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Books 114/118

2560056. We Are Billion Year Old Carbon: A Tribal-Love-Rock-Novel Set in the Sixties on an Outpost Planet Called Memphis by Corey Mesler
2560059. The Hermit King: And Other Stories by William Cobb
2560061. The Stars of Axuncanny by David Simms
2560063. The Education of Douglas Finney by Jeffrey Stewart
2560064. The Education of Douglas Finney by Jeffrey Stewart
2560065. Luna by Richard Matturro
2560066. Luna by Richard Matturro
2560071. They Called Me Bunny by Mary Anderson Parks
2560073. Tiny Clubs by Geoff Wyss
2560074. Tiny Clubs by Geoff Wyss
2560076. The White Squirrel by D W Hunt
2560079. Desade II: A Brown Recluse Romance by Rex Burwell
2560084. Parcheesi Blues by Thomas Beltzer
2560088. City in Amber by Jay Atkinson
2560091. Touch by Yates, Irene
2560092. The Story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Stewart Ross
2560093. The Story of Vincent Van Gogh by Clare Bevan
2560094. Communications: Now and Into the Future by Steve Parker
2560095. Cars by Neil Morris
2560096. Outlaws by Paul Thomas
2560097. Introducing Picasso by Juliet Heslewood
2560098. Dinosaurs by John Cooper
2560099. Myths & Legends by Thomson, Ruth
2560100. Cold by Kim Taylor
2560101. Animal Rights by Tripp, Penny
2560102. Genocide by Woolf, Alex
2560103. Human Rights by Weaver, Clare
2560104. Racism by Gifford, Clive
2560105. Terrorism by Weitzman, Stanley
2560106. Using Machines by Sally Hewitt
2560107. Sound by Sally Hewitt
2560108. Dark and Light by Sally Hewitt
2560110. A Simple Guide to Birth Control by Kamal K Dutta
2560117. Advice from the Doggy Lama by Bob Lovka
2560120. Cichlids: Understanding Angelfish, Oscars, Discus, and Others by David Alderton
2560124. Caring for a Horse, 2nd Edition by Lesley Ward
2560126. Western Riding, 2nd Edition by Lesley Ward
2560129. Project Charger: The Step-By-Step Restoration of a Popular Vintage Car by Larry Lyles
2560138. The Original Dog Bible: The Definitive Source to All Things Dog by Mehus-Roe, Kristin
2560141. The Wild Life of Farm Animals: A Rubes Cartoon Book by Leigh Rubin
2560151. Chickens: Tending a Small-Scale Flock for Pleasure and Profit by Sue Weaver
2560152. Sheep: Small-Scale Sheep Keeping for Pleasure and Profit by Sue Weaver
2560159. Hobby Farm: Living Your Rural Dream for Pleasure and Profit by Carol Ekarius
2560185. Advanced Western Riding by Kara L Stewart
2560194. The Benjamin Blessing: God's Five-Fold Plan for Your Destiny by Rick Hawkins
2560195. The Inner Circle: The Value of Friendship, Trust, and Influence by Rick Hawkins
2560196. The Complete Curious Mr. Tarrant by C Daly King
2560198. Lucky Dip, and Other Stories with Other by Liza Cody
2560199. Lucky Dip, and Other Stories by Liza Cody
2560200. Suitable for Hanging: Selected Stories by Margaret Maron
2560205. The Avenging Chance and Other Mysteries from Roger Sheringham's Casebook by Anthony Berkeley
2560207. Kill the Umpire: The Calls of Ed Gorgon by Jon L Breen
2560208. Kill the Umpire: The Calls of Ed Gorgon by Jon L Breen
2560209. Murders and Other Confusions: The Chronicles of Susanna, Lady Appleton, 16th Century Gentlewoman, Herbalist and Sleuth by Kathy Lynn Emerson
2560213. Dr. Poggioli: Criminologist by T S Stribling
2560216. Slot-Machine Kelly: The Collected Private-Eye Cases of the "One-Armed Bandit" by Dennis Lynds
2560217. Slot-Machine Kelly: The Collected Private Eye Cases of the "One-Armed Bandit" by Dennis Lynds
2560222. The Casebook of Sidney Zoom by Pronzini, Bill
2560225. The Verdict of Us All: Stories by the Detection Club for H. R. F. Keating by Peter Lovesey
