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Books 128/88

2870551. How to Paint Permanent Pictures (1922) by Maximilian Toch
2870552. How to Parse: An Attempt to Apply the Principles of Scholarship to English Grammar (1875) by Edwin Abbott Abbott
2870554. How to Preach with Power (1897) by William Henry Young
2870555. How to Prepare for Kreutzer: A Book for Teachers in Private Schools and Academies, as Well as the Profession in General (1910) by Edith Lynwood Winn
2870557. How to Read a Book in the Best Way (1873) by George Philip Philes
2870558. How to Read Gaelic: Orthographical Instructions Reading Lessons, and Grammar (1898) by John Whyte
2870559. How to Read the Bible: A Series of Bible Readings, Embracing the Whole of the Scriptures (1880) by John Thomas Briscoe
2870560. How to Run a Little Sunday School (1916) by Edmund Morris Fergusson
2870561. How to See the British Museum: In Four Visits (1852) by William Blanchard Jerrold
2870562. How to Select Cows: Or the Guenon System, Simplified, Explained, and Practically Applied (1879) by Willis Pope Hazard
2870563. How to Sell Electrical Labor Saving Appliances (1918) by
2870564. How to Sell Equitable Policies (1907) by William Alexander
2870565. How to Sing the Choral Service: A Manual of Intoning for Clergymen (1899) by George Edward Stubbs
2870566. How to Solve the Race Problem: The Proceedings of the Washington Conference on the Race Problem in the United States (1904) by Sociological Society National Sociological
2870567. How to Speak Japanese Correctly (1903) by Kaita Akada
2870568. How to Study (1900) by Amos Russel Wells
2870569. How to Study Fiorillo: A Detailed, Descriptive Analysis of How to Practice These Studies (1910) by Edith Lynwood Winn
2870570. How to Study the Old Testament (1915) by Frank Knight Sanders
2870571. How to Teach Business Correspondence: Methods, Materials and Assignments for Training Correspondents, and Letter Writers (1916) by Nathaniel Waring Barnes
2870572. How to Train Children (1908) by Emma Churchman Hewitt
2870573. How to Visit Europe on Next to Nothing: With Memoranda of Actual Expenses, Coinage Tables, Etc. (1908) by Elsie Pym Prentys
2870574. How to Win Love or Rhoda's Lesson: A Story for the Young (1848) by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
2870575. How to Win Romanists (1898) by Justin Dewey Fulton
2870576. How to Work with the Spectroscope: A Manual of Practical Manipulation with Spectroscopes of All Kinds (1878) by John Browning
2870577. How to Write a Business Letter: For Use in Offices, Schools, and as a General Reference Book (1915) by Charles Robert Wiers
2870578. How to Write a Short Story: An Exposition of the Technique of Short Fiction (1904) by Leslie W Quirk
2870579. How to Write an Essay (1901) by Grant Richards Publisher London
2870580. How We Are Governed: An Explanation of the Constitution and Government of the United States, a Book for Young People (1885) by Anna Laurens Dawes
2870582. How We Fed the Baby to Make Her Healthy and Happy: With Health Hints (1881) by Charles Edward Page
2870583. How We Learn: A Short Primer of Scientific Method for Boys (1916) by William Henry Samuel Jones
2870584. How We Rose (1895) by David Nelson Beach
2870585. How Women Love: And Other Tales (1896) by Max Simon Nordau
2870586. Howard and His Teacher; The Sister's Influence; And Other Stories (1858) by Madeline Leslie
2870587. Hubert D'Arcy: The Young Crusader (1882) by N Payne Gallwey
2870590. Hugh Rose: A Sketch of His Life (1893) by Hugh Rose
2870591. Hugh Templars Motto (1879) by Louisa Emily Dobree
