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Books 126/34

2817453. Remedios Homeopaticos Que Salvan La Vida (Spanish) by Kanodia K D
2817455. Law on Essential Commodities, 8th Edn. with update 2007 by Jai Prakash
2817456. Historical Introduction to English Law, 4th Edn. (Indian Economy Reprint) by Potter S
2817457. Consumer is King- Know Your Rights & Remedies (In Kannad) by Rajyalakshmi Rao
2817465. Basic Electronics Engineering Lab (EC- 291) by W B U T
2817481. Bioinformatics: Sequence, Structure and Databanks: A Practical Approach by Higgins
2817482. Protein Function: A Practical Approach by Creighton
2817483. Protein Purification Techniques, Second Edition by Roe
2817487. Plant Cell Biology, Second Edition by Hawes
2817490. Biosensors, Second Edition by Cooper
2817496. DNA Topology by Anthony Maxwell
2817498. Management Science in Practice by Terry Williams
2817499. Results Through Relationships: Building Trust, Performance and Profit through People by Joe Takash
2817500. Strategic Project Management Made Simple: Practical Tools for Leaders and Teams by Terry Schmidt
2817501. Fundamentals of Signal Processing for Sound and Vibration Engineers by Joseph Hammond
2817504. Jane's: Chem Bio Handbook, Second Edition by Dwyer
2817505. Leadership and the Sexes: Using Gender Science to Create Success in Business by Barbara Annis
2817506. Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine: Methods, Devices and Applications by Tuan Vo Dinh
2817509. Roitt's Essential Immunology, Eleventh Edition by Ivan Roitt
2817512. Optimal Control Theory for Applications by David G Hull
2817513. Protein Purification, Third Edition by Scopes
2817514. Mechatronic Systems: Fundamentals by Rolf Ise Rmann
2817515. Complex Analysis, Fourth Edition by Serge Lang
2817518. Modern Graph Theory by Bela Bollobas
2817521. Stability Analysis and Design of Structure by M L Gambhir
2817522. Industrial Instrumentation: Principles and Design by T R Padmanabhan
2817532. Environmental Meteorology Textbook by B Padmanabha Murty
2817542. Handbook of Problems in Engineering Mathematics and Physics by Harish Parthasarathy
2817543. Soaring High (A Biography of Dr. V. K. Aatre) by K Divyananda
2817550. Intermediates for Organic Synthesis Textbook by Ramesh Chandra
2817557. Environment and Development: Challenges and Opportunities (Conference Proceedings) by Jagbir Singh
2817558. Experimental Biochemistry: A Student Companion Textbook by Vijay Deshpande
2817575. Organic Farming and Mycorrhizae in Agriculture by
2817578. An Introduction to Geographic Information Technology by Suchandra Choudhury
2817582. Handbook of Soil Fungi by C Manoharachary
2817584. Jute: Regional Focus by Jayanta Bagchi
2817585. Current Trends in Pharmacology by
2817589. Biodiversity and its Significance by
2817592. Indian Financial System Textbook by Venugopal
2817600. Constitution of India and Professional Ethics Textbook by Mohd Suhaib
2817602. Tiny Tots and Tender Hearts: An Introduction to Heart Diseases in Children by R V Kumar
2817605. Basics of X- Ray Diffraction and its Applications by K Ramakanth Hebbar
2817609. Plant Tissue Culture: Practices and New Experimental Protocols by Dalia B Varghese
2817611. Applied Physics: Volume II, Second Edition Textbook by Rajni Bahuguna
2817615. Computer Analysis of Framed Structures Textbook by Damodar Maity
2817616. Building with Stabilized Mud Textbook by K S Jagadish
2817617. Growth, Imbalance and Indian Economy by
2817618. Fiscal and Monetary Reforms in India by
2817619. Environmental Studies and Ethics Textbook by Gouri Suresh