2560226. The Verdict of Us All: Stories by the Detection Club for H.R.F. Keating by Peter Lovesey
2560227. The Archer Files: The Complete Short Stories of Lew Archer, Private Investigator, Including Newly Discovered Case Notes by Ross Mac Donald
2560228. A Little Intelligence and Other Stories by Robert Silverberg
2560229. Abraham Lincoln: A Novel Life by Tony Wolk
2560230. Ricochet River by Robin Cody
2560231. Speaking Out: Women, War and the Global Economy with DVD by Jan Haaken
2560235. The Weight of the Sun by Geronimo Tagatac
2560236. Artless: The Odyssey of a Republican Cultural Creative by Gary D Cole
2560238. Jose Builds a Woman by Jan Baross
2560239. The Portland Red Guide: Sites & Stories of Our Radical Past by Michael Munk
2560240. Deer Drink the Moon: Poems of Oregon by Liz Nakazawa
2560241. You Have Time for This by Mark Budman
2560242. Fort Clatsop: Rebuilding an Icon by Daily Astorian
2560244. The Best Dancer by Christoph Keller
2560246. 42 by M Thomas Cooper
2560247. Lincolns Daughter by Tony Wolk
2560254. 52 Ways to Live Success...from the Inside Out!: Bite-Size Coaching to Success-Minded People by Jeanne Sharbuno
2560255. Cut the C.R.A.P.: And Resolve Your Problems by David R Cox
2560257. Unleashing Excellence: The Complete Guide to Ultimate Cusomer Service by Dennis Snow
2560259. Come and See: A Photojournalist's Journey Into the World of Mother Teresa by Linda Schaefer
2560260. In Search of Ethics: Conversations with Men and Women of Character by Len Marrella
2560261. Who Cares: A Loving Guide for My Future Caregivers by Dee Marrella
2560263. If It Weren't for the Customer, Selling Would Be Easy!: Product Knowledge + People Knowledge = Sales Success by Lewis E Losoncy
2560267. Who Cares: A Loving Guide for My Future Caregivers by Dee Marrella
2560269. Lessons from the Mouse: A Guide for Applying Disney World's Secrets of Success to Your Own Organization, Your Career, and Your Life by Dennis Snow
2560270. Navigating the Healthcare Maze: What You Need to Know by Jeff Knott
2560272. Unleashing Excellence by Teri Yanovitch
2560275. The Me You Don't Know the Me You Don't Know: A Loving Gift of Knowledge for My Future Caregivers a Loving Gift of Knowledge for My Future Caregivers by Marrella, Dee
2560276. The Me You Don't Know: A Gift of Knowledge for My Future Caregivers: Providing Future Caregivers the Most Important Facts about Your Life by Dee Marrella
2560281. One Minute Service: Keys to Providing Great Service Like Disney World by Bruce Loeffler
2560282. Saving Faces: A Plastic Surgeon's Remarkable Story by D Ralph Millard
2560283. New Horizons: The Story of Federated Investors by Jeffrey L Rodengen
2560284. True to Our Vision by Jeffrey L Rodengen
2560287. Polytechnic University: The First 150 Years by Jeffrey L Rodengen
2560288. In It for the Long Haul: The Story of CRST by Jeffrey L Rodengen
2560289. Cerner: From Vision to Value by Jeffrey L Rodengen
2560290. Bard: Power of the Past, Force of the Future by Jeffrey L Rodengen
2560292. All Men Are Liars: An Incomplete Guide to Relationship Trauma by Jeffrey L Rodengen
2560293. The Legend of Electric Boat by Jeffrey L Rodengen
2560294. A Passion for Service: The Story of Aramark by Jeffrey L Rodengen
2560295. Office Depot: Taking Care of Business: The First 20 Years by Jeffrey L Rodengen
2560297. Winning the Arch Way: The Story of Arch Aluminum & Glass by Jeffrey L Rodengen
2560298. Innovation & Integrity: The Story of Hub Group by Jeffrey L Rodengen
2560300. The Legend of Con-Way: A History of Service, Reliability, Innovation and Growth by Jeffrey L Rodengen
2560301. Commanding the Waterways: The Story of Sea Ray by Jeffrey L Rodengen
