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Books 137/1

3060001. Free Speech in Fearful Times: After 9/11 in Canada, the U. S. , Australia, & Europe by Allan Manson
3060002. Dundurn Castle: Sir Allan Macnab and His Hamilton Home by Edward Smith
3060003. The Natural Treasures Of Carolinian Canada: Discovering the Rich Natural Diversity of Ontario's Southwestern Heartland by Lorraine Johnson
3060004. Mortimer (Chinese Edition) (Cantonese) by Robert N Munsch
3060006. To the Post Office with Mama by Sue Farrell
3060007. Atalanta: The Fastest Runner in the World (Tales of Ancient Lands) by Priscilla Galloway
3060008. The Village of a Hundred Smiles by Barrie Baker
3060009. As for the Princess? by Stephane Jorisch
3060011. The French in North America 1500- 1783 by W J Eccles
3060013. No More HRT: Menopause- Treat the Cause by Lorna R Vanderhaeghe
3060017. The Night Walker by Richard Thompson
3060018. United States Military Railway Service: America's Soldier- Railroaders in WWII by Bob Hall
3060019. Work of Mercy: A Picture History of Hospitals by Grace Goldin
3060020. Backroads of Ontario by Ron Brown
3060022. Gunner: An Illustrated History of World War II Aircraft Turrets and Gun Positions by Donald Nijboer
3060023. Misadventures in a Canoe by Kevin Callan
3060024. Lake Erie: A Pictorial History by Ken Sobol
3060025. The High Battleground: Air to Air with World War II's Greatest Combat Aircraft (Flying Legends) by Jim Busha
3060026. A Paddler's Guide to Quetico and Beyond by Kevin Callan
3060027. Leonel/Roque by Leonel Rugama
3060028. Turbulence: How Deregulation Destroyed Canada's Airline by Wayne Skene
3060030. The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson: A True Story of Love and Murder by Lois Simmie
3060031. Umberto's Kitchen: The Flavours of Tuscany by Umberto Menghi
3060032. Outdoor Safety and Survival by
3060034. Ultimate Baseball Puzzles: Crosswords* Puzzles Ed. * Games by John Milito
3060035. Preston Manning: The Roots of Reform by Frank Dabbs
3060036. Eagles of North America by Candace Savage
3060038. The Trade by Fred Stenson
3060041. Skating for Power & Speed: Hockey the NHL Way by Paul Carson
3060042. The Unofficial Guide to Hockey's Most Unusual Records by Kerry Banks
3060044. On the North Trail: The Treaty 8 Diary of O. C. Edwards (Historical Society of Alberta (Series) , V. 12. ) by David Leonard
3060045. We Are Like Fire (E L S Monograph Series) by Hermann Hesse
3060046. Holderlin and the Question of the Father (E L S Monograph Series) by Luke Carson
3060047. A- Quiver with Significance: Marianne Moore, 1932- 1936 (E L S Monograph Series) by Heather Cass White
3060048. Panic Spring: a Romance (E L S Monograph Series) by James Gifford
3060049. Women and the Divine in Literature Before 1700: Essays in Memory of Margot Louis (E L S Monograph Series) by
3060050. New Grub Street: The 1901 Revised Text (E L S Monograph Series) by George Gissing
3060051. Confessing Cultures: Politics and the Self in the Poetry of Sylvia Plath (E L S Monograph Series) by Lisa Narbeshuber
3060052. French Immersion: Myths and Reality by Hector Hammerly
3060053. Coping: Attention Deficit Disorder by Mary Ellen Beugin
3060054. Beyond Multicultural Education: International Perspectives by Kogila Moodley
3060055. Second Look at Calgary's Public Art by Elaine Peake
3060056. Hotcakes to High Stakes: The Chuckwagon Story by Doug Nelson
3060057. Memoirs of a Maverick Lawyer by Webster Mac Donald
3060058. Anger in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Teachers by Johanna Leseho
