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Books 120/92

2691153. Jean Gerson: Principles of Church Reform by L B Pascoe
2691154. The Problem of Tolerance and Social Existence in the Writings of Felicite Lamennais 1809-1831 by J J Oldfield
2691165. Nag Hammadi Codices, Volume 11 Codices XI, XII, XIII by Farid, S.
2691168. Greek Philosophy: A Collection of Texts, with Notes and Explanations. 3. the Hellenistic-Roman Period by C J Vogel
2691174. Syntax and Meaning: Studies in Hebrew Syntax and Biblical Exegesis by C J Labuschagne
2691177. 1. the Mosque and Its Early Development: Muslim Religious Architecture by Dogan Kuban
2691179. Necrologie, Kroniek En Cartularium C. A. Van Het Fraterhuis Te Doesburg (1432-1559).: Met Een Inleiding by A G Weiler
2691181. Ecclesia in Via: Ecclesiological Developments in the Medieval Psalms Exegesis and the Dictata Super Psalterium (1513-1515) of Martin Lu by S H Hendrix
2691182. Die Attisch-Hethitischen Bilinguen, Volume 1 I. Einleitung, Texte Und Kommentar, Teil 1 by Hans Siegfried Schuster
2691185. Andreas Bodenstein Von Karlstadt: The Development of His Thought 1517-1525 by Ronald J Sider
2691187. Hommage Universel, Tome II. (Commimoration Cyrus. Actes Du Congrhs de Shiraz 1971, Tome II). by
2691191. Some T'Ang and Pre- T'Ang Texts on Chinese Painting: With Annotations. Vol. II. Chang Yen- Yuan. Li Tai Ming Hua, Chapters IV- X. 1. Translation and Anno by W R B Acker
2691201. John Wyclif as Legal Reformer by W Farr
2691202. Humanistische Bibelphilologie ALS Reformproblem Bei Erasmus Von Rotterdam, Thomas More Und William Tyndale by H Holeczek
2691204. Commentary 1-98 by A B Lloyd
2691208. Quaestiones on the Book of Samuel: Pseudo-Jerome by Pseudo Jerome
2691209. Hommage Universel, Tome III. (Commimoration Cyrus. Actes Du Congrhs de Shiraz 1971, Tome III). by
2691210. The Delian Aretalogy of Sarapis by H Engelmann
2691217. Teachers and Meaning: Definitions of Classroom Situations by Robert A Stebbins
2691220. Itinerarium Italicum: The Profile of the Italian Renaissance in the Mirror of Its European Transformations: Dedicated to Paul Oskar Kristeller on the by H A Oberman
2691224. In Primum Librum Sententiarum Annotatiunculae D. Lohanne Eckio: Praelectore. Anno AB Christo NATO 1542, Per Dies Caniculares Quos Alioqui a Studiis Gr by Johann Eck
2691226. Wolfgang Capito: From Humanist to Reformer by J M Kittelson
2691228. A Great Expectation: Eschatological Thought in English Protestantism to 1660 by B W Ball
2691229. Papal Crusading Policy 1244-1291: The Chief Instruments of Papal Crusading Policy and Crusade to the Holy Land from the Final Loss of Jerusalem to the by M Purcell
2691238. Mithras Platonicus: Recherches Sur L'Hellenisation Philosophique de Mithra by Robert Turcan
2691242. George of Trebizond: A Biography and a Study of His Rhetoric and Logic by John Monfasani
2691243. Tauferisches Taufverstandnis: Balthasar Hubmaiers Lehre Zwischen Traditioneller Und Reformatorischer Theologie by C Windhorst
2691252. Philosophia Antiqua, Alexander of Aphrodisias on Stoic Physics: A Study of the de Mixtione with Preliminary Essays, Text, Translation and Commentary by Robert B Todd
2691255. Papacy and Development: Newman and the Primacy of the Pope by P Misner
2691258. Calvinism and Scholasticism in Vermigli's Doctrine of Man and Grace by J P Donnelly
2691262. Musae Reduces.: Anthologie de La Poesie Latine Dans L'Europe de La Renaissance. Textes Choisis, Presentes Et Traduit by P Laurens
2691264. The Hebrew University Bible. the Book of Isaiah, Volume 1 Parts 1 and 2: Chapters 1-22 by M H Goshen Gottstein
2691276. AB? Sa'?d-I AB? L-Hayr (357-440/967-1049).: Wirklichkeit Und Legende. (Textes Et Memoires, 4). by F Meier
2691288. Inscriptions, Coins and Addenda by M J Vermaseren
2691291. The Religion of Palmyra: by H J W Drijvers
2691297. Calvin and Classical Philosophy by Ch Partee
