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Books 121/65

2709604. Sejarah Sintang - The History of Sintang: A Collection of Books, Manuscripts, Archives and Articles by Anouk Fienieg
2709606. Bisj-Poles: Sculptures from the Rain Forest by Van Der Zee, Pauline
2709607. Johannes Ten Klooster (1873-1940): A Man with Two Lives by Bea Brommer
2709608. The Bead Goes on: The Sample Card Collection with Trade Beads from the Company J.F. Sick & Co. in the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam with DVD by Van Brakel, Koos
2709612. Merchants, Missionaries & Migrants: 300 Years of Dutch-Ghanaian Relations by I Van Kessel
2709614. Tree of Forgetfulness/Boom Der Vergetelheid/L'Arbre de L'Oubli/A Bon Fu Frigita by Laura Samsom Rous
2709620. Living with the Dutch: An American Family in the Hague by Norean Sharpe
2709628. Collecting on Cultural Crossroads: Collection Policies and Approaches (2008-2011) at the Tropenmuseum by Susan Legene
2709630. Josephine Powell (1919- 2007) : Traveller, Photographer, Collector in the Muslim World[ With DVD] by Judith Vos
2709632. Gender and Organizational Change: Bridging the Gap Between Policy and Practice by Mandy Mac Donald
2709634. Client Satisfaction: Guidelines for Assessing the Quality of Leprosy Services from the Clients' Perspective by M Van Dijk
2709637. Oil Wrestlers by Nicolaas Biegman
2709639. Can We Make a Difference? : Museums, Society and Development in North and South by Paul Voogt
2709641. Capturing Museum Knowledge: A Twenty Year Evolution in Digitally Recording the Tropenmuseum Collection by Marjolein Beumer
2709642. Rita Bolland (1919- 2006) : Curator of Textiles by Sandra Niessen
2709645. Physical Anthropology Reconsidered: Human Remains at the Tropenmuseum by Van Duuren, David
2709648. Cultivating a Healthy Enterprise: Developing a Sustainable Medicinal Plant Chain in Uttaranchal-India by John Belt
2709651. Co-Relief by De Vries, Jan
2709652. Mode 2001: Landed-Geland: Part I by Derycke, Luc
2709653. Ceci Est Une Pipe/This Is A Pipe/Dies Ist Eine Pfeife: Section Litteraire by Broodthaers, Marcel
2709654. Martin Smith Ceramics 1976- 1996: Balance and Space by Dorris U Kuyken Schneider
2709656. The Stained-Glass Windows in the Sint Janskerk at Gouda I: The Glazing of the Clerestory of the Choir and of the Former Monastic Church of the Regular by H Harten Boers
2709657. The History of Earth Sciences in Suriname by Wong
2709658. The Stained-Glass Windows in the Sint Janskerk at Gouda III: 1556-1604 by Zsuzsanna Van Ruyven Zeman
2709659. The Stained-Glass Windows in the Sint Janskerk at Gouda II: The Works of Dirck and Wouter Crabeth by Xander Van Eck
2709660. Political Thought in the Dutch Republic: Three Studies by E H Kossmann
2709661. Rudolf Magnus: Physiologist and Pharmacologist by Otto Magnus
2709663. Volcanology of Saba and St. Eustatius, Northern Lesser Antilles by Roobol
2709664. Dutch Pioneers in Earth Sciences by Visser
2709665. The World of Emperor Charles V by W P Blockmans
2709666. The Paper Museum of the Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg C. 1725-1760: Introduction and Interpretation by Renee E Kistemaker
2709667. de Huysbou: A Reconstruction of an Unfinished Treatise on Architecture, Town Planning and Civil Engineering by Simon Stevin by Charles Van Den Heuvel
2709668. Dictata Ad Ius Hodiernum: Lectures on the Contemporary Law by Jacobus Voorda
2709669. Landscape Ecological Vegetation Map of Bonaire (Southern Caribbean) by J A De Freitas
2709671. Proceedings of the Xvth International Congress on Carboniferous and Permian Stratigraphy: Utrecht, 10-16 August 2003 by Theo E Wong
2709672. Geology of the Netherlands by Theo E Wong
