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Books 14/81

304509. Sovereign Selves: American Indian Autobiography and the Law by David J Carlson
304517. The End of Baseball as We Knew It: The Players Union, 1960-81 by Charles P Korr
304525. Great Basin Kingdom: An Economic History of the Latter- Day Saints, 1830- 1900, New Edition by Leonard J Arrington
304530. The Mormon History Association's Tanner Lectures: The First Twenty Years by Dean L May
304546. American Dreaming, Global Realities: Rethinking U. S. Immigration History by Donna R Gabaccia
304571. Les Diaboliques by Susan Hayward
304572. La Reine Margot by Julianne Pidduck
304588. Chinese American Literature Since the 1850s by Xiao Huang Yin
304589. Dictations: On Haunted Writing by Avital Ronell
304607. Viva Baseball! : Latin Major Leaguers and Their Special Hunger by Samuel O Regalado
304614. Tin Men by Archie Green
304623. Comparative Arawakan Histories: Rethinking Language Family and Culture Area in Amazonia by Jonathan D Hill
304624. Catholics and Jews in Twentieth Century America by Egal Feldman
304628. Being Chinese, Becoming Chinese American by Shehong Chen
304634. Designing for Diversity: Gender, Race, and Ethnicity in the Architectural Profession by Kathryn H Anthony
304637. Art, Music, and Literature, 1897-1902 by Theodore Dreiser
304650. Abel Ferrara by Nicole Brenez
304662. Brutal: Manhood and the Exploitation of Animals by Brian Luke
304689. From Racism to Genocide: Anthropology in the Third Reich by Gretchen E Schafft
304693. Le Corbeau: (Henri-Georges Clouzot, 1943) by Judith Mayne
304704. Black Moods: Collected Poems by Frank Marshall Davis
304705. Labor's Cold War: Local Politics in a Global Context by Shelton Stromquist
304718. Les Guerilleres by Monique Wittig
304753. Self- Help Books: Why Americans Keep Reading Them by Sandra K Dolby
304756. Domestic Perspectives on Contemporary Democracy by Peter F Nardulli
304758. Sports in Chicago by Elliott J Gorn
304778. Emma Goldman, Vol. 2: A Documentary History of the American Years, Volume 2: Making Speech Free, 1902- 1909 by Emma Goldman
304789. Health Culture in the Heartland, 1880- 1980: An Oral History by Lucinda Mc Cray Beier
304796. The Familiar and the Unfamiliar in Twentieth- Century Architecture by Jean La Marche
304799. Spring[ With CDROM] by Oni Buchanan
304801. If Beale Street Could Talk: Music, Community, Culture by Robert Cantwell
304802. A Map of the Night by David Wagoner
304818. William Maxwell: A Literary Life by Barbara A Burkhardt
304819. Female Gladiators: Gender, Law, and Contact Sport in America by Sarah K Fields
304823. God's Country, Uncle Sam's Land: Faith and Conflict in the American West by Todd M Kerstetter
304828. Engaging Humor by Elliott Oring
304832. The Political Geographies of Pregnancy by Laura R Woliver
304835. Nietzsche: Attempt at a Mythology by Ernst Bertram
304845. A Narrative Compass: Stories That Guide Women's Lives by Betsy Hearne
304846. Jane Addams and the Practice of Democracy by Marilyn Fischer
304858. From Papyrus to Hypertext: Toward the Universal Digital Library by Christian Vandendorpe
304865. Slumming in New York: From the Waterfront to Mythic Harlem by Robert M Dowling
304869. Sports in Zion: Mormon Recreation, 1890-1940 by Richard Ian Kimball
304900. The End of Autumn: Reflections on My Life in Football by Michael Oriard
304915. Muting Israeli Democracy: How Media Policy Undermines Free Speech by Amit M Schejter
304918. The Mathematical Theory of Communication by Claude E Shannon
304922. The Best of James Whitcomb Riley by Donald C Manlove
304925. Being Lucky: Reminiscences and Reflections by Herman B Wells
304933. Oral Roberts: An American Life by Jr David Edwin Harrell
305020. Mother Tongue, Father Time: A Decade of Linguistic Revolt by Alette Olin Hill
305073. For Adult Users Only: The Dilemma of Violent Pornography by Susan Gubar
305165. Masks Outrageous and Austere: Culture, Psyche, and Persona in Modern Women Poets by Cheryl Walker
305214. Living Laboratories: Women and Reproductive Technologies by Rowland, Robyn
305220. The Bill of Rights in Modern America: After 200 Years by David J Bodenhamer
305246. Prisons in Crisis by William L Selke
305257. Getting Back Into Place: Toward a Renewed Understanding of the Place-World by Casey, Edward S.
305275. A History of Hungary by Peter F Sugar
305304. A Golden Legacy: Ancient Jewelry from the Burton Y. Berry Collection by Wolf Rudolph
305308. A Method for the Flute by Jean Louis Tulou
305310. Womens Healthmissing from U.S. Medicine by Sue V Rosser
305313. Feminisms in the Cinema by Laura Pietropaolo
305314. Status and Identity in West Africa: Nyamakalaw of Mande by Conrad, David C.
305323. Democracy, War, and Peace in the Middle East by David Garnham
305327. Soviet Hieroglyphics: Visual Culture in Late Twentieth- Century Russia by Nancy Condee
305331. Strategies of Deviance: Studies in Gay Male Representation by Earl Jackson
305334. Politics and Development in the Caribbean Basin: Central America and the Caribbean in the New World Order by Jean Grugel
305336. Reflections of a Whale- Watcher by Michelle A Gilders
305343. Love and Ideology in the Afternoon: Soap Opera, Women and Television Genre by Laura Stempel Mumford
305364. In Other Words by Marie Cardinal
305370. From Chattel Slaves to Wage Slaves: The Dynamics of Labour Bargaining in the Americas by Mary Turner
305379. The Scorsese Connection by Lesley Stern
305380. Bringing Peace Home: Feminism, Violence, and Nature by Karen S Warren
305398. Engendering Slavic Literatures by Pamela Chester
305405. Development, Change, and Gender in Cairo: A View from the Household by Diane Singerman
305425. Re- Viewing Reception: Television, Gender, and Postmodern Culture by Lynne Joyrich
305442. Contemporary Anthology of Music by Women by James R Briscoe
305446. To the Glory of Her Sex: Womens Roles in the Composition of Medieval Texts by Joan M Ferrante
305469. My Last Forty Days: A Visionary Journey Among the Pueblo Spirits by Felicitas D Goodman
305480. Its Not Unusual: A History of Lesbian and Gay Britain in the Twentieth Century by Alkarim Jivani
305484. Hoosier Schools: Past and Present by William J Reese
305489. Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace: Patterns, Problems, Possibilities by Laura Zittrain Eisenberg