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Books 118/63

2641809. Seed and Nursery Technology of Forest Trees by
2641812. ESP of Quarks and Super Strings by S M Phillips
2641815. In the Footsteps of Gandhi: The Manibhai Desai & BAIF Story by Connie Howard
2641819. Particle Dynamics by P S Deshwal
2641822. Electric Circuit Analysis by S R Paranjothi
2641823. The Himalayan Environment by J Bahadur
2641830. Sea Our Saviour by K Sridharan
2641839. Application of Chemical Engineering for Utilisation of Natural Resources by K S Rao
2641842. Value Engineering by S S Iyer
2641849. Advances in Ergonomics, Occupational Health and Safety by W Selvamurthy
2641857. Waves and Oscillations by R N Chaudhuri
2641879. Andhra Pradesh Vision 2020 by
2641884. Laser Concepts and Applications by A Vittal Hegde
2641892. Atom and Self : Collection of Lectures by F Ahmad
2641899. Manufacturing Science and Technology- Manufacturing Processess and Machine Tools by K Vara Prasad Rao
2641901. Structural Design in Steel by Sarawar Alam Raz
2641903. Quantitative Methods for Economists by R Veerachamy
2641912. International Financial Markets and India by H R Machiraju
2641925. Introduction to Modern Physics Vol. I by R B Singh
2641934. Information Technology and Numerical Methods (As Per JNTU) by N Chalamaiah
2641935. Discrete Mathematical Structures by Shanker G Rao
2641939. Engineering Mathematics Volume- II by Govinda H S Rao
2641942. Building Materials by S K Duggal
2641943. Analysis and Practice in Water Resource Engg and Disaster for Mitigation Vol-I by Icwrd
2641955. Nature and Environment by
2641956. Separation Chemistry by R P Budhiraja
2641958. Knowledge And Wisdom by F Ahmad
2641973. Service Tax :Law and Procedures by S K Pahwa
2641975. Industrial Instrumentation Vol. I by K Krishnaswamy
2641976. Dimensional Analysis and Similitude (Through Worked Examples) by Divaker C Durairaj
2641979. Systematic Laboratory Experiments in Organic Chemistry by A Sethi
2641998. Wavelet Analysis and Applications, 1/e HB by
2642000. Optical Fibre and Laser : Principles and Applications by Anuradha De
2642025. University Botany- III: (Plant Taxonomy, Plant Embryology, Plant Physiology) by S M Reddy
2642028. Cost Accounting and Financial Management (for C. A. Course- 1) by S K Chakraborty
2642034. Human Values by A N Tripathi
2642050. Process, Planning and Cost Estimation by B Vijaya Ramanath
2642139. Fundamental Approach to Discrete Mathematics by Sreekumar
2642176. Biotechnology, Cell Biology & Genetics Part- 1 by Rajeshwari S Setty
2642196. Environmental Science and Engineering (As per Anna University Syllabus) by C P Kaushik
2642205. Electrical Engineering (As per UPTU Syllabus) by C L Wadhwa
2642216. Biopesticides: A Biotechnological Approach by S R Joshi
2642234. A Guide to Corporate Governance by N Gopalsamy
2642265. Numerical Analysis by Shanker G Rao
2642292. Parivesh Adhyayan (Assami Version) by Anubha Kaushik
2642362. International Business Management by N Venkateswaran
2642412. Bioorganic, Bioinorganic and Supramolecular Chemistry by J P Kalsi
2642467. Project Management by K Nagarajan
2642486. Solving Engineering Mechanics Problems with MATLAB by R V Dukkipati
2642502. Golden Mathematics X by Dr Hari Kishan
2642508. Bhartiya Arthavyavastha Vikas Avam Ayojan by A N Agrawal
2642510. Computer Programming (As per Anna University Syllabus) by C Kavichithra
2642529. Engineering Graphics (Polytechnic) by G Sreekanjana
2642546. Electrical Engineering Materials by
2642598. Environmental Studies (As per Osmania University Syllabus) by C P Kaushik
2642605. Environmental Studies (As per Mysore University Syllabus) by C P Kaushik
2642641. Environmental Studies (As per Bharathidasan University, Trichy Syllabus) (Common to All Branches) by C P Kaushik
2642643. Golden Science X (Hindi Medium) by Saumya Chandra
2642677. Indian Economy Problems of Development and Planning by A N Agrawal
2642681. Bhartiya Arthavyavastha Vikas Avam Ayojan by A N Agrawal
2642685. Electronics Fundamentals and Applications by P C Rakshit
2642713. A Textbook of Engineering Physics- (as per Kalasalingam University Syllabus) by S O Pillai
2642738. Manufacturing Processes: (As per the new Syllabus, B. Tech. I year of U. P. Technical University) by Arun Mittal