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Books 144/52

3225247. A Dream of a Throne: The Story of a Mexican Revolt by Charles Fleming Embree
3225249. Civitas: The Romance of Our Nation's Life by Walter L Campbell
3225251. The Emblems of Fidelity: A Comedy in Letters by James Lane Allen
3225253. The Tower: With Legends and Lyrics by Emma Huntington Nason
3225254. Abe and Mawruss: Being Further Adventures of Potash and Perlmutter by Montague Glass
3225256. A Lawyer's Idle Hours: Sentiment, Satire, Humor, Life, Death, Glory by C Augustus Haviland
3225257. Abraham Coles: Biographical Sketch; Memorial Tributes; Selections from His Works, Some Hitherto Unpublished by Abraham Coles
3225258. Phoenixiana: Or Sketches and Burlesques by George Horatio Derby
3225260. Fair Margaret: A Portrait by F Marion Crawford
3225262. Oliver Wendell Holmes: Poet, Litterateur, Scientist by William Sloane Kennedy
3225265. The Deserter and Other Stories: A Book of Two Wars by Harold Frederic
3225266. Domesticus: A Tale of the Imperial City by William Allen Butler
3225269. J. Devlin, Boss: A Romance of American Politics by Francis Churchill Williams
3225273. Happy Ending: The Collected Lyrics of Louise Imogen Guiney by Louise Imogen Guiney
3225279. The Flower Shop: A Play in Three Acts by Marion Craig Wentworth
3225280. Portrait of Mrs. W.: A Play in Three Acts with an Epilogue by Josephine Preston Peabody
3225281. Christ in the Poetry of Today: An Anthology from American Poets by Martha Foote Crow
3225282. The Lectures of Bret Harte: Compiled from Various Sources, to Which Is Added the Piracy of Bret Harte's Fables by Bret Harte
3225283. Life, Stories and Poems of John Brougham by John Brougham
3225284. My Three Jewels: And Other Poems by Lilien Wise
3225285. Vashti: A Poem in Seven Books by John Brayshaw Kaye
3225286. Bachelor Bluff: His Opinions, Sentiments and Disputations by Oliver Bell Bunce
3225287. The Revellers: A Poem by Ferris S Hafford
3225289. Mr. Barnes, American: A Sequel to Mr. Barnes of New York by Archibald Clavering Gunter
3225292. The Collectors: Being Cases Mostly Under the Ninth and Tenth Commandments by Frank Jewett Mather
3225293. Ploughed Under: The Story of an Indian Chief by William Justin Harsha
3225294. The Masque of Judgment: A Masque-Drama in Five Acts and a Prelude by William Vaughn Moody
3225295. The Early Poems of John Greenleaf Whittier by John Greenleaf Whittier
3225297. The Great Maze and the Heart of Youth: A Poem and a Play by Hermann Hagedorn
3225298. All Quiet Along the Potomac and Other Poems by Ethel Lynn Beers
3225299. Marlowe: A Drama in Five Acts by Josephine Preston Peabody
3225301. Essentials of Poetry: Lowell Lectures, 1911 by William Allan Neilson
3225304. Autumn Leaves from Mapleside by Sullivan Holman Mc Collester
3225305. As It May Happen: A Story of American Life and Character by Robert S Davis
3225308. The Shadow of a Dream: A Story by William Dean Howells
3225309. Mary Dyer of Rhode Island: The Quaker Martyr That Was Hanged on Boston Common, June 1, 1660 by Horatio Rogers
3225316. At the Gates of Song: Sonnets by Lloyd Mifflin
3225318. Benedict Arnold: A Biography by George Canning Hill
3225319. Brandywine Days: Or the Shepherd's Hour-Glass by John Russell Hayes
3225320. A Fortune Hunter; Or the Old Stone Corral: A Tale of the Santa Fe Trail by John Dunloe Carteret
3225323. Milly, at Love's Extremes: A Romance of the Southland by Maurice Thompson
3225326. Abraham Lincoln: An Appreciation by One Who Knew Him by Benjamin Rush Cowen
3225331. Ad-Em-Nel-La: An Indian Legendary Love-Story in Verse and Other Poems by Ethan Allen Hurst
