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Books 125/42

2796283. Donald School Journal Of Ultrasound In Obstetrics And Gynecology by Asim Kurjak
2796286. General Reference by Reference Data For Engineers
2796293. Dharmik Suktiyan (Hindi) by Dr Prakash Chandra Gangrade
2796318. Dreams & Premonitions by Vikas Khatri
2796329. A Textbook of Functional Grammar and Composition by Krishna Gopal
2796331. BIOSTATISTICS The Manual of Statistics Methods for use in Health and Nutrition by Prabhakaran Rao
2796332. Synopsis Of Surgery With Homoeopathic Therapeutics by Haque
2796333. Common Problems In Gastroenterology by Balakrishnan
2796335. An Approach To Pediatric Problems by Mittal
2796338. Aids To Undergraduate Pathology by Uma
2796339. Textbook Of Glaucoma by Jain
2796340. Child Development And Developmental Diagnosis by Banga
2796341. Diagnostic Cardiology by Verma
2796342. Synopsis Of Aids by Garg
2796343. Aids To Clinical Medicine by R Dogra
2796345. Viva In Pharmacology And Therapeutics by Rao
2796346. Current Concepts In Ophthalmic Lasers by H K Tewari
2796348. Textbook Of Modern Immunology by Das Gupta
2796351. TELL ME ABOUT ME The Living Machine- Basic Human Anat by Nayyar
2796353. Viva In General Medicine by Gupta
2796354. Contemporary Medicine- 1 by Gupta
2796355. Viva In Pediatrics by Laxmi Chand
2796356. Case Notes in Surgery by Gupta
2796357. Vitrectomy For Beginners by Azad
2796358. Abstracts Of The 8th Asian Congress Of Pediatrics by Choudhury
2796361. Community And Social Pediatrics by Banerjee
2796363. Applied Anatomy Of The Domestic Animals by K R Harshan
2796371. An Introduction To Genetics And Fetal Medicine by Rao
2796380. Review Of Ophthalmology by Mehta
2796382. Short And Long Cases In Ophthalmology by Agarwal
2796383. A System of Surgical Diagnosis by Patel
2796384. BK Anand: Easy to Admire, Difficult to Emulate by Bijlani
2796387. SENIOR STUDENT NURSE'S CLINICAL DIARY (2nd, 3rd and 4th year) by Molly Sam
2796388. Soft Lasers In Medical Practice by Kapur
2796391. Community Health Nursing by B T Basavanthappa
2796392. Tropical Paediatric Surgery by Madhok
2796393. TEXTBOOK OF PEDIATRICS (3 Vols. ) (Revised) by Udani
2796394. The Obstetrics Protocol by Sharma
2796395. A Handbook of Prenatal Diagnosis and Reproductive Genetics by Rao
2796396. Chorionic Villus Sampling by Rao
2796402. Review Of Medical Microbiology by Gupte
2796405. Bedside Approach To Clinical Neurology by Gami
2796408. Colour Atlas Of Forensic Medicine by D Govindiah
2796409. Review of Orthopeadics by Panda
2796412. The Medicolegal Aspects Of Surgery by Gupta
2796413. TEXTBOOK OF ORTHOPAEDICS AND TRAUMA (4 Vols. ) by Kulkarni
2796416. Clinical Chemistry by Chatterjea
2796417. Bedside Interpretation Of Ecg by Koley
2796419. Viva In Biochemistry by M N Chatterjea
2796423. Anatomy Of The Eye And Its Adnexa by Nema
2796432. Common Surgical Emergencies by S K Kochar
2796433. Clinical Orthopaedic Diagnosis by Pandey
2796435. Ultrasound In Obstetrics And Gynaecology (fogsi) by Rajan
2796436. Bihar Pgmat Review by K N Prasad
2796440. Aiims And Pgi Pg Medical Entrance Examination by Rahul Bhargava
2796446. Tuberculosis by Sharma
2796456. CLINICAL METHODS IN PAEDIATRICS (VOL. 1) History taking and Symptomatology by M L Kulkarni
2796458. Coronary Artery Disease In South Asians by Rao
2796461. A Practical Manual Of Indirect Ophthalmoscopy by Azad
2796464. Review Of Pathology by Shweta
2796479. TEXTBOOK OF MEDICINE Vol. I, II by Krishna Das
2796482. Differential Diagnosis In Pediatrics by Gupte
2796485. Clinical Methods In Paediatrics by Arvind
2796495. SMALL INCISION CATARACT SURGERY (Manual Phaco) by Singh
2796499. Atlas Of Breast Imaging by Dr Col
2796501. COMPLICATIONS IN ENDOSCOPIC SINUS SURGERY Diagnosis Prevention and Management by Sachdeva
2796505. An Atlas Of Small Parts And Musculoskeletal Ultrasound With Colour Flow Imaging by P K Srivastava
2796506. Clinical Assessment And Examination In Orthopaedics by Rex
2796508. CRASH COURSE A Quick Review by Sharma
2796510. A Practical Guide To Phacoemulsification by Sachdev
2796515. The Short Textbook Of Medical Microbiology by Satish Gupte
2796518. Corneal Transplantation by Rasik B Vajpayee
2796521. Textbook Of Rehabilitation Medicine by Sunder
2796522. Textbook Of Medical Parasitology by Paniker
2796525. A Short Textbook Of Psychiatry by Ahuja
2796526. CIGES Atlas of Laparoscopic Surgery by Palanivelu
2796527. A Textbook Of Human Osteology by Singh
2796532. District Planning by K Padmanabhan
