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Books 126/115

2829649. Expanding Primary Writer's Workshop by Carol Kieczykowski
2829664. Intelligent Systems Design and Applications; Proceedings; 3v (CD- ROM Included) by Jeng Shyang Pan
2829667. Book of Mercy by Leonard Cohen
2829677. Bear by Engel, Marian
2829680. Ireland and the Federal Solution by John Edward Kendle
2829681. The Pioneer Woman by Elizabeth Helen Thompson
2829682. From Personal Duties Towards Personal Rights by Arthur P Monahan
2829683. The Raven's Tail by Cheryl Samuel
2829690. New Cancer Sourcebook by Alan R Cook
2829691. Traveler's Sourcebook: A Practical Guide to Information on Recreational and Business Travel in the United States by Darren L Smith
2829702. Lippincott Nsg Package, Fall 2009 by Package Lww
2829714. Spider- Man Clone Genesis by Gerry Conway
2829715. Rogue by Howard Mac Kie
2829734. Marvel Saga: Astonishing X- Men, Squadron Supreme, Runaways Gn by O'Conner, Michael
2829743. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2: War of Kings Book 1 Premiere Hc by Dan Abnett
2829758. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Tested by Time by Garlow, James L.
2829759. Living the Life You Were Meant to Live by Paterson, Tom
2829760. Regaining the Power of Youth at Any Age by Kenneth H Cooper
2829779. Training Behavioral Healthcare Professionals: Higher Learning in the Era of Managed Care by James M Schuster
2829785. Jews, Pagans, and Christians in the Golan Heights: Greek and Other Inscriptions of the Roman and Byzantine Eras by Robert C Gregg
2829787. The Official Taks Study Guide for Grade 10 Science by Texas Education Agency
2829789. Cism Cert Prep Online Retail Packaged Version by Shon Harris
2829790. Sscp Cert Prep Online: Retail Packaged Version by Shon Harris
2829810. Climate Justice: Ethics, Energy, and Public Policy by James B Martin Schramm
2829816. Many Forms of Madness: A Family's Struggle with Mental Illness and the Mental Health System by Rosemary Radford Ruether
2829829. Wind, Sun, Soil, Spirit: Biblical Ethics and Climate Change by Carol S Robb
2829833. Christmas: Festival of Incarnation by Donald Heinz
2829854. Nonparametric Probability Density Estimation by Richard A Tapia
2829870. Ecclesiastes: Total Life by Jr Walter C Kaiser
2829875. Building Your New Testament Greek Vocabulary by Robert E Van Voorst
2829880. The Elevator Man by Stanley Trachtenberg
2829915. The Political Fix: Changing the Game of American Democracy, from the Grassroots to the White House by Douglas E Schoen
2829929. Men of Character: 90 Refreshing Readings on Honor and Integrity by Kimbrough, Lawrence
2829930. The American Short Story, 1945- 1980 by Gordon Weaver
2829949. Tanaina Tales from Alaska by Bill Vaudrin
2829953. The History of Oklahoma by Arrell Morgan Gibson
2829957. Land: The Search for Classical Greece by Richard Stoneman
2829959. The Lithographs of Charles Banks Wilson by David C Hunt
2829962. Floating on the Missouri by James Willard Schultz
2829964. New Directions in American Indian History by Colin G Calloway
2829966. Latin American Mammalogy: History, Biodiversity, and Conservation by Michael A Mares
2829968. Summer in the Spring: Anishinaabe Lyric Poems and Stories by Gerald Robert Vizenor
2829971. Process and Expression in Architectural Form by Gunnar Birkerts
2829973. Anzio: Epic of Bravery by Fred Sheehan
2829974. Teacher's Resource Book for the Story of Oklahoma by Barbara Schindler
2829975. Eye Killers by A A Carr
2829978. The Mediation in Contemporary Native American Fiction: A Narrative of the Black Cavalry in the West, Revised Edition by James Ruppert
2829979. The Campo Indian Landfill War: The Fight for Gold in California's Garbage by Dan Mc Govern
2829980. The Wpa Oklahoma Slave Narratives: An Indian Manifesto by T Lindsay Baker