2709673. Sepharad in Ashkenaz: Medieval Knowledge and Eighteenth-Century Enlightened Jewish Discourse by Resianne Fontaine
2709674. The Mindful Hand: Inquiry and Invention from the Late Renaissance to Early Industrialisation by Lissa L Roberts
2709676. Carolus Clusius in a New Context: Towards a Cultural History of a Renaissance Naturalist by Florike Egmond
2709677. Learned Love: Proceedings of the Emblem Project Utrecht Conference on Dutch Love Emblems and the Internet (November 2006): Dans Symp by Els Stronks
2709686. A Companion to Modern and Contemporary Art by Abbemuseum
2709687. State and Temple Economy in the Ancient Near East, I. & II. I by Lipinski Ae
2709688. Peter of Callinicum: Anti-Tritheist Dossier by R Y Ebied
2709689. Les Pyramidions Egyptiens Du Nouvel- Empire by A Rammant Peeters
2709690. Studia Paulo Naster Oblata, II: Orientalia Antiqua by Quaegebeur Aj
2709691. Yahya Ibn 'Adi. Theologien Chretien Et Philosophe Arabe. Sa Theologie de L'Incarnation. by Emilio Platti
2709693. Redt Tyrus / Sauvons Tyr- Histoire Phenicienne / Fenicische Geschiedenis by Gubel Ae
2709694. Middle Iranian Studies: Proceedings of the International Symposium Organized by the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven from the 17th to the 20th o by Skalmowski Aw
2709698. Studies on Greek and Roman History and Literature by Barry Baldwin
2709699. Studien Zur Geschichte Des Griechischen Alphabets (1887) by A Vonkirchhoff
2709700. Colonus: Private Farm- Tenancy in Roman Italy During the Republic and the Early Principate by P W De Neeve
2709702. The Regions of Silence: Studies on the Difficulty of Communicating by Maria Grazia Ciani
2709703. A Textual and Stylistic Commentary on Theocritus' Idyll XXV by G Chryssafis
2709704. Socrates: Physiology of a Myth by Mario Montuori
2709705. An Anthology of Byantine Poetry by Barry Baldwin
2709706. Roman Army Papers by J F Gilliam
2709707. Theatrical Performances in the Ancient World: Hellenistic and Early Roman Theatre by Bruno Gentili
2709708. Nicephore Gregoras: Calcul de L'Eclipse de Soleil Du 16 Juillet 1330 by Nicephorus Gregoras
2709709. Studies in Late Greek Epic Poetry by Heather White
2709710. Dualism in the Archaic and Early Classical Periods of Greek History by P F M Fontaine
2709711. The Bronze Liver of Piacenza: Analysis of a Polytheistic Structure by
2709712. The Philogelos or Laughter- Lover: Translated with an Introduction and Commentary by Baldwin, Barry
2709713. History and Biography in Ancient Thought by Bruno Gentili
2709715. Essays in Hellenistic Poetry by Heather White
2709717. The Cosmic Republic: Notes for a Non- Peripatetic History of the Birth of Philosophy in Greece by Antonio Capizzi
2709718. Studies on Late Roman and Byzantine History, Literature and Languages by Barry Baldwin
2709719. Khostia 1983: Rapport Preliminaire Sur La Seconde Campagne de Fouilles Canadiennes a Khostia En Beotie, Grece Cent by John M Fossey
2709720. A Commentary on Q. Curtius Rufus' Historiae Alexandri Magni: Books 3 and 4 by J E Atkinson
2709721. Catullus' Carmen 61 by Paolo Fedeli
2709722. Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum, Volume 28 Volume XXVIII (1978) by Prof Dr Stroud, Ronald
2709725. Khostia I: Resultats Des Explorations Et Fouilles Canadiennes a Khostia, Grece Centrale. I: Etudes Diverses by John M Fossey
2709726. de Socrate Iuste Damnato: The Rise of the Socratic Problem in the Eighteenth Century by Mario Montuori
2709727. Notarii and Exceptores: An Inquiry Into Role and Significance of Shorthand Writers in the Imperial and Ecclesiastical Bureau by H C Teitler
2709728. Augustine: de Fide Et Symbolo: Introduction, Translation, Commentary by E P Meijering
2709729. Amulet and Alphabet: Magical Amulets in the First Book of Cyranides by Maryse Waegeman
