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Books 14/99

307202. Theory of the Image: Capitalism, Contemporary Film, and Women by Ann Kibbey
307204. Sacred Circles, Public Squares: The Multicentering of American Religion by Ii Arthur E Farnsley
307210. Raja Nal and the Goddess: The North Indian Epic Dhola in Performance by Susan Snow Wadley
307211. Africanisms in American Culture by Joseph E Holloway
307214. A Mosaic of Believers: Diversity and Innovation in a Multiethnic Church by Gerardo Marti
307216. The Cinema of Gosho Heinosuke: Laughter Through Tears by Jr Arthur Nolletti
307225. The "Jew" in Cinema: From the Golem to Don't Touch My Holocaust by Omer Bartov
307226. Reshaping Reason: Toward a New Philosophy by John Mc Cumber
307228. Augustine and Postmodernism: Confessions and Circumfession by John D Caputo
307230. Barriers Between Us: Interracial Sex in Nineteenth-Century American Literature by Cassandra Jackson
307235. Readings in Gender in Africa by Andrea Cornwall
307237. Himalayan People's War: Nepal's Maoist Rebellion by Michael J Hutt
307238. Ian Fleming and James Bond: The Cultural Politics of 007 by Edward P Comentale
307240. Morality and Custom in Ancient Greece by John M Dillon
307245. McClellan's War: The Failure of Moderation in the Struggle for the Union by Ethan Sepp Rafuse
307246. Mariam, the Magdalen, and the Mother by Deirdre Joy Good
307247. The War Comes to Plum Street by Bruce C Smith
307248. The Tragic Absolute: German Idealism and the Languishing of God by David Farrell Krell
307249. Unsettling Scores: German Film, Music, and Ideology by Roger Hillman
307252. Choro: A Social History of a Brazilian Popular Music with CD (Audio) by Thomas George Caracas Garcia
307258. Modernity and the Problem of Evil by Alan D Schrift
307260. On the Edge of the Future: Esalen and the Evolution of American Culture by Jeffrey John Kripal
307264. The Darkest Dawn: Lincoln, Booth, and the Great American Tragedy by Thomas Goodrich
307265. The Church of Women: Gendered Encounters Between Maasai and Missionaries by Dorothy Louise Hodgson
307271. The Fate of Africa's Democratic Experiments: Elites and Institutions by Leonardo Alfonso Villalon
307274. Oxbridge Men: British Masculinity and the Undergraduate Experience, 1850- 1920 by Paul R Deslandes
307279. Chinese in Action 2 (DVD) [ With DVD] by Jennifer Li Chia Liu
307283. The Palestinian National Movement: Politics of Contention, 1967- 2005 by Amal Jamal
307285. Goth's Dark Empire by Siegel, Carol
307288. The Slave's Rebellion: Literature, History, Orature by Adeleke Adeeko
307291. Dew of Death: The Story of Lewisite, America's World War I Weapon of Mass Destruction by Joel A Vilensky
307295. Dirt, Undress, and Difference: Critical Perspectives on the Body's Surface by Adeline Masquelier
307296. Berber Culture on the World Stage: From Village to Video by Jane E Goodman
307301. Is There an Ethicist in the House? : On the Cutting Edge of Bioethics by Jonathan D Moreno
307303. Debility and the Moral Imagination in Botswana by Julie Livingston
307305. Everyday Life in Early Soviet Russia: Taking the Revolution Inside by Christina Kiaer
307307. UN Voices: The Struggle for Development and Social Justice by Thomas G Weiss
307309. Journey of Song: Public Life and Morality in Cameroon by Clare A Ignatowski
307310. Cross on the Star of David: The Christian World in Israel's Foreign Policy, 1948- 1967 by Uri Bialer
307311. Cinephilia and History, or the Wind in the Trees by Christian Keathley
307312. The War in the Empty Air: Victims, Perpetrators, and Postwar Germans by Dagmar Barnouw
307314. Religion, Media, and the Public Sphere by Birgit Meyer
307315. Solovyovo: The Story of Memory in a Russian Village by Margaret Paxson
307317. The History of King Richard the Third by Thomas More
307320. Farmers and the State in Colonial Kano: Land Tenure and the Legal Imagination by Steven Pierce
307324. Tongnaab: The History of a West African God by Jean Marie Allman
307329. Thinking as You Play: Teaching Piano in Individual and Group Lessons by Sylvia Coats
307330. Descent of Socrates: Self- Knowledge and Cryptic Nature in the Platonic Dialogues by Peter Warnek
