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Books 138/116

3099752. Tropical Residual Soils Engineering by Faisal Haji Ali
3099753. Psychology in the Courts: International Advances in Knowledge by Ronald Roesch
3099755. The Lockerbie Trial by C Tofan
3099756. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights: Selected Basic Documents and Background Materials by Hanna Weijers
3099757. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights: Selected Basic Documents and Background Materials by Hanna Weijers
3099758. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights: Selected Basic Documents and Background Materials by Hanna Weijers
3099759. The Lockerbie Trial by C Tofan
3099760. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Studies of Visual Motion Processing in the Human Brain (Acta Biomedical Lovaniensia, 226) by Stefan Sunaert
3099761. Modulation of Nitric Oxide/Cyclic Gmp Signal Transduction in the Injured Vascular Wall (Acta Biomedica Lovaniensia, 239) by Peter Sinnaeve
3099762. Metabolism & Biological Activities of Sphingosine- 1- Phosphate (Acta Biomedica Lovaniensia, 252) by Sofie Gijsbers
3099763. Complex Motion Processing In The Human Cerebral Cortex As Studied By Functional Imaging (Acta Biomedica Lovaniensia) by Hendrik Peuskens
3099764. Effects of Exercise Training & Acute Exacerbations on Muscle Function in Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Acta Biomedica Lovaniensia) by Martijn A Spruit
3099765. In the Best Interests of Children and Youth. International Perspectives (Studia Peadagigica) by W Hellinckx
3099766. Modulation of Cftr & Enac Channel Function by Interacting Proteins & Trafficking (Acta Biomedica Lovaniensia) by Lishuang Cao
3099767. Physiological Study of Presenilins & Baces, Two Proteases Involved in the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease (Acta Biomedica Lovaniensia) by Jos Tournoy
3099768. Calcification of Aortic Wall Tissue in Prosthetic Heart Valves: Initiation, Influencing Factors and Strategies Towards Prevention (Acta Biomedical Lovaniensia) by Bart Meuris
3099769. Ventilator- Induced Diaphram Dysfunction in an Animal Model of Controlled Mechanical Ventilation: Effects of Corticosteroids & Development of Preventive Strategies (Acta Biomedica Lovaniensia) by Karen Maes
3099770. Minorities and Minorities Right in Europe by Michael Mc Donald
3099771. international Nuclear Energy Law: Basic Documents by C Tofan
3099772. The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea by C Tofan
3099773. Five Minutes City. Architecture and (Im) mobility Forum & Workshop Rotterdam by Winy Maas
3099774. Sick City: A Global Investigation into Urbanism, Infrastructures And Disease by Hilary Sample
3099775. Game Set And Match II. On Computer Games, Advanced Geometries, and Digital Technologies (No. 2) by Lukas Feireiss
3099776. The Black Hole by
3099777. Abhandlung Uber Die Bedeutsamen Verhaltensweisen Der Sprache (Tractatus De Modis Significandi) : Aus Dem Lateinischen Ubersetzt Und Eingeleitet Von Stephan. . . Studien Zur Philosophie) (German Edition) by Thomas Von Erfurt
3099778. Ioane Petrizi. Kommentar zur" Elementatio Theologica" des Proklos: 303234bersetzung aus dem Altgeorgischen, Anmerkungen, Indices und Einleitung (Bochumer Philosophisches. . . Fur Antike Und Mittelalter) (German Edition) by Lela Alexidze
3099779. Pietro Pomponazzi entre traditions et innovations (Bochumer Studien zur Philosophie) (French Edition) by Thierry Gontier
3099780. Bochumer Philosophisches Jahrbuch Fur Antike Und Mittelalter (German Edition) by Rudolf Rehn
3099781. Democratic Peace- Building and Conflict Prevention: The Devil Is in the Transition by Luc Reychler
3099782. Flora of Tropical East Africa- Aristolochiace (1986) by R M Polhill
3099783. Flora of Tropical East Africa- Rubiaceae Volume 2 (1988) by B Verdcourt
3099784. Project Surveying by Peter Richardus
3099786. Rock Mech- 30th Us- Gde Effcnt Utlztn by A Wahab Khair
