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Books 128/78

2869051. Game Birds and Shooting Sketches: Illustrating the Habits, Modes of Capture, Stages of Plumage and the Hybrids and Varieties (1894) by John Guille Millais
2869052. Games for Children's Development (1918) by Hilda A Wrightson
2869053. Gammer Gurton's Famous Histories of Sir Guy of Warwick, Sir Bevis of Hampton, Tom Hickathrift, Friar Bacon, Robin Hood (1846) by Gammer Gurton
2869058. Gazophilacium Regium Perubicum: Opus Sane Pulcrum, a Plerisque Petitum, Et AB Omnibus (1775) by Gaspar De Escalona Aguero
2869060. Theanthropos Tes Kaines Diathekes: Or an Appeal to the New Testament, in Proof of the Divinity of the Son of God (1794) by Charles Hawtrey
2869062. Theophrastou Charakteres Ethikoi: Theophrasti Capita Duo Hactenus Anecdota (1790) by Theophrastus
2869063. The History of the Peloponnesian War V3 (1835) by Thucydides
2869067. Gedachtnissrede Auf Den Unsterblich Verdienten Dom Herrn in Frauenberg, Nicolaus Copernicus (1743) by Johann Christoph Gottsched
2869068. Gedankenuber Die Entstehung Der Baltischen Lander (1790) by Johann Heinrich Ludwig Meierotto
2869069. Gedanken Uber Verschiedene Gegenstande Des Menschlichen Lebens (1785) by
2869071. Gedanken Von Den Eigenschaften Gottes (1780) by Wenzel Meisler
2869072. Gedanken Von Der Nothwendigkeit Und Nuken Der Erlernung Der Kirchen Historie (1726) (German) by Johann Ernst Von Florcke
2869074. Gedenck- Schriften Dienende Tot Ophelderinge Van Het Leven, Lyden, Wonderheden (1777) by Joseph Jacques De Munck
2869075. Gedenkschrift Der Uitgevoerde Daaden Van Den Grooten Menno, Baron Van Coehoorn (1772) by Nicolaus Ypey
2869076. Gedenkschriften Betreklyk Tot Het Kweekschool Voor de Zeevaart (1791) by Anonymous
2869088. Gedichte Von Karoline Christiane Louise Rudolphi (1781) by Karoline Christiane Louise Rudolphi
2869090. Gedichten En Liedjes Voor Het Vaderland: Benevens Eene Aanspraak Aan Het Bataafsche Volk (1798) by Elisabeth Bekker
2869092. Gedichten Van Balthazar Huydecoper (1788) by Balthasar Huydecoper
2869093. Gedichten Van Dirk Smits (1740) by Dirk Smits
2869094. Vervolg Der Gedichten Van Hubert Korneliszoon Poot (1735) by Hubert Korneliszoon Poot
2869095. Gedichten Van J. Clarisse (1792) (Chinese) by Johannes Clarisse
2869103. Gegrundete Nachrichten Von Den Erb- Aemtern Des Furstenthums Burggrafthums Nurnberg (1745) (German) by Johann Wilhelm Gadendam
2869104. Geheime Historie Von Victor Amadeo (1734) (German) by Wicardel De Trivie
2869110. Gemeenschap Tussen de Gottische Spraeke En de Nederduytsche (1710) by Lambert Hermansz Ten Kate
2869113. Gemmae Antiquae Litteratae: Aliaeque Rariores (1757) by Francesco De Ficoroni
2869115. Gems in the Mine: Or Traits and Habits of Childhood, in Verse (1828) by Mary Belson Elliott
2869116. Gen. Booth's Vision and Other Addresses (1903) by William Booth
2869117. A Genealogical Account of the Barclays of Urie, for Upwards of Seven Hundred Years: With Memoirs of Colonel David Barcla (1812) by Robert Barclay
2869118. Genealogical and Biographical Notices of Descendants of Sir John Wright of Kelvedon Hall, Essex, England (1915) by Curtis Wright
2869119. Genealogical Notes of the Williams and Gallup Families: Especially Relating to the Children of Caleb M. and Sabra Gallup Williams (1897) by Charles Fish Williams
2869120. Genealogical Records of the Descendants of David Mack to 1879 (1879) by Sophia Smith
2869121. Genealogical Sketch of the Descendants of Samuel Spencer of Pennsylvania (1904) by Howard Malcolm Jenkins
2869123. Genealogies of the Hindus, Extracted from Their Sacred Writings: With an Introduction and Alphabetical Index (1819) by Francis Hamilton
2869125. Genealogy and Family History of the Uphams: Of Castine, Maine, and Dixon, Illinois (1887) by Frank Kidder Upham
