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Books 27/38

590553. Politics and Structure: Essentials of American National Government by Ingersoll, Thomas G.
590557. Algebra: A Graduate Course by I Martin Isaacs
590558. Social Problems: A Critical Thinking Approach by Dean S Dorn
590565. The Essentials of Probability by Richard Durrett
590574. An Introduction to Modern Philosophy by Thomson, Garrett
590579. Group Process, Group Decision, Group Action by Norman Miller
590580. Young Adult Literature in the Classroom: Sharing the Connections by Brown, Jean E.
590581. Algebra Facts: Survival Guide to Basic Algebra by Szymanski, Theodore John
590582. Everyday Morality by Martin
590587. Statistical Thinking for Managers by Hildebrand, David
590588. Professional Educator: A New Introduction to Teaching and Schools by Charles B Myers
590589. Applied Regression Analysis and Multivariable Methods by Nizam, Azhar
590597. Essentials of Business Statistics by Gerald Keller
590604. How to Get the Most Out of Philosophy, 2nd Ed. by Douglas J Soccio
590612. Systems Of Psychotherapy A Trantheoretical Analysis by J Prochaska
590614. Brass Ensemble Methods by Jay D Zorn
590619. Adult Learner's Guide to College Success, Revised Edition by Walter, Tim
590625. Writing with Writers: A Workshop Approach by Thomas Tyner
590627. Matrix Algebra as a Tool by Ali S Hadi
590631. Applied Multivariate Methods for Data Analysts by Johnson, Dallas E.
590632. Practical Biostatistical Methods by Salvin
590637. Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy by Sterba, James P.
590638. Winners!: Producing Effective Electronic Media by Eugene Marlow
590643. Ssm Elementary Survey Sampling by Scheaffer
590644. Criminology: A Contemporary Handbook by Joseph F Sheley
590645. Reading Connections by Marianne C Reynolds
590646. Introduction to Christianity by David Brakke
590647. Developing Writers: A Dialogic Approach by Pamela Gay
590652. DPL: Advanced Version, Student Ed. by Ada Decision Systems
590657. Desktop Publishing with PageMaker 5.0 by Williams Shuman
590658. Public Policy in the United States: Toward the Twenty-First Century by Mark E Rushefsky
590662. Consultation: Practice and Perspectives in School and Community Settings by Dougherty, A. Michael
590667. On Krishnamurti by Raymond Martin
590668. On Bentham by James E Crimmins
590672. On Nozick by Edward Feser
590674. On Ethics by Marshall Missner
590675. On Modern Philosophy by Garrett Thomson
590680. Current Perspectives in Genetics: Insights and Applications in Molecular, Classical, and Human Genetics, 2000 Edition by Cummings, Shelly
590682. Foundations: A Reader F/New College Stdts by Virginia N Gordon
590697. Announcing: Broadcast Communicating Today by Lewis B O Donnell
590699. Journey Through Calculus: Boxed Version by Bill Ralph
590702. Philosophical Traditions: A Text with Readings by Louis P Pojman
590703. Progress in Behavior Modification, Volume 30 by Peter M Miller
590707. Disposable Children: America's Child Welfare System by Renny Golden
590710. Invitation to Fly + Chapter 9 Update by Glaeser
590713. Introduction to Multimedia Featuring Windows Applications by Ed Pinheiro
590718. Light on the Path: A Christian Perspective on College Success by Marmy Clason
590722. Elementary Algebra (with Digital Video Companion, Bca/Ilrn Tutorial, Interactive Elementary Algebra Student Access, Bca/Ilrn Student Guide, and Infotr by McKeague, Charles Patrick
590729. Text-Specific CD-ROM for Martin/Loomis' Building Teachers: A Constructivist Approach to Introducing Education by Kimberly S Loomis
590730. American Public School Law by M David Alexander
590734. Quick Success by Lisa Rosner
590736. Pathways to Multicultural Counseling Competence: A Developmental Journey by Wehrly
590737. Concepts of Intermediate Algebra: An Early Functions Approach by R David Gustafson
590739. Teaching Social Competence: A Practical Approach for Improving Social Skills in Students At-Risk by Paul Rodes
590744. Counseling Children by Thompson, Charles N.
590747. Transition Programs for Students with Moderate/Severe Disabilities by Brad Ferguson
590748. Calclabs with Mathematica by Albert Boggess
590751. Special Education Practice: Applying the Knowledge, Affirming the Values, and Creating the Future by Paul, James L.
