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Books 147/97

3299401. Children's Letters: A Collection of Letters Written to Children by Famous Men and Women (1905) by Elizabeth Colson
3299404. Chili: Sketches of Chili and the Chilians During the War, 1879- 1880 (1881) by Robert Nelson Boyd
3299405. China and Lower Bengal: Being the Times Correspondence from China in the Years, 1857- 58 (1861) by George Wingrove Cooke
3299406. China, Australia, and the Pacific Islands: In the Years, 1855-56 (1857) by J D Ewes
3299407. China, Her History, Diplomacy, and Commerce: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day (1901) by Edward Harper Parker
3299408. China: An Interpretation (1919) by James Whitford Bashford
3299409. Chinese Nights' Entertainment: Forty Stories Told by Almond-Eyed Folk Actors in the Romance of the Strayed Arrow (1893) by Adele Marion Fielde
3299410. Chinese Poems (1912) by Charles Budd
3299411. Cholera Epidemics in East Africa: An Account of the Several Diffusions of the Disease in That Country from 1821 Till 1872 (1876) by James Christie
3299413. Cholera, Its Symptoms, Causes, and Remedies: With Directions for Treating the Disease, Where Medical Aid Cannot Be Immediately Procured (1864) by Thomas Alexander Wise
3299414. Choosing a Play, Revised and Enlarged: Suggestions and Bibliography for the Director of Amateur Dramatics (1920) by Gertrude Elizabeth Johnson
3299418. Christendom and the Drink Curse: An Appeal to the Christian World for Efficient Action Against the Causes of Intemperance (1875) by Dawson Burns
3299420. Christian Evidences Viewed in Relation to Modern Thought: Eight Lectures Preached Before the University of Oxford in the Year 1877 (1879) by Charles Adolphus Row
3299421. Christian Evolution or the Divine Process in Human Redemption: With an Appendix on the Revision of Creeds (1884) by John Cooper
3299422. Christian Gellert, and Other Sketches (1858) by Berthold Auerbach
3299423. Christian Lessons and a Christian Life: Sermons of Samuel Abbot Smith, with a Memoir (1866) by Samuel Abbot Smith
3299424. Christian Modes of Thinking and Doing V3: Or the Mystery of the Kingdom of God in Christ (1837) by John Pring
3299425. Christian Philosophy, God: Being a Contribution to a Philosophy of Theism (1900) by John Thomas Driscoll
3299429. Christianity and Problems of Today: Lectures Delivered Before Lake Forest College on the Foundation of the Late William Bross (1922) by John Huston Finley
3299431. Christianity the Religion of Nature: Lectures Delivered Before the Lowell Institute (1868) by Andrew Preston Peabody
3299432. Christianity the World-Religion: Lectures Delivered in India and Japan (1897) by John Henry Barrows
3299434. Christmas Roses: And Other Stories (1920) by Anne Douglas Sedgwick
3299436. Christopher Wordsworth, Bishop of Lincoln, 1807- 1885 (1888) by John Henry Overton
3299437. Chronic Diseases of the Larynx: With Special Reference to Laryngoscopic Diagnosis and Local Therapeutics (1868) by Adelbert Tobold
3299438. Chronic Urethritis of Gonococcic Origin (1901) by J De Keersmaecker
3299440. Chronicles of Canada: Or a Concise History of the Leading Events in the Old Provinces of the New Dominion (1868) by Henry Beaumont Small
3299441. Chronicles of the Canongate. V1: Second Series (1828) by Walter Scott
3299444. Church and State: Or National Religion and Church Establishments, Considered with Reference to Present Controversies (1869) by Thomas Rawson Birks
3299445. Church Music in America: Comprising Its History and Its Peculiarities at Different Periods, with Cursory Remarks on Its Legitimate Use and Its by Nathaniel Duren Gould
3299446. Church Plate in the Archdeaconry of Worcester: Being an Inventory and Notice of the Sacred Vessels in Use in the Different Churches, with an Explanato by William Lea
3299449. City and Country Life: Or Moderate Better Than Rapid Gains (1853) by Mary Ide Torrey
3299450. City of San Diego and San Diego County V1: The Birthplace of California (1922) by Clarence Alan Mc Grew
3299451. Civil Office and Political Ethics: With an Appendix (1840) by Elisha P Hurlbut
3299452. Civilization: Or a Brief Analysis of the Natural Laws That Regulate the Numbers and Condition of Mankind (1836) by Augustus Henry Moreton
