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Books 121/34

2704952. Inheritance Law Legislation of the Netherlands by Ian Sumner
2704953. Police Reform and Human Rights: Opportunities and Impediments in Post- Communist Societies by Niels Uildriks
2704955. Genetic Discrimination and Genetic Privacy in a Comparative Perspective by J H Gerards
2704964. Corporate Governance at the Crossroads by Marleen Willekens
2704974. European Traditions in Civil Procedure by C H Van Rhee
2704976. European Evidence Warrant: Transnational Judicial Inquiries in the Eu by John Vervaele
2704978. European Cross- Border Insolvency Regulation by Jona Israel
2704986. Ubiquitous Citizens of Europe: The Paradigm of Partial Migration by Oxana Golynker
2704988. Privacy and the Criminal Law by Erik Claes
2704990. Real Property Rights in Estonia by M Ots
2704991. Public Procurement in the European Union by G Gruber
2704992. Thematic Procedures of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and International Law: In Search of a Sense of Community by Jeroen Gutter
2704998. Social Security Cases in Europe: National Courts by Danny Pieters
2705000. Harmonisation of Family Law in Europe: A Historical Perspective: A Tale of Two Millennia by Masha Antokolskaia
2705001. Juxtaposing Legal Systems and the Principles of European Family Law on Divorce and Maintenance by Esin Orucu
2705002. Netherlands Reports to the Seventeeth International Congress of Comparative Law: Utrecht 2006 by J H M Van
2705004. Justiciability of Economic and Social Rights: Experiences from Domestic Systems by F Coomans
2705005. Multilevel Governance in Enforcement and Adjudication by Aukje Van Hoek
2705007. Model Family Code: From a Global Perspective by Ingeborg Schwenzer
2705008. Contract Interpretation and Gap Filling: Comparative and Theoretical Perspectives by Nicole Kornet
2705012. International Family Law for the European Union by Johan Meeusen
2705015. Suspects in Europe: Procedural Rights at the Investigative Stage of the Criminal Process in the European Union by Ed Cape
2705017. The Right to Social Security by Jef Van Langendonck
2705019. The Un Children's Rights Convention: Theory Meets Practice by Andre Alen
2705020. European Company Law: Organization, Finance and Capital Markets by Stefan Grundmann
2705025. Tensions Between Legal, Biological and Social Conceptions of Parentage by Ingeborg Schwenzer
2705033. New Pathways for European Bioethics by Chris Gastmans
2705040. Public and Private Justice: Dispute Resolution in Modern Societies by Alan Uzelac
2705042. Convergence and Divergence of Family Law in Europe by Masha Antokolskaia
2705043. European Challenges in Contemporary Family Law by Katharina Boele Woelki
2705055. Vennootschappelijke Beleidsbepaling in Geval Van Financi'le Moeilijkheden by
2705056. Jurisdiction Over Antitrust Violations in International Law by Cedric Ryngaert
2705059. Judicial Case Management and Efficiency in Civil Litigation by C H Van Rhee
2705062. de Optimale Inrichting Van de Verkeersboete in Belgi' En Nederland Vanuit Een Strafrechtelijk En Bestuursrechtelijk Perspectief: Een Juridische En Eco by
2705065. Developing Capacity to Realise Socio- Economic Rights: The Right to Food in the Context of HIV/AIDS in South Africa and Uganda by Ida Eline Engh
2705069. La Capacit? de L'Enfant Dans Les Droits Fran? ais, Anglais Et? Cossais by Francoz Terminal
2705070. Understanding EU Consumer Law by Hans W Micklitz
2705072. Conflicts Between Fundamental Rights by Eva Brems
2705073. A Functional Legal Design for Reliable Electricity Supply: How Technology Affects Law by Hamilcar P A Knops
2705077. Supranational Criminology: Towards a Criminology of International Crimes by Roelof Haveman
2705080. Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals, Volume XVII: The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda 2003- 2004 by Andre Klip
2705083. Civil Justice Between Efficiency and Quality: From Ius Commune to the CEPEJ by C H Van Rhee
2705085. Status Quaestionis: Questionnaire on the Provision of Legal Interpreting and Translation in the Eu by Erik Hertog
2705091. The Principle of Numerus Clausus in European Property Law by Bram Akkermans
2705096. Nationality Matters: Statelessness Under International Law by Laura Van Waas
2705098. The XIIIth World Congress of Procedural Law: The Belgian and Dutch Reports by A W Jongbloed
2705102. Icty: Towards a Fair Trial? by Kruessmann
2705104. Debates in Family Law Around the Globe at the Dawn of the 21st Century by Katharina Boele Woelki
2705107. Fundamental Social Rights in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities by Edoardo Ales
2705125. Art Management: Entrepreneurial Style by Giep Hagoort
2705129. Images of the Feminine in Rembrandt's Work by Anat Gilboa
2705130. Sharing the Planet: Population-Consumption-Species: Science and Ethics for a Sustainable and Equitable World by Bob Van Der Zwaan
2705131. Economic Policy in a Demographically Divided World by Hendrik Peter Van Dalen
2705132. Exchange Rate Variability and Trade by Martijn, Jan Kees
2705133. Science and Liberation: A Blind Spot in Scientific Research: Exploring a New Structure of Reality by Gerben J Stavenga