2817621. Wavelength Converters in Optical Networks by K R Venugopal
2817622. Challenges to Sustainable Agri- Food Systems by
2817624. Modeling and Analysis of Chemical Engineering Processes Textbook by K Padmanabhan
2817625. Thermal Engineering Data Handbook Textbook by K Hemachandra Reddy
2817626. Agricultural Nitrogen Use and its Environmental Implications by
2817627. Basic Electrical Engineering Textbook by K N Srinivas
2817628. Molecular Biology Textbook by D M Chetan
2817629. Textbook of Environmental Chemistry Textbook by Balram Pani
2817630. Fundamentals of Computer Aided Manufacturing Textbook by G S Sawhney
2817631. Robotics Textbook by Appu Kuttan K K
2817632. C & Data Structures Textbook by V V Muniswamy
2817633. Computer Techniques and Model in Power Systems Textbook by K Uma Rao
2817634. Fundamentals of Bioinformatics Textbook by Harisha S
2817635. Operations Research Textbook by G Rajendra
2817636. A Handbook on Numerical Technique Lab (MATLAB Based Experiments) Textbook by K K Mishra
2817637. Electric Circuit Analysis Textbook by B Subramanyam
2817638. Textbook of Biochemistry for Nurses Textbook by Ashok Kumar J
2817639. Disaster Management: Future Challenges and Opportunities by
2817640. A Textbook of Engineering Physics Textbook by S K Dwivedi
2817641. Advanced Engineering Mathematics: Volume I Textbook by H C Taneja
2817642. Manufacturing Processes Textbook by Savita Sharma
2817643. Islam and Scientific Enterprise by Syed Akheel Ahmed
2817644. Reliability Technology: Theory and Applications Textbook by Jai S Gurjar
2817646. Lasers and Optical Fibre Communications Textbook by P Sarah
2817647. Cell and Molecular Biology Textbook by Pragya Khanna
2817648. Scientoonic Tell- Tale of Genome and DNA by Lalji Singh
2817649. Plant Nematology Textbook by N G Ravichandra
2817650. Applied Physics: Volume I by Rajni Bahuguna
2817651. Engineering Mathematics: Volume I Textbook by G Shankar Rao
2817652. Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics Textbook by G S Sawhney
2817653. Applied Chemistry (As per the syllabus of Mumbai University from Academic year 2007- 08) : Volume I by P A Mane
2817654. Electrical Workshop: A Textbook, Second Edition Textbook by R P Singh
2817655. Applied Physics, Second Edition Textbook by P K Mittal
2817656. Computer Graphics by Pradeep K Bhatia
2817658. Gas Insulated Substations (GIS) by M S Naidu
2817659. Basics of Computer Aided Geometric Design: An Algorithmic Approach Textbook by M Ganesh
2817661. Crop Improvement: Strategies and Applications by Neelam Setia
2817663. Applied Physics: Volume II by Rajni Bahuguna
2817664. Textbook of Biotechnology Textbook by D Kandavel
2817665. Data Structures Through Java: With CD- ROM containing Lab Manual Textbook by V V Muniswamy
2817667. Professional Communication by Kumkum Bhardwaj
2817668. Total Quality Management Textbook by C Elanchezhian
2817669. Analog Communication Textbook by Manoj Duhan
2817670. Objective Genetics, Biotechnology, Biochemistry and Forestry by Vijay K Khanna
2817671. Signals and Systems Textbook by Andhe Pallavi
2817672. Thermal Metal Cutting Processes Textbook by B J Ranganath
2817673. Frontiers in Fungal Ecology, Diversity and Metabolites by K R Sridhar
2817674. System Dynamics: Theory and Case Studies Textbook by Lewlyn L R Rodrigues
2817675. Essentials of Abdominal Wall Hernias by S Nigam
2817676. Energy, Ecology and Environment by S V S Rana
2817677. Abiotic Stress and Plant Responses by
2817679. Soft Skill Business and Professional Communication (For BBA & MBA Students) Textbook by Sutapa Banerjee