3299454. Class Memoir of George Washington Warren: With English and American Ancestry (1886) by Thomas Coffin Amory
3299455. Classes for Gifted Children: An Experimental Study of Methods of Selection and Instruction (1919) by Guy Montrose Whipple
3299456. Classical English Reader: Selections from Standard Authors, with Explanatory and Critical Footnotes (1877) by Henry Norman Hudson
3299457. Cleek of Scotland Yard: Detective Stories (1914) by Thomas W Hanshew
3299458. Clefts of the Rock: Or the Believer's Grounds of Confidence in Christ (1874) by John Ross Macduff
3299459. Clever Girls of Our Time: And How They Became Famous Women (1862) by Joseph Johnson
3299460. Clever Tales: Ludovic Halevy, Auguste Strindberg, Vsevolod Garshin, Villiers de L'Isle Adam, Alexander Kiel- Land, Jakub Arbes (1897) by Charlotte Endymion Porter
3299461. Clifford and John's Almanac: Calculated for the Year 1922, But Good for Any Year Containing a Great Variety of Useful and Entertaining Pieces Perta by Clifford Samuel Raymond
3299463. Clinical Lectures on Diseases of the Nervous System (1874) by William Alexander Hammond
3299464. Clinical Lectures on the Physiological Pathology and Treatment of Syphilis: Together with a Fasciculus of Classroom Lessons Covering the Initiatory Pe by Fessenden Nott Otis
3299465. Clinical Notes on Uterine Surgery: With Special Reference to Management of the Sterile Condition (1866) by James Marion Sims
3299466. Clinical Studies of the Surgical Diseases of the Female Generative Organ: From Observations Made During Ten Years' Work in the Methodist Episcopal Hos by Lewis Stephen Pilcher
3299467. Clinical Surgery: For the Instruction of Practitioners and Students of Surgery (1902) by Albert John Ochsner
3299468. Coaching: With Anecdotes of the Road (1876) by William Pitt Lennox
3299469. Coal, Iron and War: A Study in Industrialism, Past and Future (1920) by Edwin Clarence Eckel
3299471. Cobden and Modern Political Opinion: Essays on Certain Political Topics (1873) by James Edwin Thorold Rogers
3299472. Confessio Amantis of John Gower V2 (1857) by John Gower
3299473. Coffee in Natal: Its Culture and Preparation, in Two Parts (1874) by H E Stainbank
3299474. Cold Dishes for Hot Weather (1896) by Ysaguirre
3299475. Coleridge's the Rime of the Ancient Mariner: And Other Poems, with Introduction, Notes and an Appendix (1920) by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
3299476. Collectanea: Essays, Addresses and Reviews (1899) by Perceval Maitland Laurence
3299480. Colonial Government: An Introduction to the Study of Colonial Institutions (1902) by Paul Samuel Reinsch
3299481. Colonies and Dependencies: India and the Colonies (1883) by James Sutherland Cotton
3299482. Colors of Life: Poems and Songs and Sonnets (1918) by Max Eastman
3299483. Come to the Woods: And Other Poems (1869) by George James Cornish
3299484. Comedies and Legends for Marionettes: A Theatre for Boys and Girls (1904) by Georgiana Goddard King
3299485. Comfort and Strength from the Shepherd Psalm: A Devotional Study of the Twenty-Third Psalm (1918) by Christian Fichthorne Reisner
3299487. Comments of John Ruskin on the Divina Commedia (1903) by John Ruskin
3299488. Commerce in War (1907) by Llewellyn Archer Atherley Jones
3299490. Commercial Oils, Vegetable and Animal: With Special Reference to Oriental Oils (1919) by Irving Fink Laucks
3299491. Commercial Policy in War Time and After: A Study of the Application of Democratic Ideas to International Commercial Relations (1919) by William Smith Culbertson
3299493. Common Things Made Plain: A Lesson Book on Subjects Familiar to Everyday Life (1857) by James Menzies
3299494. Commons Debates for 1629: Critically Edited and an Introduction Dealing with Parliamentary Sources for the Early Stuarts (1921) by Wallace Notestein
3299497. Composition- Rhetoric, from Literature: For High Schools, Academies and Normal Schools (1903) by Margaret Sullivan Mooney
3299499. Conditions of Life in the Sea: A Short Account of Quantitative Marine Biological Research (1908) by James Johnstone
3299501. Congressional Policy of Chinese Immigration: Or Legislation Relating to Chinese Immigration to the United States (1916) by Tien Lu Li
3299502. Connected Passages for Latin Prose Writing: With Full Introductory Notes on Idiom (1899) by Maurice Whittemore Mather