307337. American Sanctuary: Understanding Sacred Spaces by Louis P Nelson
307341. New Negroes from Africa: Slave Trade Abolition and Free African Settlement in the Nineteenth-Century Caribbean by Rosanne Marion Adderley
307344. Heidegger's Religious Origins: Destruction and Authenticity by Benjamin D Crowe
307345. Queering Freedom by Shannon Winnubst
307349. Rebel Between Spirit and Law: Ahmad Zarruq, Sainthood, and Authority in Islam by Scott A Kugle
307350. Mrs. Russell Sage: Women's Activism and Philanthropy in Gilded Age and Progressive Era America by Ruth Crocker
307351. The Erotic Thriller in Contemporary Cinema by Linda Ruth Williams
307352. Where Rivers and Mountains Sing: Sound, Music, and Nomadism in Tuva and Beyond with CD (Audio) and DVD by Theodore Craig Levin
307355. In Amma's Healing Room: Gender and Vernacular Islam in South India by Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger
307356. The Philosophy of Simone de Beauvoir: Critical Essays by Margaret A Simons
307357. Butler University: A Sesquicentennial History by George Mac Gregor Waller
307359. Russia's Sputnik Generation: Soviet Baby Boomers Talk about Their Lives by Donald J Raleigh
307360. Soviet and Kosher: Jewish Popular Culture in the Soviet Union, 1923-1939 by Anna Shternshis
307365. Fossil Salamanders of North America by J Alan Holman
307368. Privatization and Public Universities by Douglas M Priest
307369. Music of the Sirens by Linda Austern
307370. Copperhead Gore: Benjamin Wood's Fort Lafayette and Civil War America by Benjamin Wood
307375. Abraham Geiger's Liberal Judaism: Personal Meaning and Religious Authority by Ken Koltun Fromm
307377. Hermeneutics at the Crossroads by Kevin Vanhoozer
307378. Sacred Stories: Religion and Spirituality in Modern Russia by Mark D Steinberg
307384. Murambi, the Book of Bones by Boubacar Boris Diop
307386. Haitian Vodou: Spirit, Myth, and Reality by Patrick Bellegarde Smith
307390. Colonial Memory and Postcolonial Europe: Maltese Settlers in Algeria and France by Andrea L Smith
307392. Seeking a Sanctuary: Seventh- Day Adventism and the American Dream by Malcolm Bull
307394. Israeli and Palestinian Narratives of Conflict: History's Double Helix by Robert I Rotberg
307400. A Reader in Pentecostal Theology: Voices from the First Generation by Douglas G Jacobsen
307401. The Mellah of Marrakesh: Jewish and Muslim Space in Morocco's Red City by Emily Gottreich
307402. Approaches to Meaning in Music by Byron Almin
307405. The World of Baroque Music: New Perspectives[ With 2 CD Sampler] by George B Stauffer
307406. Religion, Violence, Memory, and Place by Oren Stier
307408. Heidegger and the Greeks: Interpretive Essays by Drew A Hyland
307409. Generations and Globalization: Youth, Age, and Family in the New World Economy by Jennifer Cole
307411. O Let Us Howle Some Heavy Note: Music for Witches, the Melancholic, and the Mad on the Seventeenth- Century English Stage by Amanda Eubanks Winkler
307416. Slavery and South Asian History by Indrani Chatterjee
307422. Africa After Gender? by Catherine M Cole
307423. Horns and Beaks: Ceratopsian and Ornithopod Dinosaurs by Kenneth Carpenter
307426. Russian Colonial Society in Tashkent, 1865-1923 by Jeff Sahadeo
307427. Black France: Colonialism, Immigration, and Transnationalism by Dominic Richard David Thomas
307428. Reading Bataille Now by Shannon Winnubst
307429. Trinidad Carnival: The Cultural Politics of a Transnational Festival by Garth L Green
307430. Zenana: Everyday Peace in a Karachi Apartment Building by Laura A Ring
307435. Frame by Frame III: A Filmography of the African Diasporan Image, 1994- 2004 by Audrey Thomas Mc Cluskey
307439. C. I. Lewis in Focus: The Pulse of Pragmatism by Sandra B Rosenthal
307441. Empowering Women in Russia: Activism, Aid, and Ngos by Julie Hemment
307442. The Sexual Demon of Colonial Power: Pan- African Embodiment and Erotic Schemes of Empire by Greg Thomas
307443. The Train of Tomorrow by Ric Morgan
307444. Petrarch's Remedies for Fortune Fair and Foul: A Modern English Translation of de Remediis Utriusque Fortune, with a Commentary by Francesco Petrarca
