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Books 22/55

480602. Special Voices: Teaching Children with Special Needs in the Regular Classroom by Cora Lee Five
480605. Role Drama: A Teacher's Handbook by Patrick Verriour
480607. New American Plays Two by Carson, Jo
480611. Modern Israeli Drama: In Translation by Taub, Michael
480612. Classical Monologues for Women: Monologues from 16th, 17th and 17th Century Plays by Donnelly
480619. Talking about Mime: An Illustrated Guide by David Alberts
480626. Playing Director by Rick Des Rochers
480629. Playing Their Part: Language and Learning in the Classroom by Nancy King
480631. The Staging Handbook by Francis Reid
480632. Next!: Auditioning for the Musical Theatre by Alper, Steven M.
480639. The Library/Classroom Connection by Silvana Carletti
480646. Read It in the Classroom!: Organizing an Interactive Language Arts Program, Grades 4-9 by Jan Wells
480648. Shared Reading: In the Middle and High School Years by Frank Mc Teague
480656. Reading Recovery: A Guidebook for Teachers in Training by Marie Clay
480659. Young Writers in the Making: Sharing the Process with Parents by Alison Preece
480666. Constructing Buildings, Bridges, and Minds: Building an Integrated Curriculum Through Social Studies by Katherine A Young
480668. Ideas for Spelling by Faye Bolton
480683. Beyond Tokenism Beyond Tokenism: Parents as Partners in Literacy Parents as Partners in Literacy by Trevor Cairney
480708. Notes from a Kidwatcher: Selected Writings of Yetta M. Goodman by Wilde, Sandra
480712. The Future of Whole Language: Reconstruction or Self-Destruction? by Susan M Church
480727. African Workers & Colonial Racism: Mozambican Strategies & Struggles in Lourenco Marques, 1877-1962 by Jeanne Penvenne
480731. The Realm of the Word: Language, Gender, and Christianity in a Southern African Kingdom by Paul S Landau
480733. Are We Not Also Men?: The Samkange Family & African Politics in Zimbabwe, 1920-64 by Terence O Ranger
480735. Gender, Ethnicity, and Social Change on the Upper Slave Coast: A History of the Anlo-Ewe by Sandra Greene
480739. Bessie Head: Thunder Behind Her Ears: Her Life and Writing by Gillian S Eilersen
480740. Africa Now: People, Policies & Institutions by Stephen Ellis
480741. Africa Now: People, Policies, Institutions by Stephen Ellis
480742. In Pursuit of History: Fieldwork in Africa by Jan Vansina
480745. Drink, Power, and Cultural Change: A Social History of Alcohol in Ghana, C. 1800 to Recent Times by Emmanuel Kwaku Akyeampong
