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Books 132/146

2969251. LT 1 Lets Get Tog- Sp Add- Topkg by Rigby
2969252. LT 1 Lets Get Tog- Span Gdr Pkg by Rigby
2969253. Nvl 1 Add'l Spanish Add- To Pkg by Rigby
2969254. Nvl 1 Add'l English Add- To Pkg by Rigby
2969255. Nvl 2 Add'l Spanish Add- To Pkg by Rigby
2969256. Nvl 2 Add'l English Add- To Pkg by Rigby
2969257. Nvl 3 Add'l Spanish Add- To Pkg by Rigby
2969258. Nvl 4 Add'l Spanish Add- To Pkg by Rigby
2969259. Nvl 4 Add'l English Add- To Pkg by Rigby
2969260. Math Add/Sub SM Bk Add- To Pkg by Rigby
2969261. Math Mult/DIV SM Bk Add- To Pkg by Rigby
2969262. LT 2 What a Worldgdr Add- To Pk by Rigby
2969263. LT 2 Surprise Gdr Add- To Pkg by Rigby
2969264. LT 2 So Much to Gdr Add- To Pkg by Rigby
2969265. LT 2 Creative Gdr Add- To Pkg by Rigby
2969266. LT 2- A Tb Chano- Spanish 6/Pk by Mann
2969267. LT 2- A Tb Those Tricky- Sp 6/Pk by Vaughan
2969268. LT 2- A Tb Boy/Donkey- Span 6/Pk by Pacheco
2969269. LT 2- B Tb One Potato- Span 6/Pk by Yurkovic
2969270. LT 2- B Tb Walking- Spanish 6/Pk by Polleti
2969271. LT 2- B Tb I'm an Artist- Sp6/Pk by Yurkovic
2969272. LT 2- B Tb Oscar/Tatiana- Sp6/Pk by Almada
2969273. LT 2- C Tb Big Catch- Span 6/Pk by Cappellini
2969274. LT 2- C Tb Why Rabbits- Sp 6/Pk by Oca
2969275. LT 2- D Tb Wolves- Spanish 6/Pk by Wilde
2969276. LT 2- C Tb Have You Seen- Sp6/Pk by Mann
2969277. LT 2- C Tb Honey Tree- Span 6/Pk by Pacheco
2969278. Alpha. Starters ACT. Cards Pkg by Various
2969279. RPM a Frst Alphabet Book 6/Pk by Various
2969281. RPM Chug the Tractor 6/Pk by Various
2969282. RPM Gr Rescue 6/Pk by Various
2969283. RPM Gr Flying Fish 6/Pk by Various
2969284. RPM Gr Snow on the Hill 6/Pk by Various
2969285. RPM Gr Babysitter 6/Pk by Various
2969286. RPM Gr Father Bear's Surp 6/Pk by Various
2969287. RPM Gr After the Flood 6/Pk by Various
2969288. RPM Gr Joey 6/Pk by Various
2969289. RPM Gr Try Again, Hannah 6/Pk by Various
2969290. RPM Teasing Dad 6/Pk by Various
2969291. Grt Keeping Trad. Theme 1 Pkg by Rigby
2969292. Sal Keeping Trad. Spanish Pkg by Rigby
2969293. Sal Keeping Trad. Biling(2) Pkg by Rigby
2969294. Sal Keeping Traditions Spa Trb by Rigby
2969296. Sal Learning From- Spanish Pkg by Rigby
2969297. Sal Learning From- Biling. Pkg by Rigby
2969298. Grt Camila & Clay- Old Hc Pkg by Cappellini
2969299. Grt Camila & Clay Old Wom. 6/Pk by Cappellini
2969300. Grt Camila & Clay- Old- Wom. Tape by Cappellini
2969301. Grt from Father to Son 6/Pk by Almada
2969302. Grt from Father to Son Tape by Almada
2969303. Grt Lac Hong Music Group 6/Pk by Cappellini
2969304. Sal Camila & Clay- Spanish 6/Pk by Cappellini
2969305. Sal Camila & Clay- Spanish Tape by Rigby
2969306. Sal from Father to Son- Spa6/Pk by Almada
2969307. Sal from Father to Son- Spatape by Rigby
2969308. Sal Lac Hong Music- Spanish6/Pk by Cappellini
2969309. Grt in Two Worlds- Eng. Pkg by Rigby
2969310. Sal in Two Worlds- Spanish Pkg by Rigby
2969311. Sal in Two Worlds- Biling. Pkg by Rigby
2969312. Grt I Am of Two Places 6/Pk by Carden
2969313. Grt I Am of Two Places Tape by Carden
2969314. Grt Dressing with Pride 6/Pk by Acuna
2969315. Grt Dear Abuelita 6/Pk by Keane
2969316. Sal I Am of Two Pla. - Span 6/Pk by Carden
2969317. Sal I Am of Two Places- Spatape by Rigby
2969318. Sal Dressing W/Pride- Span 6/Pk by Acuna
2969319. Sal Dear Abuelita- Spansih 6/Pk by Keane
2969320. Grt Grandparents- Eng. Pkg by Rigby
2969321. Grt Story of Dona Chila 6/Pk by Cappellini
2969322. Grt Story of Dona Chila Tape by Cappellini
2969323. Grt Trip to Freedom 6/Pk by Nguyen
2969324. Grt Grandma Jenny's Trip 6/Pk by Spang
2969325. Sal Story of D. Chila- Spa. 6/Pk by Cappellini