3225334. Canada and the Continental Congress: Delivered Before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania as Their Annual Address, 1850 by William Duane
3225335. From the Rapidan to Richmond and the Spottsylvania Campaign: A Sketch in Personal Narration of the Scenes a Soldier Saw by William Meade Dame
3225465. Dwellers in Gotham: A Romance of New York by James Wesley Johnston
3225468. Guenn: A Wave on the Breton Coast by Blanche Willis Howard
3225473. M'Fingal: An Epic Poem by John Trumbull
3225475. Mr. Washington Adams in England by Richard Grant White
3225479. Travelers and Outlaws: Episodes in American History by Thomas Wentworth Higginson
3225480. Pages from an Old Volume of Life: A Collection of Essays, 1857-1881 by Jr Oliver Wendell Holmes
3225485. The Romantic Story of David Robertson: Among the Islands Off and on the Coast of Maine by John Pendleton Farrow
3225486. Songs, Legends and Ballads by John Boyle O Reilly
3225487. Speeches of Benjamin Harrison, Twenty-Third President of the United States: A Complete Collection of His Public Addresses from 1888 to 1892 by Benjamin Harrison
3225488. Toppleton's Client: Or a Spirit in Exile by John Kendrick Bangs
3225490. Women Authors of Our Day in Their Homes: Personal Descriptions and Interviews by Francis Whiting Halsey
3225492. Westover of Wanalah: A Story of Love and Life in Old Virginia by George Cary Eggleston
3225493. Will O' the Wasp: A Sea Yarn of the War of '12 by Robert Cameron Rogers
3225496. Hammersmith: His Harvard Days by Mark Sibley Severance
3225501. The Judge: A Play in Four Acts by Louis James Block
3225502. The Journals of Washington Irving: From July, 1815 to July, 1842 by Washington Irving
3225508. Abraham Lincoln, the Tribute of a Century, 1809-1909: Commemorative of the Lincoln Centenary and Containing the Principal Speeches Made in Connection by Nathan William Macchesney
3225512. Reminiscences of the Military Life and Sufferings of Col. Timothy Bigelow, Commander in the Continental Army, During the War of the Revolution by Charles Hersey
3225514. Review of T. L. McKenney's Narrative of the Causes Which, in 1814, Led to General Armstrong's Resignation of the War Office by Kosciuszko Armstrong
3225520. Poems of America: Southern States, British America by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
3225521. Miss Bellard's Inspiration by William Dean Howells
3225526. Harriet Beecher Stowe: A Biography for Girls by Martha Foote Crow
3225532. El Nuevo Mundo: A Poem by Louis James Block
3225533. The Colonel's Daughter: Or Winning His Spurs by Charles King
3225534. The Throwback: A Romance of the Southwest by Alfred Henry Lewis
3225541. Theodore Roosevelt: The Man as I Knew Him by Ferdinand Cowle Iglehart
3225542. John Marshall by James Bradley Thayer
3225546. The Great Revolution of 1840: Reminiscences of the Log Cabin and Hard Cider Campaign by Anthony Banning Norton
3225547. Augustus Caesar Dodge: A Study in American Politics by Louis Pelzer
3225551. Greeks in America: An Account of Their Coming, Progress, Customs, Living and Aspirations by Thomas Burgess
3225556. Multum in Parvo: Notes from the Life and Travels of James Batchelder, a Retired Locomotive Engineer by James Batchelder
3225559. Abraham Lincoln, the Liberator: A Biographical Sketch by Charles Wallace French
3225561. Floridina: Poems by Samuel D Lee
3225566. The Practical Book of Outdoor Rose Growing for the Home Garden by Jr George C Thomas
3225568. Panama Patchwork: Poems by James Stanley Gilbert
3225569. Fossil Echini of the West Indies; Stratigraphic Significance of the Species of West Indian Fossil Echini by Robert Tracy Jackson
