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Books 117/113

2626845. Gorgeous Monster- The Arts of Governing and Managing Violence in Contemporary Bogot by Angela Rivas Gamboa
2626864. Real Time Vehicle Routing in Large Networks- Introducing Global Optimization by Laia Pags Giralt
2626919. Regional Labor Markets by Jos Enrique Garcilazo Corredera
2626927. Effective Delivery of Distance Education by Tei Barnhart
2626930. Dynamic Locomotion - Maneuvering with Hexapedal Legged Robots by
2626962. Operating System Services for Task-Specific Power Management - Novel Approaches to Energy - Aware Embedded Linux by Andreas Wei
2626970. The Social Construction of Usefulness by Jos L Abdelnour Nocera
2626995. Outsourcing Management- Implementing Quality and Performance Decision Support by Ronald Shehane
2627003. Cross-Cultural Perceptual Differences- Among African American, Caucasian, and Greek-Cypriot College Students by Marios Argyrides
2627031. Building Peace and Democracy or Organizing Exit by Stuard Shaw
2627039. Living the "Somehow Life"-Tanaka Yasuo, Banana Yoshimoto and Postmodern Japan by Peter Tillack
2627078. The Impact of Cultural Differences on Cross-Border Merger Processes - The Example of Daimlerchrysler by Romy Trajanov
2627088. Sexual Experience and Associated Prevalence Rates of Sexually Transmitted Infection-An Exploration of Impacts in the United States and China by Ginny Garcia
2627094. Lifestyle Economics- A Health and Labor-Market Analysis of Iceland by Tinna Laufey Sgeirsdttir
2627099. Illness Perception and Coping Among African American Women with Lupus - Alternative Medicine and Cultural Competence by Melinda Hughes
2627105. Challenges Vs. Leadership- Perceptions of Insiders from Chinese Universities by Xiaobo Yang
2627120. Client Service Satisfaction- Match Between Rahabilitation Professionals' and Clients' Viewpoints in a Cross-Cultural Context by Ghassan J Abbas
2627126. Predicting Fat Consumption Among African American Women by Gina Evans
2627157. Developing Leaders Within Family Businesses - From Followers to Leaders by John James Cater Iii
2627164. Unemployment and Labor Market Rigidities - Theory, Empirical Evidence and Recent Labor Market Reforms by Denis Drechsler
2627185. Nonprofit Outcome Measurement by Nina Sauerland
2627187. The Attentional Blink by Nadine Petrovsky
2627188. Decentralisation in Lesotho by Robert Sperfeld
2627191. Asian Business Culture and Management by Constantin K Steinpichler
2627194. Statehood and Statebuilding in Haiti- Paradigms of Intervention by Sophie Herrmann
2627197. Internal Service Systems and Cultural Differences by Andreas Wittmer
2627203. Data-Driven Analysis of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance by Thorsten Twellmann
2627217. Soability by Alexander Krhenbhl
2627258. Amte Growth Work - Achieving Emotional Maturity in Adulthood by Martha Susan Horton
2627272. Academies of Industry by Bradford T Hudson
2627286. Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy by Charles Christopher Newton
2627291. Understanding Universal Design by Simulations about Socially Inclusive Environments by Marcelo Pinto Guimares
2627328. Words, Wounds, Chasms by Nancy C Lande
2627376. Hopes and Impediments for Successful Democratic Transitions in "Francophone" West Africa by Marc Adoux Pap
2627381. Nationalization of Industrial Management in Africa by Karen Grisar Kass
2627384. L'Expression de Problme Et La Mdiation Informationnelle by Stphane Goria
2627425. Decision Making and Conflict by Dewey Y Todd
2627427. Successful Entertainment and Aristotle's Poetics by Ari Hiltunen
2627437. Rural Poverty in Paraguay by Thomas Masterson
2627439. Shyamalan's "Everyday Hero" by Chris Broodryk
2627449. The Economic Impact of Country-Of-Origin Labeling in the Us Beef Industry by Daniel Hanselka
2627476. Children's Work and Opportunities for Education by Sevin Rende
2627494. New Immigrants, New Christians - Mainland Chinese Elders in American Churches by Gehui Zhang
