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Books 12/47

254412. English Now! Rev Edn Coursebook 3 by Horsburgh Nicholas
254413. English Now! Rev Edn Coursebook 4 by Horsburgh Nicholas
254415. English Now! Rev Edn Workbook 1 by Horsburgh Nicholas
254416. English Now! Rev Edn Workbook 2 by Horsburgh Nicholas
254417. English Now! Rev Edn Workbook 3 by Horsburgh Nicholas
254418. English Now! Rev Edn Workbook 4 by Horsburgh Nicholas
254419. English Now! Rev Edn Workbook 5 by Horsburgh Nicholas
254423. Narrative Gravity: Conversation, Cognition, Culture by Rukmini
254425. Discovering Myself Book 6 by Bruylants Andre
254426. Discovering Myself Book 7 by Bruylants Andre
254427. Discovering Myself Book 8 by Bruylants Andre
254429. Tubewell Capitalism: Groundwater Development and Agarian Change in Gujarat by Dubash, Navroz K.
254437. Fun Book of Learning Stage1 Book 2 by Vaidyanathan Lata
254438. Fun Book of Learning Stage1 Book 3 by Vaidyanathan Lata
254439. Fun Book of Learning Stage2 Book 1 by Vaidyanathan Lata
254440. Fun Book of Learning Stage2 Book 2 by Vaidyanathan Lata
254441. Fun Book of Learning Stage2 Book 3 by Vaidyanathan Lata
254443. Nai Lehar Book 2 by Kapoor Sarojini
254444. Nai Lehar Book 3 by Kapoor Sarojini
254445. Nai Lehar Book 4 by Kapoor Sarojini
254447. Nai Lehar Wkbk- 1 by Kapoor Sarojini
254448. Nai Lehar Abhyas Pustika 2 by Kapoor Sarojini
254449. Nai Lehar Abhyas Pustika 3 by Kapoor Sarojini
254450. Nai Lehar Abhyas Pustika 4 by Kapoor Sarojini
254451. Nai Lehar Abhyas Pustika 5 by Kapoor Sarojini
254452. The World of Premchand Selected Short Stories by David Rubin Translator
254453. The Red Fort of Shahjahanabad by Anisha Shekhar Mukherji
254457. Dharmakirti's Theory of Inference: Revaluation and Reconstruction by Rajendra Prasad
254459. The Nature of Space and Time by
254460. Embattled Identities: Rajput Lineages and the Colonial State in Nineteenth- Century North India by Malavika Kasturi
254462. Water as a Focus for Regional Development by Cecilia Tortajada
254463. India Education Report A Profile of Basic Education by
254467. Legacy of a Divided Nation India's Muslims Since Independence by Mushirul Hasan
254470. English Now! Rev Edn Coursebook 6 by Horsburgh Nicholas
254471. English Now! Rev Edn Coursebook 7 by Nicolas Horsburgh
254472. English Now! Rev Edn Coursebook 8 by Horsburgh Nicholas
254473. English Now! Rev Edn Workbook 6 by Horsburgh Nicholas
254474. English Now! Rev Edn Workbook 7 by Horsburgh Nicholas
254475. English Now! Rev Edn Workbook 8 by Horsburgh Nicholas
254477. Hybrid Histories Forests, Frontiers and Wildness in Western India by Ajay Skaria
254480. Gandhi: Pan-Islamism, Imperialism, and Nationalism in India by Nanda, B. R.
254487. Trade Liberalization and Indian Agriculture Cropping Pattern Changes and Efficiency Gains in Semi- Arid Tropics by Tim Kelley
254488. India's Political Economy 1947-2004: The Gradual Revolution by Francine R Frankel
254495. The Oxford Anthology of Raj Stories by Saros Cowasjee
254499. Sustainable Environments: A Statistical Analysis by J K Ghosh
254500. The Romance of the State: And the Fate of Dissent in the Tropics by Ashis Nandy
254504. Reversing the Gaze Amar Singh's Diary, A Colonial Subject's Narrative of Imperial India by Mohan Singh Kanota
254505. Classical Hindu Thought An Introduction by Arvind Sharma
254508. Essays on Indian Philosophy by J N Mohanty
254517. Gender, Slavery and Law in Colonial India by Indrani Chatterjee
254518. Citizens Rights & State Accountability by A G Noorani
254521. Nature's Spokesman M. Krishnan and Indian Wildlife by Ramachandra Guha
254522. Invoking the Past The Uses of History in South Asia by Daud Ali
254524. Advanced Pilak Reader For Class Vi by Gunashekar Paul
254526. Colonialism and its Forms of Knowledge The British in India by Bernard S Cohn
254527. Raja Raja Varma, Portrait Of An Artist The Diary of C Raja Raja Varma by Christine Schelberger
254529. Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru, Second Series: Volume 29: 1 June 1955-31 August 1955 by S Gopal
254539. Songs of Three Great South Indian Saints by William J Jackson
254550. The Oxford Guide to Writing and Speaking by John Seely
254553. Poverty, Agrarian Structure, and Political Economy in India: Selected Essays by Bardhan, Pranab
254556. Active English 2/e Introductory Book by D H Howe
254557. Active English 2/e Book 1 by D H Howe
254558. Active English 2/e Book 2 by D H Howe
254559. Active English 2/e Book 3 by D H Howe
254560. Active English 2/e Book 4 by D H Howe
254561. Active English 2/e Introductory Workbook by D H Howe
254565. Active English 2/e Workbook 4 by D H Howe
254566. Active English 2/e Workbook 5 by D H Howe
254571. Oxford Gujarati Atlas by
254575. Discovering Myself Book 9 by Bruylants Chowdhury Braganza
254576. Discovering Myself Book 10 by Bruylants Chowdhury Braganza
254578. Introductory Microeconomics XII by Ela Trivedi
254579. Introductory Macroeconomics XII by Poonam Mathur