3299503. Constance and Calbot's Rival: Tales (1889) by Julian Hawthorne
3299506. Consumption of the Lungs, or Decline: The Causes, Symptoms, and Rational Treatment, with the Means of Prevention (1848) by Thomas Harrison Yeoman
3299509. Contemporary French Painters: An Essay (1895) by Philip Gilbert Hamerton
3299510. Continuation of the Complete History of England V4 (1761) by Tobias George Smollett
3299511. Contributions Towards the Materia Medica and Natural History of China: For the Use of Medical Missionaries and Native Medical Students (1871) by Frederick Porter Smith
3299512. Control in Evolution: A Discussion of the Fundamental Principles of Social Order and Progress (1903) by George Francis Wilkin
3299514. Convalescent Cookery: A Family Handbook (1881) by Catherine Ryan
3299518. Cooling Cups and Dainty Drinks: A Collection of Recipes for Cups and Other Compounded Drinks (1869) by William Terrington
3299519. Coomassie and Magdala: The Story of Two British Campaigns in Africa (1874) by Henry Morton Stanley
3299521. Correspondence and Speeches of Mr. Peter Rylands V2, Speeches: With a Sketch of His Career (1890) by Peter Rylands
3299523. Corydon: An Elegy in Memory of Matthew Arnold and Oxford (1906) by Reginald Fanshawe
3299524. Cottage Gardening: Or Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetables for Small Gardens (1877) by Edward Hobday
3299525. Cotton Stealing: A Novel (1866) by J E Chamberlain
3299526. Count Cavour: His Life and Career (1860) by Basil Henry Cooper
3299528. Counter- Attack: And Other Poems (1918) by Siegfried Sassoon
3299529. Courage and Comfort: Or Sunday Morning Thoughts (1908) by James Britton Cranfill
3299530. Court and Society from Elizabeth to Anne V1: Edited from the Papers at Kimbolton (1864) by William Drogo Montagu Manchester
3299531. Cowper: Illustrated by a Series of Views, In, or Near, the Park of Weston- Underwood, Buckinghamshire (1804) by William Cowper
3299532. Creation as a Divine Synthesis: A Contemplative Treatise Concerning the Inter- Relations Between Deity and His Creation (1878) by William N Haggard
3299534. Creed and the Creeds: Their Function in Religion, Being the Bampton Lectures of 1911 (1911) by John Huntley Skrine
3299535. Crests from the Ocean World: Or Experiences in a Voyage to Europe, Principally in France, Belgium, and England, in 1847 and 1848 (1860) by Alonzo Tripp
3299536. Criminal Process: Or a View of the Whole Proceedings Taken in Criminal Prosecutions, from Arrest to Judgment and Execution (1853) by Henry Richard Dearsly
3299537. Cripps, the Carrier: A Woodland Tale (1883) by R D Blackmore
3299538. Critica Crispiana: Or the Boots and Shoes, British and Foreign, of the Great Exhibition (1852) by James Dacres Devlin
3299540. Criticism on the Theological Idea of Deity: Contrasting the Views Entertained by the Ancient Grecian Sages, with Those of Moses and the Hebrew Writers by M B Craven
3299542. Cruising in the Caribbean with a Camera (1903) by Jr Anson Phelps Stokes
3299543. Cruising in the West Indies, Etc. (1902) by Jr Anson Phelps Stokes
3299544. Cultivated Plants: Their Propagation and Improvement (1877) by Frederick William Thomas Burbridge
3299549. Cyr Graded Art Readers, Book 2 (1904) by Ellen M Cyr
3299551. Dainty Dishes: A Collection of Choice Receipts (1903) by Adolphe Meyer
3299552. Dan of Millbrook: A Story of American Life (1894) by Charles Carleton Coffin
3299553. Dandy Dick: A Play in Three Acts (1893) by Arthur Wing Pinero
3299554. Daniel Verified in History and Chronology: Showing the Complete Fulfillment of All His Prophecies, Relating to Civil Affairs, Before the Close of the by A M Osbon
3299557. David Ballard: A Play in Three Acts (1907) by Charles Mc Evoy
3299558. Day in and Day Out: Or Leaves from the Record of 1877 (1879) by Fannie Barbour Gray
3299559. Days Like These: A Novel (1901) by Edward Waterman Townsend
3299561. Defects of Sight: Their Nature, Causes, Prevention, and General Management (1856) by Thomas Wharton Jones
3299563. Defense of the English Ordinal: With Some Observations Upon Spiritual Jurisdiction and the Power of the Keys (1872) by William Ralph Churton
3299565. Deficiencies in Our History: An Address Delivered Before the Vermont Historical and Antiquarian Society, at Montpelier (1846) by James Davie Butler
