2474790. Ireland and Early Europe: Essays and Occasional Writing on Art & Culture by Liam De Paor
2474791. The Politics of Irish Dissent 1650 - 1800 by Kevin Herlihy
2474792. The Politics of Irish Dissent 1650 - 1800 by Kevin Herlihy
2474793. On the Road to Rebellion: United Irishmen & Hamburg by Paul Weber
2474794. Media in Ireland: The Search for Diversity by Damien Kiberd
2474795. Fides Christi: The Justification Debate by Paul O Callaghan
2474796. Locating Swift: Essays from Dublin on the 250th Anniversary of the Death of Jonathan Swift,1667 by Patrick Kelly
2474797. European Universities in the Age of Reformation and Counterreformation by Helga Robinson Hammerstein
2474798. On the Easter Proclamation and Other Declarations by Liam De Paor
2474799. Ideology and Ireland in the 19th Century by Timothy P Foley
2474800. Priests and Prelates of Armagh in the Age of Reformations 1518-1558 by Henry A Jefferies
2474801. Royal Irish Constabulary: A Short History and Genealogical Guide with a Select List of Medal Awards by Jim Herlihy
2474805. The Irish College at Alcala de Henares 1649-1785 by Patricia O Connell
2474808. Bellews of Mount Bellew by Karen Harvey
2474809. Mapping the Great Irish Famine: An Atlas of the Famine Years by Crawford, E. Margaret
2474812. Mapping the Great Irish Famine: An Atlas of the Famine Years by Crawford, E. Margaret
2474813. Ideology and Ireland in the 19th Century by Tadhg Foley
2474814. Legends of the Saints by Hippolyte Delehaye
2474815. Preaching, Politics and Poetry in Late-Medieval England by Alan Fletcher
2474819. Anglo-Saxon Appetites: Food and Drink and Their Consumption in Old English and Related Literature by Hugh Magennis
2474821. Landscapes with Figures by Liam De Paor
2474822. Landscapes with Figures by Liam De Paor
2474823. Ulster Loyalism and the British Media by Alan F Parkinson
2474824. Uniforms of 1798-1803 by Glen Thompson
2474825. Manus Odonnells Life of Colum Cille: No (Limited Edition) by Manus O Donnell
2474826. Manus Odonnells Life of Colum Cille by Manus O Donnell
2474828. Ireland in the 1930's: New Perspectives by Joost Augusteijn
2474829. Confederate Ireland 1642- 1649: A Constitutional and Political Analysis by Micheal O Siochru
2474831. Ireland in the 1930's: New Perspectives by Joost Augusteijn
2474834. Propagating the Word of Irish Dissent 1650-1800 by Kevin Herlihy
2474835. Propagating the Word of Irish Dissent 1650- 1800 by Kevin Herlihy
2474836. Music at Christ Church Before 1800: Documents and Selected Hymns by Barra Boydell
2474837. Saint Andrews Sarcophagus: A Pictish Masterpiece and Its International Connection by Sally M Foster
2474840. Robert Lloyd Praeger and the Culture of Science in Ireland, 1865-1953 by Sean Lysaght
2474841. Berangers Antique Buildings of Ireland by Gabriel Beranger
2474842. Berangers Antique Buildings of Ireland by Gabriel Beranger
2474843. 1798: A Bicentenary Perspective by Thomas Bartlett
2474845. Berangers Antique Buildings of Ireland by Gabriel Beranger
2474846. Pasolini Old and New: Surveys and Studies by Z Baranski
2474848. Margaret Aylward 1810-1889: Lady of Charity, Sister of Faith by Jacinta Prunty
2474850. Irish Men and Women in the Second World War by Richard Doherty
2474853. The Dublin Scuffle: Published in Conjuction with the National Library of Ireland by John Dunton
2474854. Studies in Irish Legal History by W N Osborough
2474855. Contesting Ireland: Irish Voices Against England in the Eighteenth Century by Thomas Mc Loughlin
2474856. The Folklore of County Wexford by D O Muirithe
