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Books 138/39

3088241. Algebraic Programming with Magma II: An Introduction to the Magma Categories (v. 2) by Wieb Bosma
3088280. MathInsight 2002 by Martin Rumpf
3088285. Complications in Laparoscopic Surgery: Prevention, Detection, Management, and Treatment by B V Mac Fadyen
3088304. Handbook of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics by Peter Warneck
3088327. Aromaticity in Heterocyclic Compounds by Tadeusz M Krygowski
3088330. Treatment Failure and Success: Improving Your Patient302222s Outcome by Jorgen Serup
3088340. Ramanujan's Notebooks (Pt. 4) by Bruce C Berndt
3088343. Diaspora Identities: Exile, Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism in Past and Present by Kirsten Heinsohn
3088344. Moys Classification and Thesaurus for Legal Materials by K Charles Rudd
3088345. Information Seeking in the Online Age by Richard J Hartley
3088347. Semantics of Retrieval by Alan Gilchrist
3088351. Information Sources in the Social Sciences (Guides to Information Sources) by Terry Hanstock
3088355. Hyginus: Fabulae: 2nd revised edition (Bibliotheca scriptorum Graecorum et Romanorum Teubneriana) (Latin Edition) by Peter Marshall
3088358. Isis Regina- - Zeus Sarapis (Bibliotheca Teubneriana) by Reinhold Merkelbach
3088362. Riccardo Zandonai: A Biography by Konrad Claude Dryden
3088366. Rethinking Language Pedagogy from a Corpus Perspective: Papers from the Third International Conference on Teaching and Language Corpora by Lou Burnard
3088370. Natural Law Reconsidered: The Ethics Of Human Liberation by Stephen Theron
3088371. Indigenous Grammar Across Cultures by Hannes Kniffka
3088372. A Framework for Freedom: Learner Autonomy in Foreign Language Teacher Education by Oliver St John
3088375. America: The New World or the Old? by Werner Muller
3088376. James Baldwin: His Place in American Literary History and His Reception in Europe by Jakob Kollhofer
3088382. Inverse Scattering and Potential Problems in Mathematical Physics: Proceedings of a Conference Held in Oberwolfach, December 12- 18, 1993 (Methoden U) by Rainer Kress
3088386. Missionary Linguistics in East Asia: The Origins of Religious Language in the Shaping of Christianity? by Sandra Breitenbach
3088387. Language Contact in the History of English by Dieter Kastovsky
3088390. K. C. F. Krauses Urbild Der Menschheit: Richtmab Einer Universalistischen Globalisierung Kommentierter Originaltext Und Aktuelle Weltsystemanalyse (German Edition) by Siegfried Pflegerl
3088392. The Economics of Volunteer Labor Supply: An Application to Countries of a Different Development Level by Susanne M Ziemek
3088394. Epistemological Perspectives on Linguistic Semiotics by Zdzislaw Wasik
3088399. Musiktherapie Und Sauglingsforschung: Zusammenspiel. Einschatzung Der Beziehungsqualitat Am Beispiel Des Instrumentalen Ausdrucks Eines Autistischen Kindes 3. , Durchgesehene Auflage (German Edition) by Karin Schumacher
3088400. Colonial Encounters: Issues of Culture, Hybridity and Creolisation, Portuguese Mercantile Settlers in West Africa (Ic- Studien Zur Interkulturellen Geschichte. . . Studies in the Intercultural Histor) by Jose Lingna Nafafe
3088408. Accountibility Issus In International by Filho
3088419. Academic Writing in a Foreign Language: An Extended Genre Analysis of Student Texts (Sprache Im Kontext) by Julia Isabel Huttner
3088424. Participation of Non- State Actors in the Dispute Settlement System of the Wto: Benefit or Burden? by Christina Knahr
3088427. The Thinking Indian: Native American Writers, 1850s- 1920s by Bernd C Peyer
3088429. New Testament and Mission: Historical and Hermeneutical Perspectives by Johannes Nissen
3088436. Using Biographical and Life History Approaches in the Study of Adult and Lifelong Learning: European Perspectives (European Studies in Lifelong Learning and Adult Learning Research) by Barbara Merrill
3088438. La traduccion literaria en la epoca contemporanea: Actas de la Conferencia Internacional Traduccion e Intercambio Cultural en la Epoca de la Globalizacion, . . . Translationswissenschaft) (Spanish Edition) by Lew Zybatow
