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Books 139/15

3107102. Managing Industrial Research Effectively by Roli Varma
3107103. Reinventing Advertising: The New Reality by Neeraj Mankad
3107106. Inclusion and Exclusion: A Study of Women and Men in Police by Punam Sahgal
3107113. Team Development and Team Effectiveness- A Facilitator s Handbook by Srinath T T
3107115. Tourism: Socio- Economic and Ecological Impact by Keka Lahiri
3107117. Global Water Pollution: Perspectives and Cases by Sandipa Lahiri Anand
3107119. Marketing to Children: Concepts and Experiences by Partha Sarathy V
3107120. Contingent Staffing- Concepts and Applications by Sumati Reddy
3107127. Marketing to Women: An Introduction by Sreedhar G V S
3107133. Effective E- CRM: Practices and Perspectives by Jaya Krishna S
3107134. Employee Relations in the Emerging Business Environment by Bharati Thakar K
3107135. Economic Growth in India and China: A Comparative Study- Vol. III by Leena Mary Eapen
3107137. Business Intelligence Implementation: Issues and Perspectives by Sujatha B
3107138. Advances in Research in Business and Finance, 2005- Vol. II: Corporate Finance by Jitendra Mahakud
3107140. Cases on Marketing Strategy- Vol. I by Vedpuriswar A V
3107143. Indian Vs. Multinational IT Companies: Challenges and Perspectives by Sthanumoorthy R
3107145. Competition Policy: Concepts and Experiences by Sridhar Krishna
3107147. Cases on Marketing Strategy- Vol. II by Vedpuriswar A V
3107149. IT- Enabled Workforce Management by Jaya Krishna S
3107151. Advances in Research in Business and Finance, 2005- Vol. I: Capital Markets by Malhotra D K
3107154. Customer Focus: The New Imperative- Vol I (Customer Service and Satisfaction) by Kaushik Mukerjee
3107158. The Indian Textile Industry: MFA Abolition and Its Impact by Keka Lahiri
3107164. Case Studies on Growth Strategies- Vol. II by Souvik Dhar
3107165. Case Studies on Managing in Troubled Times by Sumit Kumar Chaudhuri
3107166. The Icfai University Press on Insurance- Global Insurance Environment by Kumar K B S
3107167. Women in Workforce- Triumphs and Tribulations by Ratnaja Gogula
3107171. Bancassurance- Trends and Opportunities by Ravi Kumar V V
3107174. Indian Automotive Sector: Issues and Cases by Suresh K
3107183. Case Studies on Corporate Turnarounds- Vol. I by Rajender Singh Rathore
3107184. Case Studies on Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances- Vol. I by Muthu Kumar R
3107186. Case Studies on Market Entry Strategies- Vol. I by Souvik Dhar
3107187. MNC Branding in India: Strategies and Cases by Shanthi N M
3107188. New Trends in Banking by Ravi Kumar V V
3107191. BPOs: An Emerging Paradigm by Harsh Bhargava
3107192. Advances in Research in Business and Finance, 2005- Vol. V: International Finance by Hilda Amalraj
3107195. The Design Business by Nirmala Rao Khadpekar
3107197. Brand Management: The Emerging Paradigm by Shanthi N M
3107198. Rural Credit and Microfinance by Katuri Nageswara Rao
3107203. Social Audit- Concepts and Practices by Sujatha B
3107219. Financial Distress Prediction Models- An Introduction by Venkata Seshaiah Sakalya
3107220. Trade Protection in the Rice Industry- Implications of Tariffs on Rice Imports in Timor Leste (East Timor) by Mahinda Siriwardana
3107223. Cases on MNCs in India by Vedpuriswar A V
3107224. Reflections on Free Market: Economy, Capital Markets, Banking, Forex Markets and Governance by Murty Grk
3107239. Anatomy of Stock Market Bubbles by Gyrgy Komromi
3107244. IT & Business Strategy: An User Interface by Rajesh Prabhakar
3107245. Corporate Espionage- An Introduction by Jayshree Bose
3107248. Microfinance- Case Studies by Rajagopalan S
3107255. Outsourcing of Financial Services by Aparna Bellur
3107256. Mergers in the Banking Industry: A Global Perspective by Sandipa Lahiri Anand