2829981. The Great American Outlaw: A Legacy of Fact and Fiction by Frank Richard Prassel
2829982. Eye Killers by A A Carr
2829984. Beyond the Frontier: Exploring the Indian Country by Stan Edward Hoig
2829987. Charles M. Russell by Peter H Hassrick
2829995. Haunted by Home: The Life and Letters of Lynn Riggs by Phyllis Cole Braunlich
2829996. War Dance at Fort Marion: Plains Indian War Prisoners by Brad D Lookingbill
2830083. Passports of Southeastern Pioneers, 1770- 1823 by Potter, Dorothy Williams
2830138. Records of Colonial Gloucester County, Virginia by Mason
2830180. Warwick Cty Va: Colonial Court Recs in by Barbara Temelie
2830249. Southern Mothers: Fact and Fictions in Southern Women's Writing by Nagueyalti Warren
2830250. Teaching the New Writing: Technology, Change, and Assessment in the 21st- Century Classroom by Anne Herrington
2830258. Wasps at the Speed of Sound and Other Shattered Futures by Derryl Murphy
2830277. Tg Phonics Readers Set 1 by Steck Vaughn Company
2830279. Checkering and Carving of Gunstocks by Monty Kennedy
2830281. 36 1/2 Reasons to Laugh: A Slice of Life by Rick Adams
2830300. Rutgers: A Bicentennial History by Richard P Mc Cormick
2830301. Jersey Troopers: A Fifty Year History of the New Jersey State Police by Leo J Coakley
2830302. An Ungovernable People: The English and Their Law in the 17th and 18th Centuries by John Brewer
2830304. The Future of Difference by Hester Eisenstein
2830305. The Literature of Images: Narrative Landscape from Julie to Jane Eyre by Doris Y Kadish
2830306. Corinne, or Italy by Germaine De Stael
2830307. 8 1/2 by Federico Fellini
2830308. Papers of William Livingston by Carl Prince
2830311. The Poconos: An Illustrated Natural History Guide by Carl S Oplinger
2830315. The Good Ruler: From Herbert Hoover to Richard Nixon by Bruce Kuklick
2830317. Services for Sale: Purchasing Health and Human Services by Harold Demone
2830318. Structural Criminology by John Hagan
2830319. The Crossing of the Ways: William Faulkner, the South, and the Modern World by Karl Zender
2830320. Conflict and Change in the Catholic Church by John Seidler
2830321. Unnatural Causes: The Three Leading Killer Diseases in America by Russell C Maulitz
2830322. Unnatural Causes: The Three Leading Killer Diseases in America by Russell C Maulitz
2830325. Rationalizing Genius: Ideological Strategies in the American Science Fiction Short Story by John Huntington
2830327. The Wpa Guide to 1930s New Jersey by Project Administration Works
2830328. The Large Corporation and Contemporary Classes by Maurice Zeitlin
2830330. Childhood, Culture, and Class in Britain: Margaret McMillan, 1860- 1931 by Carolyn Kay Steedman
2830331. Social Structure and Testosterone: Explorations in the Socio- Bio- Social Chain by Theodore D Kemper
2830332. Eskimo Essays: Yup'ik Lives and How We See Them by Ann Fienup Riordan
2830333. The Rhetoric of Social Research: Understood and Believed by Albert Hunter
2830334. The Rhetoric of Social Research: Understood and Believed by Albert Hunter
2830335. Victorian Sages and Cultural Discourse: Renegotiating Gender and Power by Thais Morgan
2830336. Lady Bountiful Revisited: Women, Philanthropy, and Power by Kathleen D Mc Carthy
2830337. Life with AIDS by Rose Weitz
2830339. Science, American Style by Nathan Reingold
2830341. Hogarth: Volume II: High Art and Low, 1732- 1750 by Ronald Paulson
2830342. Social Science and the Self: Personal Essays on an Art Form by Susan Krieger
2830343. Harder Than War: Catholic Peacemaking in Twentieth- Century America by Patricia F Mc Neal
2830345. Health in Rural North America: The Geography of Health Care Services and Delivery by Wilbert M Gesler
2830346. First Find Your Child a Good Mother: The Construction of Self in Two African Communities by Paul Riesman
