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Books 120/86

2690269. Abba Pater: An Inner Journey Mapped Out by Key Speeches by Giovanni Paoloni
2690271. Abe Kobo an Exploration of His Prose, Drama and Theatre by Timothy Iles
2690274. Japan's Refugee Policy: To Be of the World by Ryuji Mukae
2690275. Extraterritoriality in the Matters of Antitrust by Vladimir Pavic
2690279. El Paraiso Vedado. Ensayos Sobre Poesia Chilena del Contragolpe (1975-1995) by Sergio Mansilla
2690282. Giotto's Harmony: Music and Art in Padua at the Crossroads of the Renaissance by Eleonora M Beck
2690283. African Cinema and Europe: Close-Up on Burkina Faso by Teresa Hoefert De Turegano
2690284. Euthanasia: Legal Principles and Policy Choices by Violeta Besirevic
2690286. Multinational Corporations. New Strategies and Public Policy Making. by Antonio De Chiara
2690289. Proceedings of the V Legislative XML Workshop by Carlo Biagioli
2690292. Technologies for European Integration. Standards-Based Interoperability of Legal Information Systems. by Enrico Francesconi
2690293. Building on Borrowed Bricks by Roberto Di Quirico
2690294. Les Procdures Budgtaires de Lunion Europenne de 2004 2008 by Ilkka Saarilahti
2690295. Law Via the Internet. Free Access, Quality of Information, Effectiveness of Rights by Ginevra Peruginelli
2690296. Barcelona: The Urban Evolution of a Compact City by Joan Busquets
2690297. Jindagi: Himalayan Lives and Destinies by Lafranchi, Silvia
2690298. Jindagi: Himalayan Lives and Destinies by Silvia Lafranchi
2690299. Cities: X Lines: Approaches to City and Open Territory Design by Busquets
2690301. Harry Potter E La Camera Dei Segreti by Rowling, J. K.
2690302. Made in Italy: 1951-2000 by Luigi Settembrini
2690303. Zagourski: Africa Lost by Casimir Ostoja Zagourski
2690304. Gino Severini: The Dance 1909#1916 by Daniela Fonti
2690305. Architecture in Photography by Paolo Rosselli
2690308. Skira Dictionary of Modern Decorative Arts by Valerio Terraroli
2690309. Raphael: Grace and Beauty by Tim Stroud
2690311. Aristide Maillol by Giorgio Soavi
2690312. Timeless Beauty: Traditional Japanese Folk Art by Edmund De Waal
2690313. Christopher Dresser 1834-1904 by Michael Whiteway
2690317. Inlands: Visions of Boston by Mimmo Jodice
2690319. Art Tribes by Achille Bonita Oliva
2690320. Uncertain State of Europe by Stefano Boeri
2690322. Manzoni: Catalogo Delle Opere by Germano Celant
2690323. Titian to Tiepolo by Gilberto Algranti
2690324. Children in Painting by Marie Christine Autin Graz
2690325. Jackson Pollock: The Irascibles and the New York School by Bruno Alfieri
2690337. Ettore Sottsass Metaphors by Barbara Radice
2690338. Glass Throughout Time: History and Technology of Glassmaking from the Ancient World to the Present by Rosa B Mentasi
2690339. Julio Larraz by Edward Lucie Smith
2690341. The Sense of Pleasure by John T Spike
2690343. Clive Barker Sculpture: Catalogue Raisonne 1958-2000 by Paola Gribaudo
2690344. Tomas Sanchez by Paola Gribaudo
2690345. Richard Jolley by Sam Hunter
2690352. The Mattioli Collection: Masterpieces of the Italian Avant- Garde by Flavio Fergonzi
2690353. I Moderni/The Moderns by Carolyn Christov Bakargiev
2690357. Lost China: The Photographs of Leone Nani by Clara Bulfoni
2690359. Hunt for Paradise: Court Arts of Safavid Iran 1501-76 by Sheila Canby
2690360. Hunger by Skira Publishing
2690361. Francis Bacon and the Tradition of Art by Christoph Vitali
2690362. William Kentridge by Carolyn Christ Bakargiev
2690367. Giorgione by Sylvia Ferino Pagden
2690369. Faces of Sport by Armani, Giorgio
2690372. Reading Leslie Marmon Silko: Critical Perspectives Through Gardens in the Dunes by Coltelli, Laura
2690374. Italian Cheese: Two Hundred and Ninety-Three Traditional Types: Guide to Their Discovery and Appreciation by Piero Sardo
