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Books 138/119

3100202. Overcoming Vulnerability to Rising Oil Prices: Options for Asia and the Pacific- Fuel to Change Livelihoods, Equity, Empowerment by Kay Kirby Dorji
3100203. Towards Integrated Social Policies in Arab Countries: Framework And Comparative Analysis by United Nations
3100204. World Survey On The Role Of Women In Development, 2004: Women And International Migration by
3100205. The Inequality Predicament: Report on the World Social Situation 2005 by
3100206. Eleventh United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention And Criminal Justice Bangkok 18- 25 April 2005 (Iaea Tecdoc) by
3100207. Ending Violence Against Women: From Words to Action: Study of the Secretary- General by United Nations
3100208. Participatory Dialogue: Towards a Stable, Safe and Just Society for All by United Nations
3100209. Regional Dimensions of the Ageing Situation (Department of Economic and Social Affairs) by Department Of
3100210. The State of African Cities 2008 by
3100211. Yearbook of the International Law Commission 2001 by United Nations
3100213. United Nations Juridical Yearbook 2002 by
3100215. Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods: Manual of Tests and Criteria- Amendment 2 by United Nations
3100217. United Nations Disarmament Yearbook 2003 by
3100218. Global Illicit Drug Trends 2003 by United Nations
3100219. Directory of Non Governmental Organizations and Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation by
3100220. Ethical Challenges In Drug Epidemiology: Issues, Principles And Guidelines by
3100221. Substance Abuse Treatment And Care for Women: Case Studies And Lessons Learned by
3100223. World Population Prospects 2000: The Sex and Age Distribution of the World Population (Population Studies) by United Nations Department
3100225. World Population Monitoring, 2003: Population, Education and Development by
3100226. Human Rights/Chart of Ratifications: Status of International Instruments (E. 86. XIV. 2. ) by United Nations
3100227. Human Rights: A Compilation of International Instruments Universal Instruments by
3100228. Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Handbook for National Human Rights Institutions (Professional Training Series) by United Nations
3100229. Legislative History of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (Set of Two Books & CD- ROM) by United Nations
3100230. Good Governance Practices for the Protection of Human Rights by United Nations
3100231. Rule- of- Law Tools for Post- Conflict States: Maximizing the Legacy of Hybrid Courts (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights) by United Nations
3100232. Handbook on Population and Housing Censuses (Studies in Methods Series F) by United Nations
3100233. Handbook on Census Management for Population and Housing Censuses by Statistical Division United Nations
3100234. World Statistics Pocketbook 2003 by United Nations
3100236. Household Sample Surveys in Developing and Transition Countries (Economic & Social Affairs: Studies in Methods, Series F) by Department Of
3100237. World's Women 2005 Progress in Statistics: Progress in Statistics by
3100238. National Accounts Statistics: Main Aggregates and Detailed Tables 2007 by Renouf Pub Co Ltd
3100239. Yearbook, 2003- 2004: International Court of Justice (International Court of Justice//Yearbook) by
3100240. Yearbook of the International Court of Justice 2004- 2005: International Court of Justice (International Court of Justice//Yearbook) by
3100241. Traites Et Principes Des Nations Unies Relatifs a L'espace Extra- atmospherique Et Autres Resolutions Connexes De L'assemblee Generale (French Edition) by
3100242. Guides Legislatif Pour L'application De La Convention Des Nations Unies: Contre La Criminalite Transnationale Organisee T Des Protocoles S'y Rapportant (French Edition) by
3100243. Loi Type De La Cnudci Sur La Conciliation Commerciale Internationale Et Guide Pour Son Incorporation Dans Le Droit Interne Et Son Utilisation 2002 (French Edition) by
3100244. Guide Legislatif Sur Le Droit De L'insolvabilite (French Edition) by
3100245. Bulletin Demographique Des Nations Unies: Reunion D'experts Sur La Conduite a Suive Face Au Vieillissement Et Au Declin De La Population (French Edition) by