3088445. Foundations of Culture: Knowledge- Construction, Belief Systems and Worldview in Their Dynamic Interplay by Harald Haarmann
3088447. The Media and International Communication (Lodz Studies in Language) by Dolores V Tanno
3088448. The Gender Balanced Scorecard: A Management Tool to Achieve Gender Mainstreaming in Organisational Culture by Sonja W Floeter Van
3088451. Impulsore Chresto: Opposition to Christianity in the Roman Empire C. 50- 250 AD (Early Christianity in the Context of Antiquity) by Jakob Engberg
3088452. Money And Culture by Hans Walter Schmidt Hannisa
3088455. Applying Item Response Theory in Language Test Item Bank Building by Gabor Szabo
3088456. Bonhoeffer and Beyond: Promoting a Dialogue Between Religion and Politics by Ralf K Wustenberg
3088457. Literature as History- History as Literature: Fact and Fiction in Medieval to Eighteenth- Century British Literature (Kulturelle Identitaten. Studien Zur. . . Der Europaischen Kulturen Der Neuzeit) by Sonja Fielitz
3088461. Diverse Contexts- Converging Goals: CLIL in Europe (Mehrsprachigkeit in Schule Und Unterricht) by Dieter Wolff
3088464. The Soul's Logical Life: Towards a Rigorous Notion of Psychology by Wolfgang Giegerich
3088467. Managing Technology Innovation: The Human Resource Management Perspective (Labour, Education & Society) by Yunus Dauda
3088468. Social Capital and the Happiness of Nations: The Importance of Trust and Networks for Life Satisfaction in a Cross- National Perspective by Christian Kroll
3088476. Grace and Gift: An Analysis of a Central Motif in Martin Luther's Rationis Latomianae Confutatio by Ragnar Skottene
3088477. The Biblical Models of Power and Law / Les Modeles Bibliques Du Pouvoir Et Du Droit: Papers of the International Conference, Bucharest, New Europe College, . . . College, 2005 (Rechtshistorische Reihe) by Radu G Paun
3088481. Poverty, Inequality and Migration in Latin America (Gottinger Studien Zur Entwicklungsokonomik. Gottingen Studies in Development Economics) by Felicitas Nowak Lehmann
3088484. Forces Shaping the EU: Social Science Approaches to Understanding the European Union by Josef Langer
3088486. Language and the Law: International Outlooks (Lodz Studies in Language, Vol. 16) by Dolores Valencia Tanno
3088496. Religion Ritual Theatre by Bent
3088497. Some Aspects of Speech and the Brain by Helene Loevenbruck
3088506. Inventing Canada- Inventer Le Canada (Canadiana. Literaturen/Kulturen, Literatures/Cultures, Litteratures/Cultures) by Martin Loschnigg
3088511. Of Medicine and Men: Biographies and Ideas in European Social Medicine Between the World Wars by Anne Hardy
3088513. Health Care Expenditures, Innovation, and Demographic Change (Frankfurter Schriften Zur Gesundheitspolitik Und Zum Gesundheitsrecht) by Yasemin Ilgin
3088515. Children and Youth at Risk: Historical and International Perspectives by Christine Mayer
3088516. China: The Rising Power by Franz Kernic
3088518. Language Policy and Language Situation in Ukraine: Analysis and Recommendations by Juliane Besters Dilger
3088521. Jesus Imandars and Christ Bhaktas: Two Case Studies of Interreligious Hermeneutics and Identity in Global Christianity (Studien Zur Interkulturellen Geschichte Des Christentums) by Jonas Adelin Jorgensen
3088527. Troubled Minds: On the Cultural Construction of Mental Disorder and Normality in Southern Malawi by Arne S Steinforth
3088528. Otherness in the Novels of Patrick White by Alma Budurlean
3088530. The Impact of Socio- economic Development and Climate Change on Livestock Management in Benin (Europaische Hochschulschriften) by Ina Gruber
3088534. Studies in Cognitive Corpus Linguistics (Lodz Studies in Language) by Katarzyna Dziwirek
3088646. Problems of Language Policy in Sout Africa (Band 16) by Heinz Kloss
3088648. Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny: Vocal Score by Kurt Weill
3088649. Interprofile Conditions and Impossibility (Fundamentals of Pure and Applied Economics, Vol 18/Social Choice Theory Section) by Peter Fishburn