2560303. Thirty Years War: Love Poems by Patricia Ferrell
2560305. Techne's Clearinghouse by John Foy
2560308. Graphis DesignersUSA2 by Larry Fuersich
2560311. Last Places on Earth by Eric Meola
2560312. Fifty by Dana Buckley
2560319. Graphis Advertising Journal: Americas by B Martin Pedersen
2560320. Graphis Photo Journal: Americas by B Martin Pedersen
2560322. Graphis Advertising Journal: Europe, Africa and the Middle East by B Martin Pedersen
2560323. Graphis Photo Journal: Europe, Africa, & the Middle East by N A
2560325. Advertising Annual by B Martin Pedersen
2560326. Graphis Photography Annual by B Martin Pedersen
2560327. Poster Annual by B Martin Pedersen
2560330. Graphis Design Annual by B Martin Pedersen
2560343. Faithful Finances 101: From the Poverty of Fear and Greed to the Riches of Spiritual Investing by Gary D Moore
2560346. Purpose and Power in Retirement (PB) by Koenig, Harold G.
2560348. Faith in the Future: Healthcare, Aging and the Role of Religion by Koenig, Harold George
2560362. Street Saints: Renewing America's Cities by Elliott, Barbara J.
2560364. Noble Purpose: The Joy of Living a Meaningful Life by William Damon
2560365. Words of Gratitude by Joanna Hill
2560366. Spiritual Investments by Gary Moore
2560367. Golden Nuggets by Sir John Templeton
2560368. Why We Are Created? by Rebekah Alezander Dunlap
2560369. Wisdom from World Religions: Pathways Toward Heaven on Earth by John Templeton
2560370. Possibilities for Over One Hundredfold More Spiritual Information: The Humble Approach in Theology and Science by John Templeton
2560371. The Healing Connection: The Story of a Physicians Search for the Link Between Faith and Health by Gregg Lewis
2560372. Spirituality in Patient Care by Harold George Koenig
2560373. Purpose and Power in Retirement (Audio): New Opportunities for Meaning and Significance by Koenig, Harold George
2560374. Equipping the Saints: A Guide for Giving to Faithbased Organizations by Elliott, Barbara J.
2560381. The Secret Melody: And Man Created the Universe by Trinh Xuan Thuan
2560386. A Mighty Fortress: Lead Bomber Over Europe by Charles B Alling
2560389. SS-Hitlerjugend: The History of the Twelfth SS Division 1943-45 by Rupert Butler
2560392. Trench Warfare by Stephen Bull
2560394. Marine Corps Tank Battles in Korea by Oscar E Gilbert
2560395. Finding Your Father's War: A Practical Guide to Researching and Understanding Service in the World War II US Army by Jonathan Gawne
2560396. German Armored Warfare of World War II: The Unpublished Photographs 1939-1945 by Ian Baxter
2560401. Through Hell for Hitler: A Dramatic First-Hand Account of Fighting on the Eastern Front with the Wehrmacht by Henry Metelmann
2560405. The Tank Killers: A History of America's World War II Tank Destroyer Force by Harry Yeide
2560408. Unless Victory Comes: Combat with a Machine Gunner in Patton's Third Army by Garrison, Gene
2560409. Descending from the Clouds: A Memoir of Combat in the 505 Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82d Airborne Division by Spencer F Wurst
2560412. Sons of the Reich: The History of II Panzer Corps by Michael Frank Reynolds
2560415. U-Boat War: Doenitz and the Evolution of the German Submarine Service 1935 - 1945 by David Westwood
2560416. Hitler's Alpine Retreat by James Wilson
2560419. Tank Rider: Into the Reich with the Red Army by Evgeni Bessnov
2560434. Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam by Oscar E Gilbert
2560441. D- Day Normandy: Weapons, Uniforms, Military Equipment by Francois Bertin
2560451. The Defeat of Rome in the East: Crassus, the Parthians, and the Disastrous Battle of Carrhae, 53 BC by Gareth C Sampson