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Books 122/46

2729251. Ppars, Rxrs, and Stem Cells by Z Elizabeth Floyd
2729252. Cross- Layer Optimized Wireless Multimedia Communications by Haohong Wang
2729253. Recent Advances in Molecular Imaging by Jie Tian
2729254. Immunology and Molecular Biology of Protozoan Infections by Ali Ouaissi
2729255. Satellite Communications by Ray E Sheriff
2729256. Modeling and Characterization of the Interaction of Electromagnetic Wave with Nanocomposites and Nanostructured Materials by Christian Brosseau
2729257. Information Theoretic Methods for Bioinformatics by Jorma Rissanen
2729258. Facial Image Processing by Christophe Garcia
2729259. Diabetic Retinopathy: From Pathogenesis to Treatment by Subrata Chakrabarti
2729260. Space-Time Channel Modeling for Wireless Communications by Thushara Abhayapala
2729261. Multicarrier Systems by Hikmet Sari
2729262. Smart Antennas for Next Generation Wireless Systems by Angeliki Alexiou
2729263. Ppars and Rxrs in Male and Female Fertility and Reproduction by Pascal Froment
2729264. Ppars/Rxrs in Cardiovascular Physiology and Disease by Brian N Finck
2729265. Luminescent Nanomaterials by Le Quoc Minh
2729266. Toward the Next- Generation Peer- To- Peer Services by Yi Cui
2729267. Multimedia Transmission Over Emerging Wireless Technologies by Stavros Kotsopoulos
2729268. Robustness Issues in Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control by Jakob Stoustrup
2729269. Multimedia Over Wireless Networks by Dan Lelescu
2729271. Reconfigurable Computing and Hardware/Software Codesign by Toomas P Plaks
2729272. Embedded System Design in Intelligent Industrial Automation by Valeriy Vyatkin
2729273. Operating System Support for Embedded Real-Time Applications by Alfons Crespo
2729274. Image and Video Processing for Disability by Dimitrios Tzovaras
2729275. Metamaterials, Plasmonics, and Thz Frequency Photonic Components by Yalin Lu
2729276. Recent Advances in Neuroimaging Methodology by Oury Monchi
2729277. Ppars in Eye Biology and Disease by Suofu Qin
2729278. Color in Image and Video Processing by Alain Tremeau
2729279. Biomedical Applications of Colloidal Nanocrystals by Marek Osinski
2729280. Particle Swarms: The Second Decade by Riccardo Poli
2729281. Anthropocentric Video Analysis: Tools and Applications by Nikos Nikolaidis
2729282. Natural Circulation in Nuclear Reactor Systems by Dilip Saha
2729283. Scaling, Uncertainty, and 3D Coupled Code Calculations in Nuclear Technology by Cesare Frepoli
2729284. Advances in Nonnegative Matrix and Tensor Factorization by Andrzej Cichocki
2729285. French- German Texture and Anisotropy Meeting by Claude Esling
2729286. Cognitive Radio and Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Systems by Ivan Cosovic
2729287. Ppars in Neuroinflammation by Michael K Racke
2729288. Doped Tio2 Nanomaterials and Applications by
2729289. Theory and Applications in Multiuser/Multiterminal Communications by Huaiyu Dai
2729290. Frontiers in the Convergence of Bioscience and Information Technology by Daniel Howard
2729291. Metal- Containing Proteins, Macrocycles, and Coordination Complexes in Therapeutic Applications and Disease by Jannie C Swarts
2729292. Ibased Design of Heterogeneous Embedded Systems by Christoph Grimm
2729293. Nanomechanics and Nanostructured Multifunctional Materials: Experiments, Theories, and Simulations by Jun Lou
2729294. Nanostructured Thin Films and Coatings by Ping Xiao
2729295. Wireless Telemedicine and Applications by Yang Xiao
2729296. New Electromagnetic Methods and Applications of Antennas in Biomedicine by Tamer S Ibrahim
2729297. Ultra- Wideband Antennas by James Becker
