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Books 12/143

268814. Oxford Dictionary of Current English by Soanes, Catherine
268822. Reason Before Identity by Sen, Amartya K.
268823. Trinity: 450 Years of an Oxford College Community by Clare Hopkins
268836. The Most Disreputable Trade: Publishing the Classics of English Poetry 1765- 1810 by Thomas F Bonnell
268856. EFA Global Monitoring Report: Education for All by 2015: Will We Make It? by Unesco
268884. Suicide Prevention by Robert D Goldney
268889. Catholics Writing the Nation in Early Modern Britain and Ireland by Christopher Highley
268896. Economic Evaluation of Interventions for Occupational Health and Safety: Developing Good Practice by Emile Tompa
268921. Bare Syntax by Cedric Boeckx
268922. Bare Syntax by Cedric Boeckx
268956. Diccionario Oxford Mini: Espanol-Ingles/Ingles-Espanol by Oxford University Press
268957. Oxford Handbook of Urology by John Reynard
268965. Blackstone's Employment Law Practice 2008 by Brown, Damian
269032. Complete Shorter Fiction by Oscar Wilde
269249. Cranford by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
269358. Drafting Agreements in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries by Caroline De Mareuil Villette
269365. Pleadings Without Tears: A Guide To Legal Drafting Under The Civil Procedure Rules, 7e by William Rose
269367. The Manambu Language of East Sepik, Papua New Guinea by Alexandra Y Aikhenvald
269369. Mini Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine by Murray Longmore
269372. A Primer for Mathematics Competitions by Alexander Zawaira
269375. Easeful Death: Is There a Case for Assisted Dying? by Warnock, Mary
269476. Quantification, Definiteness, and Nominalization by Anastasia Giannakidou
269477. Interphases: Phase- Theoretic Investigations of Linguistic Interfaces by Kleanthes K Grohmann
269499. European Law by T P Kennedy
269506. Vanities of the Eye: Vision in Early Modern European Culture by Stuart Clark
269512. The End of Lawyers?: Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services by Richard Susskind Obe
269522. Muscular Dystrophy by Alan E H Emery
269523. Business Law by J Scott Slorach
269525. Solicitors' Accounts 2008-2009: A Practical Guide by Kay, Dale
269526. Criminal Litigation Handbook 2008-2009 by Hannibal, Martin
269527. Chronic Heart Failure by Mark Kearney
269531. A Practical Approach to Conveyancing by Abbey, Robert
269532. A Practical Approach to Civil Procedure by Sime, Stuart
269533. Lawyers' Skills 2008-09 by Webb, Julian
269559. Boys in Khaki, Girls in Print: Women's Literary Responses to the Great War 1914- 1918 by Jane Potter
269632. Brasenose: The Biography of an Oxford College by J Mordaunt Crook
269650. Language Complexity as an Evolving Variable by Geoffrey Sampson
269651. Language Complexity as an Evolving Variable by Geoffrey Sampson
269657. Twisted Paths: Europe 1914-1945 by Robert Gerwarth
269667. Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction by David A Liberles
269678. The Cradle of Language by Rudolf Botha
269680. The Prehistory of Language by Rudolf Botha
269690. Law as a Social System by Niklas Luhmann
269710. Global Bioethics: Issues of Conscience for the Twenty- First Century by Ronald M Green
269731. Mayson, French and Ryan on Company Law by Derek French
269739. The British Year Book of International Law by James Crawford
269766. The Rhetoric of the Conscience in Donne, Herbert, and Vaughan by Ceri Sullivan
269792. Big Questions in Ecology and Evolution by Sherratt, Thomas N.