3099787. Fish Diseases- 2 Volume Set by Wilhelm Schhaperclaus
3099788. Clayey Reservoirs of Oil and Gas (Russian Translation; No 85) by T T Klubova
3099790. The Oldest Maps of the Netherlands: An Illustrated and Annotated Carto- Bibliography of the 16th Century Maps of the XVII Provinces (HES studies in the. . . of cartography and scientific instruments) by H A
3099791. Dutch Design 2002- 2003: New Media (Dutch Edition) by Bis
3099805. Paper Landscapes: Explorations in the Environmental History of Indonesia (Verhandelingen Series Vol. 178) by David Henley
3099806. Loan- Words in Indonesian and Malay by Russell Jones
3099807. The Commoditization Debate: Labour Process, Strategy and Social Network by Louk Box
3099810. Speech Acts in Argumentative Discussions: A Theoretical Model for the Analysis of Discussions Directed. . . (Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis) by Rob Grootendorst
3099812. The Wolio Language: Outline of Grammatical Description and Texts (Verhandelingen Van Het Koninklijk Instituut Voor Taal, Land En Volkenkunde, 11) by J C Anceaux
3099813. Explorations in Dependency Phonology (Publications in language sciences) by John Anderson
3099814. Eurogrammar: The Relative and Cleft Constructions of the Germanic and Romance Languages by Rik J C Smits
3099815. Linking livelihood strategies to development Experience from the Bolivian Andes by Annelies Zoomers
3099816. Designing and Conducting Health System Research Projects- Vol. 1 and 2: Proposal development and fieldwork & Data ananlyses and report writing by A Brownlee
3099817. Indonesia: Discovery of the Past by Endang Sri Hardiati
3099818. Gender, Rights and Development: A Global Sourcebook (Gender, Society and Development Series) by Shamim Meer
3099819. Advances in Functional Grammar by S C Dik
3099820. Paradise Betrayed by David Brookshaw
3099821. Peopling the Purple Land: A Historical Geography of Rural by
3099822. INDIAN COMMUNITY OF COLONIAL MEXICO (Latin America Studies) by Arij Ouweneel
3099823. LEGACY OF THE DISINHERITED (Latin) by Tom Salman
3099825. Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age by Benjamin Creme
3099826. The World Teacher for All Humanity by Benjamin Creme
3099827. The Awakening of Humanity by Benjamin Creme
3099829. Seed Potato Technology by S G Wiersema
3099830. Memling in Bruges by
3099831. Siebold and Japan. His Life and Work. by M Forrer
3099832. Tattoos of the Floating World: Ukiyo- E Motifs in Japanese Tattoo by Katie M Kitamura
3099833. Of Brigands and Bravery: Kuniyoshi's Heroes of the Suikoden by Inge Klompmakers
3099834. The Sketchbook: 80 Unique Designs by the World's Finest Tattoo Artists by Marco Bratt
3099837. East African Bugs by Marc De Meyer
3099841. Tables of Composition and Nutritional Value of Feed Materials: Pigs, Poultry, Cattle by Gilles Tran
3099842. Indicators Of Milk And Beef Quality (Eaap Publication) by S Gigli
3099843. Production Diseases In Farm Animals: 12th International Conference by Thomas H Herdt
3099844. Nutrient Management In Agricultural Watersheds: A Wetlands Solution by O T Carton
3099845. The Growing Horse: Nutrition and Prevention of Growth Disorders (European Association for Animal Production) by W Martin Rosset
3099846. Livestock Farming Systems: Product Quality Based on Local Resources Leading to Improved Sustainability (European Association for Animal Production) by A Gibon
3099847. Ruminant Physiology: Digestion, Metabolism and Impact of Nutrition on Gene Expression, Immunology and Stress by M O Nielsen
3099849. Utilisation Of Grazed Grass In Temperate Animal Systems by J Murphy
3099850. Safety In The Agri- Food Chain by R Verhe
3099851. XX International Grassland Congress: Offered Papers by F P O Mara
3099852. Nutritional Approaches To Arresting The Decline In Fertility Of Pigs And Poultry: Proceedings from Alltech's Technical Seminar Series by L Nollet
3099854. Rapid Methods For Food And Feed Quality Determination by M Lauwaars
