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Books 27/45

591609. Aging, the Individual, and Society by Susan M Hillier
591610. The Social Organization of Work 3rd Edition by Randy Hodson
591614. Reading to Learn in the Content Areas (with CD-ROM and Infotrac ) by Judy S Richardson
591618. An Introduction to the History of Psychology (with Infotrac ) with Other by B R Hergenhahn
591620. Abnormal Child Psychology (with Infotrac) by Eric J Mash
591621. Popular Music in America: And the Beat Goes on by Michael Campbell
591622. Introduction to Research in Education (with Infotrac ) with Other by Razavieh, Asghar
591623. Single Variable Calculus by Paul Stewart
591624. State and Local Government: Public Life in America (with Infotrac(r)) by Cox, George
591625. State and Local Government: Public Life in America by George Cox
591626. Literature and the Child by Cullinan, Bernice E.
591628. Acp Ma 675 by Paul Stewart
591633. Research Methods and Statistics: A Critical Thinking Approach by Sherri L Jackson
591634. Family Therapy: An Overview by Goldenberg, Irene
591635. Marriage and Family Experience: Intimate Relationships in a Changing Society by Brian Strong
591638. The Lifespan by Guy R Lefrancois
591639. Educational Psychology: A Practitioner-Researcher Model of Teaching (with Infotrac(r)) by Debbie Sardo Brown
591645. Understanding Crime: Theory and Practice (with Infotrac(r)) by Winfree, Latham T.
591648. A History of Modern Psychology (with Infotrac) by Sydney Ellen Schultz
591649. Sensation and Perception by Goldstein, E. Bruce
591650. Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences by Lori Ann B Forzano
591655. Essential Interviewing: A Programmed Approach to Effective Communication (with Infotrac(r) by Uhlemann, Max R.
591658. Personal Nutrition with CDROM and Other by Marie A Boyle
591661. The Successful Internship: Transformation and Empowerment in Experiential Learning by H Frederick Sweitzer
591662. World of Chemistry: Essentials (with CD-ROM and Infotrac) with CDROM by Mary E Castellion
591664. Community-Based Corrections by Paul F Cromwell
591666. Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism (with Infotrac ) by James L Groff
591672. Instructor's Resource Manual for Communications in Our Lives by Julia Wood
591674. The Rhetorical ACT: Thinking, Speaking, and Writing Critically (with Infotrac(r)) by Suszn Schultz Huxman
591677. Food and Culture by Pamela Goyan Kittler
591685. When Words Collide Workbook by Kessler, Lauren
591691. Management of Electronic Media (with Infotrac ) by Alan B Albarran
591692. International Political Economy: Perspectives on Global Power and Wealth by Lake, David A.
591696. Communication Research: Strategies and Sources (with Infotrac(r)) by Piele, Linda J.
591706. Inclusion: The Integration of Students with Disabilities by Alan C Repp
591707. Foundations of Social Policy: Social Justice in Human Perspective with Other by Amanda Smith Barusch
591714. Researching Anthropology on the Internet by David Lee Carlson
591715. The Criminal Justice Internet Investigator III by Wadsworth Publishing
591716. Careers in Criminal Justice 2.0 Interactive CD-ROM by Wadsworth Publishing
591719. Psychology of Language (with Infotrac ) by David Carroll
591720. Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences by Jaccard, James