2830347. Gail Hamilton: Selected Writings, Gail Hamilton by Gail Hamilton
2830348. New Jersey Ferns and Fern Allies by James D Montgomery
2830349. Jerseyana: Underside NJ History by Marc Mappen
2830350. AIDS in Industrialized Democracies: Passions, Politics, and Policies by David L Kirp
2830351. Churching of America by Roger Finke
2830352. Recreating Authority in Revolutionary France by Bryant T Ragan
2830354. Ugetsu: Kenji Mizoguchi, Director by Keiko I Mc Donald
2830355. Women in the Vanishing Cloister: Organizational Decline in Catholic Religious Orders in the United States by Helen Rose Fuchs Ebaugh
2830357. Ecology and Environmental Management of Lyme Disease by Howard S Ginsberg
2830360. Negotiating at the Margins: The Gendered Discourses of Power and Resistance by Sue Fisher
2830361. Imagining Ethiopia: Struggles for History and Identity in the Horn of Africa by John Sorenson
2830362. A Question of Identity: Women, Science, and Literature by Marina Benjamin
2830364. Murdered in Jersey by Gerald Tomlinson
2830365. Critical Encounters: Reference and Responsibility in Deconstructive Writing by Cathy Caruth
2830366. Words That Make New Jersey History: A Primary Source Reader by Howard L Green
2830367. Empathic Practitioner by Ellen S More
2830369. Doing Their Share to Save the Planet: Children and the Environmental Crisis by Donna Lee King
2830370. Workfare or Fair Work: Women, Welfare, and Government Work Programs by Nancy E Rose
2830371. A History of Interest Rates: Third Edition, Revised by Sidney Homer
2830373. 10 Geographic Ideas That Changed the World by Susan Hanson
2830375. Race, Rights, and the Asian American Experience by Angelo N Ancheta
2830377. Surviving Modern Medicine: How to Get the Best from Doctors, Family, and Friends by Peter Clarke
2830379. Electronic Media and Technoculture by John Thornton Caldwell
2830382. Adorned in Dreams: Fashion and Modernity by Elizabeth Wilson
2830383. Hard Road to Freedom Vol 1&2 by James O Horton
2830385. Earning More and Getting Less by Veronica Jaris Tichenor
2830390. The Shadowed Country: Claude McKay and the Romance of the Victorians by Josh Gosciak
2830395. Big Science by Nick Downes
2830398. Spelling Workout, Level F, Revised, 1994 Copyright by Modern Curriculum Press
2830401. Equine Clinical Nutrition by Pagan
2830408. The Art Dealers, Revised & Expanded: The Powers Behind the Scene Tell How the Art World Really Works by Coppet, Laura De
2830409. Contaminated Surface Soil Inplace by Unknown, Author
2830412. Business Aspects of Technology Transfer by Unknown
2830413. Haz Waste Managem by Unknown, Author
2830421. Nanoelectronics by Unknown
2830422. The Dongan Papers: 1683- 1688 by Peter Christoph
2830426. Brief History Set, 15- Volumes by Various
2830427. Teen's Guides Set, 8- Volumes by Various
2830430. Archaeology of the Central Mississippi Valley by Dan F Morse
2830431. A Confluence of Transatlantic Networks: Elites, Capitalism, and Confederate Migration to Brazil by Laura Jarnagin
2830437. Learning from No Child Left Behind: How and Why the Nation's Most Important But Controversial Education Law Should Be Renewed by John E Chubb
2830441. Godworks: Evangelism at Work with Young People by Anne Rowthorn
2830450. Le Prix Et Le Cot Du Transport En Afrique: Tude Des Principaux Corridors by World Bank Group
2830459. Argentina: Income Support Policies Toward the Bicentennial by World Bank Publications
2830462. From Tree to Paper by Marshall, Pam
2830463. From Egg to Butterfly by Zemlicka, Shannon
2830464. From Flower to Honey by Nelson, Robin
2830468. From Tadpole to Frog by Shannon Zemlicka
2830469. From Wheat to Bread by Stacy Taus Bolstad
2830476. Saving Money by Tanya Thayer
2830488. Running for Office by Sandy Donovan
2830490. The President's Work by Elaine Landau
2830491. Order in the Court by Kowalski, Kathiann M.