3100246. ABC De Las Naciones Unidas/ the ABC of the United Nations (Spanish Edition) by
3100247. Vivir Con El Riesgo: Informe Mundial Sobre Iniciativas Para La Reduccion De Desastres 2004 (Spanish Edition) by
3100248. Reforma De Salud En Nicaragua (Financiamiento Del Desarrollo) (Spanish Edition) by
3100249. Report of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women: Thirty- fourth Session (16 January- 3 February 2006) , Thirty- fifth Session (15. . . Thirty- sixth Session (7- 25 August 2006) by United Nations Publications
3100250. Report of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women: Fourtieth Session (14 January- 1 February 2008) , Forty- first Session (30 June- 18. . . Assembly Affairs and Conference Services) by United Nations Pubns
3100251. Commission on Crime Prevention And Criminal Justice: Report on the Fifteenth Session (27 May 2005 And 24- 28 April 2006) by
3100252. Treaty Series: Treaties And International Agreements Registered Or Filed And Recorded With The Secretariat Of The United Nations by
3100253. Yearbook of Labour Statistics 2007/ Annuaire Des Statistiques Du Travail 2007/ Anuario De Estadisticas Del Trabajo 2007 (Yearbook of Labour Statistics/Annuaire Des Statistiques Du Travail) by International Labour Office
3100254. Grievance Arbitration: A Practical Guide by Unk
3100256. Decision Making in Foreign- Owned Multinational Subsidiaries in the United Kingdom (Working paper / Multinational Enterprises Programme) by James Hamill
3100257. Productivity Management: A Practical Handbook by Joseph Prokopenko
3100258. Diagnosing Management Training and Development Needs: Concepts and Techniques (Management Development Series) by Joseph Prokopenko
3100260. The Unfinished Story: Turkish Labour Migration to Western Europe: With Special Reference to the Federal Republic of Germany by Philip L Martin
3100261. Shelter Provision and Employment Generation by
3100262. Combining Work and Elder Care: A Challenge for Now and the Future (Management development series) by Irene Hoskins
3100263. Iccc 1997: Vol. 1- Plenary Lectures Clinker And Cement Production, by Justnes
3100264. Modular Package On Gender, Poverty And Employment by International Labour Office
3100265. Workers Without Frontiers: The Impact Of Globalization On International Migration by Peter Stalker
3100267. Combatting Child Labour And HIV/Aids in Sub- saharan Africa by
3100268. Meeting the Employment Challenge: Argentina, Brazil and Mexico in the Global Economy by Peter Auer
3100269. Getting Hired: A Guide for Job- seekers With Disabilities by
3100270. Getting Hired: A Trainer's Manual for Conducting a Workshop for Job- seekers With Disabilities by
3100272. Le Credit- bail Pour Les Micro Et Petites Entreprises (French Edition) by
3100273. La maternidad sin riesgo y el mundo del trabajo (Spanish Edition) by
3100274. Soil Map of the World: North and Central Asia by Unesco
3100275. Women Say No to War (Wome Plus) by Unesco
3100276. Cultural Policy in Great Britain (Studies and Documents on Cultural Policies) by Michael Green
3100277. Soil Map of the World 1 Legend by Unesco
3100278. Project Evaluation Methodologies and Techniques by Constantin G Soumelis
3100279. Intercocta Manual: Towards an International Encyclopaedia of Social Science Terms (Reports and Papers in the Social Sciences, No 58) by Fred W Riggs
3100280. Evaluating Educational Programmes and Projects: Holistic and Practical Considerations (Socio- Economic Studies) by Gary Miron
3100281. Reproductive Ecology of Tropical Forest Plants (Man and the Biosphere Series, Volume 7) by M Hadley
3100282. International Law: Achievements and Prospects by Mohammed Bedjaoui
3100283. The Different Aspects of Islamic Culture: The Individual and Society in Islam by Muhammad Maruf Dawalibi
3100284. The Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict: Commentary on the Hague Convention 14 May 1954 by Jiri Toman
3100285. General History of the Caribbean: The Slave Societies of the Caribbean by Franklin W Knight
3100286. History of Civilizations of Central Asia: The Crossroads of Civilization: A. D. 250 to 750 by R Shabani Samghabadi
3100287. Farming the Desert: Synthesis by David Mattingly