2690375. Osterie & Locande D'Italia: A Guide to Traditional Places to Eat and Stay in Italy by Daniela Battaglio
2690376. Terra Madre: 1,600 Food Communities by Slow Food Editore
2690377. English? Yes, Please: Vol 1 by European Language Institute
2690378. Espanol? Si, Gracias: Vol 1 by European Language Institute
2690379. L'Italiano? Si, Grazie: Oltre 1000 Vocaboli Illustrati, Con Gioche Ed Esercizi by European Language Institute
2690380. English? Yes, Please: Vol 2 by European Language Institute
2690382. L'Italiano? Si, Grazie: Vol 2 by European Language Institute
2690385. L'Italiano Con Le Parole Crociate: Vol 1 by European Language Institute
2690388. L'Italiano Con Le Parole Crociate: Vol 2 by European Language Institute
2690389. Le Francais Par Les Mots Croises: Vol 3 (French) by European Language Institute
2690391. L'Italiano Con Le Parole Crociate: Vol 3 by European Language Institute
2690392. English? Yes, Please: Vol 3 by European Language Institute
2690401. Who's Who in Spain 2005 Edition by Giancarlo Colombo
2690403. Who's Who in Italy by
2690406. Who's Who in Italy 2008 Gold Edition by
2690408. Florence-The Art of Cookery by Sandra Rosi
2690409. Florence: Guide for the Curious Traveler by Alberto Anichini
2690410. Magic Moments in Florence by Adriana Silvestri
2690411. Medici: Story of a European Dynasty by Franco Cesati
2690412. Florence: Just Add Water by Monica Fintoni
2690413. Travels in Tuscany by Charles Spencer
2690414. Watercolor Journal of Florence by Douglas Lew
2690415. Brunelleschi's Cupola: Past and Present of an Architectural Masterpiece by Giovanni Fanelli
2690423. La Pietra: Florence, a Family and a Villa by Turner, A. Richard
2690424. Lines of Resistance: Dziga Vertov and the Twenties by Yuri Tsivian
2690431. Bookmarks by Corraini Editore
2690435. Proud 2 Be a Flyer by Happy Books
2690436. Mascotte! by Delicatessen
2690437. World's Best Creative P.O.P. Displays: Volume 3 by Caleffi, Fabio
2690438. Fashionize: The Art of Fashion Illustration by Delicatessen
2690439. Brochure Parade by Caleffi, Fabio
2690440. Summer Colors with CDROM by Happy Books
2690441. Mondofragile 2: Fashion Illustrators from Japan by Happy Books
2690443. Proud 2 Be a Sticker with Sticker(s) by Sola, Matteo
2690444. Street Fashion Parade: Volume 1; Graphics, Fashion, People, Show, Art... in the Street by Marco Papazzoni
2690446. We Are "Made in Italy": The New Generation of Italian Creative by Mannari, Enrica
2690448. Pink Attitude: The Contemporary Female Creativity by Mannari, Enrica
2690449. Luciana Miotto by Henri E Ciriani
2690454. Michael Heizer by Germano Celant
2690460. Prada Aoyama Tokyo with Booklet by Herzog De Meuron
2690470. Antique Sicilian Maiolica in Malta by Giusy Larina
2690471. The Red Sea Diving & Safari Map by
2690472. The Sinai & Sharm El-Sheikh Diving Map by
2690473. The Cairo City Map by
2690474. The Egypt Map by
2690475. Sinai Diving Guide: Volume 1: Sharm El-Sheikh, Ras Mohammed, Tiran, Gubal, Dahab by Siliotti, Alberto
2690476. The Map of the Western Desert Oases of Egypt by
2690477. Mare Erythraeum Volume VI: The Pre-Islamic Coinage of the Yemen by Stuart Munroe Hay
2690478. Achille Catiglioni by Paola Antonelli
2690487. The Children's Pictorial Atlas of the World by Alison Cooper
2690488. Carne!: Meat Dishes the Italian Way by Marco Lanza
2690489. The Little Big Cook Book: The Bite Size Cook Book That Comes Stuffed with Ideas by Carla Bardi