2869126. Genealogy and History of a Part of the Newbury Adams Family: Formerly of Devonshire, England (1895) by Smith Adams
2869128. Genealogy of Colonel Israel Tisdale and His Descendants (1909) by Edith Francena Tisdale
2869129. The Genealogy of John and Ruth Johnson Who Lived in Chester, Vermont in the Year 1800: Before and After (1909) by George Munn Tracy Johnson
2869130. Genealogy of That Branch of the Russell Family Which Comprises the Descendants of John Russell, of Woburn, Massachusetts, 1640- 1878 (1879) by John Russell Bartlett
2869131. Genealogy of the Andrews of Taunton and Stoughton, Massachusetts: Descendants of John and Hannah Andrews of Boston, Massachusetts, 1656- 1886 (1887) by George Andrews
2869132. Genealogy of the Bell Family: A Record of the Descendants of Lancelot Bell (1907) by
2869133. Genealogy of the Claypoole Family of Philadelphia, 1588- 1893 (1893) by Rebecca Irwin Graff
2869134. Genealogy of the Denny Family in England and America: Descendants of John Denny of Combs, Suffolk, England, in 1439 (1886) by Christopher Columbus Denny
2869136. Genealogy of the Eddy Family (1881) by Charles Eddy
2869137. Genealogy of the Jones Family: First and Only Book Ever Written of the Descendants of Benjamin Jones (1912) by George Russell Jones
2869138. Genealogy of the Kemper Family in the United States: Descendants of John Kemper of Virginia (1899) by Willis M Kemper
2869139. A Genealogy of the Lineal Descendants of William Wood Who Settled in Concord, Massachusetts, in 1638 (1901) by Clayton Wood Holmes
2869141. Genealogy of the Samuel Buck Family, of Portland, Connecticut: To the Year 1894 (1894) by Horace Blake Buck
2869142. Genealogy of the Stimpson Family of Charlestown, Massachusetts, and Allied Lines (1907) by Charles Collyer Whittier
2869143. Genealogy of the Surdam Family (1909) by Charles Edward Surdam
2869144. Genealogy of the Swasey Family: Which Includes the Descendants of the Swezey Families of Outhold, Long Island New York (1910) by Benjamin Franklin Swasey
2869145. Genealogy of the Tapley Family (1900) by Harriet Silvester Tapley
2869146. Genealogy of the Tenney Family, More Particularly of the Family of Daniel Tenney, and Sylvia Kent, His Wife: From 1634 and 1638 to 1875 (1875) by Horace A Tenney
2869147. Genealogy of the Twining Family: Descendants of William Twining, Sr. Who Came from Wales, or England, and Died at Eastham, Massachusetts, 1659 (1890) by Thomas Jefferson Twining
2869148. Genealogy of the Urner Family and Sketch of the Coventry Brethren Church in Chester County, Pennsylvania (1893) by Isaac Newton Urner
2869149. Genealogy of the Wells Family: Of Wells, Maine (1874) by Charles Kimball Wells
2869150. Genealogy of the Whitebread Family in America (1902) by Samuel Alexander White
2869151. Genealogy of the Whittelsey- Whittlesey Family (1898) by Charles Barney Whittelsey
2869152. Genealogy of the Willcomb Family of New England, 1665- 1902: Together with a Condensed History of the Town of Ipswich, Massachusetts (1902) by Oliver Clifton Willcomb
2869153. Genealogy of the Yardley Family, 1402- 1881 (1881) by Thomas W Yardley
2869156. General Braddock: A Historical Romance of Old Fort Duquesne and the Early Days of Pittsburg (1873) by Charles Mc Knight
2869157. General Foch: The Man of the Hour (1918) by Robert Matteson Johnston
2869160. General Henry Goddard Thomas, 1837- 1897: Memorial (1898) by Henry Goddard Thomas
2869162. General Mallock's Shadow (1913) by W B Maxwell
2869163. General Regulations and Instructions for the Ten Troops of Wiltshire Yeomanry (1798) by Great Britain Army
2869164. Generalis Temporum Notio Brevissime Exhibens Vicissitudinem Rerum Humanarum (1773) by
2869166. Genesis of the White Family, and the Scotts of Scot's Hall (1920) by Emma Siggins White
