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Books 136/74

3048451. Thicker Than Water by Carla Jablonski
3048452. Tin Angel by Shannon Cowan
3048453. Traitor by Robert Rigby
3048454. What Gloria Wants by Sarah Withrow
3048455. What If Someone I Know Is Gay? : Answers to Questions About What It Means to Be Gay and Lesbian by Eric Marcus
3048456. Windows into My World: Latino Youth Write Their Lives by Sarah Cortez
3048457. With Friends Like These by Reshonda Tate Billingsley
3048458. You're the Best! by Belinda Hollyer
3048459. The Disunited States of America (Crosstime Traffic) by Harry Turtledove
3048460. Curious Notions: Crosstime Traffic by Harry Turtledove
3048461. In High Places (Crosstime Traffic) by Harry Turtledove
3048462. Dragon's Fire (The Dragonriders of Pern) by Todd J Mc Caffrey
3048463. Tanequil: Tanequil (High Druid of Shannara) by Terry Brooks
3048464. Dragonsblood (Pern) by Todd J Mc Caffrey
3048465. The Silent Boy (Readers Circle) by Lois Lowry
3048466. Dead Beat (The Dresden Files, Book 7) by Jim Butcher
3048467. This Is Push: An Anthology of New Writing by David Levithan
3048468. Flags of Our Fathers: Heroes of Iwo Jima by Ron Powers
3048469. Gifts from the Sea by Natalie Kinsey Warnock
3048470. Rodzina by Karen Cushman
3048471. 10 Things to Do Before You're 16 by Caroline Plaisted
3048472. 21 Proms by David Levithan
3048473. A Dog's Life: The Autobiography of a Stray by Ann M Martin
3048474. A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park
3048475. Academ's Fury (The Codex Alera) by Jim Butcher
3048476. Disenchanted Princess by Julie Linker
3048477. Engaging the Enemy (Vatta's War) by Elizabeth Moon
3048478. Freaks by Annette Curtis Klause
3048479. Messenger by Lois Lowry
3048480. Mistletoe: 4 Holiday Stories: Working in a Winter Wonderland / Have Yourself a Merry Little Breakup / Scenes from a Cinematic New Year's / the Christmas Choos by Hailey Abbott
3048481. Notes from the Midnight Driver by Jordan Sonnenblick
3048482. The Dragon Quintet by Marvin Kaye
3048483. The Search for Belle Prater by Ruth White
3048484. Tripping to Somewhere by Kristopher Reisz
3048485. When Zachary Beaver Came to Town by Kimberly Willis Holt
3048486. Zooman Sam by Lois Lowry
3048487. 100 Words to Make You Sound Smart by
3048488. High Definition: An a to Z Guide to Personal Technology by American Heritage Dictionaries
3048489. Mind the Gaffe! : A Troubleshooter's Guide to English Style and Usage by R L Trask
3048490. More Word Histories and Mysteries: From Aardvark to Zombie by American Heritage Dictionaries
3048491. Random House Webster's Easy English Dictionary: Intermediate by Random House
3048492. Random House Webster's Easy English Dictionary: Beginner by Random House
3048493. The Dictionary of Concise Writing: More Than 10, 000 Alternatives to Wordy Phrases by Robert Hartwell Fiske
3048494. Trivia Lovers' Lists of Nearly Everything in the Universe: 50, 000+ Big & Little Things Organized by Type and Kind by Barbara Ann Kipfer
3048495. Welcome to Doomsday by Bill D Moyers
3048496. Ap Biology 2008 (Barron's) by Deborah T Goldberg
3048497. Ap Chemistry 2008 (Barron's) by Neil D Jespersen
3048498. The Best American Science Writing 2007 by Jesse Cohen
3048499. Blame It on the Rain: How the Weather Has Changed History by Laura Lee
3048500. Climate Crash: Abrupt Climate Change and What It Means for Our Future by John D Cox
3048501. Elephants on Acid: And Other Bizarre Experiments by Alex Boese
3048502. Out of Eden: An Odyssey of Ecological Invasion by Alan Burdick
3048503. The First Human: The Race to Discover Our Earliest Ancestors by Ann Gibbons
3048504. The Top 10 Myths About Evolution by Charles Sullivan
3048505. Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
3048506. Gruber's Complete Sat Guide 2008 by Gary R Gruber
3048507. Close Encounters With Deadly Dangers: Riveting Reads and Classroom Ideas by Kendall F Haven
3048508. The Best Children's Books of the Year 2008 by
3048509. The Meteor Hunt: La Chasse Au Meteore, the First English Translation of Verne's Original Manuscript (Bison Frontiers of Imagination Series) by Walter James Miller
3048510. Oxford Dictionary of Current English by Julia Elliott
3048511. The Ice Cave: A Woman's Adventures from the Mojave to the Antarctic by Lucy Jane Bledsoe
3048512. Tornado Alley: Monster Storms of the Great Plains by Howard B Bluestein
3048513. Hello Mrs. Piggle- wiggle by Betty Mac Donald
3048514. Arthur Goes to Camp (Arthur Adventure Series) by Marc Tolon Brown
3048515. Mrs. Piggle- wiggle by Betty Mac Donald
3048516. Mrs. Piggle- wiggle's Farm by Betty Mac Donald
3048517. Mrs. Piggle- wiggle's Magic by Betty Mac Donald
3048518. Liang and the Magic Paintbrush by Demi
3048519. Storm in the Night by Mary Stolz
3048520. Two- minute Mysteries by Donald J Sobol
3048521. At Daddy's on Saturdays by Linda Walvoord Girard
3048522. Daddy's Roommate by Michael Willhoite
3048523. Franklin Delano Roosevelt by Russell Freedman
3048524. Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies by Ann Turner
3048525. Anthony Burns: The Defeat and Triumph of a Fugitive Slave by Virginia Hamilton