3088650. Non- Renewable Resources Extraction Programs and Markets (Fundamentals of Pure and Applied Economics) by John Hartwick
3088651. Additional Symmetries and Exactly Solvable Models in Two Dimensional Conformal Field Theory (Soviet Scientific Reviews Series, Section a) by S L Lukyanov
3088652. Studies in Muslim- Jewish Relations by Ron L Nettler
3088653. Timbre Composition in Electroacoustic Music (Contemporary Music Review (M. E. Sharpe) ) by Simon Emmerson
3088654. Representations of Health, Illness and Handicap by Farr
3088659. First We Take Manhattan: Four American Women and the New York School of Dance Criticism (Choreography and Dance) by Diana Theodores
3088665. Typography: Macro and Microaesthetics by Willi Kunz
3088666. Ordering Colors, Playing With Colors by Moritz Zwimpfer
3088667. Beauty And the Book: 60 Years of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books by
3088669. Vector Bundles and Differential Equations: Proceedings, Nice, June 12- 17, 1979 (Progress in Mathematics (Boston, Mass. ) , V. 7. ) by Andre Hirschowitz
3088670. The Thread: A Mathematical Yarn by Philip J Davis
3088673. Yves Brunier (French Edition) by Marc Claramunt
3088674. Le Corbusier: La Villa Savoye / The Villa Savoye (Le Corbusier Guides (englisch/franz303266sisch) ) (French Edition) by Jacques Sbriglio
3088680. Herzog & de Meuron 1992- 1996: The Complete Works (Volume 3) by Gerhard Mack
3088682. Swiss Sound Box by Peter Zumthor
3088683. Marc Mimram- - Minimal Design: Solferino Bridge in Paris by Francoise Fromonot
3088684. Louis I. Kahn: Die Ordnung der Ideen (German Edition) by Klaus Peter Gast
3088687. Obey the Giant: Life in the Image World by Rick Poynor
3088689. PowerShop: New Japanese Retail Design by Carolien Van Tilburg
3088691. Roberto Burle Marx: Landscape Architecture by Milton Hatoum
3088693. Construction Materials Manual by Thorsten Rosenkranz
3088694. Jan Tschichold: Plakate Der Avantgarde (German) by Martijn F Le Coultre
3088695. Landschaftsarchitektur: Entwerfen (German Edition) by Udo Weilacher
3088696. Inside Outside- Petra Blaisse by Kayoko Ota
3088702. Mobile Architektur: Entwurf und Technologie (German Edition) by Robert Kronenburg
3088704. Lessons from Bernard Rudofsky: Das Leben eine Reise (German Edition) by Architekturzentrum Wien
3088705. Natural Products for Joint Health (Progress in Inflammation Research) by Miller
3088708. Through the Painter's Eye: Locating Art in Europe by Florian Heine
3088709. Outdoor Photography: The Art of Painting with Light by Markus Mauthe
3088710. The Arctic: Journeys to Greenland, Spitsbergen, and Franz Josef Land by Achim Kostrzewa
3088712. Cocinar: Todo lo necesario para cocinar en poco tiempo (Principios basicos) by Sebastian Dickhaut
3088713. Gerhard Richter: Editions 1965- 2004 (Hatje Cantz) by Gerhard Richter
3088714. Guillermo Kuitca by Katrin Steffen
3088715. Robin Rhode: Walk Off (German Edition) by Robin Rhode
3088719. Alexander und Leopold Rothaug (German Edition) by Horst Ludwig
3088742. Mainfrankisches Museum Wurzburg Riemenschneider Collection (Prestel Museum Guides) by Claudia Lichte
3088743. Alte Pinakothek Munich (Prestel Museum Guides) by Martin Schawe
3088744. Neuschwanstein (Prestel Museum Guides Compact) by Peter O Kruckmann
3088745. Gauguin (Prestel postcard book) by Paul Gauguin
3088748. Leicht Weit/Light Structures by Ingeborg Flagge
3088749. SEE THE MUSIC HEAR THE DANCE: Rethinking African Art at the Baltimore Museum of Art by Frederick John Lamp
3088750. Niki De Saint Phalle & Jean Tinguely by Heidi Violand Hobi
3088753. Memorial to the Murdered Jews in Europe / Denkmal Fur Die Emordenten Juden Europas (Museum Guides) by Joachim Schlor
3088754. Mary Heilmann: To Be Someone by David Hickey
3088755. The Imagery of Sean Scully: Constantinople or the Sensual Concealed by Susanne Kleine
3088756. Advanced Recorder Technique: The Art of Playing the Recorder by Gudrun Heyens
3088757. Beethoven's Klaviervariationen Op. 34 (Klang Und Begriff) by Klaus Jurgen Sachs