591722. Introduction to Texas Politics by Ernest Crain
591724. Principles and Applications of Assessment in Counseling by Susan C Whiston
591730. Sociology: The United States in a Global Community by Joan Ferrante Wallace
591734. Your Guide to College Success Media Edition with CDROM by John W Santrock
591740. Learning Success Media Edition by Wahlstrom
591741. Learning Success: Being Your Best at College Media Edition with CDROM by Carl M Wahlstrom
591748. Fundamental Perspectives on International Law by William R Slomanson
591752. Diversity and Development: Critical Contexts That Shape Our Lives and Relationships by Comstock, Dana
591755. The Elements of Counseling by Davis, Susan R.
591763. The Reluctant Welfare State: American Social Welfare Policies--Past, Present, and Future (with Infotrac(r)) by Bruce S Jansson
591766. Psychological Consultation and Collaboration in School and Community Settings by A Michael Dougherty
591767. Psychological Consultation and Collaboration: A Casebook by A Michael Dougherty
591768. California: The Politics of Diversity (with Infotrac) by David G Lawrence
591770. Basic Counseling Responses in Groups with CDROM and Video by Hutch Haney
591778. On the Buddha by Bart Gruzalski
591779. On Heidegger by Patricia Johnson
591781. On Wollstonecraft by Patricia Johnson
591783. On Kierkegaard by Susan Leigh Anderson
591784. On Marx by Wendy Lynne Lee
591786. On Socrates by Hope May
591788. On Nietzsche by Eric Steinhart
591790. On Lao Tzu by David H Cheng
591795. On Foucault by Alison Brown
591796. On Russell by S Jack Odell
591797. On Dewey by Robert Talisse
591798. On Freud by Michael S Trupp
591799. On Berkeley by Bruce Umbaugh
591801. On Habermas by Leslie Howe
591802. On Quine by Lynn Hankinson Nelson
591803. On Rorty by Richard Rumana
591804. On Sartre by Kamber, Richard
591805. On Ayn Rand by Allan Gotthelf
591806. On Searle by William Hirstein
591807. On the Churchlands by William Hirstein
591809. On Merleau- Ponty by Daniel Primozic
591810. On Moore by S Jack Odell
591811. On Derrida by Stephen Hahn
591812. On Dennett by John Symons
591813. On Schopenhauer by S Jack Odell
591815. The Art of Integrative Counseling by Gerald Corey
591816. Student Video and Workbook for the Art of Integrative Counseling with Video by Robert Haynes
591817. On Chomsky by Morton Winston
591821. Race and Ethnicity in Society: The Changing Landscape with Other by Margaret L Andersen
591822. Death and Dying: Life and Living (with Infotrac(r)) with Other by Charles A Corr
591824. Cognitive Psychology: Connecting Mind, Research and Everyday Experience (with Coglab Online and Concept Charts Booklet) with Other and Booklet by Goldstein, E. Bruce
591825. Cognitive Psychology: Connecting Mind, Research and Everyday Experience by E Bruce Goldstein
591845. The Psychology of Women with Coupons by Margaret W Matlin
591848. Drugs Across the Spectrum by Ray Goldberg
591853. American Passages by Edward L Ayers
591854. Abnormal Psychology: An Integrative Approach (with Infotrac and CD-ROM) by Durand, Vincent Mark
591856. American Encounters: History of the American People by Stanley Ed Schultz
591857. Terrorism: An Interdisciplinary Perspective, 2nd by del Carmen, Alejandro
591858. An Invitation to Fitness and Wellness (with Personal Daily Log and Infotrac ) by Dianne Hales
591861. Culture and Values: A Survey of the Humanities with CDROM by Cunningham, Lawrence S.
591862. Culture and Values: A Survey of the Humanities with CDROM by Reich, John J.
591863. Criminal Courts by Alisa Smith
591868. On Hegel by Alison Brown
591870. On Shantaraksita by Friquegnon, Marie
591871. On Aquinas by John Inglis
591872. On Arendt by Patricia Johnson
591873. On Augustine by Sharon Kaye
591874. On Ockham by Sharon Kaye
591875. On Turing by John Prager
591876. On Fodor by Consuelo Preti
591877. On Kripke by Consuelo Preti
591881. On Ayer by Robert Martin
591882. On Chuang Tzu by Hyun Hochsmann
591884. On Gandhi by Bart Gruzalski
591885. On Karol Wojtyla by Peter Simpson
591888. On Jung by Richard Bilsker
591889. On Singer by Hyun Hochsmann
591893. On Maimonides by Charles Harry Manekin
591894. On Adam Smith by Jack Russell Weinstein
591898. On Royce by Griffin Trotter
591899. On Hintikka by Daniel Kolak
591903. On Epictetus by Norman Lillegard
591906. On Ricoeur by Mark Muldoon
591908. On Popper by Mark Notturno
591909. On the Philosophy of Education by Robert Talisse
591911. On Kant, Revised Edition by Garrett Thomson
591912. Criminal Justice Organizations: Administration and Management by Stojkovic Kalinich Klofas
591918. Contemporary Moral Problems by James E White
591921. Philosophy of Law by Coleman, Jules L.
591923. Writing Philosophy Papers by Zachary Seech
591925. Jazz Arranging and Orchestration: A Concise Introduction with Interactive CD-ROM by Leslie M Sabina
591929. Analyzing Politics: An Introduction to Political Science by Ellen Grigsby
591932. Western Civilization Volume II: by Spielvogel, Jackson J.
591933. World History, Comprehensive Edition (with Migrations CD-ROM and Infotrac ) by Jim Holoka
591935. Doing Sociology: A Global Perspective: Using Microcase Explorit Workbook (with CD-ROM) by Rodney Stark
591937. How It's Done: An Invitation to Social Research with Other by Emily Stier Adler
591938. Understanding Society: An Introductory Reader (with Infotrac(r)) by Kim A Logio
591944. Webtutor on Blackboard for Hales' Invitation to Health by Wadsworth Publishing
591945. Introduction to Psychology (with Infotrac ) with Other by Plotnik, Rod
591947. Best of Wonderscience: Elementary Science Activities, Volume II by American Mathematical Society
591950. Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World's Peoples by Jeff Todd Titon
591952. The SPSS Video Guide: For SPSS Version 13.0 by Mark S Saviano
591958. Music of the Peoples of the World by William Alves
591966. The Essential College Experience with Readings by A Jerome Jewler
591967. Constitutional Law and the Criminal Justice System by J Scott Harr
591968. The Anthropology of Language: An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology by Harriet Joseph Ottenheimer
591969. The Anthropology of Language: An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology by Harriet Joseph Ottenheimer
591970. Kinship: An Introduction to the Anthropological Study of Family and Marriage by Ottenheimer
591971. The Color of Justice: Race, Ethnicity, and Crime in America by Samuel Walker
591972. Statistics in Criminal Justice (with Study Guide) by Chester Britt
591973. The Offender in the Community by Harry R Dammer
591975. Piano for the Developing Musician by Olson, Lynn Freeman
591976. Music in Childhood: From Preschool Through the Elementary Grades with CD (Audio) by Kirk Kassner
591979. Foundations of Music with CDROM by Carl J Christensen
591986. On the Meaning of Life by Thomson, Garrett