3048526. As the Crow Flies: A First Book of Maps by Gail Hartman
3048527. Underwear! by Mary Elise Monsell
3048528. The Raccoon on the Moon (Start to Read! ) by Barbara Gregorich
3048529. The Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane by Orville Wright
3048530. Arthur Babysits (Arthur Adventure Series) by Marc Tolon Brown
3048531. Arthur's Family Vacation: An Arthur Adventure (Arthur Adventure Series) by Marc Tolon Brown
3048532. Space Bingo (Time Surfers) by Tony Abbott
3048533. Orbit Wipeout! (Time Surfers) by Tony Abbott
3048534. Arthur and the True Francine (Arthur Adventure Series) by Marc Tolon Brown
3048535. Eleanor Roosevelt: A Life of Discovery by Russell Freedman
3048536. Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold (Unforgettable Americans) by Jean Fritz
3048537. Stonewall by Stephen Gammell
3048538. Danger in the Desert by Terri Fields
3048539. Meet Danitra Brown by Nikki Grimes
3048540. Two Frogs in Trouble: Based on a Fable Told by Paramahansa Yogananda by Paramahansa Yogananda
3048541. That Was Then, This Is Now by S E Hinton
3048542. Dumpling Soup by Jama Kim Rattigan
3048543. The Vanishings (Left Behind the Kids) by Tim F La Haye
3048544. 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo: A Counting Book by Eric Carle
3048545. True Lies: 18 Tales for You to Judge by George Shannon
3048546. Arthur Writes a Story (Arthur Adventure Series) by Marc Tolon Brown
3048547. A Restless Spirit: The Story of Robert Frost by Natalie S Bober
3048548. Sun & Spoon by Kevin Henkes
3048549. Horrible Harry and the Christmas Surprise by Suzy Kline
3048550. Seaman: The Dog Who Explored the West With Lewis and Clark (A Peachtree Junior Publication) by Gail Langer Karwoski
3048551. Horrible Harry and the Kickball Wedding by Suzy Kline
3048552. Grandpa's Teeth by Rod Clement
3048553. Homesick: My Own Story by Jean Fritz
3048554. Sasquatch by Roland Smith
3048555. Bloomability by Sharon Creech
3048556. Beethoven in Paradise by Barbara O Connor
3048557. The Wreck of the Ethie by Hilary Hyland
3048558. City in the Clouds (Secrets of Droon) by Tony Abbott
3048559. I Can Hear the Sun: A Modern Myth (Picture Puffins) by Patricia Polacco
3048560. Queen Eleanor: Independent Spirit of the Medieval World: a Biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine by Polly Schoyer Brooks
3048561. Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher
3048562. Balto and the Great Race (Stepping Stone Book) by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
3048563. Colors of Chaos by L E Modesitt
3048564. The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory by Brian Greene
3048565. The Seven Songs of Merlin by T A Barron
3048566. Tomas and the Library Lady by Pat Mora
3048567. All Families Are Different by Sol Gordon
3048568. Lincoln's Little Girl: A True Story by Fred Trump
3048569. Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key by Jack Gantos
3048570. Stories to Solve: Folktales from Around the World by George Shannon
3048571. Arthur and the Perfect Brother (Arthur Chapter Books) by Marc Tolon Brown
3048572. Heather Has Two Mommies by Leslea Newman
3048573. Orphan of Ellis Island: A Time Travel Adventure by Elvira Woodruff
3048574. Gameprey (Tom Clancy's Net Force Explorers) by Mel Odom
3048575. Dear Austin: Letters from the Underground Railroad by Elvira Woodruff
3048576. Arthur Lost and Found (Arthur Adventure Series) by Marc Tolon Brown
3048577. The Trees of the Dancing Goats (Aladdin Picture Books) by Patricia Polacco
3048578. The Great Turkey Walk by Kathleen Karr
3048579. Mailing May by Michael O Tunnell
3048580. She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall by Misty Bernall
3048581. Jason's Gold by Will Hobbs
3048582. Timeline by Michael Crichton
3048583. Quest for the Queen (Secrets of Droon) by Tony Abbott
3048584. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Revenant by Mel Odom
3048585. More Stories to Solve: Fifteen Folktales from Around the World by George Shannon
3048586. Silent Thunder: A Civil War Story by Andrea Davis Pinkney
3048587. Guy Time by Sarah Weeks
3048588. Magi'i of Cyador by L E Modesitt
3048589. Why Moths Hate Thomas Edison: And Other Urgent Inquiries into the Odd Nature of Nature by Hampton Sides
3048590. Spindle's End by Robin Mc Kinley
3048591. Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War by Mark Bowden
3048592. Jack Black & the Ship of Thieves by Carol Hughes
3048593. Bad (Aerial Fiction) by Jean Ferris
3048594. Arthur's Underwear: An Arthur Adventure (Arthur Adventure Series) by Marc Tolon Brown
3048595. It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life by Sally Jenkins
3048596. Arthur and the Goalie Ghost (Arthur Good Sports Chapter Books) by Stephen Krensky
3048597. Owen Foote, Soccer Star: Soccer Star by Stephanie Greene
3048598. Dream Boat (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) by Mel Odom
3048599. The Cinder- eyed Cats by Eric Rohmann
3048600. Arthur and the Pen- pal Playoff (Arthur Good Sports Chapter Books) by Marc Tolon Brown