2869167. Genevieve and Marcelin: And Other Tales (1843) by Jean Nicolas Bouilly
2869168. Genevra: Or the History of a Portrait (1851) by Genevra Fairfield
2869169. Genialium Sermonum Liber (1602) (Latin) by Erycius Puteanus
2869170. History of the House of Austria: From the Accession of Francis I to the Revolution of 1848 (1889) by Franz De Paula Hartig
2869171. Popular Songs, Illustrative of the French Invasions of Ireland (1845) by John Francis Durand
2869180. Geographie Von Salzburg (1796) (German) by Publisher Salzburg Publisher
2869183. Geographische Ubersicht (1796) by F L Guessefled
2869184. Geometria Curvarum Ad Physicam Adplicata (1769) (Latin) by Anton Michael Zeplichal
2869186. Geometria Motus Opusculum Geometricum (1692) by Giovanni Ceva
2869188. Geometrica Demonstratio Theorematum Hugeniarum (1701) by Guido Grandi
2869189. Geometrica Inquisitio in Parabolas, Hyperbolas AC Praecipue in Quadraturam Hyperbolae Apollonianae (1688) by Ignatius De Jonghe
2869192. Georg Gemunmder's Fortschritte Im Violinbau (1880) by Georg Gemunder
2869193. Georg Hanssen ALS Agrar- Historiker (1889) (German) by August Meitzen
2869200. George Crabbe: Eine Wurdigung Seiner Werke (1899) (German) by Hermann Pesta
2869203. George Edward Hayes: A Memorial (1882) by Charles Wells Hayes
2869204. George Edward Woodberry: A Study of His Poetry (1917) by Louis Vernon Le Doux
2869206. George Engleheart, 1750- 1829: Miniature Painter to George III (1902) by George Charles Williamson
2869207. George Friedrich Seiler: Eine Dankbare Reminiscenz (1807) by Wilhelm Ludwig Steinbrenner
2869208. George Inness: The Man and His Art (1911) by Elliott Daingerfield
2869209. George J. Pinwell and His Works (1900) by George Charles Williamson
2869211. George Morewood Lefferts: A Sketch of His Life and Work (1921) by David Bryson Delavan
2869212. George Morland: A Biographical Essay (1906) by James Thomas Herbert Baily
2869213. George Mostyn: The Story of a Young Pilgrim Warrior (1874) by John Clifford
2869215. George Rapp and His Associates (1914) by John Samuel Duss
2869217. George Stalden V1: A Personal Memoir of the Time of the American Revolutionary War (1887) by George Stalden
2869218. George the Third: Or Paint Sketches for a True Portrait of the Late Venerable Sovereign of the British Empire (1820) by Charles Edward De Coetlogon
2869222. Animadversiones in Confessionem Thorunensem a Reformatis (1654) by Georg Calixt
2869229. Diatribe in Dissertationem Historico- Criticam de S. Ladislao Hungariae Rege, AB Antonio Ganoczy (1777) by Georg Pray
2869235. German Liberty Authors (1918) by Warren Washburn Florer
2869236. German Love: From the Papers of an Alien (1877) by Friedrich Max Muller
2869237. German Love: From the Papers of an Alien (1858) by Friedrich Max Muller
2869238. German Prose Writing (1882) by Franz K W Lange
2869241. Topographia Germaniae Austriacae (1759) by Carlo Granelli
2869243. Gertrude: A Tragedy, in Five Acts (1849) by M Tertius Collins
2869246. Geschichte Aller Feyerlichkeiten Und Handlungen (1782) by Georg Wilhelm Zapf
2869250. Geschichte Der Ausgestorbenen Alten Friesischen Oder Sachsischen Sprache (1784) by Tileman Dothias Wiarda
2869253. Geschichte Der Botanik Unserer Zeiten (1793) by Friedrich Kasimir Medicus
2869255. Geschichte Der Protestantischen Theologie V1 (1796) (German) by Gottlieb Jakob Planck
2869264. Geschichte Der Kurpfalzischen Oberamtstadt Ladenburg: Ein Beitrag Zur Pfalzischen Geschichte (1789) by Johann Jakob Kammerer
2869265. Geschichte Der Mauritanischen Konige V2 (1797) (German) by Ali Ibn Abdallah Ibn
2869269. Geschichte Der Merkwurdigsten Rebellionen Und Verschworungen Aus Den Mittlern Und Neueun Zeiten (1788) (German) by Friedrich Schiller
2869277. Geschichte Der Teutschen: Bis Zu Abgang Der Merovingischen Konige (1737) (German) by Johann Jakob Mascov