2627498. Money, Power and Influence - The Politics of How Academic Department Chairs Secure Campus Budget Resources by Wallace Southerland Iii
2627507. A United Order Model for a Globally Integrated Society by Barton R Bowen
2627510. The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Income Inequality in India by Vertica Agarwal
2627513. A Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue by Erasmus Rask
2627524. Miss, Do We Really Have to Pass This Class?" Current Discourses in the Middle School Students' Foreign Language Classroom by Adina Alexandru
2627525. Understanding High-Stakes Assessments: Children's Perspectives by Bridget Amory
2627526. Re/Presenting Men: Cultural and Literary Constructions of Masculinity in the U.S. by Josep M Armengol
2627527. African American News Websites by Bakari Akil Ii
2627535. 3D Facial Animation- Recreating Human Heads with Virtual Skin, Bones, and Muscles by Kolja Khler
2627545. On the Theory of Life Balance- The Relation to Subjective Well-Being and the Role of Self-Regulation by Peter Grpel
2627549. Being Left Behind by Yvonne Dicketmller
2627554. Broadcast Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks by Abdelmajid Khelil
2627557. Lossless Quantum Data Compression and Secure Direct Communication- New Concepts and Methods for Quantum Information Theory by Kim Joris Bostrm
2627562. Algorithm Engineering for Large Data Sets by Roman Dementiev
2627577. Language and Gender Research from a Queer Linguistic Perspective by Michaela Koch
2627588. Hardboiled Hollywood- Traces of American Heroism and Cultural Change in the Portrayals of the Detective Hero in the Maltese Falcon and the Big Sleep by Jan Christoph Prfer
2627589. Language Modeling for Machine Translation by Martin Raab
2627591. A Semantic Approach to Question Answering by Nico Schlaefer
2627592. Outwitting the Dilemma of Scale by Stefan Frnsinn
2627597. Latinos in American Films by Jana Hntzschel
2627600. Rethinking Yasukuni - From Secular Politics to Religious Sacrifice by Janemil Kolst
2627604. Reading Between the Packets - Implicit Feedback in Wireless Multihop Networks by Bjrn Scheuermann
2627608. Mei Wenti or "You Wenti"- Overcoming Cross-Cultural Challenges in the Chinese Working Environment by Anett Grusser Pettersson
2627624. Mobile Image Communication Using Jpeg2000 by Ren Rosenbaum
2627644. Evaluation Strategies for Pervasive Games by Andr Kuntze
2627645. Talking Intervention by Patrick Haack
2627651. On the Correctness of Gossip-Based Membership Protocols by Andr Allavena
2627656. Feminism, Epistemology & Morality by Cathrine Holst
2627662. China's Water Service Market - Strategies for Foreign Companies by Jan Hutterer
2627666. Residual Information on Sanitized Magnetic Media by Torsten Staab
2627672. Adapting Greenway Planning Strategy by Asli Gt Erbil
2627676. Clustering and Ranking for Web Information Retrieval by Antonio Gull
2627697. Emotions and the Struggle of Brazil's Landless Social Movement (Mst) by Patrick Quirk
2627703. Geometric Pitch Structure and Form in Dserts by Edgard Varse by Michael David Sprowles
2627706. Interactive Theorem Proving in Software Engineering by Florian Kammller
2627732. Integrated System Modelling Using the Form-Oriented Analysis by Oliver Wei
2627734. Topological Analysis of Patterns by Marcio Gameiro
2627748. Penetrating Bayesian Spam Filters by Gnther Bayler
2627752. The Constitution of Political Actors by Gerardo H Damonte
2627759. Interstitial Urbanity by Matthew Tsui
2627771. Is Building Construction Approaching the Threshold of Becoming Unsustainable? - A System Theoretic Exploration Towards a Post-Forrester Model for Tami by Jos Fernandez Solis
2627797. Automatic Code Generation Using Dynamic Programming by Igor Bhm
2627798. Portfolio Optimization Under Partial Information by Wolfgang Putschgl
2627799. Zoomable User Interfaces on Small Screens by Thorsten Bring