2729298. Intelligent Audio, Speech, and Music Processing Applications by Woon Seng Gan
2729299. Nanostructured Materials for Biomedical Applications by Donglu Shi
2729300. Selected Papers from the International Mixed Signals Testing and Ghz/Gbps Test Workshop by Bozena Kaminska
2729301. International Conference on Electronics, Circuits, and Systems by Jean Baptiste Begueret
2729302. Intelligent Systems for Future Generation Wireless Networks by Jong Hyuk Park
2729303. Advanced Communication Techniques and Applications for High- Altitude Platforms by Abbas Mohammed
2729304. Advances in Error Control Coding Techniques by Yonghui Li
2729305. Neuronal Plasticity in the Entorhinal Cortex by C Andrew Chapman
2729308. The Changing Concepts of Vesicoureteral Reflux in Children by Walid A Farhat
2729309. Video Tracking in Complex Scenes for Surveillance Applications by Andrea Cavallaro
2729310. Nanosensor Technology by Rakesh K Joshi
2729311. Management of Small Renal Masses by Jose Rubio Briones
2729312. Design and Architectures for Signal and Image Processing by Markus Rupp
2729315. European Women in Mathematics Workshop on Moduli Spaces in Mathematics and Physics by Frances Kirwan
2729316. Proceedings of the International Conference on Fixed-Point Theory and Its Applications by Simeon Reich
2729317. Interactions Between Ring Theory and Number Theory by M Boulagouaz
2729318. Proceedings of Combinatexas 2003 by Daniela Ferrero
2729319. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Small Sets in Analysis by Eva Matouskova
2729320. Ppars and Bone Metabolism by Mostafa Badr
2729321. Wavelets in Source Coding, Communications and Networks by James E Fowler
2729322. Adaptive Partial-Update and Sparse System Identification by Kutluyil Dogancay
2729323. Dynamically Reconfigurable Architectures by Neil Bergmann
2729324. Embedded Vision System by Dietmar Dietrich
2729325. Embedded Digital Signal Processing Systems by Jarmo Henrik Takala
2729326. Embedded Systems for Portable and Mobile Video Platforms by Leonel Sousa
2729327. Multimodal Imaging and Hybrid Scanners by Haim Azhari
2729328. Ppars and Obesity by Francine M Gregoire
2729329. Mobile Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Networks: From Theory to Reality by Marco Conti
2729330. Millimeter-Wave Wireless Communication Systems: Theory and Applications by Chia Chin Chong
2729331. Networks- On- Chip by Davide Bertozzi
2729332. Novel Techniques for Analysis and Design of Cross-Layer Optimized Wireless Sensor Networks by Mischa Dohler
2729333. Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks by Hamid R Sadjadpour
2729334. Genetic Regulatory Networks by Edward R Dougherty
2729335. Multimedia Networking by Guobin Shen
2729336. Surface Nanoscience by Rakesh K Joshi
2729337. Algorithmic Aspects of Wireless Networks by Xiuzhen Cheng
2729338. Embedded Systems for Intelligent Vehicles by Samir Bouaziz
2729339. Plasticity and Anxiety by Patrice Venault
2729341. Al Gazira Al Sagheera/The Little Island by Margaret Wise Brown
2729342. Muhimat Al Sayyda Alia/Alia's Mission: Inkaz Kuttub Al Irag/Saving the Books of Iraq by Mark Alan Stamaty
2729343. Hakiba Kabira Min Al Himoom/The Huge Bag of Worries by Virginia Ironside
2729344. Al Dudatu Al Shadidatu Al Gou by Eric Carle
2729345. Al Hashara Al Ghadiba (Arabic) by Eric Carle
2729350. Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo
2729351. Al Dufdaa Al Nari/Firebelly by J C Michaels
2729352. An Introduction to the Description of the Varieties of French in Africa by Emmanuel N Kwofie
2729355. The Palm of Time by Abubakar Othman
2729361. The Nigerian Law of Evidence by C Eche Adah
2729366. Darkvisions by Sola Osofisan