3225570. The Use of the Rotating Anode in Electrolytic Separations by Mary Elisabeth Holmes
3225571. The Lighting Art: Its Practice and Possibilities by Matthew Luckiesh
3225572. Dry-Farming: Its Principles and Practice by William Mac Donald
3225573. The Culture of Greenhouse Orchids: Old System and New by Frederick Boyle
3225574. The Life and Work of Sir Jagadis C. Bose by Patrick Geddes
3225576. Progress of Science: Its Origin, Course, Promoters, and Results by J Villin Marmery
3225577. Racing Life of Lord George Cavendish Bentinck and Other Reminiscences by John Kent
3225580. Secular Perturbations Arising from the Action of Saturn Upon Mars: An Application of the Method of Arndt by Samuel Goodwin Barton
3225581. Rapid Methods for the Chemical Analysis of Special Steels, Steel-Making, Alloys and Graphite by Charles Morris Johnson
3225583. The Jockey Club and Its Founders: In Three Periods by Robert Black
3225584. Making the American Thoroughbred: Especially in Tennessee, 1800-1845; Including Reminiscences of the Turf by James Douglas Anderson
3225587. Papers on Horticultural and Kindred Subjects by William Saunders
3225588. Tropical Agriculture: The Climate, Soils, Cultural Methods, Crops, Live Stock, Commercial Importance and Opportunities of the Tropics by Earley Vernon Wilcox
3225589. A Rapid and Accurate Quantitative Method for the Determination of Arachidic and Lignoceric Acids with Special Reference to Peanut Oil Analysis by Chai Lan Yu
3225590. The Solar System an Astronomical Unit: A Work of Deduction Based on a Fundamental Hypothesis by George Adam
3225591. Fur Facts by Albert M Ahern
3225592. Old-Fashioned Gardening: A History and a Reconstruction by Grace Tabor
3225593. The Ancient Life-History of the Earth: A Comprehensive Outline of the Principles and Leading Facts of Paleontological Science by H Alleyne Nicholson
3225594. Revised List of Birds of Central New York by Frank R Rathbun
3225597. The Sylvan Year: Leaves from the Note Book of Raoul DuBois by Philip Gilbert Hamerton
3225606. Biographical Story of the Constitution: A Study of the Growth of the American Union by Edward Elliott
3225607. The Heart Line: A Drama of San Francisco by Gelett Burgess
3225608. Our Friends and Our Foes of the Invisible World: How to Woo the Friends; How to Conquer the Foes by Harvey Hersey
3225609. Soiling, Ensilage and Stable Construction: Being a Revised Edition of Soiling, Summer and Winter; Or the Economy of Feeding Farm Stock by Frank Sherman Peer
3225610. The Harlequin Opal: A Romance by Fergus Hume
3225612. Darwin and After Darwin: An Exposition of the Darwinian Theory and a Discussion of Post-Darwinian Questions by George John Romanes
3225614. Planetary and Stellar Studies: Or Short Papers on the Planets, Stars and Nebulae by John Ellard Gore
3225616. Senator Intrigue and Inspector Noseby: A Tale of Spoils by Frances Campbell Sparhawk
3225618. Concise History of the American People: From the Discoveries of the Continent to the Present Time by Jacob Harris Patton
3225622. Wandering Heath: Stories, Studies and Sketches by Arthur Thomas Quiller Couch
3225623. Mrs. Raffles: Being the Adventures of an Amateur Crackswoman by John Kendrick Bangs
3225625. A Reply to the Strictures of Lord Mahon and Others, on the Mode of Editing the Writings of Washington by Jared Sparks
3225627. National Ideals and Problems: Essays for College English by Maurice Garland Fulton
3225629. Mockery: A Tale of Deceptions by Alexander Macfarlan
3225635. The Digressions of V: Written for His Own Fun and That of His Friends by Elihu Vedder