3100288. The Life of Ismail Ferik Pasha by Rea Galanake
3100289. Farming the Desert: Gazetteer and Pottery by David Mattingly
3100290. Phytoplankton Pigments in Oceanography: Guidelines to Modern Methods (Monographs on Oceanographic Methodology) by S W Jeffrey
3100291. Handbook for the Collection of Traditional Music and Musical Instruments (Memory of peoples) by Genevieve Dournon
3100292. Genghis Khan: The History of the World Conqueror by Ata Malik Juvaini
3100294. Art and Science by Eliane Strosberg
3100295. The Role of Measurement and Evaluation in Education Policy (Education Studies & Documents) by Frances M Ottobre
3100296. Fredman's Epistles and Songs: A Selection in English With a Short Introduction by Paul Britten Austin by Carl Michael Bellman
3100297. Life in the Green Desert Pal: The Gobi Women's Project by Unesco
3100298. Achieving Education for All by Unesco
3100299. World Education Report: The Right to Education: Towards Education for All Throughout Life, 2000 by Cultural Organization
3100300. Male Roles, Masculinities and Violence: A Culture of Peace Perspective (Cultures of Peace. ) by Ingrid Eide
3100301. Women, Power and the Academy: From Rhetoric to Reality (Women Plus) by Mary Louise Kearney
3100302. Seven Complex Lessons in Education for the Future (Education on the Move) by Edgar Morin
3100303. Creating Our Common Future: Educating for Unity in Diversity by Jack Campbell
3100304. Education for a Culture of Peace in a Gender Perspective (The Teacher's Library) by Betty A Reardon
3100305. Manual on Harmful Marine Microalgae (Monographs on Oceanographic Methodology, 11) by Allan D Cembella
3100307. Water for People Water for Life: The United Nations World Water Development Report by Unesco
3100308. Challenge Of Indigenous Education: Practice And Perspectives (Education on the Move) by Sabien Schielmann
3100309. Eliminating Corporal Punishment: The Way Forward to Constructive Child Discipline (Education on the Move) by Stuart N Hart
3100310. UNESCO World Report: Towards Knowledge Societies (UNESCO Reference Works) by Roger Pol Droit
3100311. Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2006: Education for All Global Literacy for Life (Education on the Move) by
3100312. Technology Business Incubation (Science and Technology for Development Series) by
3100315. Catalogue of the National Museum of Afghanistan 1931- 1985 (Art, Museum and Monuments) by Francine Tissot
3100317. Marine Habitat and Cover: Their Importance for Productive Coastal Fishery Resources by John F Caddy
3100318. Earthquake Spectra: The Great Sumatra Earthquakes and Indian Ocean Tsunamis of 26 December 2004 and 28 March 2005 Reconnaissance Report: Special Issue III (Earth Sciences Series) by Wildred D Iwan
3100319. Environmental Ethics and International Policy by Henk A
3100320. Democracy and Human Rights in Multicultural Societies (Human Rights in Perspectives) by Paul De Guchteneire
3100322. Standard- Setting In Unesco: Normative Action in Education, Science and Culture (Unesco Reference Works) (v. 1) by Abdulqawi A Yusuf
3100323. Standard- Setting In Unesco: Conventions, Recommendations, Declarations and Charters Adopted by UNESCO (1948- 2006) (Unesco Reference Works) (v. 2) by Abdulqawi A Yusuf
3100324. Education for All Monitoring Report 2009: Focus on Inequalities by Unesco
3100330. DNA and Proteins: An Interactive Education Tools for Secondary Schools and Undergraduate University Teaching (World Biodiversity Database Electronic Series) by Geoff Rickards
3100332. Explique- moi La Terre (A La Decouverte Du Monde) (French Edition) by
3100333. Historia General de America Latina: Los Proyectos Nacionales Latinoamericanos, Sus Instrumentos Y Articulacion, 1870- 1930 (Coleccion La Historia En Plural) (Spanish Edition) by
3100334. Historia General Des America Latina: Teroria Y Metodologia En La Historia De America Latina (Historia General De Ameica Latina) (Spanish Edition) by
3100335. Politica Nacional Del Libro (Spanish Edition) by
3100336. Promoting Health Through Schools: Report of a WHO Expert Committee on Comprehensive School Health Education and Promotion (Technical Report Series) by World Health Organization
3100337. Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases: Report of a Joint WHO/FAO Expert Consultation (WHO Technical Report Series) by Who
