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Books 124/123

2786508. Ancient India: In Historical Outline by D N Jha
2786517. Mineral Oils, Petroleum and Lubricants by S C
2786518. Vegetable and Animal Oils by S C
2786519. Annexation of the Punjab and Maharajah Duleep Singh by M E
2786520. Dr. Bhagwan Dass: As a Social Thinker by D P S
2786521. Dynamics of Social Stagnation by S K
2786522. Beautiful Mogul Princesses by M S
2786523. Failure of Lord Curzon by C J Odonnell
2786524. History of British India by K A
2786525. Sacred Plants of India by B P
2786526. Spices and Condiments by B P
2786527. Creativity and Adjustment of Adolescents by U C
2786528. History of English Literature by O S
2786529. Gums and Resins by B P
2786530. Fundamentals of Marketing by A B
2786531. Indian Religious Thought by M M
2786532. Worship in Ancient India by M M Agarwal
2786533. Electoral Reforms by Sundriyal
2786534. Democracy and Social Change by Sundriyal
2786535. Siddhi: Science of Super Natural Powers by H C
2786536. Applied and Economic Botany- in 2 Vols. by H
2786537. Concised Encyclopedia of Oils by S C
2786538. Systematic Botany- in 2 Vols. by E
2786539. Role of Governor and Article 356 by B P
2786540. Nutritional Feeds for Crops by S W
2786541. Mulla The Law Of Insolvency by Sathya Narayan
2786542. Public Finance by A Chandra
2786543. Public Administration Today by R A Sharma
2786544. Religious History of Ancient Punjab by S K
2786545. Population Growth in India by Tabassum
2786546. Microbial Diversity: Opportunities and Challenges by S P
2786549. Chemical Synthesis by A K
2786550. Biological Diversity: Current Trends by Pandey
2786551. Development of Primary Education in India by P C
2786552. Development of Secondary Education in India by P C
2786553. Development of Higher Education in India by P C
2786554. Development of Adult Education in India by P C
2786555. Development of Distance Education in India by P C
2786556. Development of Women Education in India by P C
2786557. Development of Non- Formal Education in India by P C
2786558. Development of Special Education in India by P C
2786560. Colon Classification by A
2786561. Dewey Decimal Classification by M T M
2786564. Library Automation by P K
2786565. Practical Cataloguing by B
2786566. Environmental Science by Dr Kumar
2786567. Real Shakespeare by S
2786568. Themes and Characters in Shakespeare s Plays by S
2786569. Inorganic Physical Chemistry by S K Dr Roy
2786570. Organometallic Chemistry by S K
2786571. Encyclopedia of Educational Devel. in India- 8 Vols. by P C
2786572. Solid State Chemistry by N N
2786573. Molecular Modelling by V Dr Tandon
2786574. Solid State Physics by R K
2786575. Statistical Mechanics by R K
2786576. Thermodynamics by R K
2786577. Waves, Electromagnetism and Modern Physics by R K
2786578. Quantum Chemistry by R
2786579. Computational Chemistry by V Dr Tandon
2786580. Qualitative Inorganic Analysis by S K
2786582. Analysis of Signals & Noise in Communication System by Dr Tripathi
2786583. Transport Geography by Prasad
2786584. Tourism Geography by Prasad
2786585. Research and Statistical Techniques in Library and Information Science by M S
2786586. Research Methodology and Statistical Techniques by M K
2786587. Transition Metal Chemistry by N N
2786588. Environmental Geography by K
2786589. Basic Organic Chemistry by A K
2786590. Advanced Organic Chemistry by A K
2786591. Organic Synthesis by A K
2786592. Organic Compounds by A K
2786593. Changing Trends in Organisational Behaviour by T
2786594. Development of Research Tools by N C
2786595. Education Administration by Dr N C
2786596. Moral Education by N C
2786597. Physical Geography by B
2786598. Economic Geography by B
2786599. Tribes of Narmada Valley by Caldirola
2786600. Human Geography by B
2786601. Quantitative Geography by R
2786602. Advances in Parasitology by S
2786604. Educational Technology by S
2786605. Academic Library System by S R
2786606. Tourism Environment and Ecology by A
2786607. Rural Empowerment Through Agro- Based Industries by S
2786608. Urban Informal Sector and Employment Generation by B S
2786609. WTO and Enterprenurship Development by M
2786610. Political Geography by R
2786611. Women and the Law by G
2786612. Environmental Law by G
2786613. Society and the Law by G
2786614. Cyber Crime and Law by Y K
2786616. Human Genetics by M L
2786618. Babu Jagjivan Ram: A Nation Builder- in 2 Vols. by K L
2786620. Role of Nationalised Banks in Rural Development by A S
2786621. Management of Organisational Behaviour by T
2786622. Role of Regional Rural Banks in Rural Development by Singhal
2786623. Changing Trends in Management Information System by T
2786624. Environmental Management by V Dr Kumar
2786627. Universe of Knowledge & Research Methodology by N
2786628. Reference & Information Services by N
2786630. Teacher Education in India by D S
2786631. Educational Psychology by D S
2786632. Basics of Physics by R K
2786635. Computers in Library Science by R K
2786636. Contemporary Political Thoughts by L B
2786638. Digital Electronics by S K
2786639. Modern Political Theory by L B
2786640. Plant Biotechnology by N C
2786641. Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic by S K
2786642. Programming Concept with C+ + by Y K
2786643. Qualitative Organic Analysis by S K
2786645. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar: A Rebel Dalit Leader- in 2 Vols. by K L
2786646. Advanced Research Methods in Education by R R
2786647. Measurement & Evaluation in Education by R R
2786649. Preksha Meditation & Drug Abusers' Personality by C H
2786650. Criminal Justice System by G
2786651. Communication: Principles & Practice by A K
2786652. Communication Management: Listening Versus Hearing by A K
2786653. Satellite Media: Challenges & Opportunities by A K
2786654. Public Relation: Tools & Techniques by A K
2786655. Rural Management: Contemporary Issues & Challenges by Dr Sharma
2786656. Rural Marketing: Challenges & Opportunities by H C
2786657. Digital Library by H S
2786658. Myth & Reality of the Sikh Militancy in Punjab by J
2786659. Social History by D
2786660. Social Problems by D
2786661. Modelling & Simulation by Y K
2786662. Microteaching by Dr R R Singh
2786663. Environmental Crime by G
2786664. Parallel & Distributed Computing by S K
2786665. Internet and Information Technology by Dr Y K Singh
2786666. Environmental Economics by Adesh
2786668. Geographic Information Systems by R
2786670. Jaina Sutra: Sutrakritanga by M Jain
2786673. Analytical Chemistry by R K
2786674. Bio- Organic Chemistry by R K
2786675. Indian Sugar Industry by G A
2786676. Comprehensive History of India by P
2786677. Digital Library Environment and Networking by A K
2786678. Wireless Technology and Access of Information by A K
2786679. Collection Development in Academic Libraries by Dr Saraf
2786680. Dynamics of Environemtal Changes in Prehistoric India by Singh
2786681. Comprehensive Invertebrate Physiology- in 2 Vols. by Tiwari
2786682. Library Management in Internet Era by U N
2786683. Cataloguing: The Changing Scenario by Bidyut Mal
2786686. Research Methodology in Criminology by Yadav
2786687. Web Based Information System by S K
2786689. Training and Management Development by Sangeeta Sahu
2786690. Research Methods in Social Sciences by Jain