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Books 21/22

453207. Balance of Power by Sheehan Michael
453212. Race, Sport and British Society by Carrington, Ben
453232. Safety Culture in Nuclear Power Operations by Bernhard Wilpert
453253. Doing Dissertations in Politics: A Student Guide by Silbergh, David M.
453255. Key Documents in International Law by Peter Malanczuk
453288. World Religions Reader by G Beckerlegge
453314. Edward Said by Bill Ashcroft
453322. Planning in the USA: Policies, Issues and Processes by Roger Caves
453328. On Film by Stephen Mulhall
453336. Britain Since 1945: A Political History by David Childs
453341. Embodied Utopias by Amy Bingaman
453366. Lu's Basic Toxicology: Fundamentals, Target Organs and Risk Assessment, Fourth Ediiton by Lu, Frank C.
453372. Toxicology of the Kidney, Third Edition by Jerry B Hook
453375. Cardiovascular Toxicology, Third Edition by Acosta, Daniel, JR.
453376. Greek Mysteries: The Archaeology of Ancient Greek Secret Cults by Michael B Cosmopoulos
453395. Building as an Economic Process: An Introduction to Building Economics by Bang Henrik
453411. Origins of Macroeconomics by Robert Dimand
453458. The Scientific Outlook by Russell, Bertrand
453471. Feminism and Empire: Women Activists in Imperial Britain, 1790- 1865 by Midgley Clare
453498. Improving Secondary Science Teaching by John Parkinson
453500. Allergic Contact Dermatitis: Chemical and Metabolic Mechanisms by Camilla K Smith
453514. Literary Theory: The Basics by Johannes Willem Bertens
453529. Rethinking Development Geographies by Marcus Power
453559. Advertising by Iain Mac Rury
453563. Interdisciplinarity by Joe Moran
453604. Kinanthropometry and Exercise Physiology Laboratory Manual: Volume 2: Exercise Physiology Tests, Procedures and Data by Roger Eston
453609. Institutional Challenges in the European Union by Madeline Hosli
453610. Linguistic Foundations: Modern Language Teaching: The Reform Movement by Anthony Howatt
453614. Bibliographies and Overviews: Modern Language Teaching: The Reform Movement by Anthony Howatt
453615. Early Sociology of Health and Illness by Kevin White
453622. Renewing Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Policy, Performance and Prospects by Deryke Belshaw
453634. Becoming an Evidence-Based Practitioner: A Framework for Teacher-Researchers by McNamara, Olwen
453637. Public Management and Governance: An Introductory Text by Tony Bovaird
453648. Naturalism and the Human Condition: Against Scientism by Olafson, Frederick A.
453653. The City: Critical Concepts in the Social Sciences by M Pacione
453687. Embodied Lives: Figuring Ancient Maya and Egyptian Experience by Meskell, Lynn
453712. Success Against the Odds - Five Years on: Revisiting Effective Schools in Disadvantaged Areas by Margaret Maden
453718. Routledge Intensive German Course by Paul Hartley
453721. Texts and Contexts: An Introduction to Literature and Language Study by Adrian Beard
453728. Pragmatics and Discourse: A Resource Book for Students by Cutting, Joan
453773. The Process of Economic Development by Cypher, James M.
453814. Strategies to Promote Inclusive Practice by C Tilstone
453846. The French Revolution: From Its Origins to 1793 E- Book by G Lefebvre
453854. Oppression and Liberty by Weil, Simone
453896. Urban Regeneration: A Critical Perspective by Brownill Sue
453913. Spon's Estimating Costs Guide to Plumbing and Heating by Bryan Spain
453957. Britian, 1846-1919 by Hunt, Jocelyn
453979. Retailing in the European Union: Structures, Competition and Performance by Stewart Howe
453992. Social Capital by Fields, John
453993. The Sociology of Health and Illness: A Reader by Michael Bury
453995. Transgression by Jenks, Chris
454009. Public Transport by Peter White
454020. The FDA and Drug Registration by M S Salek
454030. World Englishes: A Resource Book for Students by Jenkins Jennife
454031. World Englishes: A Resource Book for Students by Jenkins Jennife
454051. Popular Theatre: A Sourcebook by Joel Schechter
454064. Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) by Prescott, Laurie
454123. GIS Environmental Modelling and Engineering by Allan Brimicombe
454136. Engineering Geology&constructn by G Bell Fred