3299566. Deficiency and Delinquency: An Interpretation of Mental Testing (1918) by James Burt Miner
3299567. Democracy in Reconstruction (1919) by Frederick Albert Cleveland
3299568. Democratic Industry: A Practical Study in Social History (1919) by Joseph Casper Husslein
3299570. Detroit and World Trade: A Survey of the City's Present and Potential Foreign Trade and Seaboard Traffic (1920) by Thomas Laurence Munger
3299572. Diabolology: The Person and Kingdom of Satan (1889) by Edward Hurtt Jewett
3299573. Diagnostic Methods: A Guide for History Taking, Making of Routine Physical Examinations and the Usual Laboratory Tests (1914) by Herbert Thomas Brooks
3299576. Diamonds: A Study of the Factors That Govern Their Value (1916) by Frank Bertram Wade
3299577. Diarrhea and Dysentery: Modern Views of Their Pathology and Treatment (1887) by Alonzo Benjamin Palmer
3299580. Diphtheria, Croup, Etc. , or the Membranous Diseases: Their Nature, History, Causes and Treatment (1884) by Christopher B Galentin
3299582. Directory of the Living Graduates of Yale University, 1908 (1908) by Anson Phelps Stokes Jr
3299583. Discourses on Several Subjects and Occasions V1 (1793) by George Horne
3299584. Discourses Upon Tradition and Episcopacy: Preached at the Temple Church (1839) by Christopher Benson
3299587. Diseases of the Heart and Arteries: Their Causes, Nature and Treatment (1895) by John Henry Clarke
3299588. Diseases of the Heart and Circulation in Infancy and Adolescence (1888) by John Marie Keating
3299589. Diseases of the Stomach and Their Surgical Treatment (1901) by Arthur William Mayo Robson
3299590. Diseases of Tropical Climates: Lectures Delivered at the Army Medical School (1886) by William Campbell Mac Lean
3299591. Dissertations on the Prophecies of the Old Testament V3: In Two Parts (1800) by David Levi
3299592. Divine Guidance: Memorial of Allen W. Dodge (1881) by Gail Hamilton
3299595. Divorce Practice: Containing the Procedure in Divorce and Matrimonial Causes and Matters in the High Court of Justice, Court of Appeal, by Thomas William Henry Oakley
3299596. Divorce: A Study in Social Causation (1909) by James Pendleton Lichtenberger
3299597. Doctor Indoctus: Strictures on Professor John Nichol, of Glasgow, with Reference to His English Composition (1880) by Fitzedward Hall
3299598. Doctors' Commons and the Old Court of Admiralty: A Short History of the Civilians in England (1922) by William Senior
3299601. Domestic and Fancy Cats: A Practical Treatise on Their Varieties, Breeding, Management, and Disease (1901) by John Jennings
3299604. Dorrien Carfax: A Game of Hide and Seek (1909) by Nowell Griffith
3299609. Dr. J. B. Cranfill's Chronicle: A Story of Life in Texas (1916) by James Britton Cranfill
3299610. Dr. John Brown: A Biography and a Criticism (1903) by John Taylor Brown
3299611. Dr. Lyman Spalding: The Originator of the United States Pharmacopoeia (1916) by James Alfred Spalding
3299615. Dr. Zell and the Princess Charlotte: An Autobiographical Relation of Adventures in the Life of a Distinguished Modern Necromancer, Seer and Theosophis by Warren Richardson
3299619. Dramatization: Selections from English Classics Adapted in Dramatic Form (1913) by Sarah Emma Simons
3299620. Dreams After Sunset: Poems (1892) by Francis Saltus
3299621. Driftwood, Seaweed and Fallen Leaves V2 (1863) by John Cumming
3299622. Driftwood, Seaweed, and Fallen Leaves V1 (1863) by John Cumming
3299623. Driven from Home, and Other Life Stories (1882) by Alfred Alsop
3299625. Drum Taps in Dixie: Memories of a Drummer Boy, 1861-1865 (1905) by Delavan S Miller
3299626. Dunlop of That Ilk: Memorabilia of the Families of Dunlop, with Special Reference to John Dunlop of Rosebank (1898) by Archibald Dunlop
3299627. Dusty Air and Ill Health: A Study of Prevalent Ill Health and Causes (1912) by Robert Hessler
3299629. Earlscourt: A Novel of Provincial Life (1893) by Alexander Allardyce
3299630. Early American Painters: Illustrated by Examples in the Collection of the New York Historical Society (1920) by John Hill Morgan
3299631. Early American Paintings: Catalogue of an Exhibition Held in the Museum of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences (1917) by John Hill Morgan
3299636. Early Roman Law: The Regal Period (1872) by Edwin Charles Clark