3107259. Indian Banking in the 21st Century- Emerging Perspectives by Amit Singh Sisodiya
3107263. Economic Reforms In India: An Appraisal by Sthanumoorthy R
3107266. Indian Capital Markets 2006: Trends and Reforms by Arindam Banerjee
3107267. Cyber Forensics: Tools And Practises by Ravi Kumar Jain B
3107271. Leadership for Institution Building in Education by Marmar Mukhopadhyay
3107275. Management of Technology: Practical Perspectives by Nirmala Rao Khadpekar
3107277. Effective Promotions- concepts and cases by Thiruloga Chander M
3107281. Case Studies on Ethics and Corporate Governance- Vol. I by Ramaseshan Iyer H
3107286. Human Development: Concepts and Issues by Sanjeev Kumar Singh
3107290. Multicultural Marketing- An Introduction by Sreedhar G V S
3107299. E- Banking in India: The Paradigm Shift by Jayshree Bose
3107302. The Icfai University Press on Customer Retention Management- Concepts and Applications by Jaya Krishna S
3107305. Remade in India: Political Modernization in The Indian Context by Abel M
3107306. Knowledge Workers- Issues and Perspectives by Janardhan Rao N
3107310. Artificial Intelligence in the Real World by Naveen Kumar E
3107315. Case Studies on New Age Marketing- Vol. I by Maldar Nusrath Jahan Yesav
3107316. Case Studies on Macroeconomics- Vol. I by Mercy Mathew
3107317. Business Communities of India by Swapna Gopalan
3107334. Poverty and Environment- An Introduction by Amrita Chakraborty
3107336. Creativity in Training: Ideas with Impact by Sumati Reddy
3107339. International Financial Institutions- An Introduction by Mrudula E
3107349. Visual Merchandising: An Introduction by Gopal V V
3107361. Case Studies on Corporate Restructuring- Vol. I by Rajender Singh Rathore
3107370. Exchange Rate Management- In Emerging Asian Economies by Katuri Nageswara Rao
3107371. NPAs in the Banking System: Trends and Challenges by Gopala Krishna Murthy G
3107378. Managing Microfinance: A Corporate Approach by Rajeev Sharma
3107380. Institutional Investors- Emerging Trends by Arindam Banerjee
3107385. Media and Advertising Management- New Trends by Sabyasachi Chatterjee
3107394. E- Governance in India: Issues and cases by Jayshree Bose
3107398. Thought Leaders on Leadership by Kumar K B S
3107399. Event- based Marketing- Strategies and Cases by Bala Krishna A V
3107400. Contract Manufacturing in The Electronics Industry: Concepts and Practices by Rajmanohar T P
3107409. IPO Markets: Perspectives and Experiences by Vandana Shajan
3107419. Stress Audit: Concepts and Cases by Sujatha B
3107423. The Icfai Dictionary of Software Engineering by Pradeep Kumar
3107425. Case Studies on Business Environment- Vol. I by Mercy Mathew
3107426. Case Studies on Managing Innovation- Vol. I by Rajender Singh Rathore
3107429. Case Studies on International Trade and Exchange Rates- Vol. I by Chiradeep Chatterjee
3107433. Case Studies on Outsourcing Trends- Vol. I by Girija P
3107434. Case Studies on Global Automobile Industry- Vol. I by Muthu Kumar R
3107436. Financing of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) : Indian and Global Scenario by Gopala Krishna Murthy G
3107437. Bank Mergers- The Indian Scenario by Jayshree Bose
3107440. The Icfai Dictionary of Database Management Systems Terms by Pradeep Kumar
3107448. Brand Management: Financial Perspectives by Santanu Ray
3107450. Competitive Intelligence: An Introduction by Amitabha Ghose
3107454. IT@ Financial Services: Banking Industry by Satish D
3107455. Internet Search Engines: An Introduction by Ravi Kumar Jain B
3107465. Women in Leadership- Opportunities and Challenges by Mrudula E
3107469. HRM in Knowledge Economy by Murty Grk
3107475. Product Management: Concepts and Applications by Londhe B R
3107477. Human Capital Measurement- An Introduction by Sangeetha K
3107480. Case Studies on Public Policy- Vol. I by Priyanka Ramgopal