2870593. Human Life and Its Conditions: Sermons Preached Before the University of Oxford in 1876- 1878, with Three Ordination Sermons (1878) by Richard William Church
2870594. Human Nature Surveyed: In Two Essays (1758) by Andrew Wilson
2870595. Human Nature: A Philosophical Exposition of the Divine Institution of Reward and Punishment (1844) by
2870598. Hundredth Century Philosophy (1906) by Charles Kirkland Wheeler
2870599. Hungaria Diplomatica Temporibus Mathiae de Hunyad Regis Hungariae, Part 1 (1767) by Istvan Kaprinai
2870600. Hungarian Poems and Fables for English Readers (1877) by E D Butler
2870602. Hunting and Fishing Along the Northwestern Line (1895) by William Bruce Leffingwell
2870603. Hunting and Fishing in Florida: Including a Key to the Water Birds Known to Occur in the State (1895) by Charles Barney 1857 Cory
2870606. Hyde Genealogy V2: On the Descendants, in the Female as Well as in the Male Lines (1864) by Reuben Hyde Walworth
2870607. Hydrachnae, Quas in Aquis Daniae Palustribus Detexit, Descripsit, Pingi Et Tabulis XI Aeneis Incidi (1781) by Otto Frederik Muller
2870609. Hymne Au Soleil (1783) (French) by Francois Philippe De Laurens
2870612. Hymnes de Callimaque (1775) by Callimachus
2870615. Hymns and Other Pieces of Poetry on Various Subjects (1790) by William Miller
2870617. Hymns and Sacred Poems: On a Variety of Subjects (1860) by Augustus Montague Toplady
2870618. Hymns of Life and Peace (1869) by J Denham Smith
2870619. Hymns of My Holy Hours: And Other Pieces (1868) by Ray Palmer
2870621. Hymns of the Heart: For the Use of Catholics (1848) by Matthew Bridges
2870622. Hymns of the Higher Life (1886) by Bradford Kinney Peirce
2870623. Hymns by Ottiwell Heginbothom, of Sudbury, Suffolk (1794) by Ottiwell Heginbothom
2870628. I Dialoghi Di Sulpizio Severo Volgarizzati (1752) (Italian) by Severus Sulpicius Severus
2870629. I Doveri Della Vita Domestica (1794) by Giovanni Batista Benigni
2870630. I Marmi Riccardiani Difesi Dalle Censure del Marchese Scipione Maffei (1781) by Pier Lorenzo Del Signore
2870631. I Pianti D'Elicona Su La Tomba Di Teresa Ventura Venier (1790) by Teresa Ventura Venier
2870632. I Piombi Antichi (1740) by Francesco Ficoroni
2870634. I Riti Nuziali de' Greci, Per Le Faustissime Nozze (1789) by Francesco Fontani
2870635. Systema Iuris Publici Universalis (1780) by
2870639. Jacobi Gutherii de Veteri Jure Pontificio Urbis Romae, Libri Quatuor (1612) by Jacques Goutiere
2870644. Ices, and How to Make Them: A Popular Treatise (1900) by Charles Herman Senn
2870646. Icones Bibliopolarum Et Typographorum de Republica Litteraria Bene Meritorum (1726) by Friedrich Roth Scholtzius
2870648. Id Est Constantini Rodocanacidis Genere Graeci Et Serenissimi Magnae Britanniae Regis, Chymici, Etc. (1721) by Jacques De Richebourg
2870657. Idatii Episcopi Chronicon, Et Fasti Consulares (1619) (Latin) by Jacques Sirmond Hydatius
2870658. Idea Bibliothecae Helveticae (1782) by Ludwig Walthard
2870664. Ideas: Sobre La Naturaleza, Forma y Extensione Los Socorros Que Conviene Dar a Los Enfermos Pobres En Una Ciudad Populosa (17 by Vicente Alcala Galiano
2870665. Ideals and Other Poems (1841) by Algernon
2870666. Ideas Mirrour (1594) by Michael Drayton
2870669. Ideen Zu Einer Mimik (1785) by Johann J Engel
2870670. Ifigenia, in Aulis: Treurspel (1715) by Jean Racine
2870675. Il Coro Delle Muse (1793) (Italian) by Anna Graziani Baglioni
2870676. Il Corpo- Umano O Breve Storia (1774) (Italian) by Alessandro Pascoli
2870678. Il Cristianesimo Felice Nelle Missioni de' Padri Della Compagnia Di Gesu Nel Paraguai (1752) (Italian) by Lodovico Antonio Muratori
2870680. Il Duomo Di Siena (1761) by Giacomo Pianigiani