254585. Contemporary Macroeconomics by Abhirup Sarkar
254586. Business Cycles and Economic Growth An Analysis Using Leading Indicators by Pami Dua
254587. Historical Thinking in South Asia: A Handbook of Sources from Colonial Times to the Present by Michael Gottlob
254588. Mathematics CBSE IX by A K Roy
254590. Biology CBSE XI by C Sarin
254591. Biology CBSE XII by C Sarin
254593. Science and Technology IX by
254594. Science and Technology X by
254597. Mathematics CBSE XI- Part A by A K Roy
254604. Classical Indian Philosophy by J N Mohanty
254606. Beyond Secularism The Rights of Religious Minorities by Neera Chandhoke
254616. Poetics of Village Politics: The Making of West Bengal's Rural Communism by Ruud, Arild Engelsen
254621. Rights, Communities, and Disobedience Liberalism and Gandhi by Vinit Haksar
254623. Understanding Geography Book 2 (4/ED) by Lahiri Manosi
254624. Understanding Geography Book 3 (4/ED) by Lahiri Manosi
254625. Time, Space& People Book 1 by Srinivas Chitra
254626. Time, Space& People Book 2 by Srinivas Chitra
254630. New! Learning to Communicate Coursebook 6 by Ram S K
254631. New! Learning to Communicate Workbook 6 by Ram S K
254632. New! Learning to Communicate Literary Reader 6 by Ram S K
254633. New! Learning to Communicate Coursebook 7 by Ram S K
254634. New! Learning to Communicate Workbook 7 by Ram S K
254635. New! Learning to Communicate Literary Reader 7 by Ram S K
254636. New! Learning to Communicate Coursebook 8 by Ram S K
254637. New! Learning to Communicate Workbook 8 by Ram S K
254638. New! Learning to Communicate Literary Reader 8 by Ram S K
254641. Sanchi by Dhavalikar, Madhukar Keshav
254642. Relocating Gender in Sikh History: Transforming, Meaning and Identity by Jakobsh, Doris
254646. The Elements of Physics by W R Phillips
254647. National Human Development Report 2001: India by India
254650. Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema by Paul Willeman
254658. ICSE Revision Handbook- Biology IX by Helen Mathur
254660. Science and Technology- Biology CBSE IX by Vijaylaxmi Pillai
254661. Science and Technology- Physics CBSE IX by N S Ganesh
254662. Chemistry CBSE IX Science and Technology by N S Ganesh
254663. Science and Technology- Biology X by Vijaylaxmi Pillai
254664. Science and Technology- Physics X by N S Ganesh
254665. Science and Technology- Chemistry X by N S Ganesh
254666. Mathematics CBSE XI- Part B by A K Roy
254667. Mathematics CBSE XI- Part C by A K Roy
254668. Mathematics XII- Part B by A K Roy
254669. Mathematics XII- Part C by A K Roy
254671. Understanding Geography Workbook 1 by Lahiri
254672. Understanding Geography Workbook 2 by Lahiri
254673. Understanding Geography Workbook 3 by Lahiri
254680. Blended Boundaries Caste, Class and Shifting Faces of 'Hinduness' in a North Indian City by Kathinka Froystad
254681. Unrestrained Killings and the Law Provocation and Excessive Self- Defence in India, England and Australia by Stanley Yeo
254686. Little Oxford English Dictionary The dictionary that provides an up- to- date coverage of the core vocabulary of English by
254689. The Grammar Tree Book 6 by Mridula Et Al
254690. The Grammar Tree Book 7 by Beena Et Al
254691. The Grammar Tree Book 8 by Archana Et Al
254694. Matrimonial Property Law in India by B Sivaramayya
254712. Textbook on Criminology by Katherine S Williams
254713. History at the Limit of World- History by Ranajit Guha
254715. Textbook on Jurisprudence by Nigel White
254716. Compensation for Personal Injuries by Peter Barrie
254718. Textbook on Contract Law by Jill Poole
254719. Casebook on Contract Law by Jill Poole
254726. Clinical Legal Education by Richard Grimes
254728. Textbook of Oral and Maxillofacial Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology by S R Prabhu
254741. Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru, Second Series Volume 31: 18 November 1955- 31 January 1956 by Jawaharlal Nehru
254746. Oxford Handbook of General Practice Second Edition by Tony Kendrick
254751. Making History, Drawing Territory British Mapping in India, c. 1756- 1905 by Ian J Barrow
254768. East India Human Development Report by National Council of Applied Economic Research
254770. Common Property Resource Management: Reflections on Theory and the Indian Experience by Kadekodi, Gopal K.
254776. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties by Murray Longmore
254785. Guided English for India 2/e Book 5 by Howe
254793. Cbse Physics Xi by Suchitra Basu
254794. Cbse Physics Xii by Suchitra Basu
254796. Mathematics: Basic Con. & Prac. Cl. X by
254797. Islamic Contestations: Essays on Muslims in India and Pakistan by Barbara D Metcalf
254802. Broadway Primer A by Rey Sheefali
254803. Broadway Primer B by Ray Sheefali
254804. Broadway Coursebook 1 by Shyamala Kumaradass
254805. Broadway Coursebook 2 by Shyamala Kumaradass
254806. Broadway Coursebook 3 by Madhavan Sachi
254807. Broadway Coursebook 4 by Rajeevan K