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Books 21/110

466390. Adam Smith: Critical Assessments I & II by J C Wood
466409. Iran- Europe Relations: Challenges and Opportunities by Seyyed Hossein Mousavian
466426. Educational Evaluation, Assessment and Monitoring: A Systematic Approach by Glas Cees
466437. From Ancient Myth to Modern Healing: Themis: Goddess of Heart-Soul, Justice and Reconciliation by Pamela Donleavy
466452. Disability And/In Prose by Jo Brueg Brenda
466459. Social Identity by Jenkins Richard
466469. Psychology: The Basics by Heffernan Thoma
466499. Wisdom in the University by Barnett Ronald
466526. Capitalist Education:: Globalisation and the Politics of Inequality by Gabbard David
466540. European Jihadis by Tibi Massam
466553. Gothic Romanced by Botting Fred
466562. Complications During Percutaneous Interventions for Congenital and Structural Heart Disease by Ziyad M Hijazi
466567. Mapping the Magazine: Comparative Studies in Magazine Journalism by Holmes Tim
466573. Equity and Trusts 2007-2008: Routledge-Cavendish Core Statutes Series by Crackne Douglas
466589. The Routledge Reader In Early Childhood Education by Wood
466601. China's Opening Society: The Non- State Sector and Governance by Zheng Yongnian
466634. Migration and Human Rights Law: The United Nations Convention on Migrant Workers' Rights by Pcoud Antoine
466680. Colloquial Basque: A Complete Language Course by R Ba King Alan
466682. Heritage and Identity in the Twenty- First Century by Peralta M Elsa
466698. Beyond Environmental Comfort by Lay Ong Boon
466707. Colloquial English: A Course for Non- Native Speakers by Gareth King
466709. German Idealism by O Connor Brian
466711. Phonetics by Idsardi William
466727. Redefining Teacher Development by Neufeld Jonatha
466735. Citizenship Between Past and Future by F Isin P Engin
466737. Places of Pain and Shame: Dealing with 'Difficult' Heritage by Logan William
466750. Whatever Happened to Class? : Reflections from South Asia by Agarwala Rina
466777. China's Multinationals- The Resource Sector by Huaichuan Rui
466778. Feminism and the Schooling Scandal by Skelton Christi
466791. Berlin in the Cold War, 1948- 90: Documents on British Policy Overseas, Series III, Vol. VI by Salmon Patrick
466798. Breaking Up Blues: A Guide to Survival and Growth by Denise Cullington
466821. Introducing Tibetan Buddhism by Geoffrey Samuel
466829. English Legal System Lawcards 6/E: Sixth Edition by Routledge Caven
466833. Enchantments of Modernity: Empire, Nation, Globalization by Dube Saurabh
466850. The Early Sociology of Race and Ethnicity by K Thompson
466853. Turkish Accession to the EU: Satisfying the Copenhagen Criteria by Faucompret Eric
466871. Sporting Cultures: Hispanic Perspectives on Sport, Text and the Body by Wood David
466880. Rethinking Architecture: A Reader in Cultural Theory by Leach, Neil
466891. Social Networks: An Introduction by Bruggeman Jeroe
466894. Naval Warfare, 1919-45. by Malcolm Murfett by Malcolm H Murfett
466913. English Legal System 2008- 2009: Routledge- Cavendish Core Statutes Series by Cracknell Dougl
466921. Land Law 2008-2009: Routledge-Cavendish Core Statutes Series by Cracknell Dougl
466937. Non-Governmental Organisations in China by Lu Yiyi
466950. Colloquial Hausa by Buba Malami
466952. Colloquial Hausa by Buba Malami
466977. The IMF, World Bank and Policy Reform by Paloni Alberto
467015. Neoliberal Hegemony: A Global Critique by Plehwe Dieter
467069. Asia on Tour: Exploring the Rise of Asian Tourism by Winter Tim
467089. The Philosophical Traditions of India by T Raju P
467092. Colloquial Welsh by King, Gareth
467118. Improving Learning in Later Life by Withnall Alexan
467120. Improving Classroom Learning with Ict by Sutherland Rosa
467132. Practice, Management and Responsibility by Hickey John
467138. Urban Geography: A Global Perspective by Pacione Michael
467181. The Use and Fate of Pesticides in Vegetable-Based Agro-Ecosystems in Ghana by Ntow, William Joseph
467185. Good Governance in China- A Way Towards Social Harmony: Case Studies by China's Rising Leaders by Mengkui Wang
467192. Through Assessment to Consultation: Independent Psychoanalytic Approaches with Children and Adolescents by Horne Ann
467202. Colloquial Spanish by Otaola Alday Untza
467221. European Societies: Fusion or Fission? by Boje Thomas
467239. Security and Development: Investing in Peace and Prosperity by Picciotto Rober
467251. Reflecting on Faith Schools: A Contemporary Project and Practice in a Multi-Cultural Society by Johnson Helen
467253. Islam and Other Religions: Pathways to Dialogue by Omar Irfan
467257. Towards a Federal Europe by Trechsel Alexan
467267. Law in a Flash: Criminal Law by Routledge Caven
467275. China as a Rising World Power and Its Response to 'Globalization' by C Keith Ronald
467276. Sport Tourism by Gibson Heather
467278. Religion in World Conflict by Fox Jonathan
467280. Learning, Natural Capital and Sustainable Development: Options for an Uncertain World by Foster John
467281. Reconstructing Post-Saddam Iraq by Barakat Sultan
467284. Understanding Poverty and Well-Being: Bridging the Disciplines by Hulme David
467319. City: Vol. 11, No. 3 by Bob Catterall
467334. Institutions of the Asia Pacific: ASEAN, Apec and Beyond by Mark Beeson
467343. Gender, Sport, Science: Selected Writings of Roberta J. Park by A Mangan J