2729407. Adminisprudence: A Behavioural Approach to Managing Ourselves and Others by Udoh Elijah Udom
2729411. The Last Slave Traders by Pierre Meunier
2729412. Which Way Nigeria? Selected Speeches by J O Udoji
2729413. Narrator as Interpreter: Stability and Variation in Hausa Tales by S B Ahmad
2729416. Critical Perspectives on Nigerian Political Economy and Management by Patrick O Utomi
2729420. The Seven Deadly Sins by Pierre Meunier
2729421. Report on the Seventh Nigerian Economic Summit 2000 by J F Ade Ajayi
2729422. A Patriot to the Core by Bishop Ajayi Crowther
2729426. Layman's Guide to Criminal Law and Anti-Corruption Law by A A Kolajo
2729431. House of War. the Story of Awo's Followers and Collapse of Nigeria's Second by Dare Babarinsa
2729436. Universal Democracy (Holocracy): The Rule by All Parties by Olubadejo Olorunleke Banjoko
2729460. Principles and Practice of Governing of Men: Nigeria and the World in Perspective for Students, Politicians and Administrators by Felix K Alonge
2729467. The Scars of the Moon by Isiaka Aliagan
2729471. Farting Presidents and Other Poems by Tope Omoniyi
2729479. Heart Sounds by Adebayo Lamikanra
2729480. Chants of a Minstrel by Ezenwa Ohaeto
2729485. Jesus Christ--The Master Psychologist by Babatunde Ayo Vaughan
2729486. Jesus Christ--The Master Psychologist by Babatunde Ayo Vaughan
2729492. Does God Truly Exist? by Oyetomi, Temitope Oluwafemi
2729493. Does God Truly Exist? by Oyetomi, Temitope Oyetomi
2729495. Diplomacy. the Written Art by Ozichi Alimole
2729497. Disillusioned Democrat. Reflections on My Public Life in Nigeria (1959-1999) by Omoruyi, Omo
2729499. Stone Child and Other Poems by Syl Cheney Coker
2729500. The Concept of Justice and the Destiny of Man by Babatunde Ayo Vaughan
2729501. The Nigeria Banking Services User's Handbook by Rose Umoren
2729521. Tortoise in Exile by Chio Enwonwu
2729525. The Retired Military as Emergent Power Factor in Nigeria by J Bayo Adekanye
2729540. Government Budgeting in Nigeria. Principles, Policies and Practices by Olufidipe Omopariola
2729550. Political Authority and the Nigerian Civil Service by Humphrey N Nwosu
2729556. Readings; African Humanities by E A U Ikoku
2729571. A House in the Dark by Labo Yari
2729572. Come Thunder by Ossie Onuora Enekwe
2729585. Nwulari; A Human Tragedy by A E Ohiaeri
2729593. Stirrings in Canaan by Gabriel Orji
2729597. The World She Knew by Chinyere Nwoga
2729603. Baals of the Niger by Gabriel Orji
2729605. The African Possibility in Global Power Struggle by Arthur A Nwankwo
2729612. The Day of the Long Shadow by Agwuncha Arthur Nwankwo
2729629. Where I Was Born by Ikeogu Oke
2729633. Reckoning at Storm End by Arthur A Nwankwo
2729642. The Gods in Retreat by Fourth Dimension Publishing
2729647. A Carnival of Looters by Tayo Olafioye
2729649. Homeland & Other Poems by Ogaga Ifowodo
2729682. George Bako. Bishop of Lokoja by Chukwurah Ezebube
2729684. The King's Verdict by Anuli C Ausbeth Ajagu
2729685. The History of the Yorubas: From the Earliest Times to the Beginning of the British Protectorate by Samuel A Johnson
2729687. The Running Woman by Kehinde Ayoola
2729688. Not by Justification by Abraham Nnadi
2729695. Language Attitude and Language Conflict in West Africa by Greg Soetomo
2729701. The Land and People of Baysela State. Central Niger Delta by Alagoa, Ebiegberi Joe
2729702. Tee-English Dictionary. Tabtab Tee Ture Bu Bekee by Wilson Kpakpan Nwi Bari
2729703. A Chronicle of Grand Bonny by Ebriegberi Alagoa
2729718. The Dancing Masquerade by Femi Abodunrin
2729720. The Quick Sands: An Intriguing Story of Life by Njoku, Jude
2729722. Harold Dappa-Biriye. His Contributions to Politics in Nigeria by Ebiegberi Joe Alagoa