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Books 21/6

450764. The Child's Discovery of Death by Anthony, Sylvia
450773. Intellectual Growth in Young Children by Isaacs, Susan
450779. The Child's Conception of Physical Causality by Piaget, Jean
450785. Play, Dreams and Imitation in Childhood by Jean Piaget
450789. Modern Psychology and Education by Sturt, Mary
450794. Creative Imagination by Downey, June E.
450811. Psychological and Biological Foundations of Dream Interpretation by Lowy, Samuel
450887. The Psychology of Politics by Hans J Eysenck
450914. Reading Political Philosophy: Machiavelli to Mill by Matravers Derek
450927. Civic Republicanism by Honohan, Iseult
450934. Origins of the Welfare State in Britain by Nicholas Deakin
450941. Philosophy of Religion: An Introduction with Readings by Stuart Brown
450943. Minds and Bodies: An Introduction with Readings by Wilkinson, Robert
450955. Classical Cats: The Rise and Fall of the Sacred Cat by Engels Donald, W.
450957. The Biological Basis of Nursing: Clinical Observations by William Blows
450974. The Television Handbook: Second Edition by Patricia Holland
450984. Coastal Systems by K Haslett Simon
450985. Coastal Systems by Simon Haslett
450993. The Place of Media Power by Nick Couldry
450998. Essential Latin: The Language and Life of Ancient Rome by George D A Sharpley
451033. Reproductive Genetics, Gender and the Body by Ettorre, Elizabeth
451044. Marketing Critical Perspectives On Business And M by Michael J Baker
451045. Teaching and Learning Secondary Science: Contemporary Issues and Practical Approaches by J J Wellington
451057. Applied Geography by Michael Pacione
451099. Women and Teacher Training Colleges, 1900-1960: A Culture of Femininity by Edwards, Elizabeth
451110. The Witchcraft Reader by Darren Oldridge
451125. Community-Based Psychotherapy with Young People: Evidence and Innovation in Practice by G Baruch
451129. Jean Baudrillard by Lane, Richard J.
451137. The Government and Politics in France by Vincent Wright
451145. French Feminists on Religion: A Reader by Joy, Morny
451173. Against Purity: Rethinking Identity with Indian and Western Feminisms by Gedalof, Irene
451175. Science Fiction and Organization by M Higgins
451176. Researching Health Promotion by Watson, Jonathan
451180. Film as Social Practice, 3rd Edition by Graeme Turner
451187. Radio Drama by Crook, Timothy
451190. Retail Product Management: Buying and Merchandising by Rosemary Varley
451193. Fascist Ideology: Expansionism in Italy and Germany 1922-1945 by Kallis, Aristotle A.
451200. Mapping Modernities by Alan Dingsdale
451217. How the Child's Mind Develops by David Cohen
451222. Martin Luther King, JR. by Peter J Ling
451227. Machiavelli, Marketing and Management by Harris, Phil
451296. Environment and Politics by Timothy Doyle
451297. Environment and Politics by Timothy Doyle
451306. Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to Hegel and the Phenomenology of Spirit by Robert A M Stern
451311. Social and Political Philosophy: Contemporary Perspectives by Sterba, James P.
451318. International Library of Philosophy by Routledge
451321. Integration and Transition in Europe: Economic Geography of Interaction by G Petrakos
451343. American Feminism: Key Source Documents, 1848-1920 by Katherine Joslin
451348. Calendar of State Papers, Colonial: North America and the West Indies 1574-1739 on CD-ROM by K Kupperman
451389. Fundamentals of Hydrology by Timothy Davie
451429. Self and Sovereignty: Individual and Community in South Asian Islam Since 1850 by Jalal, Ayesha
451487. European Union: Power and Policy Making by J Richardson
451500. Building the Post-War World by Nicholas Bullock
451515. Politics in the Republic of Ireland: 3rd Edition by Michael Gallagher
451516. The Two Red Flags: European Social Democracy and Soviet Communism Since 1945 by Childs, David
451522. Green Political Thought by Andrew P Dobson
451526. The Linguistics Encyclopedia by Kirsten Malmkjaer
451532. Family Matters: Interfaces Between Child and Adult Mental Health by Peter Reder
451542. Charles Dickens Family History by Norman Page
451550. Essential Latin: Companion Cassettes to the Essential Latin Textbook by G D A Sharpley
451568. A Globalizing World?: Culture, Economics, Politics by David Held
451575. Carnal Appetites: Foodsexidentities by Probyn, Elspeth
451594. Earthquakes by Christine Rodrigue
451606. Inset for Nqt's: An Inschool Course for Teachers in the Primary School by Kitson, Neil
451625. New Media: A Critical Introduction by Lister, Martin
451655. Primary Teachers' Stress by Troman, Geoff
451669. Interrupting Derrida by Bennington Geof
451690. Colloquial Breton: The Complete Course for Beginners by Ian Press
451693. Ancient Rome: From the Early Republic to the Assasination of Julius Caeser by Dillon, Matthew
451696. Environmental Hazards: Assessing Risk and Reducing Disaster by Keith Smith
451703. The Interpreting Studies Reader by Franz Pochhacker
451721. Race and Ethnicity: Critical Concepts in Sociology by H Goulbourne
451722. The Qur'an: An Introduction by Abu-Hamdiyyah, Mohammad