590752. Foundations of Special Education: Basic Knowledge Informing Research and Practice in Special Education by Paul, James L.
590755. Practical Counselor: Elements of Effective Helping by David R Harvey
590767. Helping Relationships and Strategies by David E Huthcins
590787. Essential Skills and Strategies in the Helping Process by Doyle, Robert E.
590788. Behavior Modification in Applied Settings by Alan E Kazdin
590796. Introduction to Psychology: Exploration and Application by Dennis Coon
590800. Human Behavior in the Social Environment: Families, Groups, Organizations, and Communities by Moses Newsome
590801. S.S.M. Beginning Algebra by Jordan
590804. Introduction to Analysis by Edward Gaughan
590805. Geometry for College Students by I Martin Isaacs
590806. Numerical Methods by J Douglas Faires
590811. Understanding Algebra for College Students by Lewis R Hirsch
590812. DPL 4.0: Professional Decision Analysis Software: Academic Edition by Ada Decision Systems
590817. A Child's Odyssey: Child and Adolescent Development by Paul S Kaplan
590832. Physics: The Nature of Things, Volume 2 by John Robert Burke
590835. Organic Chemistry Online: CD-ROM with Workbook with CDROM by Paul R Young
590840. Aerobics Today by Peg Jordan
590845. Social Work Processes by Beulah R Compton
590850. Learning SAS in the Computer Lab by Elliott
590862. Integrating Research Into Practice: A Model for Effective Social Work by Bisman, Cynthia
590863. Theories of Human Learning: What the Old Man Said by Guy R Lefrancois
590864. A Course in Approximation Theory by William A Light
590867. Succeeding in Statistics by Shiffler, Ronald E.
590883. Substance Abuse Counseling Substance Abuse Counseling by Judith A Lewis
590885. Getting the Most from Your Human Service Internship: Learning from Experience by Pamela Myers Kiser
590888. Psychology and the Legal System by Fortune, William H.
590892. Social Work and the Web by Vernon, Robert
590893. Probability: The Science of Uncertainty with Applications to Investments, Insurance, and Engineering by Michael A Bean
590894. Mathematics Methods and Modeling for Today's Mathematics Classroom: A Contemporary Approach to Teaching Grades 7-12 with CDROM by John A Dossey