3100340. Prevention of Sexual Transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (Who AIDS Series 1) by World Health Organization
3100341. World Directory of Medical Schools by World Health Organization
3100343. Laboratory Biosafety Manual(1152213) by World Health Organization
3100349. The International Pharmacopoeia, Third Edition by World Health Organization
3100351. International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) Pocket- sized book by World Health Organization
3100355. Guidelines for the Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections by World Health Organization
3100365. Assessing the National Health Information System: Assessment Tool Version 4.0 (Health Metrics Network) by World Health Organization
3100377. The World Health Report 2001: Mental Health: New Understanding, New Hope (World Health Reports) by Who
3100385. Progress on Drinking- Water and Sanitation: Special Focus on Sanitation by World Health Organization
3100392. International Travel and Health: Vaccination Requirements and Health Advice: Situation As on 1 January 2001 (International Travel and Health) by World Health Organization
3100394. WHO Multi- country Study on Women's Health and Domestic Violence against Women: Initial Results on Prevalence, Health Outcomes and Women's Responses by C Garcia Moreno
3100397. VIH/SIDA D303251fendons les droits humains by Who
3100398. Dieta, nutrici303263n y prevenci303263n de enfermedades cr303263nicas: Informe de una consulta mixta de expertos OMS/FAO (Serie de Informes T303251cnicos) by World Health Organization
3100399. Report of the Second Meeting of Directors of the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Central- eastern Europe (Nacee) (Fao Fisheries Reports) by
3100400. Yearbook of Fishery Statistics: Capture Production (Yearbook of Fishery Statistics/Annuaire Statistique Des Peches/Anuario Estadistico De Pesca) by
3100401. Yearbook of Fishery Statistics: Aquaculture Production (Yearbook of Fishery Statistics/Annuaire Statistique Des Peches/Anuario Estadistico De Pesca) by
3100402. Yearbook of Fishery Statistics: Commodities (Yearbook of Fishery Statistics/Annuaire Statistique Des Peches/Anuario Estadistico De Pesca) by
3100407. Biogas: What It Is, How It Is Made, How to Use It (Better Farming Series, No 31) by Food And
3100408. The Palmyra Palm: Potential and Perspectives (Fao Plant Production and Protection Paper) by A Kovoor
3100409. Water Law in Selected European Countries (Legislative Study) Vol 2. by Food And
3100410. Farming Snails 2: Choosing Snails Care&Harvesting Further Improvement (Better Farming) (v. 2) by Food And
3100411. Salt- Affected Soils and Their Management (Soils Bulletin) by F I Massoud
3100412. Protected Cultivation in the Mediterranean Climate (FAO Plant Production and Protection Papers) by Food And
3100413. Impact of Changing Technological and Economic Factors on Markets for Natural Industrial Fibers: Case Studies on Jute, Kenaf, Sisal and Abaca (Fao Economic and Social Development Paper) by Food And
3100414. Manuals of Food Quality Control: Pesticide Residue Analysis in the Food Control Laboratory by G Miller
3100415. Body Mass Index: A Measure of Chronic Energy Deficiency in Adults (Fao Food and Nutrition Paper) by W P T James
3100416. Technology of Hybrid Rice Production by Xi Qin Fu
3100417. Fishes of the Cambodian Mekong (Fao Agricultural Services Bulletin, ) by Walter J Rainboth
3100418. Nutrition Education for the Public (Food & Nutrition Papers) by Food And
3100419. Improving Agricultural Extension: A Reference Manual by Burton E Swanson
3100421. Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Control of Helminth Parasites of Swine Animal Health Manual by Peter Nansen
3100422. Trends in Forestry Law in America and Asia by Kenneth L Rosenbaum
3100423. Understanding the Codex Alimentarius by Joint Fao
3100424. Farming Freshwater Prawns: A Manual for the Culture of the Giant River Prawn (FAO Fisheries Technical Paper) by Food And
3100425. Organic Agriculture, Environment and Food Safety (Environmental and Natural Resources Series) by Nadia Scialabba
3100426. Food Composition Data: Production Management and Use by D A T Southgate