2691304. Le Christ Et L'Homme Dans La Theologie D'Athanase D'Alexandrie: Etude de La Conjonction de Sa Conception de I'homme Avec Sa Christologie by J Roldanus
2691313. Selected Papers by Harold F Cherniss
2691314. Pope Eugenius IV, the Council of Basel and the Secular and Ecclesiastical Authorities in the Empire by J W Stieber
2691316. Recueil de Textes Demotiques Et Bilingues: Avec La Collaboration de J. Quaegebeur Et R.L. Vos. 1. Transcriptions. 2. Traductions. 3. Index Et P by P W Pestman
2691319. Adam Wodeham: An Introduction to His Life and Writings by Wj Courtenay
2691320. Studies on Gammaridea, Volume 4 1. Proceedings of the Third International Colloquium on Gammarus and Niphargus, Schlitz, 1975 by M P D Meijering
2691322. Ruling Class, Regime and Reformation at Strasbourg 1520-1555: by Jr Thomas A Brady
2691324. The Confidence of British Philosophers: An Essay in Historical Narrative by A Quinn
2691332. International Studies in Sociology and Social Anthropology, the Warrior Tradition in Modern Africa by A A Mazrui
2691334. Plutarch's Ethical Writings and Early Christian Literature by H D Betz
2691337. Hommages Maarten J. Vermaseren, Volume 1 Volume 1 by Brill Academic
2691340. Michael Gaismair: Revolutionary and Reformer by W Klaassen
2691348. Jean Gerson Et L'Assemblee de Vincennes (1329): Ses Conceptions de La Juridiction Temporelle de L'Eglise: Accompagne D'Une Edition Critique Du de Juri by Posthumus Meyjes, G. H. M.
2691356. Pietismus Und Reveil: Referateder Internationalen Tagung--Der Pietismus in Den Niederlanden Und Seine Internationalen Beziehungen. Zeist 18. by J Berg
2691358. The Age of Haskalah: Studies in Hebrew Literature of the Enlightenment in Germany by Moshe Pelli
2691364. Le Monument D'Ottaviano Zeno Et Le Culte de Mithra Sur Le Celius by M J Vermaseren
2691368. Religion Populaire En Egypte Romaine: Les Terres Cuites Isiaques Du Musee Du Caire (French) by Francoise Dunand
2691376. Continuity and Discontinuity in Church History: Essays Presented to George Huntston Williams on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday by F F Church
2691379. The Defense of Chalcedon in the East (451-553) by P T R Gray
2691384. Augustin ]Ber Schvpfung, Ewigkeit Und Zeit: Das Elfte Buch Der Bekenntnisse by E P Meijering
2691388. J.L. Vives: In Pseudodialecticos by Juan Luis Vives
2691403. Documenta Anabaptistica Volume 2: Amsterdam (1536-1578) by F Mellink
2691414. Seven Against Christ: A Study of 'Essays and Reviews' by I Ellis
2691421. La Statuaire Du Proche-Orient Ancien by Agnes Spycket
2691424. La Reforme Protestante Du Culte a Strasbourg Au Xvie Siecle (1523-1598): Approche Sociologique Et Interpretation Theologique by R Bornert
2691431. A Guide to the Zenon Archive: A. Lists and Surveys. B. Indexes and Maps by P W Pestman
2691438. Lexicon Latinitatis Nederlandicae Medii Aevi, Volume 2 - Volume II. C: Fasc. 8-16 by O Weijers
2691441. The Complete Works, Volume 2 Orations XVII-LIII: Translated Into English by C.A. Behr by P A Aristides
2691452. Documenta Anabaptistica Volume 3--Een Waerachtigh Verhaal Der T'Zamensprekinghen Tusschen Menno Simons Ende Martinus Mikron Van Der Menschwerdinghe Ie by Marten Mikron
2691456. Communicative Competence in a Minority Group: A Sociolinguistic Study of the Swahili-Speaking Community in the Old Town, Mombasa by Joan Russell
2691459. A History of Zoroastrianism, Zoroastrianism Under the Achaemenians: by Mary Boyce
2691472. Nicolaus Cusanus: A Fifteenth-Century Vision of Man by P M Watts
2691473. La Trame Et La Chaine: I. Ou Les Structures Litteraires Et L'Exegese Dans Cinq Des Traites de Philon D'Alexandrie by Jacques Cazeaux
2691487. Correspondance, Volume 5 1. Suppliment: by J Pflug
2691488. L'Historiographie Merinide: Ibn Khald?n Et Ses Contemporains by Maya Shatzmiller
2691490. Dutch Puritanism: A History of English and Scottish Churches of the Netherlands in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries by Sprunger, Keith L.