3099855. International Agrifood Chains And Networks: Management and Organization by E F M Wubben
3099856. Heterodox Views On Economics And The Economy Of The Global Society (Mansholt) by B H J Verstegen
3099857. IT Service Management from Hell based on Not ITIL v3: A Guide to Service Management by The It
3099858. Introduction to Programme Management Based on MSP: An Introduction by Van Haren Publishing
3099859. Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) : A Pocket Guide by Marlys Keeton
3099862. Colour in the Home by Wim Pauwels
3099863. Classical Living by Wim Pauwels
3099864. Dot Dot Dot 7 by Stuart Bailey
3099865. Dot Dot Dot 8 by Stuart Bailey
3099866. Dot Dot Dot 9 by Stuart Bailey
3099867. Dot Dot Dot 10 (Issue 10) by Stuart Bailey
3099868. Dot Dot Dot 11 (Dot Dot Dot) (Issue 11) by Peter Bilak
3099869. Dot Dot Dot 12: Maybe It's Time It's Maybe by Stuart Bailey
3099870. La Base (French Edition) by Filip Verheyden
3099872. In Praise of Florence: The Panegyric of the City of Florence, and An Introduction to Leonardo Bruni's Civil Humanism by Leonardo Bruni
3099873. The Central Philosophy, Basic Verses: Nagarjuna by Erik Hoogcarspel
3099878. Hunch 6/7: 109 Provisional Attempts to Address Six Simple And Hard Questions About What Architects Do Today And Where Their Profession Might Go Tomorrow by Roemer Van Toorn
3099879. Butterfly in the Wind: The Life of" " Tojin" " Okichi, Concubine Against Her Will of the First American Consul in Japan by Rei Kimura
3099880. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Alfred Scheepers
3099883. Doppler Myocardial Imaging: A Textbook by Bart H Bijnens
3099884. Canada Exposed/Le Canada a Decouvert (Etudes Canadiennes- Canadian Studies) by A Loiselle
3099885. The Apollonian Clockwork: On Stravinsky (Amsterdam University Press- Amsterdam Archaeological Studies) by Elmer Schonberger
3099886. Gaps and Dummies (Amsterdam University Press- Amsterdam Archaeological Studies) by Hans Bennis
3099888. Introduction To Energy Analysis by Blok
3099889. The Challenge of Social Innovation in Urban Revitalization by
3099890. Look, We Are Bears by Gardner Publishing
3099891. Look, We Are Wolves by Molly Grooms
3099894. Ethics And The Politics Of Food: Preprints of the 6th Congress of the European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics: EurSAFE 2006 Olso, Norway, June 22- 24, 2006 by Marianne Elisabeth Lien
3099895. Food Product Design: An Integrated Approach by Martinus A
3099898. South American Camelids Research by Oscar Toro
3099900. Precision Agriculture '07 by J V Stafford
3099904. Ammonia: Emissions in Agriculture by Eberhard Hartung
3099905. Breeding, Production Recording, Health And The Evaluation Of Farm Animals: Proceedings of the 35th Biennial Session of Icar, Kuopio, Finland, June 6- 10, . . . (European Association for Animal Production) by Cesare Mosconi
3099906. Social Learning: Towards a Sustainable World by Arjen E J Wals
3099907. The Role of Guanxi in Buyer- Seller Relationships in China: A Survey of Vegetable Supply Chains in Jiangsu Province (International Chains and Network Series) by Hualiang Lu
3099908. Imaging the Future: Geo- visualisation for Participatory Spatial Planning in Europe (Mansholt) by Silke Dane
3099909. Applied Equine Nutrition And Training: Equine Nutrition Conference (Enuco) 2007 by Arno Lindner
3099911. Biofuels: Implications for the Feed Industry by Piet Van Der Aar
3099915. Producer Organisations and Market Chains: Facilitating Trajectories of Change in Developing Countries by Joost Oorthuizen
3099916. Headquarters- Subsidiary Relationship Governance In Emerging Markets Of Central Eastern Europe: A Study in Poland (International Chains and Network Series) by Joanna Sylwia Hendriks Gusc
3099918. Emerging Pests And Vector- Borne Diseases In Europe: Ecology and Control of Vector- borne Diseases (ECVD) by Bart G J Knols
3099919. Quality Management And Strategic Alliances In The Mango Supply Chain From Costa Rica: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Analysing Coordination, Incentives. . . (International Chains and Networks) by Guillermo E Zuniga Arias
