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Books 125/125

2808664. An Introduction to the Modern Theory of Public Finance by Raghubendra Jha
2808745. The Gastrointestinal System by Satish Keshav
2808746. Lecture Notes on Clinical Anaesthesia by Carl Gwinnutt
2808747. Physiology at a Glance by Linden Roger
2808748. Medical Pharmacology at a Glance by M J Neal
2808761. The Respiratory System at a Glance by Ward Jeremy P T
2809132. Stripline- Like Transmission Lines for Microwave Integrated Circuits (HB) by Siban K Koul
2809135. Stochastic Methods in Reliability Theory by N Ravichandran
2809149. Library Automation by I K Ravichandra Rao
2809176. System Dynamics: A Practical Approach for Managerial Problems by Sushil
2809185. Pediatrics Atlas by Satya Gupta
2809194. Ancient Indian (A Text Book of History) for CBSE Class XI by S N Sen
2809195. Indian Music by B C Deva
2809197. HIV Speaks- An Autobiography of AIDS Virus by J Mitra
2809198. Selected Topics in Mineral Processing by S Venkatachalam
2809199. Spices by Kirti Singh
2809200. Inferential Problems in Survey Sampling by Parimal Mukhopadhyay
2809202. A Textbook of Agricultural Statistics by R Rangaswamy
2809213. Theory and Practice of Psychometry by Narender K Chadha
2809218. A Textbook of Mathematics by D Nath
2809219. Managing Quality: Concepts and Tasks by N S Srinivasan
2809225. Science of Engineering Materials by C Srinivasan
2809231. Guilds in Ancient India by K K Thaplyal
2809240. The Great Indians by S B D Agarwala
2809251. Pascal Programming by Ganashan P Radha
2809257. Male Contraception: Present and Future by P D Griffin
2809260. A Linear Model Approach to Regression Analysis and its Applications by Suddhendu Biswas
2809270. Post Colonial World: Interdependence and Identities by Igmt
2809271. Mysticism and Management by
2809278. Assessments and Remediation of Oil Contaminated Soils by Paul Kostecki
2809285. Modern Indian History 1765- 1950 (W. Bengal Board) by S N Sen
2809287. Europe and The World 1763- 1945 (West Bengal Board) by S N Sen
2809301. Breaking the Ice in Antarctica by S S Sharma
2809303. Machine Drawing for VTU (As per VTU Syllabus) by K Venketa Reddy
2809307. Textbook of Applied Physics by H Sathyaseelan
2809308. Engineering Mathematics (For T. N. University) by A Gangadharan
2809309. Arrows of Time: From the Blackholes to the Nirvana Point by
2809316. Physics for Engineers (As per JNTU Syllabus 2007- 08) by M R Srinivasan
2809318. Modern Accountancy for XI & XII by Gangadhar Pandey
2809328. Mathematics and Statistics for C. A. Professional Education Course- 1 by S K Chakravarty
2809331. Fundamentals of Accountancy for C. A. Professional Education Course- 1 by S K Chakravarty
2809333. Business to Business Marketing by R K Sugandhi
2809334. Environmental Chemistry by
2809345. Economics for C A Professional Education Course 1 by A Ghose
2809356. Electric Circuit Analysis by S P E Xavier
2809359. Basic Electrical Engineering by J P Tewari
2809361. MS Word 2000: Thumb- Rules and Details by Snigdha Banerjee
2809375. Cultural History of India by Om Prakash
2809379. Industrial Instrumentation Vol. II by K Krishnaswamy
2809382. Electronics Theory and Applications by
2809395. Text Book Of Medical Instruments PB by
2809398. Microwave Engineering (As per UPTU Syllabus) by
2809400. Delta's Key to the TOEFL (R) Test (CBT) by Nancy Gallagher
2809406. Manual of Basic Techniques for a Health Laboratory by Who
2809407. Surgical Care at the District Hospital by Who
2809422. Microwave Engineering (As per JNTU Syllabus) by Vijaya Laxmi Gupta
2809433. MBA'S Guide to the Internet by Stephen L Nelson
2809440. Suchna Prodyogiki (Information Technology) by Ritendra Goel
2809443. Pharmacy Practice for Technicians by Don A Ballington
2809467. Pharmaceutical Drug Analysis by Ashutosh Kar
2809482. Environmental Education and Solid Waste Management by A Nag
2809483. Dynamic Asset Pricing Theory by Darrell Duffie
2809487. Credit Risk: Pricing, Measurement, and Management by Kenneth J Singleton
2809513. Everyday Letters for Busy People by Aloney Regina Mc Mc
2809517. Pharmacology Made Easy for NCLEX PN Review and Study Guide by Berta Roland
2809518. Managing For Value by S S Iyer
2809533. Digital Principles Foundation of Circuit Design and Application by Manish Tiwari
2809543. Electrical Power Systems by C L Wadhwa
2809544. History Modern India by S N Sen
2809545. Control Systems Engineering by Madan Gopal
2809548. Statistical Data Book by R S Naagarazan
2809550. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology by Ashutosh Kar
2809551. Dictionary of Pharmacy by Dennis B Worthen
2809566. Line Communication System by Apurba Das
2809569. Textbook of Engineering Mathematics (As per JNTU Syllabus) by Debashis Dutta
2809598. A Textbook of Engineering Mechanics (As per JNTU Syllabus) by S S Bhavikatti