2690490. The Illustrated Bible by Mc Rae Books
2690491. Dolci E Frutta: Cakes & Desserts the Italian Way by Rosalba Gioffe
2690492. The Animal Atlas by Daniela De Luca
2690493. The Vegetarian Book by Carla Bardi
2690494. The Kids' Cookbook: Recipes from Around the World by Alison Wilson
2690495. A Flash of Art: Action Photography in Rome 1953-1973 by Walter, Veltroni
2690496. Ettore Sottsass: Photographs by Sottsass, Ettore, Jr.
2690497. Ron Galella: Exclusive Diary by Ron Galella
2690498. David LaChapelle by Faccioli, Davide
2690499. Loris Cecchini: Monologue Patterns by Loris Cecchini
2690500. Beat & Pieces: A Complete Story of the Beat Generation in the Words of Fernanda Pivano with Photographs by Allen Ginsberg by Pivano, Fernanda
2690501. Pierluigi on Cinema by Praturlon, Pierluigi
2690502. Installation & Performance Art: Photographs by Claudio Abate 1960 to Now by Abate, Claudio
2690503. Mario Giacomelli: Cose Mai Viste by Giacomelli, Mario
2690504. Pertti Kekarainen: Density: Tila Series by Kekarainen, Pertti
2690505. Beat Bible by Allen Ginsberg
2690506. Joel-Peter Witkin by Witkin, Joel-Peter
2690507. Gian Paolo Barbieri: Beauty Case by Gian Paolo Barbieri
2690508. Jack Pierson by Pierson, Jack
2690510. I Supertuscans by Carlo Gambi
2690511. Piedmont: Noblewoman of Wine by Carlo Gambi
2690512. Packages Design in Italy: Phase One by Gingko Press
2690513. Italian Renaissance: The Start of a New Era with CDROM by Red Publishing
2690515. Xtreme Italian Brochures: Experimental Brochure and Folders by Red Publishing
2690518. The Golden Age of Neglect by Ed Templeton
2690520. Now Underground: Art, Graphics, Calligraphy, Fashion, Photography by Christa Abortiz
2690534. Heroes by Adrian Tranquilli
2690554. Stanze Vicentine/Vicenza's Rooms: Le Stanze Dei Palazzi Vicentini Nel Corso Dei Secoli/Rooms in Vicenza Homes Throughout the Centuries by Kiko Trivellato
2690571. Archaeo- Volunteers 2nd Edition: The World Guide to Archaeological and Heritage Volunteering by Erin Mc Closkey
2690573. Mollino: Casa del Sole by Napoleone Ferrari
2690576. My Legacy by Rowan Mc Rae
2690578. Wait on the Lord: How to Connect Your Soul to the Lord by Waiting on Him by Abayilo, Lami
2690579. Confessions of a Fasting Housewife: One Woman's Journey with Jesus by Catherine Brown
2690580. Heavenly Worship: Releasing Your Spirit to Faith, Hope and Destiny by Peter Todd
2690583. Intercession: Your Power to Posses Nations (and Everything Else Around You!) by Michael Howard
2690585. Covenant: God's Plan for Israel in the Last Days by Baruch Battelstein
2690586. Surprise Return to South Middle School by Botsford, Matthew
2690587. The Ancient Path: Understanding Your Journey from Creation to Creator by Joshua M Jost
2690588. Don't Forget the Angels by Nick Pengelly
2690589. A Journey of Change: The Supernatural Power of Truth by Tony Howson
2690590. Off the Map: The Compelling Story of Believers Who Learned the Power and Love of God During a Spirit-Led Five Year Journey by Sandy Rosen
2690591. Miracles Among Muslims: The Jesus Visions by Christian Darg
2690592. My Cappuccino Kids: From Motherhood to Ministry: A Potrait of Grace by Rhonda Shooter
2690593. Wedlock or Deadlock? : Discovering and Maintaining the Union God Intended by Manickam Chandrakumar
2690594. Pathways to Destiny: Understanding Your Journey Toward True Purpose in Life by Sheena Ryan