2870688. Il Luminario Ecclissato (1797) (Italian) by Alessandro Padovani
2870690. Il Mercurio Italico: O Sia, Ragguaglio Generale Intorno Alla Letteratura, Belle Arti, Utili Scoperte, EC Di Tutta L'Italia (1789) (Italian) by And Fry Publisher Couchman
2870697. Il Piemonte Cispadano Antico (1774) by Jacopo Durandi
2870700. Il Proprinomio Historico, Geografico, E Poetico (1676) (Italian) by Francesco Galante
2870708. Il Vendemmiatore (1786) (Italian) by Luigi Tansillo
2870709. Il Vero Disegno Delle Due Tavolette D'Avorio Chiamate Dittico Quiriniano (1757) (Italian) by Giuseppe Bartoli
2870713. The Unusually Interesting Collection of Ancient Art Property Belonging to Laureano Medina of Spain (1921) by Laureano Medina
2870714. Illustrated Catalogue of Etchings and Engravings by the Old and Modern Masters and a Few Paintings (1915) by Ferdinand Meder
2870715. Beautiful Old Chinese Porcelains: The Extraordinary Private Collection of S. S. Carvalho (1914) by Solomon Solis Carvalho
2870717. Illustrated Memoir of an Eventful Expedition Into Central America (1860) by John Lloyd Stephens
2870718. Illustrations of Euripides, on the Ion and the Bacchae (1781) by Richard Paul Jodrell
2870719. Illustrations of Prophecy V2 (1796) by Joseph Lomas Towers
2870720. Illustrations of the Divine Government (1817) by T Southwood Smith
2870721. Illustrazione Di Un Diploma Di Oderisio Conte (1780) by Anonymous
2870723. Illustris Academia Lugd- Batava (1613) by Johannes Van Meurs
2870729. Cent Fables Choisies Des Anciens Auteurs (1743) by Gabriello Faerno
2870732. Imago Inclytae in Transsylvania Nationis Siculicae Historico Politica (1791) (Latin) by Josepho Benko
2870733. Imago Veri Advocati Vitam Eius Moralem in Prima, AC Spiritualem (1687) by Valentijn De Roose
2870735. Imitation Des Odes D'Anacreon En Vers Francois, Dediee Au Roi de Prusse (1754) (French) by Colomb De Seillans
2870736. Imitations of Horace (1758) by Thomas Nevile
2870738. Immanuel Kant's Leben (1858) (German) by Hermann Schmidt
2870742. Immersion: The Act of Christian Baptism (1891) by John Tyler Christian
2870743. Immortality or Annihilation? the Question of a Future State Discussed and Decided by the Arguments of Reason (1827) by Christian Friedrich Sintenis
2870744. Imp. Romanorum, A C. Julio Caesare, Usque Ad Ferdinandum II (1623) by Johann Petrus Lotichius
2870745. Imperanti Nullum Esse Ius in Populum (1762) by Anonymous
2870746. Imperatorum Romanorum a Julio Caesare Ad Heraclium Usque Numismata Aurea (1627) by Johannes Hemelarius
2870747. Impressions of a War Correspondent (1903) by George Lynch
2870748. Annual Report of the Inspectors of the Albany Penitentiary: With the Accompanying Documents (1868) by Penitentiary Albany Penitentiary
2870749. Improved Queen- Rearing: Or How to Rear Large, Prolific, Long- Lived Queen Bees (1908) by Henry Alley
2870750. In a Fishing Country (1922) by William Hume Blake
2870754. In Binas Veteres Inscriptiones L. Aurelii Commodi Imperatoris Aetate Positas (1763) by Francesco Antonio Vitale
2870756. Adami Siberi in Davidis Isaei F. Prophetae Et Regis Hebraeorum Psalterium Libri Quinque, Part 1 (1580) (Latin) by Adam Siber
2870758. In Dissertationem Italiae Medii Aevi Censurae III: Viterbiensis, Veneta, Et Brixiana (1729) by Philippus Boneniensis Argelatus
2870764. In Libros Ethicorum Aristotelis Ad Nicomachum, Aliquot Conimbricensis Cursus Disputationes (1593) (Latin) by Das Artes Colegio Das
2870765. In Memoriam: General Ulysses S. Grant (1885) by Azalia E Osgood
2870766. In Memoriam (1851) by Alfred Tennyson
2870767. In Memoriam: William Bryan Cooke, of Wheatley (1852) by White And Hatfield Publ