2709731. Socrates: An Approach by Mario Montuori
2709732. In the Footsteps of Raphael Kuhner: Proceedings of the International Colloquium in Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Publica by Albert Rijksbaron
2709734. Nicetas Eugenianus: de Drosillae Et Chariclis Amoribus by Fabricius Conca
2709736. An Anthology of Later Latin Literature by Barry Baldwin
2709738. Alternaria: An Identification Manual by Emory G Simmons
2709739. Le Solitaire Des Ruines: de Archeologische Reizen Van Jean Emile Humbert (1771-1839) in Dienst Van Het Koninkrijk Der Nederlanden by R B Halbertsma
2709741. de Rembrandt A Vermeer: Les Peintres Hollandais Au Mauritshuis de la Haye: 19 Fevrier- 30 Juin 1986, Galeries Nationales Du Grand Palais, Paris by Ben Broos
2709744. Der Magische Schriftsteller Gustav Meyrink, Seine Freunde Und Sein Werk: Beleuchtet Anhand Eines Rundgangs Durch Die Meyrink- Sammlung Der Bibliotheca by Theodor Harmsen
2709746. Nederlands Ontwerp, 2000/1/Dutch Design, 2000/1: Een Overzicht Van Leden Van de Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers Bno En Hun Werk/A Survey of by Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers
2709747. Stallinga: This is Our LOGO by Moss, Murray
2709748. Dietwee: New Dutch Graphic Design by Dietwee
2709749. Thonik: Young Dutch Design 1 by Netherlands Design Institute
2709750. Lexicon Pseudonymorum Jansenisticorum: Repertoire de Noms D'Emprunt Employes Au Cours de L'Histoire Du Jansenisme Et de L'Antijansenisme by Tans Aj
2709758. Windows Vista for XP Professionals by Raymond P L Comvalius
2709759. The GroupWise Powerguide Second Edition: Get the Most Out of GroupWise by Erno De Korte
2709760. J.J.P. Oud's Shell Building: Design and Reception by Taverne, Ed
2709765. La Guerre Airienne Dans La Rigion de Charleroi by Jean Louis Roba
2709768. Insight Cards by Dick Nijssen
2709769. Psychological Insight Cards by Dick Nijssen
2709787. Changing Roles: Artists' Personal Views and Wishes by Janssen, Renske
2709790. On Surplus Value by Diedrich Diederichsen
2709794. Caa95: Interfacing the Past: Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology by H Kamermans
2709797. Sources Locales de Vatican II: Symposium Leuven, Louvain-La Neuve, 23-25-X-1989 by Grootaers Aj
2709798. Franz Rosenzweig a Primary and Secondary Bibliography by L Anckaert
2709799. Kronkronbali Figuratieve Terracotta Uit West- Afrika Met Cadensen Van Jose Vermeersch by
2709800. Bibliografie Over Het Jodendom En Israel Voor Het Nederlandse Taalgebied by H Blok
2709801. Bibliotheca Auctorum Traductorum Et Scriptorum Ordinis Cisterciensis: Vicariatus Generalis Belgii Tomus Primus by Guido Hendrix
2709802. Vatican II Commence. . . : Approches Francophones by E Foullioux
2709803. Handschriftenbezit En Boekengebruik. Trappisten Van Westmalle by Guido Hendrix
2709804. Clavis Foliorum Periodicorum Theologicorum: Benelux by Willem Audenaert
2709806. Hugo de Sancto Caro's Traktaat de Doctrina Cordis Handschriften, Receptie, Tekstgeschiedenis En Authenticiteitskritiek by G Hendrix
2709807. Conseil International Des Associations de Bibliotheques de Theologie, 1961-1996/Internationaler Rat Der Vereinigungen Theologischer Bibliotheken, 1961 by
2709808. Ontmoetingen Met Lutgart Van Tongeren: Benedictines En Cistercienzerin, (1182-1246-1996) by Guido Hendrix
2709809. Commissions Conciliaires a Vatican II by M Lamberigts
2709810. The Garampi Correspondence a Chronological List of the Private Correspondence of Cardinal Giuseppe Garampi (1741- 1792) by D Vanysacker
2709811. Bibliotheca Mariana Lovaniensis by F Gistelinck
2709812. Vatican II in Moscow, 1959-1965: Acts of the Colloquium on the History of Vatican II, Moscow, March 30-April 2, 1995 by A Melloni
