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Books 111/111

2491503. The Salaried Masses: Duty and Distraction in Weimar Germany by Siegfried Kracauer
2491504. Waiting for the Barbarians by Lewis H Lapman
2491505. Cultures in Babylon: Black Britain and African America by Hazel Carby
2491508. The Making of New World Slavery: From the Baroque to the Modern 1492-1800 by Robin Blackburn
2491509. Giving Ground: The Politics of Propinquity by Joan Copjec
2491513. Senseless Acts of Beauty: Cultures of Resistance by George Mc Kay
2491514. Modern Tsars and Princes: The Struggle for Hegemony in Russia by Jeremy Lester
2491515. Republics, Nations, and Tribes by Martin Thom
2491517. The Modern Epic: The World-System from Goethe to Garcia Marquez by Franco Moretti
2491524. Novas Travessias: Contemporary Brazilian Photography by Maria L Carvalho
2491525. Island Stories: Unravelling Britain by Raphael Samuel
2491528. Unnecessary Suffering: Managing Markets Utopia by Maurice Glasman
2491529. The Women's Movement by Monica Threlfall
2491531. Engineering Labour: Technical Workers in Comparative Perspective by Peter F Meiksins
2491532. Little Lamb's Christmas Story: A Finger Puppet Play and Read Story with Book(s) by Kathryn Smith
2491533. British- American Dictionary (Helicon language) (Spanish Edition) by Norman Moss
2491535. The Hutchinson Dictionary of World History (Helicon History) by Helicon
2491536. The Hutchinson Dictionary of Symbols (Helicon Arts & Music) by Jack Tresidder
2491543. Andrea Mantegna: And the Italian Renaissance by Manca, Joseph
2491545. Velazquez and His Times by Justi, Carl
2491546. Erotic Fantasy by Dopp, Hans-Jurgen
2491548. Taiwan: Art and Civilisation by Hsiu Huei Wang
2491549. Naive Art by Natalia Brodskaya
2491554. The Peoples of the Great North: Arts and Civilization of Siberia by Valentina Gorbatcheva
2491555. Auguste Rodin: French Sculptor by Parsons, Tom
2491559. Hans Memling by Alfred Michiels
2491562. Art Nouveau by Jean Lahor
2491563. Naive Art by Nathalia Brodskaya
2491564. Renaissance Art by Victoria Charles
2491566. Russian Avant-Garde by Evgueny Kovtun
2491567. Music & Eros by Hans Jurgen Dopp
2491569. The Life and Masterworks of J.M.W. Turner by Eric Shanes
2491576. Edgar Degas by Bade, Patrick
2491577. Berlin by Latotzki, Ingo
2491578. Paris Eros: The Imaginary Museum of Eroticism by Dopp, Hans-Jurgen
2491579. Historic Maritime Maps 1290-1699 by Wigal, Donald
2491580. Dominican Colors and Swirls by Parkstone Press
2491581. Erotic Art Photography by Alexandre Dupouy
2491582. Faces of Ecstasy by Dopp, Hans-Jurgen
2491584. Burne-Jones by Bade, Patrick
2491585. Homosexuality in Art by Smalls, James
2491586. Pascin by Alexandre Dupouy
2491587. Sapphic Art by Hans Jurgen Dopp
2491588. Sadomasochism by Hans Jurgen Dopp
2491589. Rops by Bade, Patrick
2491590. Renoir by Bade, Patrick
2491591. Turner by Eric Shanes
2491592. Icons by Philip Zweig
2491593. Opium by Wigal, Donald
2491594. Warhol by Eric Shanes
2491595. Constable by Barry Venning
2491596. Frida Kahlo: Beneath the Mirror by Souter, Gerry
2491597. Michelangelo by Eugene Muntz
2491598. The Art of Champa by Hubert, Jean-Francois
2491599. The Pop Art Tradition: Responding to Mass-Culture by Eric Shanes
2491610. Key Topics in Cardiac Surgery by Raymond Bonnett
2491629. Clinic Handbook: Cardiology by A Kenny
2491630. Unbiased Stereology: Three-Dimensional Measurement in Microscopy by C V Howard
2491641. Key Topics in Acute Poisoning by R Evans
2491672. Key Topics in Otolaryngology by Raymond Bonnett
2491683. Medical Statistics Made Easy by Michael Harris
2491686. Molecular Biology of Cancer by F Mac Donald
2491688. Managing Patients with Pre-Existing Respiratory Disease by Raymond Bonnett
2491738. Bumper Play and Learn by
2491739. Dressing Up Sparkly Stickers by
2491741. Travel Games (Travel Time for Kids) by
2491762. James to Revelation: New International Version by Sarah Finch
2491763. Winnie the Pooh by David Benedictus
2491764. Lieutenant Hornblower by C S Forester