2705134. Dynamic Models for Sustainable Development by Van Den Bergh, Jeroen C. J. M.
2705135. Votes and Policy Preferences: Equilibria in Party Systems by H Hermsen
2705136. Empirical Duration Models for the Labour Market by Lindeboom, Maarten
2705137. The Southwest Necropolis of Satricum: Excavations 1981-1986 by M Gnade
2705138. La Casa Di Marcus Lucretius Fronto E Le Sue Pitture by W J Peters
2705139. The Quality of Political Decision Making: Information and Motivation by Klaas Beniers
2705140. In Search of Ancient Countryside: The Amsterdam Free University Field Survey at Orio, Province of Brindisi, South Italy by Douwe Geert Yntema
2705141. Behavior and Institutions Under Ecomonic Reform: Price Regulation and Market Behaviour in Hungary by Wim Swaan
2705142. Empirical Studies in Japanese Retailing by J C Potjes
2705143. The Social Economics of Old Age: Strategies to Maintain Income in Later Life in the Netherlands 1880-1940 by Bulder, Elles
2705144. The Struggle Over Education in Northern Transvaal: The Case of Catholic Mission Schools, 1948-1994 by Ngoanamadima Johannes Sello Mathabatha
2705145. Dynamics of Cohort and Generations Research: Proceedings of a Symposium Held on 12, 13 and 14 December 1991 at the University of Utrecht, the Netherla by Henk A Becker
2705146. Exchange Rates & Strategic Decisons of Firms by Capel, J.
2705147. The Struggle Over Education in Northern Transvaal: The Case of Catholic Mission Schools, 1948-1994 by Mathabatha, N. J. Sello
2705148. Dutch Money Purge by Barendreqt, Jaap
2705149. Instructional Development in Higher Education: Theory and Practice by Cees Terlouw
2705150. The European Study of Referrals from Primary to Secondary Care by Douglas M Fleming
2705151. Heuristics for Complex Inventory Systems by Van Der Sluis, Erik
2705152. Authority in Search of Liberty: The Prefects in Liberal Italy by Nico Randeraad
2705153. Immigrant Ethnic Minorities in the Dutch Labour Market: Analyses and Policies by Hans Entzinger
2705154. Internationalism of the Spanish Automobile Industry by Lagendijk, Arnoud
2705155. Migration Dynamics: A Life Course Approach by Clara H Mulder
2705156. Strangers Into Friends: The Evolution of Friendship Networks Using an Individual Oriented Modeling Approach by Zeggelink, Evelien
2705157. American Aid to NATO Allies in the 1950s: The Dutch Case by Ine Megens
2705158. Over Life Events: Klachten En Diagnostiek in Een Ambulante Praktijk by F Van Ree
2705159. Solidarity of Generations, Volume 2: Demographic, Economic, and Social Change, and Its Consequences by Henk A Becker
2705160. Interactions Between the Planner, Managers and Workers in Centrally Planned Economies: The Example of the Soviet Union by Joop De Kort
2705161. The Analysis of Religious Assortative Marriage: An Application of Design Techniques for Categorical Models by John Hendrickx
2705162. Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining in the Netherlands by Rob Van De Wijngaert
2705163. The Northwest Necropolis of Satricum: An Iron Age Cemetery in Latium Vetus by Demetrius J Waarsenbury
2705164. Defining Complex Interdisciplinary Societal Problems: A Theoretical Study for Constructing a Co-Operative Problem Analyzing Method: The Method COMPRAM by Dorien J Detombe
2705165. Social Security in Developing Countries: Operation and Dynamics of Social Security Mechanisms in Rural Swaziland by Andre Leliveld
2705166. Being Pregnant in Rural South India: Nutrition of Women and Well-Being of Children by Hutter, Inge
2705167. The Spanish Oil Industry: Structural Change and Modernization by Aad Correlje
2705168. Solidarity in Economic Transactions: An Experimental Study of Framing in Bargaining and Contracting by Paul E M Lightart
2705169. Choices in Child Care: The Distribution of Child Care Among Mothers, Fathers and Non-Parental Care Providers by Liset Van Dijk
2705170. Research Groups in Dutch Sociology by Jos De Haan
2705171. Advances in Family Research by Joop J Hox
2705172. Delta Growth: A Method for Economic Policy by Henk Janssen
2705173. Adoption and Diffusion of the European Currency Unit: An Empirical Study Among European Companies (Tinbergen Institute Research Series) by Brummans, A. H.