2709813. Ontmoetingen Met Lutgart Van Tongeren: Benedictines En Cistercienzerin, (1182-1246-1996) by Guido Hendrix
2709814. Ontmoetingen Met Lutgart Van Tongeren. Deel IV Het Kopenhaagse Leven Van Lutgart by Guido Hendrix
2709815. Ontmoetingen Met Lutgart Van Tongeren. Deel II Iconografie Van de Vlaamse Lutgart by Guido Hendrix
2709816. Crux Interpretum by Lamberigts Am
2709817. Ontmoetingen Met Lutgart Van Tongeren: Benedictines En Cistercienzerin, (1182-1246-1996) by Guido Hendrix
2709818. La Bibliotheque de L'Abbaye de Saint-Hubert En Ardenne Au Dix-Septieme Siecle by L Knapen
2709819. Experience, Organisations and Bodies at Vatican II by M T Fattori
2709820. Trefwoorden Uit de Geschiedenis Van Cnteaux by G Hendrix
2709821. Roger de Ganck, Historicus Van Cnteaux in de Zuidelijke Nederlanden by G Hendrix
2709822. Emiel-Jozef de Smedt, Papers Vatican II: Inventory by Ernest J De Kurpershoek
2709823. Ontmoetingen Met Lutgart Van Tongeren. Deel VI: Lutgarts Jeugd En Benedictijnse Periode by Guido Hendrix
2709824. Ontmoetingen Met Lutgart Van Tongeren. Deel VII: Vlaamse Lutgartkunst Na de Tweede Wereldoorlog by Guido Hendrix
2709825. Geschreven En Gedrukte Woorden Uit Boudelo by G Hendrix
2709826. Miscellanea - I. Liber de Causis - II. Metafysische Thema's En Notities - III. Belangrijke Figuren Uit Het Middeleeuwse Geestesleven - IV. Denkers Uit by A Pattin
2709827. Beatrijs Van Tienen, Zalige Cisterciknzerin Van Nazareth (1200 - 1268 - 2000) Aanzet Tot Haar Europese Iconografie by G Hendrix
2709828. de Vlaamse Primitieven/Les Primitifs Flamands/The Flemish Primitives/Die Flamischen Primitiven: Zeven Meesterwerken, Zeven Meesters/Groeningemuseum Br by Valentin Vermeersch
2709829. James Ensor: Leven En Werk/Vie Et Oeuvre/Life and Work/Leben Und Werke by Norbert Hostyn
2709832. Didgeridoo: Ritual Origins and Playing Techniques by Dirk Schellberg
2709833. The Complete Book of Chinese Health Balls: Background and Use of the Health Balls by Ab Williams
2709834. The Joy of Drumming: Drums & Percussion Instruments from Around the World by Tom Klower
2709836. Buddhist Symbolism in Tibetan Thangkas: The Story of Siddhartha and Other Buddhas Interpreted in Modern Nepalese Painting by Ben Meulenbeld
2709840. Mandala Workbook for Inner Self-Development by Anneke Huyser
2709842. Ecstatic Trance: A Workbook: New Ritual Body Postures by Felicitas D Goodman
2709848. Reiki & Sound: Reiki-The Universal Life Force: Music of Singing Bowls for Reiki Treatment and Meditation by Simone Drenkelfort
2709849. Ana Torfs: Du Mentir-Faux by Ana Torfs
2709850. Abstraction: The Amerindian Paradigm by Lucy Lippard
2709853. Time Present and Time Past: Images of a Forgotten Master: Toyohara Kunichika (1835 - 1900) by Amy Reigle Newland
2709857. Japonius Tyrannus: The Japanese Warlord Oda Nobunaga Reconsidered by Jeroen Pieter Lamers
2709860. Siebold and Japan (Dutch Edition): His Life and Work by Arlette Kouwenhoven
2709861. The Ear Catches the Eye: Music in Japanese Prints by Magda Kyrova
2709866. Crows, Cranes & Camellias: The Natural World of Ohaha Koson 1877-1945 by Robert Schaap
2709870. Yoshitoshi's One Hundred Aspects of the Moon by John Stevenson
2709877. Hokusai and His Age: Ukiyo-E Painting, Printmaking and Book Illustrations in Late EDO Japan by Gian Carlo Calza
2709882. The Koto: A Traditional Instrument in Contemporary Japan by Henry Johnson
2709887. Heroes of the Grand Pacification: Kuniyoshi's Taiheiki Eiyu Den by Elena Varshavskaya
2709888. Yoshitoshi's Strange Tales by John Stevenson
2709897. Japanese Warrior Prints 1646- 1905 by James King
2709899. Chikanobu: Modernity and Nostalgia in Japanese Prints by Bruce A Coats