590895. Psychology Applied to Law by Mark Costanzo
590899. Psychopathology: A Competency-Based Model for Social Work by Marilyn R Zide
590901. Active Arithmetic and Algebra: Activities for Prealgebra and Beginning Algebra by Judy Jones
590902. Infancy: Infant, Family, and Society by Alan Fogel
590904. Group Dynamics by Donelson R Forsyth
590909. An Introduction to Human Services by Marianne Woodside
590911. Management of Human Service Programs by Michael D Lewis
590920. Physics: Calculus, Volume II (with CD-ROM) by Hecht, Eugene
590924. Applied Statistics (with Microsoft Excel ) with CDROM by Keller, Gerald
590925. Fundamentals of Biostatistics Study Guide: by Rosner, Bernard
590930. Current Perspectives in Geology: 2000 Edition by McKinney, Michael L.
590933. Telecourse Student Guide for Cycles of Life: Exploring Biology by Starr
590938. Data Analysis with Jmp-In 4.0 by Kenneth N Berk
590945. Introduction to Fourier Analysis and Wavelets by Mark A Pinsky
590951. The Mathematics of Finance: Modeling and Hedging by Joseph Stampfli
590952. Object-Oriented Design in Java Using Java.Util with CDROM by Nicholas J De Lillo
590959. Ecology and Behavior by Cecie Starr
590966. Classical and Modern Regression with Applications by Myers, Raymond H.
590987. Student Solutions Manual for Tussy/Gustafson's Basic Mathematics for College Students by Tussy, Alan S.
590988. A First Course in Mathematical Modeling by Maurice D Weir
591000. Study Guide for Precalculus: Mathematics for Calculus by Banks, John
591003. Intermediate Algebra (with CD-ROM, Bca/Ilrna[ Tutorial, and Infotrac ) by Kaseberg, Alice
591004. Conquering Math Anxiety with CDROM by Arem, Cynthia A.
591009. Traffic & Highway Engineering, 3/Ed. by Lester A Hoel
591016. Numerical Analysis: Mathematics of Scientific Computing by David Kincaid
591028. Using C++: An Introduction to Programming, Second Edition by Laura Baker
591031. Introduction to Embedded Microcomputer Systems: Motorola 6811/6812 Simulations by Valvano, Jonathan W.
591033. College Algebra (with CD-ROM and Ilrna[ Tutorial) by Haughn, Jack
591034. Six SIGMA with Microsoft Excel with CDROM by Patrick Carey
591036. Java with Object-Oriented Programming (with Infotrac) by Paul S Wang
591037. Java: A Framework for Program Design and Data Structures with CDROM by Kenneth Alfred Lambert
591038. Historical Geology: Evolution of Earth and Life Through Time with CDROM and Other by Wicander, Reed
591041. Excel Essentials: Using Microsoft Excel for Data Analysis & Decision Making by A J Hamish Taylor
591050. Vibrations by Edward B Magrab
591051. Introductory Algebra: Equations and Graphs, Sfcc Edition (with CD-ROM, Bca/Ilrna[ Tutorial, and Infotrac(r)) by Katherine Yoshiwara
591053. Intermediate Algebra: Functions and Graphs, Sfcc Edition (with CD-ROM, Bca/Ilrna[ Tutorial, and Infotrac(r)) by Katherine Yoshiwara
591062. Student Solutions Manual for McKeague's Intermediate Algebra by Brooks Cole Publishing Company
591065. Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences (with CD-ROM and Infotrac ) by DeVore, Jay L.
591068. Safety Scale Laboratory Experiments for Chemistry for Today: General, Organic, and Biochemistry by Seager, Spencer L.
591069. Abstract Algebra by Ronald Solomon
591079. Elements of Modern Algebra by Jimmie Gilbert
591080. Prealgebra (with CD-ROM and Enhanced Ilrn Math Tutorial, Ilrn Math Tutorial, the Learning Equation Labs, Student Resource Center Printed Access Card) by Alan S Tussy
591084. Mathematics for Teachers: An Interactive Approach for Grades K-8 (with CD-ROM, Bca/Ilrn Tutorial, and Infotrac) by Sonnabend, Thomas
591085. Fundamentals of Algebraic Modeling: An Introduction to Mathematical Modeling with Algebra and Statistics by Sonya Mc Cook
591086. Algebra and Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry with CDROM by Swokowski, Earl W.
591095. A Discrete Transition to Advanced Mathematics by Thomas Richmond
591096. Thomson Advantage Books: Oceanography: An Invitation to Marine Science (Three-Hole Punch with Oceanographynow and Infotrac) by Garrison, Tom S.
591100. College Algebra with CDROM by James Stewart
591108. Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel,: Updated for Ofice XP with CDROM by Berk, Kenneth N.
591110. Prealgebra: The Learning Equation: Online Lessons by Alan S Tussy
591117. Physics for Scientists and Engineers (with Physicsnow and Infotrac ) by Jewett, John W.
591118. Physics for Scientists and Engineers: With Modern Physics Chapters 39-46 with Other by Raymond A Serway
591120. Student Solutions Manual and Study Guide for Serway and Jewett's Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics Volume Two by Serway, Raymond A.
591121. Chemistry: Principles and Reactions (with CD-ROM and Infotrac(r)) with CDROM by Cecile N Hurley
591122. Answers to End- Of- Chapter Questions for Garrison's Oceanography: An Invitation to Marine Science (with Infotrac) , 5th by Garrison, Tom S.
591130. Calculus: Concepts and Contexts by Stewart, James
591136. Single Variable Calculus: Concepts and Contexts with CDROM by Stewart, James
591137. Calclabs with Maple for Stewart's Single Variable Calculus: Concepts and Contexts, 3rd by Stewart, James
591142. Introduction to Human Services: Cases and Applications (with Infotrac(r)) by Marianne Woodside
591144. A First Course in Differential Equations with Modeling Applications with CDROM by Dennis G Zill
591145. Student Resource and Solutions Manual for Zill's a First Course in Differential Equations with Modeling Applications by Carol D Wright
591146. Differential Equations with Boundary-Value Problems (with CD-ROM and Ilrn Tutorial) by Dennis G Zill
591147. Topics in Applied Abstract Algebra by S K Jain