2705174. Democratic Class Struggle in Twenty Countries 1945/1990 by Paul Nieuwbeerta
2705175. Mutatio Valentia: The Late Roman Baths at Valesio, Salento by Johannes Boersma
2705176. Services and Services Trade: A Theoretical Inquiry by Joachim J Stibora
2705177. Endogenous Business Cycles by Robin De Vilder
2705178. Changing Fatherhood by
2705179. International Capital Mobility and Asset Demand: Six Empirical Studies by W J Jansen
2705180. Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot--?: Institutions of Communism, the Transition to Capitalism and Personal Networks: The Case of East Germany by Beate Volker
2705181. Ridge- Pole Statues from the Late Archaic Temple at Satricum by Patricia S Lulof
2705182. Excavationsat Satricum (Borgo Le Ferriere) 1907-1910: Northwest Necropolis, Southwest Sanctuary and Acropolis by Birgitte Ginge
2705183. Dutch Treat: Formal Control and Illicit Drug Use in the Netherlands by Dirk J Korf
2705184. Thirteen Chronic Diseases, in Particular Stroke: A Survey of the Elderly by Jaap Buis
2705185. Labour Market Inequality Between Men and Women: Current Issues in Law and Economics by Bart Hessel
2705186. The Competitiveness of the European City and the Role of Urban Management in Improving the City's Performance by I Bramezza
2705187. Residential Moving Behaviour of the Elderly: An Explanatory Analysis for the Netherlands by C M Fokkema
2705188. Economics of Unpaid Work by Marga Bruyn Hundt
2705189. Changing Prejudice in Hungary: A Study on the Collapse of State Socialism and Its Impact on Prejudice Against Gypsies and Jews by Postma, Koos
2705190. Space for Small Enterprise: Reflections on Urban Planning in the Sudan by J Post
2705191. MedEd-21: An Account of Initiatives for Change in Medical Education in Europe for the 21st Century by G D Majoor
2705192. Local Sources of Competitiveness: Spatial Clustering and Organisational Dynamics in Small-Scale Clothing in Lima, Peru by Evert Jan Visser
2705193. Inside an Internal Labor Market: Formal Rules, Flexibility and Career Lines in a Dutch Manufacturing Company by Kees Van Veen
2705194. Demographic Responces to Ecological Degraduation by Markos
2705195. Regional Household Differentials: Structures and Processes by Leon Crommentuijn
2705196. Local Housing Market Simulation by Anton Oskamp
2705197. Effects of Regulation on Disability Duration by
2705198. Dilemmas of Modern Family Life: Family Values in the 20th Cen by Gerard Frinking
2705199. Valuing New Issues by Van Der Goot, Tjalling
2705200. Unreliability Contract Discipline & Contract Governance by Robert Ivan Gal
2705201. Life-Events and Well-Being: A Prospective Study on Changes in Well-Being of Elderly People Due to a Serious Illness Event or Death of the Spouse by Anna Petra Nieborer
2705202. Sector Characteristics and the Effect of Education on Wages by J Allen
2705203. Financial Behavior of the Dutch Corporate Sector by Leo De Haan
2705204. Market Efficiency Versus Equity by B Hessel
2705205. Child Care and Female Labour Supply in the Netherlands: Facts, Analyses, Policies by J J Schippers
2705206. Rehabilitation of Partially Disabled People: An International Perspective by S Klosse
2705207. Deliciae Fictiles II by Patricia S Lulof
2705208. National Autonomy, European Integration and the Politics of Packaging Waste by M Haverland
2705209. Joy of Demography... and Other Disciplines by
2705210. Myth of Reurbanization: Location Dynamics of Households by Hans Bootsma
2705211. The Myth of the Positive Crossed Categorization Effect by Jose Pepels
2705212. Configuring the Economy by Adrienne Van Den Bogaard
2705213. Foundations of Demographic Theory: Chioce, Process, Context by Bart J De Bruijn
2705214. Work Family Arrangements in Europe by Laura Den Dulk
2705215. National and Ethnic Stereotypes in Central and Eastern Europe: A Study Among Adolescents in Six Countries by Poppe, Edwin
2705216. Deregulating Imperfect Markets: On the Role of Institutions. by Frans Van Waardon
2705217. Where Global Contradictions Are Sharpest: Research Stories from the Kalahari by Tomaselli, Keyan G.
2705218. Importance of Small Differences: European Integration And... by Dirk Lehmkuhl
2705219. The Party Mandate: Election Pledges and Government Actions in the Netherlands, 1986-1998 by Robert Thompson
2705220. Harmonisation in Forensic Expertise by Irene Sagel Grande
2705221. Complex Cases: Perspectives on Netherlands Criminal Justice by M Malsch
2705222. Population Aging in Hungary & the Netherlands by Gijs Beets
2705223. Vulnerable Hours of Leisure: New Patterns of Work And... by Pascale Peters
2705224. Independent Defense Before the Intl Criminal Court by Peter Chidi Okuma
2705225. Punishment and Purpose: From Moral Theory to Punishment by J W De Keijser
2705226. Interaction Between Labour Markets and Commodity Markets by Bart Hessel
2705227. Transformation of Partnerships by Melinda Mills
2705228. Expert Evidence in the Criminal Justice Process: A Comparative Perspective (Criminal Sciences) by Lirieka Meintjes