480867. African Religions & Philosophy by John S Mbiti
480869. The Wedding of Zein and Other Sudanese Stories by Tayeb Salih
480871. Season of Migration to the North by Tayeb Salih
480872. The Poor Christ of Bomba by Gerald Moore
480876. I Will Marry When I Want by Ngguggi
480877. Song of Lawino & Song of Ocol by Pbitek, Okot
480878. Wounding Words: A Woman's Journal in Tunisia by Evelyne Accad
480882. Matigari by Ngugi Wa Thiong'O
480884. So Long a Letter by Mariama Ba
480889. Uhuru Street: Short Stories by Vassanji, M. G.
480890. Under the Lion by Steve Jacobs
480891. The Reluctant Playwright by W P B Botha
480892. A Woman Alone by Bessie Head
480893. Arrows of Rain by Okey Ndibe
480894. Orimili by Amechi Akwanya
480897. No Easy Walk to Freedom by Mandela, Nelson
480902. The Cardinals by Head, Bessie
480903. Loukoum: The Little Prince of Belleville by Beyala, Calixthe
480904. Wantok by W P B Botha
480905. Colour Me Blue by Gaele Sobott Mogwe
480906. Who's Afraid of Wole Soyinka?: Essays on Censorship by Adewale Maja Pearce
480910. Beyond the Horizon by Darko, Amma
480912. The Housemaid by Darko, Anna
480913. Echoing Silences by Alexander Kanengoni
480916. The Girl Who Can by Aidoo, Ama Ata
480917. The Shadow of Imana by Tadjo, Veronique
480918. A Cowrie of Hope by Sinyangwe, Binwell
480920. The New Tribe by Emecheta, Buchi
480921. Can We Talk and Other Stories by Shimmer Chinodya
480924. The Purple Violet of Oshaantu by Andreas, Neshani
480932. Introduction to African Religion by Mbiti, John S.
480933. The One Who Did Not Ask by Altaf
480935. Third World Lives of Struggle by Henry Bernstein
480938. The Autobiography of Paras P. by Kevin Baldeosingh
480947. Word Perfect Spelling Introductory Book by
480948. Word Perfect Spelling Book 1 by
480949. Word Perfect Spelling Book 2 by
480950. Word Perfect Spelling Book 3 by
480951. Word Perfect Spelling Book 5 by
480952. Word Perfect Spelling Book 4 by
480953. Word Perfect Spelling Book 6 by
480954. Word Perfect Spelling Book 7 by
480964. Word Perfect Spelling Book 8 by
480966. A Patriot After All 1940-1941 by George Orwell
480967. All Propaganda Is Lies: 1941-1942 by Orwell, George
480969. Two Wasted Years 1943 by Davison, Peter
480970. I Have Tried to Tell Truth 1943-1944 by Davison, Peter
480971. I Belong to the Left: 1945 by Orwell, George
480972. Smothered Under Journalism by Davison, Peter
480973. It Is What I Think 1947-1948 by Davison, Peter
480974. Our Job Is to Make Life Worth Living 1949-1950 by Davison, Peter
480978. A Kind of Compulsion: 1903-1936 by Orwell, George
480979. I Have Tried to Tell the Truth: 1943-1944 by Orwell, George
480980. I Belong to the Left 1945 by Davison, Peter
480981. Smothered Under Journalism: 1946 by Orwell, George
480987. It Is What I Think: 1947-48 by Orwell, George
480988. Our Job Is to Make Life Worth Living: 1949-1950 by Orwell, George
480990. A History of the British Cavalry: 1899- 1913, Volume IV by Marquess Of Anglesey
480991. A History of the British Cavalry: 1872-1898, Volume III by Marquess Of Anglesey
480992. A Kind of Compulsion: 1903-1936 by Orwell, George
480993. All Propaganda Is Lies 1941-1942 by Orwell, George
480994. Keeping Our Little Corner Clean: 1942-1943 by Orwell, George
481001. Shapes by Inc Scholastic
481002. Five Little Ducks by Gabriella Buckingham
481003. Five Shiny Stars by Gabriella Buckingham
481004. The Noisy Egg by Judith Nicholls
481005. The Tiny Tadpole by Judith Nicholls
481008. Sudoku Jokes! Jokes! Jokes! by Raphael Sirkis
481009. Su Doku: Wacky Facts by Rafael Sirkis
481011. Clifford the Small Red Puppy with Paperback Book(s) by Norman Bridwell
481012. Emlyn's Moon by Jenny Nimmo
481013. Rare Beasts by Charles Ogden
481015. Clifford's Happy Easter with Paperback Book(s) by Norman Bridwell
481016. Shipwreck by Gordon Korman
481017. Tourist Trap by Charles Ogden
481018. Twelve by Lauren Myracle
481019. The Chestnut Soldier by Jenny Nimmo
481020. The Wednesday Wars by Gary D Schmidt
481021. Benny and Omar by Eoin Colfer
481027. A Parent's Guide to Reading with Your Child by Susan B Neuman
481028. The Bully Solution: A Parent's Guide: Effective and Practical Ways to Empower Your Child and Stop Bullying in Its Tracks by Carol Mc Mullen
481031. My First Bilingual Little Readers: Level C: Grades K-2 by Liza Charlesworth
481039. Hogwarts Through the Years Poster Book by Scholastic, Inc.
481045. Bug in a Rug by Sue Graves
481047. Fat Cat: Short a with Other by Sue Graves
481055. I Spy Treasure Hunt by Jean Marzollo
481056. Oopsy Saves the Day by Sonia Sander
481057. Oopsy Does It! with Sticker(s) by Samantha Brooke
481059. The Crushes by Pamela Wells
481062. Teaching Literary Elements with Picture Books: Engaging, Standards- Based Lessons and Strategies by Susan Van Zile
481064. Easy Make and Learn: The Human Body: Easy How-To's for Making 20 Models, Manipulatives, and Mini-Books That Will Wow Kids and Teach Them about the Inc by Silver, Donald
481066. Big Bob and the Winter Holiday Potato (Level 1) by Jill Pinkwater
481069. Eggs/Life Cycle by Scholastic Books
481070. Penguins: The Hands-On Way to Build Reading Skills! by Professional Books
481071. Teaching with Favorite Leo Lionni Books: Creative Discussion, Writing, and Art Activities for Exploring Friendship, Self-Esteem, Cooperation, and Othe by Kathleen M Hollenbeck
481077. Chair for Mother by Scholastic Professional Books
481078. Aunt Harriets by Inc Scholastic
481079. Buffalo Hunt by Scholastic Professional Books
481080. Babies on the Move by Daniel Moreton
481083. The Voyage of Mae Jemison by Susan Canizares
481088. Miss Spider's New Car by David Kirk
481089. Month-By-Month Collaborative Books for Young Learners: Easy Patterns and How-To's for Creating 20 Adorable Rhyming Books for Young Children to Make an by Mary Beth Spann
481102. N-O Es No!: N-O Es No! by Teddy Slater
481103. Hallelujah Handel by Cowling, Douglas
481105. Mini- Book of the Week: 40 Easy- To- Read Mini- Books on Fiction and Nonfiction Topics for Every Week of the School Year by Maria Fleming
481106. Names: Dozens of Instant and Irresistible Ideas and Activities from Creative Teachers Across the Country with Poster by Bob Kresh
481109. The Happy Day Tray to Add to Center by Scholastic Books
481112. Draw the Titanic Prepack by Andrew Staiano
481118. El Dia Que el Perro Dijo, "Quiquiriqui!": Nivel 2 = The Day the Dog Said, "Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!" by David M Mc Phail
481123. The American Revolution by Michael Gravois
481124. Christmas in the Country by Cynthia Rylant
481126. Brighten Up Boring Beginnings and Other Quick Writing Lessons: 10-Minute Mini-Lessons and Reproducible Activities That Sharpen Students' Writing Skill by Laura Robb
481129. Desperate Journey by Jim Murphy
481135. Project Achievement Reading, Book B: Test Taking Strategies by Inc Scholastic
481137. B*witched: Backstage Pass by Kristen Kemp
481139. Apple by Professional Books
481140. Pumpkin by Professional Books
481141. Birthday Cake[ With Teacher's Guide and Dry Erase Pen] by Professional Books
481142. Snowman: Perky Pal Message Board by Professional Books
481143. Chick[ With Teacher's Guide and Dry Erase Pen] by Professional Books
481152. Do Whales Have Belly Buttons?: Questions and Answers about Whales and Dolphins by Melvin Berger