2969326. Sal Story of Dona- Spanish Tape by Rigby
2969327. Sal Trip to Freedom- Spani. 6/Pk by Nguyen
2969328. Sal Grandma Jenny's- Span. 6/Pk by Spang
2969329. Grt Gifts of Earth Theme Pkg by Rigby
2969330. Sal Gifts of Earth- Spanish Pkg by Rigby
2969331. Sal Gifts Earth Biling (2) Pkg by Rigby
2969332. Sal Gifts of the Earth Spa Trb by Rigby
2969333. Grt Foods from Here- Eng. Pkg by Various
2969334. Sal Foods from Here- Spanishpkg by Rigby
2969335. Sal Foods from Here- Biling Pkg by Rigby
2969336. Grt Mural of Fruit Hc Pkg by Dorantes
2969337. Grt Mural of Fruit Tape by Dorantes
2969338. Grt Judge for a Day 6/Pk by Jensen
2969339. Grt Judge for a Day Tape by Jensen
2969340. Grt One City, One School 6/Pk by Palacios
2969341. Sal Mural of Fruit- Span. Hc Pkg by Rigby
2969342. Sal Mural of Fruit- Spanish6/Pk by Dorantes
2969343. Sal Mural of Fruit- Spanishtape by Rigby
2969344. Sal Judge for a Day- Span. 6/Pk by Jensen
2969345. Sal Judge for a Day- Spani. Tape by Rigby
2969346. Sal One City, One School- Sp6/Pk by Palacios
2969347. Grt Songs to the Corn Hc Pkg by Rigby
2969348. Grt Songs to the Corn 6/Pk by Lomatewama
2969349. Grt Mexico's Marvel. Corn 6/Pk by Jensen
2969350. Grt Surprise for Monica 6/Pk by Maitland
2969351. Sal Wonder of Corn- Spanish Pkg by Rigby
2969352. Sal Songs to Corn- Span. Hc Pkg by Rigby
2969353. Sal Songs to the Corn- Span6/Pk by Lomatewama
2969354. Sal Songs to Corn- Spanish Tape by Rigby
2969355. Sal Mexico's Marvel. - Span. 6/Pk by Jensen
2969356. Sal Surprise for Mon. Span. 6/Pk by Maitland
2969357. Sal Wonder of Corn- Biling. Pkg by Rigby
2969358. Grt Water for Every. Eng. Pkg by Rigby
2969359. Grt Songs to the Corn Tape by Rigby
2969360. Grt Bringing Water to Peo. 6/Pk by Diaz
2969361. Grt Bringing Water to Peo Tape by Diaz
2969362. Grt River Is My Life 6/Pk by Sigue
2969363. Grt Made in Korea 6/Pk by Kim
2969364. Sal Water for Every. - Span. Pkg by Rigby
2969365. Sal Bringing Water Span 6/Pk by Diaz
2969366. Sal Bringing Water Span Tape by Rigby
2969367. Sal River Is My Life- Span. 6/Pk by Sigue
2969368. Sal Made in Korea- Spanish 6/Pk by Kim
2969369. Sal Water for Every. - Bilin Pkg by Rigby
2969370. Grt Forces of Nature Th Pkg by Rigby
2969371. Forces Nature Theme Span Pkg by Rigby
2969372. Sal Forces Nature Bilin 2 Pkg by Rigby
2969373. Sal Forces of Nature Span Trb by Rigby
2969374. Grt Tales of Earth Eng. Pkg by Rigby
2969375. Grt Why Wild Winds Blow Hc Pkg by Rigby
2969376. Grt Why Wild Winds Blow 6/Pk by Ambert
2969377. Grt Why Wild Winds Blow Tape by Ambert
2969378. Grt Crying Mountain 6/Pk by Almada
2969379. Grt Crying Mountain Tape by Almada
2969380. Grt Goddess of Volcano 6/Pk by Reyes
2969381. Sal Why Wild Winds- Span. Hc Pkg by Ambert
2969382. Sal Why Wild Winds- Spanish6/Pk by Ambert
2969383. Sal Why Wild Winds- Spanishtape by Rigby
2969384. Sal Crying Mountain- Span. 6/Pk by Almada
2969385. Sal Crying Mountain- Spani. Tape by Rigby
2969386. Ltr K Sound Sense Supplemnt Tr by Rigby
2969387. Ltr 1 Sound Sense Supplemnt Tr by Rigby
2969388. RPM Red Extensions Add- To Pkg by Various
2969389. RPM Blue Extensions Add- To Pkg by Various
2969390. RPM Green Extension Add- To Pkg by Various
2969391. RPM Yellow Exten. Add- To Pkg by Various
2969392. RPM Red Story Extended Blm/Tg by Various
2969397. PM Starters 1 Tg by Various
2969399. Smart Start Set a TN by Rigby
2969400. Smart Start Set B TN by Rigby
2969401. Smart Start Set C TN by Rigby
2969402. Smart Start Set D TN by Rigby
2969403. SAT Stg 7 King's Clocks Tg by Rigby
2969404. SAT Stg 8 Parker- Hamilton Tg by Rigby
2969405. Gdr Child Cntr Classroom Tg by Rigby
2969406. RPM Alpha Starter ACT/Blm by Various
2969407. RPM Alpha Blends & Diagr Blm by Various