2691497. Correspondance, Volume 5 2. Julius Pflug Et L'Allemagne Du Xvie Siecle: Etudes Et Documents by J Pflug
2691501. Satan's Tragedy and Redemption: Ibl's in Sufi Psychology. with a Foreword by A. Schimmel by P J Awn
2691503. The Greek Settlements in Thrace Until the Macedonian Conquest by Benjamin Isaac
2691509. The Mal?j? Sculptures and 6th Century Art in Western India by Sara L Schastok
2691510. Architectonic Space: Fifteen Lessons on the Disposition of the Human Habitat by H Laan
2691516. The Struggle for Identity in the Clerical Estate: Northwest German Protestant Opposition to Absolutist Policy in the Eighteenth Century by J Stroup
2691517. Hebraisches Und Aramaisches Lexikon Zum Alten Testament, Volume 3 Band 3 ( - ) by W Baumgartner
2691523. Pines: Drawings and Descriptions of the Genus Pinus by A Farjon
2691526. Tibet: Bon Religion: A Death Ritual of the Tibetan Bonpos by Kvaerne, Per
2691528. Modernite Et Non-Conformisme En France a Travers Les Ages: Actes Du Colloque Organise Par L'Institut D'Histoire Et de Civilisation Francaises de L'Uni by M Yardeni
2691537. Representations of God by H G Kippenberg
2691541. Social, Economic and Political Studies of the Middle East and Asia, Law in Afghanistan: A Study of the Constitutions, Matrimonial Law and the Judiciar by Mohammad Hashim Kamali
2691553. An Early History of Horsemanship: by Azzaroli, Augusto
2691558. Soteriology and Mystic Aspects in the Cult of Cybele and Attis by Giulia Sfameni Gasparro
2691560. Sinica Leidensia, the Dramatic Euvre of Chu Yu-Tun (1379-1439) by W L Idema
2691566. Wurzeln Der Reformation in Zurich: Zum 500. Geburtstag Des Reformators Huldrych Zwingli by F Busser
2691567. Studies on Copepoda, Volume 9 3. a Phylogeny of Euchirella by J C Vaupel Klein
2691569. The Lifestyles of Islam: Recourse to Classicism - Need of Realism by C A O Nieuwenhuijze
2691572. The Thousand and One Nights (Alf Layla Wa-Layla): From the Earliest Known Sources, Edited, with Introduction and Notes. Popular Edition by Mahdi, Muhsin
2691573. The Dutch Dissenters--A Critical Companion to Their History and Ideas: With a Bibliographical Survey of Recent Research Pertaining to the Early Reform by Horst, I. B.
2691580. Structures of Avarice: The Bukhal?' in Medieval Arabic Literature by Fedwa Malti Douglas
2691583. Documenta Anabaptistica Volume 5: Amsterdam (1531-1536) by A F Mellink
2691587. Nag Hammadi Codex III, 5: The Dialogue of the Savior. by S L Emmel
2691588. Martin Bucer, Volume 33 I. Etudes by J V Pollet
2691589. Martin Bucer, Volume 34 II. Documents by J V Pollet
2691591. Iconography of New Zealand Maori Religion: by D R Simmons
2691592. Memoirs of the Kern Institute, Leiden, Chariots in the Veda by M Sparreboom
2691594. The Sciomyzidae (Diptera) of Fennoscandia and Denmark by Rudolf Rozkosny
2691601. The Historical Method of Flavius Josephus: by Pere Villalba I Varneda
2691602. Het Vormenspel Der Liturgie by
2691609. Recovering the Canon: Essays on Isaac Bashevis Singer by D N Miller
2691610. The Poor Man's Model of Development: Development Potential at Low Levels of Living in Egypt by M Fathalla Al Khatib
2691619. Herodotus, Book II: Commentary 99-182 by A B Lloyd
2691623. Monograph of Living Chitons (Mollusca: Polyplacophora), Volume 2: Suborder Ischnochitonina Ischnochitonidae: Schizoplacinae, Call Ochitoninae & Lepido by Piet Kaas
2691631. Bucher Im Staube: Die Theologie Johann Arndts in Ihrem Verhaltnis Zur Mystik by C Braw
2691640. Vorderasiatischer Schmuck Zur Zeit der Arsakiden Und der Sasaniden by Brigitte Musche
2691647. Corpus Cultus Cybelae Attidisque (CCCA) I. Asia Minor by M J Vermaseren
2691650. Medieval Islamic Symbolism and the Paintings in the Cefaly Cathedral: by Mirjam Gelfer Jorgensen
2691657. A Revision of the Genus Hypochrysops C. & R. Felder: (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) by D P A Sands