3107481. Case Studies on Entrepreneurship- Vol. I by Priti Krishnan
3107482. Case Studies on Corporate Social Responsibility- Vol. I by Vara Vasanthi
3107485. Case Studies on Brand Management- Vol. I by Maldar Nusrath Jahan Yesav
3107487. The Icfai Dictionary of Structured Systems Analysis and Design by Pradeep Kumar
3107497. Investing in Art: An Introduction by Amrita Chakraborty
3107498. Structured Finance: Concepts and Perspectives by Dhandapani Alagiri
3107500. The Icfai University Press on Mergers and Acquisitions: An Introduction by Sumati Reddy
3107503. Knowledge Process Outsourcing: Perspectives and Practices by Naveen Kumar E
3107505. The Profitability of Trading Rules and Volatility in Emerging Financial Markets by Imad Moosa A
3107511. BPOs: Processes and Challenges by Deepak Kumar
3107515. World Agricultural Trade: WTO Perspective by Rahul Gupta
3107517. IPOs: Concepts and Experiences by Arindam Banerjee
3107518. Marketing in the Unpredictable World by Amitabha Ghose
3107524. Weather, Energy and Environmental Hedging: An Introduction by
3107540. The Icfai University Press on Mergers and Acquisitions in India- Perspectives and Cases by Amit Singh Sisodiya
3107546. Insurance Frauds: Concepts and Cases by Jayshree Bose
3107549. Mergers and Acquisitions: Strategies for Growth by Preeti Phuskele
3107550. Viral Marketing: Concepts and Cases by Swapna Gopalan
3107554. Indian Banking: The New Vision by Katuri Nageswara Rao
3107558. The Icfai University Press on Branding Practices by Sangeetha K
3107561. Product Innovation- A Mantra for Survival by Londhe B R
3107562. Business Transformation Outsourcing- An Introduction by Jaya Krishna S
3107563. Storytelling in Management by Swapna Gopalan
3107564. Brand Communication: Contemporary Approaches by Naveen Das
3107566. GATS: An Introduction by Dipankar Dey
3107570. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) : An Introduction by Simantee Sen
3107577. Through A Glass Wall by Arvind Sivaramakrishnan
3107585. Resurgent India: The Evolving Story by Rahul Gupta
3107597. Advances in Business and Finance Studies, 2006- Volume II: Corporate Finance by Nupur Hetamsaria
3107600. Business Environment Analysis- An Introduction by Sankar Muralidaran
3107601. Accounting Standards in India: Towards Convergence by Sujatha B
3107606. IT@ Financial Services- Insurance Industry by Satish D
3107618. Advances in Business and Finance Studies, 2006- Volume III: Banking and Insurance by Vunyale Narender
3107621. Advances in Business and Finance Studies, 2006- Volume I: Capital Markets by Malhotra D K
3107623. Business Incubation: An Introduction by Bala Krishna A V
3107627. Case Studies on Global Steel Industry: Getting Bigger and Better by Kumar Satyaki Ray
3107639. Vendor Managed Inventory- New Insights by Jaya Krishna S
3107647. Globalization: Indian Financial Sector Reforms by Anil Varma
3107648. Role of the CEO- Managing Beyond Matrix by Simantee Sen
3107649. Global Stock Exchanges: The Dawn of a New Era by Arindam Banerjee
3107663. International Monetary Fund- Changing Role by Simantee Sen
3107673. The Icfai University Press on Services Sector: New Growth Engine by Dhandapani Alagiri
3107682. Creative Accounting- Concepts and Cases by Madtha Cyril Marcel
3107685. Case Studies on Brand Management: How to Break the Clutter by Kumar Satyaki Ray
3107694. The Icfai University Press on Telecommunications in India: Emerging Scenario by Dhandapani Alagiri
3107699. Internationalization of Higher Education: Perspectives and Country Experiences by Sridhar Krishna
3107712. Capital Markets in the BRIC Economies by Arindam Banerjee
3107715. Geographic Information System: Management and Technology Perspectives by Sarita Seshagiri
3107722. Habitual Entrepreneurship- Experiences and Cases by Anitha Arunsimha