3088758. Vocal Warm Ups by Klaus Heizmann
3088764. Pictures at an Exhibition (Get to Know Classical Masterpi) by Modest P Mussorgsky
3088765. The Four Seasons (Get to Know Classical Masterpi) by Antonio Vivaldi
3088772. Vodnik- Water Sprite Op. 107: Symphonic Poem by Antonin Dvorak
3088773. Symphony 3/3 D Min. (1889 Vers) by Anton Bruckner
3088774. Concierto de Aranjuez: (1939) for Guitar and Orchestra by Joaquin Rodrigo
3088776. Die Walkure: The Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner
3088777. Brandenburg Concertos 1- 3 BWV 1046/1047/1048: Eulenburg Audio+ Score Series by Johann Sebastian Bach
3088778. Concerto in F Minor: Study Score by Ralph Vaughan Williams
3088779. String Quartet in C- sharp minor, Op. 131 by Ludwig Van Beethoven
3088780. Symphony 38 K. 504 D Maj. by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
3088782. Principles of Double Bass Technique by Michael Barry Wolf
3088795. Cytoarchitecture of the Human Brain Stem by J Olszewsky
3088796. Nutrition and the Diabetic Child (Pediatric and Adolescent Endocrinology) by Z Laron
3088797. Methods in Genetic Epidemiology (Contributions to Epidemiology and Biostatistics) by M A Klingberg
3088798. Understanding Dental Caries: Etiology and Mechanisms, Basic and Clinical Aspects: Prevention, Basic and Clinical Aspects by Gordon Nikiforuk
3088799. Pulmonary Blood Vessels in Lung Disease (Progress in Respiratory Research) by J Widimsky
3088800. Viruses and Virus- Like Agents in Disease: 2nd Karger Symposium Basel, March 7- 9, 1993 (Intervirology) by Werner Stauffacher
3088801. The 7th Symposium by the 8 Winners of the Grants from Sandoz Foundation for Gerontological Research: Annual Meeting of the Japan Gerontological Society Osaka, October 20, 1995 (Journal: Gerontology) by H Orimo
3088802. Nutrition and Fitness: Metabolic and Behavioral Aspects in Health and Disease: 3rd International Conference on Nutrition and Fitness, Athens, May 24- 27, 1996 (World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics) by Artemis P Simopoulos
3088803. Susumu Ohno Dedication Volume (Cytogenetics & Cell Genetics) by H P Klinger
3088804. Tinnitus Rehabilitation by Retraining: A Workbook for Sufferers, Their Doctors, and Other Health Care Professionals by Regula Zogg
3088805. Cardiac Ion Channels (Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry) by Andreas E Busch
3088806. Macrophages in Anti- Inflammation: Molecular Mechanisms, Apoptosis, and Tolerance Induction 2nd Teupitzer Colloquium, Teupitz, September 1999 (Pathobiology, 5- 6) by Clemens Sorg
3088807. Identifiable Neurons in Invertebrates: From Invariant Cells to Dynamic Systems (Brain, Behavior and Evolution, 5) by W Wilczynski
3088808. Biological Signals Relevant to Sleep (Biological Signals and Receptors, Volume 9, Number 6, 2000) by Ricardo A Velluti
3088809. Serono Symposia Workshop on Clinical Paediatric Endocrinology: Salamanca, Spain September 2- 5, 2000 (Hormone Research) by L Tato
3088810. Continuous Renal Replacement Therapies Crrt: 6th International Conference on Crrt, San Diego, Calif. , March 2001, Proceedings / 7th International Conference. . . Diego, Calif. , March (Blood Purification) by R L Mehta
3088811. Gastrointestinal Mucosal Repair and Experimental Therapeutics (Frontiers of Gastrointestinal Research) by J Y Wang
3088812. Free Radicals and Skin: Basic Research, Aging, Photocarcinogenesis 4th Teupitzer Colloquium, September- October 2001 (Skin Pharmacology and Applied Skin Physiology 2002, 5) by B Tebbe
3088813. Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Verhaltensmedizin Und Verhaltensmodifikation (German Edition) by B Kroner Herwig
3088814. Evidence Based Practice in Dentistry (Medical Principles and Practice) by E Honkala
3088815. Animal Models for Asthma (Special Issue: Pathobiology 2002/2003, 5) by Reinhard Pabst
3088817. Amsterdam Growth and Health Longitudinal Study (Agahls) : A 23- Year Follow- Up from Teenager to Adult About the Relationship Between Lifestyle and Health (Medicine and Sport Science) by Han C G Kemper