3099921. Property Rights After Market Liberalization Reforms: Land Titling and Investments in Rural Peru by Ricardo Fort
3099922. EU Beef Farming Systems and CAP Regulations (Eaap Technical Series) by Milan Zjalic
3099924. Aspergillus In The Genomic Era by Robert A Samson
3099926. Adoption Of Agricultural Innovations By Smallholder Farmers In The Context Of HIV/AIDS: The Case of Tissue- Cultured Banana in Kenya (African Women Leaders in Agriculture and the Environment) by Faith Njeri Nguthi
3099928. Current Advances in Selenium Research and Applications by Peter F Surai
3099929. Institutional Economics and Economic Organisation Theory: An Integrated Approach by
3099931. Income Stabilisation in European Agriculture: Design and Economic Impact of Risk Management Tools by Ruud B M Huirne
3099932. Applied Ethology: Addressing Future Challenges in Animal Agriculture: Proceedings of the 42nd Congress of the ISAE, University College Dublin, Ireland, 5- 9 August 2008 by Alison Hanlon
3099933. European Food Law Handbook by Menno Van Der Velde
3099934. The Impact of Fair Trade by Ruerd Ruben
3099936. On the Political Economy of Plant Disease Epidemics; Capita Selecta in Historical Epidemiolgy by Jan C Zadoks
3099940. Cooperation for Competition: Linking Ethiopian Farmers to Markets (International Chains and Networks- Issn 1874- 7663) by Gian Nicola Francesconi
3099942. Design of Human Nutrigenomics Studies by Linda Penn
3099943. Voluntary Feed Intake in Pigs by Eugeni Roura
3099944. Sustainable Animal Production: The Challenges and Potential Developments for Professional Farming by F Madec
3099945. Profiting from External Knowledge: How Firms Use Different Knowledge Acquisition Strategies to Improve Their Innovation Performance (Innovation and Sustainability) by Maarten Batterink
3099946. The Organisation of Transactions: Studying Supply Networks Using Gaming Simulation (International Chains and Network) by Sebastiaan Meijer
3099947. European Pork Chains; Diversity and Quality Challenges in Consumer- Oriented Production and Distribution by Jacques Trienekens
3099948. The Cattle Sector in Central and Eastern Europe: Developments and Opportunities in a Time of Transition (Eaap Technical Series) by A Dimitriadou
3099950. Reflexive Biotechnology Development: Studying Plant Breeding Technologies and Genomics for Agriculture in the Developing World by Wietse Vroom
3099951. Fed Up With the Right to Food? : The Netherlands' Policies and Practices Regarding the Human Right to Adequate Food by Bernd Van Der Meulen
3099953. The Food Economy: Global Issues and Challenges by Hans Dagevos
3099954. Supply Chain Integration, Quality Management and Firm Performance in the Pork Processing Industry in China (International Chanis and Networks) by Jiqin Han
3099955. Logistics Outsourcing in the Food Processing Industry: A Study in the Netherlands and Taiwan (International Chains and Networks) by Hsin I Hsiao
3099958. Joint International Agricultural Conference 2009: Book of Abstracts by
3099960. The EFQM Excellence Model to Assess Organizational Performance- A Management Guide (Best Practice) by Chris Hakes
3099961. SqEME Process Management- A Pocket Guide by Jos Van Oosten
3099966. The Aarhus Convention at Ten: Interactions and Tensions Between Conventional International Law and Eu Environmental Law by Marc Pallemaerts
3099969. Gratefull To Providence 2 (Publications of the Lincoln Records Society) by Matthew Flinders
3099970. Papers from the Scandinavian Symposium on Syntactic Variation (Stockholm Studies in English) by Sven Jacobson
3099971. Moral Development: The Validity of Kohlberg's Theory (Stockholm Studies in Education Psychology) by Kurt Bergling
3099972. Psychological Vision and Social Criticism in the Novels of Thomas Hardy (Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis. Stockholm Studies in English, 75) by Lennart A Bjork