2870768. In Memory of the Reverend John Henry Salisbury: Late Pastor of the Fourth Presbyterian Church, Trenton, New Jersey (1891) by
2870769. In Nature's Image: Chapters on Pictorial Photography (1898) by Washington Irving Lincoln Adams
2870771. In Old Egypt: A Story about the Bible But Not in the Bible (1903) by Henry Pereira Mendes
2870772. In Old School Days (1907) by Will Carleton
2870774. In Pindari Primum Pythium Dissertatio Habita Cantabrigiae (1751) (Latin) by William Barford
2870775. In Platonis Politiam Quaestionum Philologicarum Particula I (1834) by Johann Heinrich Neukirch
2870776. In Quest of a Creed (1876) by Stock Publisher Elliot Stock
2870777. In Quinquaginta Sacrae Scripturae Locos Non Vulgariter Enarratos Tertia Quinquagena (1516) (Latin) by Antonio De Nebrija
2870778. In Russia Without Russian: Being the Wanderings of an Englishman in Central Russia, by Land and Water (1898) by John Lloyd Warden Page
2870779. In Sicily V1: 1896- 1898- 1900 (1901) by Douglas Sladen
2870780. In Southern Seas: A Trip to the Antipodes (1888) by Petrel
2870781. In the Apostolic Age: The Churches and the Doctrine (1894) by Robert Alexander Watson
2870783. In the Shadow of the Alhambra: Or the Last of the Moorish Kings (1893) by W M Greenlee
2870785. In the War with Mexico: A Midshipman's Adventures on Ship and Shore (1903) by Cyrus Townsend Brady
2870786. Indoor Plants and How to Grow Them, for the Drawing Room, Balcony, and Greenhouse (1862) by E A Maling
2870787. Inauguration of President Watterson; Gormanius or the Battle of Reps- Demos; The Temple of Trusts, Honesty and Venality, and Other Travesties (1902) by Thomas Cooper De Leon
2870789. Incidents and Memories of the Christian Life: Under the Similitude of a Voyage to the Celestial Land (1852) by George Barrell Cheever
2870791. Incidents of American Camp Life: Being Events Which Have Actually Transpired During the Present Rebellion (1862) by Thomas Robinson Dawley
2870792. Incidents of Indian Life (1895) by John Cave Browne
2870795. Inden Naem Ons Heere Jesu Christi Begint Het Derde Deel Van Het Ceremonial Vande Religieusen Der Penitentie Ghenaemt Capucinessen (1702) (Chinese) by Ghendt Publisher Te Ghendt
2870796. Index Batavicus: Of Naamrol Van de Batavise En Hollandse Schrijvers (1701) by Adriaan Pars
2870797. Index Et Argumentum Epistolarum Ad D. Erasmum Roterodamum Autographarum (1784) by Johann Friedrich Burscher
2870798. Index in Collectiones Scriptorum Rerum Germanicarum (1737) (Latin) by Johann Paulo Finke
2870799. India and Lord Ellenborough (1844) by
2870800. India: Its Life and Thought (1908) by John Peter Jones
2870802. Report of the Indian Branch of the Department of the Secretary of State for the Provinces, 1870- 1871 (1872) by William Spragge
2870803. Indian Architecture of Today, Part 1: As Exemplified in New Buildings in the Bulandshahr District (1885) by Frederic Salmon Growse
2870804. Indian Children and Their Pets: And Other Stories (1903) by
2870805. Indian Epigraphy: The Inscriptional Bases of Indian Historical Research (1907) by John Faithfull Fleet
2870806. Indian Fish and Fishing (1883) by Francis Day
2870807. Indian Folklore (1904) by Ram Satya Mukharji
2870809. Indian Legends of Saratoga and of the Upper Hudson Valley (1884) by Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester
2870810. Indian Names of Places in the Borough of Brooklyn (1901) by William Wallace Tooker
2870811. Indian Names of Places Near the Great Lakes V1 (1888) by Dwight H Kelton
2870812. Indian Paleography (1904) by Johann Georg Buhler
2870813. Indian Railways: As Connected with the British Empire in the East (1884) by William Patrick Andrew