2817681. Human Anatomy: Volume II Adomen and Lower Limb Textbook by A Halim
2817682. Human Anatomy: Volume III: Head, Neck and Brain Textbook by A Halim
2817683. Human Anatomy: Regional and Clinical For Dental Students Textbook by A Halim
2817684. Artificial Intelligence Textbook by Ela Kumar
2817685. Textbook of Environmental Microbiology Textbook by Pradipta K Mohapatra
2817686. Optimization Techniques in Operation Research Textbook by C B Gupta
2817687. Otolaryngology at the Eleventh Hour by S C Mishra
2817688. Bioethics and Biosafety by M K Sateesh
2817690. Definitional Glossary of Agricultural Terms: Volume I by Yashbir Singh Shivay
2817691. Definitional Glossary of Agricultural Terms: Volume II by Yashbir Singh Shivay
2817692. Design of Machine Elements: Volume I Textbook by T Krishna Rao
2817694. Management and Entrepreneurship by T Krishna Rao
2817696. Surveying and Levelling: Volume I by S S Bhavikatti
2817698. Small Business and Entrepreneurship Textbook by S Anil Kumar
2817699. Proceedings Second International Conference on Information Processing by K R Venugopal
2817700. Basics of Electrical Engineering, Second Edition Textbook by Sanjeev Sharma
2817701. Applied Physics: Volume I, Second Edition by Manasi Karkare
2817703. Pharmacy and Biotechnology Mathematics by Abdul Wadood Khan
2817705. Potential Microorganisms For Sustainable Agriculture: A Techno- Commercial Perspective by S C Kang
2817706. Engineering Graphics Textbook by S C Bera
2817707. A Laboratory Manual for Environmental Chemistry by R Wilgred Sugumar
2817708. Basic Techniques in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology by S P S Sangha
2817709. Behaviour Based Safety in Organizations: A Practical Guide by H L Kaila
2817710. Surveying and Levelling: Volume II by S S Bhavikatti
2817712. Paryavaran Vigyan (Hindi Version) Textbook by K L Tiwari
2817713. Economics for Engineering Students by Seema Singh
2817714. General Anatomy and Osteology of Head and Neck by Daya Shanker Tripathi
2817715. Snatkiya Paryavaran Addhyayan (Hindi Version) Textbook by Daya Shanker Tripathi
2817716. Applied Chemistry: Volume II by P A Mane
2817717. Fundamentals of Complex Analysis: Theory and Applications Textbook by K K Dube
2817718. Enzyme Technology by T Sathishkumar
2817719. Bioseparation Engineering: A Comprehensive DSP Volumen by Abhishek Awasthi
2817720. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (Paperback) , Second Edition Textbook by Ambika Prasad Dash
2817721. Semiconductor Devices by Swarajya Agnihotri
2817723. Freedom from Pain (Sixteenth International Conference of Indian Association of Pallaiative Care) Conference Volume by
2817770. North Korea: A Net Assessment International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) by Krautkramer
2817786. Dictionary of Genetics by
2817787. Essentials of Neurobiology Textbook by K Pratap Reddy
2817789. Handbook of Dairy Science by M R Patil
2817791. Practicals in Biochemistry and Biotechnology Textbook by Saleem Javed
2817833. Encyclopaedia of Drug Design by N
2817844. A Textbook of Disaster Management Textbook by Jagbir Singh
2817866. Microbiology of Foods by A R Alagawadi
2817950. Kerala` S Economic Development by B A Prakash
2817977. Kerala's Economic Development: Performance and Problems in the Post- Liberalization Period by B A Prakash
2818033. Adoption in India: Policies and Experiences by Vinita Bhargava
2818038. Practising Journalism: Values, Constraints, Implications by Nalini Rajan
2818047. The Family In India by Tulsi Patel