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3017251. Police- Community Relations in Cincinnati by Greg Ridgeway
3017259. Analysis of Air Force Logistics Enterprise: Evaluation of Global Repair Network Options for Supporting the F- 16 and Kc- 135 by Ronald G Mc Garvey
3017263. A Strategic Approach to Joint Officer Managment: Analysis and Modeling Results by Margaret C Harrell
3017264. Corporations and Counterinsurgency by William Rosenau
3017269. Mysticism at the Dawn of the Modern Age by Rudolf Steiner
3017271. The Harder I Laugh, the Deeper I Hurt: Unmask Your Pain, and Let the Healing Begin by Debra White Smith
3017272. Church Treasurer's Handbook: A Quick and Practical Guide to Managing Church Finances (Lifestream Resources) by Bruce Nuffer
3017274. Krik? Krak! by Amy Crofford
3017285. In Season. . . Out of Season: Worship Resources for the Entire Year by Melody Bober
3017286. Symphony of Worship: Dynamic Hymn Settings with Optional Orchestra Trax by Marilynn Ham
3017287. Fount of Every Blessing: Artistic Piano Solos by Karen Ball
3017288. A View from the Pew: A Collection of Sketches and Monologues About Church Life- - from the Potluck to the Bored Meeting by Martha Bolton
3017289. Occupational Therapy Protocol Management in Adult Physical Dysfunction (Aspen Series in Occupational Therapy) by L Randy Strickland
3017290. Exercise Handouts for Rehabilitation by Therese Mc Nerney
3017293. The Topics in Language Disorders (8- Book Set) by Katharine G Butler
3017294. Epidemiology and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases: A Global Challenge by Darwin R Labarthe
3017296. Dysphagia: A Continuum of Care by Barbara C Sonies
3017297. Infection Control in Respiratory Care by Roberto Palermo
3017300. Diagnosis and Treatment of the Upper Extremities: Nonoperative Orthopaedic and Manual Therapy by Andry Vleeming
3017301. Improving Quality: A Guide to Effective Programs by
3017314. Myofascial Manipulation: Theory and Clinical Application by Alan J Grodin
3017319. Chinese Character Exercise Book for Practical Chinese Reader: Book 1 by Beijing Language Institute
3017320. Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping (1975- 1982) by Deng Xiaoping
3017321. Chuang- Tzu by Youlan Feng
3017322. The Blue House (Panda Books) by Naishan Cheng
3017323. Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse- Tung by Mao Tse Tung
3017324. The Time Is Not Yet Ripe: Contemporary China's Best Writers and Their Stories by Ying Bian
3017326. Magazines for Libraries by Linda Sternberg Katz
3017327. Children's Books in Print 2003 by Bowker Staff
3017328. Magazines for Libraries by Linda Sternberg Katz
3017329. Bowkers News Media Directory by
3017330. Subject Guide to Children's Books in Print 2005 by R R Bowker
3017331. Subject Guide to Books in Print 2005- 2006 by Bowker
3017332. Bowker's Guide to Characters in Fiction 2007 by
3017333. Bowker's Complete Video Directory 2006 (Bowker's Complete Video Directory 4 Vol Set) by R R Bowker
3017335. Resources for College Libraries by Marcus Elmore
3017336. Children's Books in Print 2008: An Author, Title, and Illustrator Index to Books for Children and Young Adults by
3017337. The Software Encyclopedia 2007: A Guide for Personal, Professional and Business Users (Software Encyclopedia) TWO VOLUME SET by
3017338. Children's Books in Print 2009: An Author, Title, and Illustrator Index to Books for Children and Young Adults by
3017339. American Book Publishing Record: Cumulative 2007 by
3017340. Publishers, Distributors & Wholesalers of the United States 2009 (Publishers, Distributors, and Wholesalers of the United States) by Bowker
3017341. The Software Encyclopedia 2008: A Guide for Personal, Professional and Business Users Including Application Software on CD- ROM by
3017349. The Software Encyclopedia 2009: A Guide for Personal, Professional and Business Users Including Application Software on CD- ROM by
3017358. The Shaman and the Medicine Wheel by Evelyn Eaton
3017359. The Web in the Sea: Jung, Sophia, and the Geometry of the Soul by Alice O Howell
3017361. Jesus Christ, Sun of God: Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism by David Fideler
3017365. The Genesis Meditations: A Shared Practice of Peace for Christians, Jews, and Muslims by Neil Douglas Klotz
3017370. Fire in the Soul: A Prayerbook for the Later Years (In God's Light Series) by Richard Lyon Morgan