2491765. Ship of the Line by C S Forester
2491771. Pioneer Twins by Anne Adeney
2491781. Cadogan Guide Crete by Dana Facaros
2491783. Central Italy by Dana Facaros
2491785. Cadogan Guide Athens & Southern Greece by Dana Facaros
2491787. Cagogan Guide Paris by Dana Facaros
2491789. Barcelona by Dana Facaros
2491794. Retiring Abroad by Ben West
2491795. Portugal, 5th by David J J Evans
2491796. Working and Living Portugal by Harvey Holtom
2491798. Much Have I Travell'd: A Book of Quotations by Kirsty Crawford
2491799. Flying Visits: Switzerland by Norman Renouf
2491800. Cadogan Guide Dublin by Mary Ann Gallagher
2491801. Flying Visits: Scandinavia by Joan Gannij
2491803. There and Back Again: In the Footsteps of J.R.R. Tolkien by Mathew Lyons
2491804. La Mortola: In the Footsteps of Thomas Hanbury by Alasdair Moore
2491805. Cadogan Guide Loire by Philippe Barbour
2491806. Cadogan Guide Brittany by Philippe Barbour
2491808. Pick Your Brains about Italy by Jez Mathews
2491810. England by Leo Hollis
2491811. Cadogan Guide Madrid by Collective
2491812. Ireland by Joseph Mc Ardle
2491813. Morocco, 5th by Barnaby Rogerson
2491814. Flying Visits: Germany by James Stewart
2491815. Egypt, 3rd by Michael Haag
2491816. London by Andrew Gumbel
2491817. Why Americans Zig Zag When They Eat by Michael Pauls
2491818. Cadogan Guide Provence by Pauls, Michael
2491819. Buying a Property France by John Howell
2491821. Spain by Nick Rider
2491822. Eastern Europe by Jane Eggington
2491824. Cadogan Guide Spain by Dana Facaros
2491825. Flying Visits Mediterranean by Dana Facaros
2491826. Flying Visits Central & Eastern Europe by James Stewart
2491828. Flying Visits Iceland Finland & the Baltic by Joan Gannij
2491829. Cadogan Guide London Paris by Andrew Gumbel
2491830. Working and Living USA by Christian Williams
2491831. Working and Living Canada by Twomey, Patrick
2491833. Working & Living New Zealand by Georgina Palffy
2491835. France by John Howell
2491837. Yucatan & Mayan Mexico by Rider, Nick
2491838. Caribbean & the Bahamas by James Henderson
2491841. Cadogan Guide Brussels by Antony Mason
2491845. Pick Your Brains about Greece by Sanderson, Caroline
2491848. Pick Your Brains about Scotland by Mandy Kirkby
2491852. Italian Riviera & Piedmont by Michael Pauls
2491854. Cadogan Guides Spain by Michael Pauls
2491856. Cadogan Guides Languedoc-Roussillon by Michael Pauls
2491858. Croatia by Stewart, James
2491861. Andalucia by Michael Pauls
2491864. Corsica by Michael Pauls
2491865. Cadogan Guide Ireland by Catharina Day
2491867. Buying a Property Florida by Howell, John
2491868. Bugs, Bites & Bowels by Jane Wilson Howarth
2491869. Impossible Journeys by Mathew Lyons
2491874. Belize by Mainwood, Nicola
2491875. Costa Rica by Fullman, Joseph
2491881. Take the Kids England by Joseph Fullman
2491893. Working and Living Italy by Carlisle, Kate
2491900. Cadogan Guide Paris by Michael Pauls
2491901. Cadogan Guide London by Andrew Gumbel
2491905. Cadogan Guide Venice by Michael Pauls
2491906. The Great Skiing and Snowboarding Guide 2008 by Hardy, Felice
2491911. Beijing by Peter Neville Hadley
2491935. Venice by Facaros, Dana
2491936. Florence by Dana Facaros
2491938. France by Philippe Barbour
2491939. Cadogan Guide Edinburgh by Godfrey-Faussett, Charles
2491940. Milan by Facaros, Dana
2491942. Flying Visits: Italy: Great Getaways by Budget Airline by Dana Facaros
2491943. Flying Visits: Spain: Great Getaways by Budget Airline & Ferry by Dana Facaros
2491944. Greece by Facaros, Dana
2491945. Portugal the Algarve 2nd by David J J Evans
2491946. Holland by Rodney Bolt
2491947. North of Ireland, 2nd by Day, Catharina
2491949. Amazon by Robinson, Alex
2491950. Take the Kids Travelling by Helen Truszkowska
2491951. Eugenie Grandet by Honore De Balzac
2491952. Recommended Hotels-Great Britain and Ireland by Johansens
2491953. Recommended Country Houses & Small Hotels: Great Britain & Ireland by Johansens
2491954. Recommended Traditional Inns, Hotels & Restaurants: Great Britain & Ireland by Johansens