2869287. Geschichte Des Hauses Und Furstenthums Anhalt, Part 2 (1782) by Johann C Krause
2869291. Geschichte Des Koniglichen Padagogiums Seit Seiner Stiftung Bis Zum Schluss (1796) by August Hermann Niemeyer
2869292. Geschichte Des Kayserlichen Neunjahrigen Bunds Vom Jahr 1535 Bis 1544 (1788) by Philipp Ernst Spies
2869300. Geschichte Giafars Des Barmeciden in Funf Buchern (1799) (German) by Friedrich Maximilian Klinger
2869314. Geschichte Und Itzige Einrichtung Der Hamburgischen Rettungs- Anstalten Fur Im Wasser Verungluckte Menschen (1794) by Johann Arnold Gunther
2869326. Geschiedenis Van Engeland, Part 2 (1735) (Chinese) by Gilbert Burnet
2869329. Geschiedkundige Beschryving Van de Maan (1794) by Anonymous
2869332. Gestrafte Minlust Ofte Rampsaelige Ontrouw in Maria Van Arragon (1750) by Joannes Franciscus Cammaer
2869333. Gestures and Attitudes, an Exposition of the Delsarte Philosophy of Expression: Practical and Theoretical (1891) by Edward Barrett Warman
2869334. Getting and Giving: Or It Is More Blessed to Give Than to Receive (1884) by Naomi
2869336. Geverin- Eiriau Sir Gaernarfon: Eu Hystyr A'u Hanes (1907) by John Jones
2869343. Gideon Von Tromberg (1794) (German) by Wilhelm Heinrich Bromel
2869351. Giovanni Durando: Cenni Biografici (1879) (Italian) by Pietro Ferrua
2869354. Girl Scouts at Dandelion Camp (1921) by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
2869355. Girl Scouts in the Adirondacks (1921) by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
2869356. Girl Scouts in the Rockies (1921) by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
2869360. Giuliano Cesarini, 1398- 1444 (1907) (German) by Heinrich Fechner
2869364. Gleanings from Indian Classics (1894) by Manmatha Nath Dutt
2869365. Gleanings from Nature and Life: No. 1 (1828) by Henry Barnet Gascoigne
2869369. Gli Affani del Giovane Verter, Part 1: Dall' Originale Tedesco (1788) by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
2869370. Gli Amori Pastorali Di Dafni E Cloe, Book 4 (1781) by Longus
2869374. Glimpses Into the Secrets of Nature (1900) by Mary Elizabeth Beck
2869376. Glimpses of Life in Africa (1857) by Anna M Scott
2869377. Glimpses of Old Japan, 1861- 1866 (1908) by Margaret Tate Kinnear Ballagh
2869378. Glimpses of Old New England Life: Legends of Old Bedford (1892) by Abram English Brown
2869382. Glossaria Graeca Minora Et Alia Anecdota Graeca (1774) by Christian Frederich Von Matthaei
2869384. Glossarium Graeco- Barbarum (1614) by Johannes Meursius
2869388. Gnomologia Duplici Parallelismo Illustrata (1660) by Homer
2869391. Go Up Higher: Or Religion in Common Life (1871) by James Freeman Clarke
2869392. God and Music (1903) by John Harrington Edwards
2869393. God and Nature (1887) by Nehemiah Curnock
2869395. God Is Love: A Theodicy in Verse (1904) by Reuben Gregg
2869396. God the Creator of Both Evil and Good for Our Benefit (1883) by H Pinson
2869397. God Unknown: A Study of the Address of St. Paul at Athens (1920) by Charles Sears Baldwin
2869398. Godgeleerde Starrekunde, of Eene Betooging Van Gods Wezen En Eigenschappen Uit de Beschouwing Der Hemelen (1728) by William Derham
2869401. Godtvruchtighe Ecclesiastyke Theologie Van de Deughden (1712) by Joannes Ooms
2869406. Goethe in Strassbourg: A Novelette (1860) by Henry Noel Humphreys
2869410. Goethe's Hermann and Dorothea (1862) by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
2869411. Goethe's Iphigenie (1882) (German) by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
2869412. Goethes Leipziger Studentjahre (1900) by Julius Vogel
2869420. Goethe's West- Easterly Divan (1877) by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
2869421. Gold Dust: For the Beautifying of Lives and Homes (1871) by Mark Mills Pomeroy