3225640. Uncle, Peep and I: A Child's Novel by Mary Cowden Clarke
3225645. The Golden Windows: A Book of Fables for Young and Old by Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards
3225646. Rose a Charlitte: An Acadien Romance by Marshall Saunders
3225655. Cabot Bibliography: With an Introductory Essay on the Careers of the Cabots Based Upon an Independent Examination of the Sources of Inform by George Parker Winship
3225659. The Technology of Bacteria Investigation: Explicit Directions for the Study of Bacteria, Their Culture, Staining, Mounting, Etc. by Charles S Dolley
3225661. His Lordship's Leopard: A Truthful Narration of Some Impossible Facts by David Dwight Wells
3225664. Dr. Latimer: A Story of Casco Bay by Clara Louise Burnham
3225668. Electrical Measurement and the Galvanometer: Its Construction and Uses by Thomas Dixon Lockwood
3225670. The Reorganization of Spain by Augustus by Jr John James Van
3225673. E. K. Means: Is This a Title? It Is Not, It Is the Name of a Writer of Negro Stories, Who Has Made Himself So Completely the Writer by Eldred Kurtz Means
3225684. The Novels of Henry James: A Study by Elisabeth Luther Cary
3225688. War Voices and Memories: Being Verses Written During the Years Nineteen Hundred and Seventeen and Nineteen Hundred and Eighteen by Clinton Scollard
3225694. Heroes of Progress: Stories of Successful Americans by Eva March Tappan
3225696. The Heroine in Bronze or a Portrait of a Girl: A Pastoral of the City by James Lane Allen
3225698. The Pioneer Mothers of America: A Record of the More Notable Women of the Early Days of the Country, and Particularly of the Colonial and Revolutionar by Harry Clinton Green
3225699. Social and Economic Forces in American History: From the American Nation, a History by Albert Bushnell Hart
3225703. Guide to the Study of American History by Edward Channing
3225704. The Negro in Pennsylvania: A Study in Economic History by Richard R Wright Jr
3225705. The Children's Hour and Other Poems; Paul Revere's Ride and Other Poems by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
3225708. A Portrait of George Washington, from an Original Drawing, as He Appeared While Reviewing the Continental Army on Boston Common, in 1776 by Charles Fox
3225709. Clothing: Choice, Care, Cost by Mary Schenck Woolman
3225712. Abraham Lincoln: His Life, Public Services, Death and Great Funeral Cortege; With a History and Description of the National Lincoln Mon by John Carroll Power
3225714. Applied Electrochemistry by Maurice De Kay Thompson
3225716. The Theory of Evolution: With Special Reference to the Evidence Upon Which It Is Founded by William Berryman Scott
3225718. On the Science of Sensibility, Intelligence: Or Simple Element of Soul; And the Spirit of Life and Origin of Species and Natural Cause of the Constanc by John Nelson Smith
3225722. Wild Flower Preservation: A Collector's Guide by May Coley
3225723. Child and Country: A Book of the Younger Generation by Will Levington Comfort
3225724. Midstream: A Chronicle at Halfway by Will Levington Comfort
3225730. Twentieth Century Inventions: A Forecast by George Sutherland
3225734. The Impostor: A Tale of Old Annapolis by John Reed Scott
3225735. The Tithe in Scripture: Being Chapters from the Sacred Tenth with a Revised Bibliography on Tithe-Paying and Systematic and Proportionate Givi by Henry Lansdell
3225738. Winterslow: Essays and Characters Written There by William Hazlitt
3225739. Singleheart and Doubleface: A Matter-Of-Fact Romance by Charles Reade
3225741. Le Gentleman: An Idyll of the Quarter by Ethel Sidgwick