3060059. Educational Administration in Canada by T E Giles
3060060. Pedagodfathers: The Lords of Education by Douglas Simpson
3060061. Grizzly Kingdom: An Artist's Encounter by Debbie Thomas
3060062. Poke in the Public Eye by David J Climenhaga
3060063. Wildlife Conservation Policy by Valerius Geist
3060064. Caleb and Me by Doug Nelson
3060065. Decoys and Aggression by Stephen Mackenzie
3060066. Rediscovering the First Nations of Canada by John Friesen
3060067. Sayings for Teachers by David C Jones
3060068. The Malinois by Jan Kaldenbach
3060069. A Dog is Not a Gun by Cannie Stark
3060070. Let's Talk About Law in Elementary School by Wanda Cassidy
3060071. Sayings for Sufferers by David C Jones
3060074. Small Moments in Time: The Story of Alberta's Big West Country by Anne Belliveau
3060075. Writing Canadian English: Intermediate Student Workbook by Sheridan Anderson
3060076. K9 Search and Rescue by Resi Gerritsen
3060077. Sayings on Love by David C Jones
3060078. French Enigma: Survival and Development in Canada's Francophone Societies by Robert A Stebbins
3060079. Legends of the Elders by John Friesen
3060080. K9 Schutzhund Training: A Manual for Tracking, Obedience and Protection by Resi Gerritson
3060081. Aboriginal Spirituality & Biblical Theology: Closer Than You Think by John Friesen
3060082. Mental and Emotional Life of Teenagers by John Mitchell
3060083. Disclosing HIV/AIDS to Children: The Paths We Take by Dale De Matteo
3060084. In Defense of Public Schools: In North America by John Friesen
3060085. Shell Lake Massacre by Peter Tadman
3060087. Aboriginal Education in Canada: A Plea for Integration by John Friesen
3060088. Lure of the Peace River Country 1872- 1919: A Fostered Dream by David Leonard
3060089. Sayings for Leaders by David Jones
3060090. More Legends of the Elders (Legends of the Elders Series) by John Friesen
3060091. Even More Legends of the Elders (Legends of the Elders Series) by John Friesen
3060092. Scientific Literacy for Canadian Students: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment by Keith Roscoe
3060093. OSCE & LMCC- II: Review Notes by Zu Hua Gao
3060094. Talking About Feelings and Values With Children by Micheal Schleifer
3060095. Canadian Aboriginal Art and Spirituality: A Vital Link by John W Friesen
3060096. Sounds Like Alberta: 1754- 1905 by Colin A Thomson
3060097. Cultivating Spirituality in Leadership: Synergizing Heart and Mind by Nancy Doetzel
3060098. Starting a Conversation: School Children With Congenital Heart Disease by Jillian Roberts
3060099. Surviving Prostate Cancer: A Personal Journey and Second Opinion by Harold S Gopaul
3060100. Reflexive Special Educator, The by Thomas G Ryan
3060104. The Beginning Teacher's Handbook for Elementary School by Lori Friesen
3060105. Western Canadian Native Destiny: Complex Questions on the Cultural Maze by Virginia Lyons Friesen
3060106. Homeless Shelter Design: considerations for shaping shelters and the public realm by Beverly A Sandalack
3060107. Dutton & Jennings: The Standard Saga by John T Gorman
3060109. Walking the Talk: putting theory into practice by Carole Richardson
3060110. Barbecues, Booms & Blogs: 50 Years of Public Relations in Calgary by Calgary Member
3060111. Baglady or Powerhouse? : A Roadmap for Midlife (Boomer) Women by Lillian Zimmerman
3060113. OSCE & LMCC- II: Review Notes by M D Ng Denise
3060115. Rousseau's Garden by Ann Charney
3060117. The Walkable City: From Haussmann's Boulevards to Jane Jacobs' Streets and Beyond (Urban Studies) by Mary Soderstrom
3060118. Montreal 24: Twenty- four Hours in the Life of a City by Bill Brownstein