3017373. Entering the New Testament: Participant's Workbook (Meeting God in Scripture) by Upper Room
3017374. Entering the New Testament: Leader's Guide (Meeting God in Scripture) by Anne Crumpler
3017377. Teenage Refugees from Haiti by
3017382. Othniel (People of the Promise, 6) by James R Shott
3017384. Road Signs for the Journey: A Profile of Mennonite Church USA by Conrad L Kanagy
3017386. Kingdom Culture: Growing a Missional Church by Phil Wagler
3017387. Flashbacks: Twenty- Five Years of Doonesbury by G B Trudeau
3017388. Flashbacks: : Twenty- Five Years of Doonesbury (Trudeau, G. B. , Doonesbury Book. ) by G B Trudeau
3017390. 1st Treasury of Herman (Andrews & McMeel Treasury Series) by Jim Unger
3017392. There's Treasure Everywhere by Watterson
3017393. The Days Are Just Packed by Bill Watterson
3017395. The Doonesbury Nation by Garry Trudeau
3017398. Anne Geddes: Little Thoughts with Love: Addresses (Address Book) by Anne Geddes
3017401. Like Mother Like Daughter (Little Books) by Cathy Guiswite
3017403. Planet Doonesbury: A Doonesbury Book (Trudeau, G. B. , Doonesbury Book. ) by G B Trudeau
3017406. Sleeping Beauty (Children's Classics (Andrews McMeel) ) by Samantha Easton
3017407. Stephen King: America's Best- Loved Boogeyman by Beahm
3017409. Journey To Cubeville: A Dilbert Book by Scott Adams
3017411. Far Side Assortment by Gary Larson
3017412. M/P Mini Page List Of Presidents by Betty Debnam
3017413. Indian Philosophy: Past and Future by
3017414. Early Buddhist Theory of Knowledge (519p) by K N Jayatilleke
3017415. Performative Circumstances from the Avant Garde to Ramlila by Richard Schechner
3017416. M. N. Roy's Memoirs by M N Roy
3017417. Albizuri Among the Lyngams: A Brief History of the Catholic Mission Among the Lyngams of North East India by Sebastian Karotemprel
3017418. Developing Countries in the International Trading System by An Hoda
3017419. Gitagovinda of Jayadeva: Love Song of the Dark Lord by Barbara S Miller
3017420. A Miscellany (Essay index reprint series) by Andrew Cecil Bradley
3017421. Civil Liberties Under Attack: Publications of William J. Cooper Foundation Swarthmore College by Henry S Commager
3017422. Classical Studies in Honor of John C Rolfe by G D Hadzsits
3017423. Wilkie Collins Le Fanu and Others (Essay Index Reprint Series) by Stewart M Ellis
3017424. Unfinished Reformation by Charles Morrison
3017425. Hope of the Great Community by Josiah Royce
3017426. Tendencies of the Modern Novel by Hugh Walpole
3017427. Some Ancient Novels: Leucippe and Clitophon, Daphne and Chloe, the Satiricon, the Golden Ass by Frederick Augustus Todd
3017428. More Than Conquerors (Essay Index Reprint Series) by Ariadne Gilbert
3017429. Twelve Great Modernists (Essay index reprint series) by Lawrence F Abbott
3017430. Inventors and Engineers of Old New Haven (Essay Index Reprint Series) by Richard Shelton Kirby
3017431. Peal of Bells (Essay index reprint series) by Robert Lynd
3017432. Her Majesty; The Romance of the Queens of England, 1066- 1910 (Essay Index Reprint Series) by Elsie Thornton Cook
3017433. The Social and Political Ideas of the Muckrakers (Essay Index Reprint Series) by David Mark Chalmers
3017434. Great Engineers (Essay index reprint series) by Conrad Matschoss
3017435. Man's Quest for Security: A Symposium by Edwin J Faulkner
3017436. Paradox of Tragedy (The Mahlon Powell lectures) by D D Raphael
3017437. Redirecting Education (Essay index reprint series) by Leon H Keyserling
3017438. Between Heaven and Earth (Essay Index Reprint) by Franz Werfel
3017439. Greek Science in Antiquity (Essay index reprint series) by Marshall Clagett
3017440. American Empire: A Study of the Outlying Territories of the United States (Essay Index Reprint Series) by W O Blanchard
3017441. Open Night (Essay index reprint series) by John Lehmann
3017442. The Radical Right: The New American Right (Essay Index Reprint Series) by Daniel Bell
3017443. Rehabilitations and Other Essays (Essay index reprint series) by C S Lewis
3017444. Chemistry Matter and Life (Essay index reprint series) by Lawrence Maill
3017445. To Hell With Culture, and Other Essays on Art and Society (Essay index reprint series) by Herbert Read
3017446. Smith College Stories; Ten Stories: Ten Stories (Short Story Index Reprint Series) by Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon
3017447. Thirty Strange Stories (Short Story Index Reprint Series) by H G Wells
3017449. Messalina of the Suburbs (Short Story Index Reprint Series) by
3017450. Told in a French Garden, August, 1914 (Short Story Index Reprint Series) by Mildred Aldrich
3017451. King and His Campaigners (Short Story Index Reprint Series) by Vernet Von Heidenstam
3017452. Closed All Night (Short story index reprint series) by Paul Morand
3017453. Gathered Leaves from the Prose of Mary E. Coleridge (Short Story Index Reprint Series) by Mary E Coleridge
3017454. Deep Sea's Toll (Short Story Index Reprint Ser) by James Brendan Connolly
3017455. Gingertown (Short Story Index Reprint Series) by Claude Mc Kay
3017456. Elizabethan Women by Gamaliel Bradford
3017457. Complete Jefferson (Select bibliographies reprint series) by Thomas Jefferson
3017458. The Post Impressionists (Select Bibliographies Reprint Series) by C Lewis Hind
3017459. Cosmographiae Introductio of Martin Waldseemuller in Facsimile (Select Bibliographies Reprint Ser. ) by Martin Waldseemuller
3017460. Flower of Evil: Life of Charles Baudelaire by Edwin Morgan
3017461. Hector Berlioz by Tom S Wotton
3017462. Gabriel Harvey Fovre Letters and Certeine Sonnets, Especially Touching Robert Greene and Other Parties by Him Abused 1592 (Library of English Renaissance literature) by Gabriel Harvey
3017463. The Sources of Much Ado About Nothing: A Critical Study, Together With the Text of Peter Beverley's Ariodanto and Ieneura (Library of Shakespearean, ) by Charles T Prouty
3017464. John Knox Portrait of a Culvinest by Edwin Muir
3017465. Cavour (Select Bibliographies Reprint Series) by Evelyn M Cesaresco
3017466. Margaret Fuller: A Biography by Margaret Bell
3017467. The Nature of Belief by Martin Cyril D Arcy
3017468. Fifty Years in Camp and Field: Diary of Major General Ethan Allen Hitchcock, U. S. A. by W A Croffut
3017469. Songs from the Land of Dawn by Louis Erickson
3017470. Twentieth- Century German Verse by Herman Salinger
3017471. Poetry of American Wit and Humor (Granger Index Reprint Series) by Frederic Lawrence Knowles
3017472. Christianity and the Social Revolution by Donald K Kitchin
3017473. Lectures & Notes on Shakespeare & Other English Poets: Now First Collected by T. Ashe (Select Bibliographies Reprint Series) by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
3017474. French and German Socialism in Modern Times by Richard T Ely
3017475. Life and Speeches of the Honorable Henry Clay by Daniel Mallory
3017476. Philothea: A Romance (American Fiction Reprint Series) by Lydia Maria Francis Child
3017477. Fern Leaves from Fanny's Portfolio: Second Series (American Fiction Reprint Series) by Sara P Parton
3017478. Correspondence of John Locke and Edwin Clarke (Select Bibliographies Reprint Series) by Benjamin Rand
3017479. Marxist Ideology in the Contemporary World- Its Appeals and Paradoxes (Essay index reprint series) by Sidney Hook
3017480. Southern Lights and Shadows by William Dean Howells
3017481. Life of James Mars: A Slave Born and Sold in Connecticut by James Mars
3017483. Disunion and Restoration in Tennessee (The Black Heritage Library Collection) by John R Neal
3017484. In Spite of the Handicap: An Autobiography (Black Heritage Library Collection) by James D Corrothers
3017485. Tales of Darkest America (Black Heritage Library Collection) by Fenton Johnson
3017486. Narrative of the Negro (The Black Heritage Library Collection) by Leila Amos Pendleton
3017487. Concept of Belief in Islamic Theology: A Semantic Analysis of Iman and Islam by Toshihiko Izutsu
3017488. Fifteenth Century Basse Dances by James L Jackman
3017489. History of the Vice Presidency of the United States by Louis Clinton Hatch
3017491. New Earth by Elspeth Joscelin Grant Huxley
3017492. Esp Electronic Stability Program: Vehicle Safety Systems for Passenger Cars: Technical Instruction by Robert Bosch Gmbh
3017493. Volkswagen Golf 1986 Owner's Manual by Volkswagen Of America
3017494. Volkswagen Vanagon/Transporter 1987 Owner's Manual by Volkswagen Of America
3017495. Porsche 911 Sc Enthusiast's Companion by Adrian Streather
3017496. Ferdinand Porsche- Genesis of Genius: Road, Racing and Aviation Innovation: 1900 to 1933 (Limited Edition) by Karl Kudvigsen
3017497. Korean Criminal Code (American Series of Foreign Penal Codes, Vol 2) by