2796536. The World of Nagas by Murkot Ramunny
2796538. The World of Nagas by Ias
2796542. Ezhimala: The Abode of the Naval Academy by Ias
2796547. Rural Poverty and IRDP by Sudip Chakraborty
2796596. Management of by T V Gopalakrishnan
2796602. A Journey Through India s Past by C M Mani
2796617. Muslim Samudaya Ma Chuachut (Hindi) by Sabanam Beg
2796618. Topics in Mechanics by Lakshmisree Bandopadhyaya
2796622. Samavad Ko Coonothiya (Hindi) by Jaishri Puwar
2796627. Peincess Dis Dove Didi by Jaishree Devi
2796636. Key to Success & Happiness by Dr Joe Rubino
2796677. Profile of a Perfect Person by Jaya Row
2796695. Introduction to Digital & Data Communications^ by Michael Miller
2796707. Fundamentals of Logic Design^ by Charles H Roth Jr
2796709. Concepts in Data Structures And Software Development^ by S C Bruell
2796710. Introduction to Artificial Neural Systems^ by Jacek M Zurada
2796719. Yoga For You by Indra Devi
2796734. Centrifugal Pumps: Designs & Application by Robert R Ross
2796735. Art of Developing Personal Power by William W Hewitt
2796742. Digital Systems Testing & Testable Design^ by Arthur D Friedman
2796751. The Right Way To Play Chess by D Brine Pritchard
2796757. The Skills of Interviewing by Leslie Rae
2796782. Strategic Change by Milan Moravec
2796785. The Right Joke For The Right Occasion by Kevin Goldstein Jackson
2796787. Handbook of Total Quality Management* by R R Lakhe
2796829. Heat Transfer Handbook^ by Nicholas P Cheremisinoff
2796835. Cover Letters! Cover Letters! Cover Letters! by Richard Fein
2796839. Global Marketing Strategies* by Hubert D Hennessey
2796842. The Importance of Living by Lin Yutang
2796855. Organizational Behavior* by R Griffin
2796861. Handbook of Public Relations & Communications by Philip Lesly
2796875. Human Resource Effectiveness* by Jim Matthewman
2796887. 12 Steps To Overcome Anxiety: How To Master Your Panic by Denise F Beckfield
2796901. Handbook of Electrical & Electronic Insulating Materials by W Tillar Shugg
2796915. Tansen by Girish Chaturvedi
2796934. The Famous Ghalib by Ralph Russel
2796959. Calcutta A Cultural And Literary History by Krishna Dutta
2796970. Fifty Key Figures In Management by Morgen Witzel
2796981. Frank Unedited- The Best Of Frank Simoes by Frank Simoes
2797006. Kaye Ko Byahi Bidesh by Shakuntala Varma
2797010. Annapurna Devi: An Unheard Melody by Swapan Kumar Bondyopadhyay
2797012. Honorary Tiger by Duff Hart Davis
2797037. Gandhi Gandhism and Gandhians by Thomas Weber
2797040. Caught & Told: Humorous Cricketing Anecdotes by Sandeep Patil Clayton Murzello
2797042. 100 Promises To My Baby by Mallika Chopra
2797044. Maharaja Ganga Singh Of Bikaner by Prof L S Rathore
2797048. India: The Next Global Superpower? by Hindustan Times
2797050. 52 Ways To Motivate Your Staff by Trish Nicholson
2797051. Confessions Of Shameless Self Promoters by Debbie Allen
2797056. Tenali Ram ke Kisse (Hindi) by Jyotsna Atre
2797093. Inside Windows NT , Second Edition by David A Solomon
2797095. Network Programming for Microsoft Windows by Anthony Jones
2797101. XML and SOAP Programming for BizTalk Servers by Brian E Travis
2797105. Developing XML Solutions by Jake Sturm
2797108. Dynamics of Software Development by Jim Mc Carthy
2797112. After the Gold Rush: Creating a True Profession of Software Engineering by Steve Mc Connell
2797117. Designing for Scalability with Microsoft Windows DNA by Per Sundblad
2797118. Designing Relational Database Systems by Rebecca Riordan
2797119. Designing Secure Web- Based Applications for Microsoft Windows 2000 by Michael Howard
2797127. Inside Server- Based Applications by Douglas J Reilly
2797132. Microsoft Visual Basic Design Patterns by William Stamatakis
2797133. Programming ADO by David Sceppa
2797134. Programming Collaborative Web Applications with Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server by Mindy Martin
2797135. Programming Distributed Applications with COM and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 by Ted Pattison
2797137. Programming Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange, Second Edition by Thomas Rizzo
2797141. Inside C# by Tom Archer
2797143. Microsoft Visual Studio. NET by Microsoft Corporation
2797146. Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with XML by Graeme Malcolm
2797147. Writing Secure Code by Howard Le Blanc
2797149. Upgrading Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to Microsoft Visual Basic. NET by Ed Robinson