307447. The World at a Glance by Casey, Edward S.
307448. Races on Display: French Representations of Colonized Peoples, 1886- 1940 by Dana S Hale
307460. Stars and Keys: Folktales and Creolization in the Indian Ocean by Lee Haring
307462. Jurassic West: The Dinosaurs of the Morrison Formation and Their World by John Foster
307464. Dark Medicine: Rationalizing Unethical Medical Research by LaFleur, William R.
307466. Transcendence and Beyond: A Postmodern Inquiry by John D Caputo
307468. Juan Bautista Plaza and Musical Nationalism in Venezuela by Marie Elizabeth Labonville
307473. Everyday Life in Central Asia: Past and Present by Russell Zanca
307474. Slavery and the Birth of an African City: Lagos, 1760-1900 by Kristin Mann
307476. Legal Pragmatism: Community, Rights, and Democracy by Michael Sullivan
307477. Carmen on Film: A Cultural History by Phil Powrie
307478. African Art and the Colonial Encounter: Inventing a Global Commodity by Sidney Littlefield Kasfir
307481. Time After Time by David Wood
307484. Girls for Sale: Kanyasulkam, a Play from Colonial India by Gurajada Apparao
307486. Russian Empire: Space, People, Power, 1700-1930 by Burbank, Jane
307487. The Colors of Jews: Racial Politics and Radical Diasporism by Melanie Kaye Kantrowitz
307489. Performance and Politics in Tanzania: The Nation on Stage by Laura Edmondson
307492. Postcolonial African Cinema: From Political Engagement to Postmodernism by Kenneth W Harrow
307493. Lost People: Magic and the Legacy of Slavery in Madagascar by David Graeber
307495. Encounters of the Spirit: Native Americans and European Colonial Religion by Richard W Pointer
307498. Making Music and Enriching Lives: A Guide for All Music Teachers by Bonnie Blanchard
307504. Sound in Motion: A Performer's Guide to Greater Musical Expression by David Mc Gill
307505. Fiddling in West Africa: Touching the Spirit in Fulbe, Hausa, and Dagbamba Cultures by Jacqueline Cogdell Djedje
307510. Taliaferro: Breaking Barriers from the NFL Draft to the Ivory Tower by Dawn Knight
307513. Phenomenology and Mysticism: The Verticality of Religious Experience by Anthony J Steinbock
307518. Fugitive Vision: Slave Image and Black Identity in Antebellum Narrative by Michael A Chaney
307524. Ask Me Now: Conversations on Jazz and Literature by Feinstein, Sascha
307526. Heidegger's Phenomenology of Religion: Realism and Cultural Criticism by Benjamin D Crowe
307532. The Hidden History of the Secret Ballot by Romain Bertrand
307539. The Atlantic World: 1450-2000 by Falola, Toyin
307541. Composing for the Screen in Germany and the USSR: Cultural Politics and Propaganda by Phil Powrie
307542. Reading Jean- Luc Marion: Exceeding Metaphysics by Christina M Gschwandtner
307544. Philosophy and Love: From Plato to Popular Culture by Linnell Secomb
307548. Antisemitic Myths: A Historical and Contemporary Anthology by Marvin Perry
307559. The Artists of Brown County by Clyde Lee
307560. Slinging Doughnuts for the Boys: An American Woman in World War II by James H Madison
307568. Transformations: Identity Construction in Contemporary Culture by McCracken, Grant David
307569. Transforming Philosophy and Religion: Love's Wisdom by Norman Wirzba
307571. Burden or Benefit? : Imperial Benevolence and Its Legacies by Helen Gilbert
307572. The Art of Teaching Music by Jorgensen, Estelle R.
307573. Political Conspiracies in America: A Reader by Donald T Critchlow
307575. Levinas and Kierkegaard in Dialogue by Merold E Westphal
307577. The CSX Clinchfield Route in the 21st Century by Jerry Taylor
307585. Film and Memory in East Germany by Anke Pinkert
307586. Radical Evil and the Scarcity of Hope: Postsecular Meditations by Martin Beck Matustik
307589. Emerson and Self- Culture by John T Lysaker
307590. Stardom, Italian Style: Screen Performance and Personality in Italian Cinema by Marcia Landy
307592. Dictionary of African Filmmakers by Roy Armes
307593. Wives, Widows, and Concubines: The Conjugal Family Ideal in Colonial India by Mytheli Sreenivas
307594. Merleau-Ponty's Philosophy by Lawrence Hass
307595. The French Betrayal of Rwanda by Daniela Kroslak
307596. India in Africa, Africa in India: Indian Ocean Cosmopolitanisms by John C Hawley
307598. Contemporary Quilt Art: An Introduction and Guide by Kate Lenkowsky
307599. Echinoderm Paleobiology by William I Ausich
307604. Plato and the Question of Beauty by Drew A Hyland