3060119. A Crown of Life: The World of John McCrae by Dianne Graves
3060123. Franklin Fibs by Paulette Bourgeois
3060124. A Seed Grows: My First Look at a Plant's Life Cycle (My First Look at Nature) by Pamela Hickman
3060125. Bone Button Borscht by Aubrey Davis
3060126. Franklin Wants a Pet (Franklin) by Paulette Bourgeois
3060127. Franklin's School Play by Paulette Bourgeois
3060128. The Sun (Starting with Space) by Paulette Bourgeois
3060129. Franklin's New Friend by Paulette Bourgeois
3060131. Living Things (Starting with Science) by Adrienne Mason
3060132. Franklin and the Thunderstorm (Franklin) by Paulette Bourgeois
3060133. Franklin Rides a Bike by Paulette Bourgeois
3060134. Wild Dogs: Wolves, Coyotes and Foxes (Kids Can Press Wildlife Series) by Deborah Hodge
3060135. Bake It and Build It (Kids Can Do It) by Elizabeth Mac Leod
3060136. Franklin's Secret Club by Paulette Bourgeois
3060138. Fun with Modeling Clay (Kids Can Do It) by Barbara Reid
3060139. Daughter by Ishbel Moore
3060140. Kids Campfire Book, The: Official Book of Campfire Fun (Family Fun) by Ann Love
3060141. Lu and Clancy's Secret Codes by Adrienne Mason
3060142. Burp! : The Most Interesting Book You'll Ever Read about Eating (Mysterious You) by Diane Swanson
3060143. Aliens in Woodford (SAM: Dog Detective) by Mary Labatt
3060145. Elliot Bakes a Cake (An Elliot Moose Story) by Andrea Beck
3060146. Franklin and the Baby (A Franklin TV Storybook) by Eva Moore
3060147. Franklin's Bicycle Helmet (A Franklin TV Storybook) by Sean Jeffrey
3060148. Franklin and the Hero (A Franklin TV Storybook) by Sean Jeffrey
3060149. Papier- Mache (Kids Can Do It) by Renee Schwarz
3060150. Franklin Plants a Tree (A Franklin TV Storybook) by Sean Jeffrey
3060151. Franklin's Birthday Party (A Franklin TV Storybook) by Sean Jeffrey
3060152. Technology Book for Girls, The: and Other Advanced Beings (Books for Girls) by Trudee Romanek
3060155. Cat and the Devil by James Joyce
3060157. Cod: The Ecological History of the Atlantic Fisheries by George A Rose
3060159. The Seary Line by Nicole Lundrigan
3060163. Where Genesis Begins by Tom Dawe
3060166. Where Genesis Begins by Gerry Squires
3060167. An Unrehearsed Desire by Lauren B Davis
3060168. Delicate Line: Poems by Robert Colman
3060170. That Summer in Paris (Exile Classics series) by Morley Callaghan
3060171. Wetland Plants of Ontario by Steven G Newmaster
3060172. Wildlife & Trees in British Columbia by Guy Todd
3060175. Birds of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland: Completely Revised and Updated by Robin Bovey
3060176. Animal Tracks of New England (Lone Pine Field Guides) by Mark Elbroch
3060177. Tree & Shrub Gardening for Ontario by Alison Beck
3060178. Saskatchewan Birds by Alan Smith
3060180. Perennials for Saskatchewan And Manitoba by Laura Peters
3060181. Gardening Month by Month in Ontario by Alison Beck
3060182. Mapping Our Land by Alix Flavelle
3060183. Perennials for Alberta by Laura Peters
3060184. Gardening Month by Month in Saskatchewan by Laura Peters
3060185. Water Garden Plants for Canada by Alison Beck
3060190. Lena and the Whale by Deirdre Kessler
3060193. East to the Sea by Heidi Jardine Stoddart
3060194. Chocolate River Rescue by Jennifer Mcgrath Kent
3060195. Nova Scotia Drink- o- pedia by Graham Pilsworth
3060197. Native Song: Poetry & Paintings by David Woods
3060198. Canada's Atlantic Gateway: An Illustrated History of the Port of Halifax by Jr Frost James D
3060199. The Peaceful Revolution: 250 Years of Democracy in Nova Scotia by John Boileau