2474857. A Scottish Whig in Ireland1835-1838: The Irish Journals of Robert Graham of Redgorton by Robert Graham
2474859. Perceptions of St Patrick in Eighteenth-Century Ireland by Bridget Mc Cormack
2474860. Colonial Discipline: Tha Making of the Irish Convict System by Patrick Carroll
2474863. Galway Women in the Nineteenth Century by Maureen Langan Egan
2474864. Dublin Metropolitan Police: A Short History and Genealogical Guide by Jim Herlihy
2474865. The Dublin Metropolitan Police PB: A Short History and Genealogical Guide by Jim Herlihy
2474866. Archbishop William King (1650-1729) and the Constitution in Church & Sta by Philip O Regan
2474867. Townlands of Leinster and the People Who by Flann Riain
2474868. Words We Use Volume 3 by Diarmaid O Muirthe
2474869. Christ Church Deeds by M J Mc Enery
2474870. David Crone Paintings by Brian Kennedy
2474871. An Irish Prisoner of Conscience in the Tudor Era: Archbishop Richard Creagh by Colm Lennon
2474872. Joy to the World: A Christmas Anthology by Francis James
2474873. Modernisation, Crisis and Culture in Ireland, 1969-1992 by Conor Mc Carthy
2474874. Gille of Limerick (C.1070-1145): Architect of a Medieval Church by Fleming, John
2474876. Ireland, Germany and the Nazis: Politics and Diplomacy, 1919-1939 by Mervyn O Driscoll
2474880. Irish Political System, 1740-1765: The Golden Age of the Undertakers? by Eoin Magennis
2474882. Christ Church Cathedral Dublin: A History by Kenneth Milne
2474883. Seanchas: Studies in Early and Medieval Archaeology, History and Literature in Honour of Francis J Byrne by Alfred P Smyth
2474884. A History of the Diocese of Derry: Studies in the Church from Earliest Times by Henry A Jefferies
2474885. Images Icons and the Irish Nationalist Imagination: 1870-1925 by Lawrence W Mc Bride
2474888. The Royal Irish Constabulary: A Complete Alphabetical List of Officers and Men, 1816 - 1922 by Jim Herlihy
2474892. The Sieges of Derry by William Kelly
2474893. David Crone Ltd Edition by Brian Kennedy
2474894. Celtic and Early Christian Wexford Ad 400-1166 by Edward Culleton
2474895. Kings Clerics and Chronicles in Scotland, 500-1297 by Simon Taylor
2474898. James Hogan: Revolutionary Historian and Political Scientist by Donnchadh O Corrain
2474900. History of Irish Emigrant and Missionary Education: A History by Daniel Murphy
2474901. Irish Volunteers in the Second World War by Richard Doherty
2474902. William Smith O'Brien and the Young Ireland Rebell by Robert Sloan
2474903. Irish Fairs and Markets: Studies in Local History by Denis Cronin
2474904. Ireland's Lost Birds Ltd Edition by Gordon D Arcy
2474905. From Queen's College to National University of Ire: Essays Towards an Academic History of Quc, Ugc by Tadhg Foley
2474907. Ireland's Lost Birds by D'Arcy, Gordon
2474908. Acts of Union: The Causes, Contexts, and Consequences of the ACT by Daire Koegh
2474910. Kingdom in Crisis: Ireland in the 1640s by Michael O Siochru
2474913. Adomnan at Birr, Ad 697: Essays in Commemoration of the Law of the Innocents by Thomas O Loughlin
2474914. The Medieval World and the Modern Mind by Michael Brown
2474916. Irish Leaders and Learning Through the Ages by Paul Walsh
2474917. New Voices in Irish Criticism by P J Matthew
2474918. The Franciscans in Ireland 1400-1534: From Reform to Reformation by Colman N O Clabaigh
2474919. Surviving the Tudors: The Wizard Earl of Kildare and English Rule in Ireland, 1537-1586 by Vincent P Carey
2474920. Irish Preaching 700-1700 by Alan J Fletcher