2691658. Entre Croire Et Savoir: Le Probleme de La Methode Critique Chez Jean Le Clerc by M C Pitassi
2691661. The Late Pleistocene Shouldered Point Assemblages in Western Europe: by Jan Michal Burdukiewicz
2691663. de Idololatria: Critical Text, Translation and Commentary by Tertullian
2691673. Yang Tingyun, Confucian and Christian in Late Ming China: His Life and Thought by N Standaert
2691675. The Kubjik?matatantra. Kul?lik?mn?ya Version: Critical Edition by T Goudriaan
2691681. Religion Romaine: 1. Les Dieux. 2. Le Culte by Robert Turcan
2691682. Deuxieme Livre Des Procurateurs, 1546-1567: Premiere Partie. Texte Des Rapports Des Procurateurs. by C M Ridderikhoff
2691686. Die Fragmente Der Griechischen Historiker: Text by Felix Jacoby
2691689. The Aquatic Adephaga (Coleoptera) of Fennoscandia and Denmark: Gyrinidae, Haliplidae, Hygrobiidae and Noteridae by Modens Holmen
2691690. In Inscriptiones Psalmorum: In Sextum Psalmum: In Ecclesiasten Homiliae by Gregorius Nyssenus
2691700. Firdaws Al-Iqb?l: History of Khorezm by Munis
2691705. Bhadresvar: The Oldest Islamic Monuments in India by Mehrdad Shokoohy
2691706. Crustaceana: Supplement 11; Bibliography of Copepoda, Up to and Including 1980: Part II (H-R) by W Vervoort
2691710. Hugo Grotius: Meletius, Sive de IIS Quae Inter Christianos Conveniunt Epistola: Critical Edition with Translation, Commentary and Introduction by Guillaume H Posthumus Meyjes
2691711. Studies in Modern Arabic Prose and Poetry: by Shmuel Moreh
2691714. Wasil Ibn Ata ALS Prediger Und Theologe by Hans Daiber
2691721. Le Mihrab Dans L'Architecture Et La Religion Musulmanes: Actes Du Colloque International Tenu a Paris En Mai 1980 Publies Et Pourvus D'Une Etude D'Int by Alexandre Papadopoulo
2691723. Perspectives on Ved?nta: Essays in Honor of Professor P.T. Raju by
2691724. Nature and Creature: Thomas Aquinas's Way of Thought by Jan Aertsen
2691726. Advances in Myrmecology: by James C Trager
2691729. Chaeremon, Egyptian Priest and Stoic Philosopher: The Fragments Collected and Translated with Explanatory Notes. Reprint with a Preface, Addenda Et Co by
2691734. John de Foxton's Liber Cosmographiae (1408): An Edition and Codicological Study by John De Foxton
2691738. The Fate of Fortune in the Middle Ages: The Boethian Tradition by Jerold C Frakes
2691744. Vision and Certitude in the Age of Ockham: Optics, Epistemology and the Foundation of Semantics 1250-1345 by Katherine H Tachau
2691747. Die Einheimische Religion Japans: Bis Zum Ende der Geian-Zeit by Nelly Naumann
2691748. Semiotics from Peirce to Barthes: A Conceptual Introduction to the Study of Communication, Interpretation and Expression by V Tejera
2691751. Martin Bucer Opera Latina: Consilium Theologicum Privatim Conscriptum by Pierre Fraenkel
2691754. Alexander the Great and Bactria: The Formation of a Greek Frontier in Central Asia by Frank Lee Holt
2691767. Studies in the Kitab As-Sina'atayn of Abu Hilal Al-'Askari by George J Kanazi
2691771. Noordelijke Kristallijne Gidsgesteenten. : Een Beschrijving Van Ruim Tweehonderd Gesteentetypen (Zwerfstenen) Uit Fennoscandinavie by J G Zandstra
2691773. Longhorn Beetles (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) of Fennoscandia and Denmark: by Svatopluk Bily
2691776. Crisis in the Built Environment: The Case of the Muslim City by Jamel Akbar
2691778. Sprache Und Schrift Japans: by Bruno Lewin
2691779. Mantra Interpretation in the Satapatha-Brahmana by J Gonda
2691781. Crustaceana: International Journal of Crustacean Research; Supplement 12 Part III (S-Z) Addenda Et Corrigenda Supplement 1981-1985 by W Vervoort
2691787. Inviting Death: Indian Attitude Towards the Ritual Death by S Settar
2691789. The Great Perfection (Rdzogs Chen): A Philosophical and Meditative Teaching of Tibetan Buddhism by Samten Gyaltsen Karmay
2691793. Medizingeschichte Japans by Erhard Rosner
2691794. Diathesis in the Semitic Languages: A Comparative Morphological Study by Jan Retso