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Books 30/139

673202. The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, as Revealed in the Scriptures and in Personal Experience (1910) by R A Torrey
673203. Intercollegiate Debates V6: A Year Book of College Debating (1916) by Egbert Ray Nichols
673204. The Theory of Mind as Pure ACT (1922) by Giovanni Gentile
673205. The History of Creation V2: Or the Development of the Earth and Its Inhabitants by the Action of Natural Causes (1887) by Ernst Heinrich Philip Haeckel
673207. Wilhelm Hohenzollern and Company (1917) by Edward Lyell Fox
673208. Some Suggestions in Ethics (1919) by Bernard Bosanquet
673209. The First and Second Banks of the United States (1910) by John T Holdsworth
673210. Diary and Letters of Madame D'Arblay V3: 1778-1840 (1905) by Madame D Arblay
673211. The Modern Sunday School and Its Present Day Task (1916) by Henry Frederick Cope
673212. The Chartist Movement (1918) by Mark Hovell
673213. Washington Close-Ups: Intimate Views of Some Public Figures (1921) by Edward G Lowry
673214. Collecting Antiques for Pleasure and Profit (1922) by Fleix Gade
673215. Sojourning, Shopping and Studying in Paris: A Handbook Particularly for Women (1907) by Elizabeth Otis Williams
673218. My Life of Song (1922) by Madame Tetrazzini
673219. The Hohenzollerns: A Historical Study (1915) by A D Innes
673220. Peeps at Great Cities: Berlin (1911) by Alois Siepen
673221. The Sunday School: Its Origin, Mission, Methods and Auxiliaries (1888) by H Clay Trumbull
673222. The Constitution and Laws of Afghanistan (1900) by Sultan Mohammad Khan
673223. Selections from the Letters, Dispatchers and Other State Papers Preserved in the Military Department of the Government of India, 1857-1858 V4 (1912) by George W Forrest
673224. Wycliffe and the Lollards (1908) by J C Carrick
673225. The Forerunners (1920) by Romain Rolland
673226. Life and Letters of Maggie Benson (1917) by Arthur Christopher Benson
673228. Constantine the Great and Christianity, Three Phases: The Historical, the Legendary and the Spurious (1914) by Christopher Bush Coleman
673229. Gerard Dou (1902) by W Martin
673232. Eternal Life: A Study of Its Implications and Applications (1912) by Friedrich Von Hugel
673233. Commentary on the Psalms (1910) by Emanuel Swedenborg
673235. Electric Waves: An Advanced Treatise on Alternating Current Theory (1909) by William Suddards Franklin
673236. Catalogue of the Acropolis Museum V1: Archaic Sculpture (1912) by Guy Dickins
673238. George Crabbe V3: Poems (1907) by George Crabbe
673239. John Keats: His Life and Poetry, His Friends, Critics and After Fame (1917) by Sidney Colvin
673240. The Next Step in Religion: An Essay Toward the Coming Renaissance (1918) by Roy Wood Sellars
673243. The Khasis (1914) by P R T Gurdon
673246. Great Violinists and Pianists: Corelli to Paderewski (1909) by George T Ferris
673247. Uncensored Celebrities (1919) by E T Raymond
673248. Isaac McCoy: Early Indian Missions; Isaac McCoy Christiana McCoy: A Memorial (1895) by Walter N Wyeth
673250. Intercollegiate Debates V5 (1915) by Egbert Ray Nichols
673252. Mathematics and Science: Last Essays (1913) by Henri Poincare
673254. Ethics, an Investigation of the Facts and Laws of the Moral Life V2: Ethical Systems (1906) by Wilhelm Wundt
673255. Editorial Comments on the Life and Work of Mary Baker Eddy (1911) by
673256. Best Lincoln Stories: Tersely Told (1898) by J E Gallaher
673257. Imperial Rule in India: Being an Examination of the Principles Proper to the Government of Dependencies (1899) by Theodore Morison
673258. A Note on the Decentralization of Provincial Finance (1894) by M G Ranade
673259. Logic, Part Two: Demonstrative Inference, Deductive and Inductive (1922) by W E Johnson
673261. A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Book of Job V1: Together with a New Translation (1921) by Samuel Rolles Driver
673263. A Textbook on Spherical Trigonometry (1913) by Robert E Moritz
673266. Etching: A Practical Treatise (1914) by Earl H Reed
673268. The Revolt of Democracy (1913) by Alfred Russell Wallace
673270. Anselm and His Work (1901) by A C Welch
673271. A Group of Hindoo Stories (1881) by Anaryan
673273. Putnam's Handbook of Expression: For the Enrichment of Conversation, Writing and Public Speaking (1915) by Edwin Hamlin Carr
673274. The Brhar-Devata Attributed to Saunaka, Part One: Introduction and Text (1904) by Arthur Anthony Macdonell
673275. The Poem of Job: Translated in the Meter of the Original (1914) by Edward G King
673276. Castle Memories: Twenty Tales of Edinburgh Castle (1911) by J N Ogilvie
673277. A History of Dartmouth College V1 (1891) by Frederick Chase
673279. Psychology of the Nations (1902) by A L Kip
673280. The Red Light on the Railways (1921) by J H Thomas
673283. British History in the Nineteenth Century: 1782-1901 (1922) by George Macaulay Trevelyan
673285. The Hindu System of Moral Science (1912) by Kishori Lal Sarkar
673287. The Story of the Washington Coachee and of the Powel Coach, Which Is Now at Mount Vernon (1908) by Mary Stevens Beall
673288. Philosophy of the Unconscious V2 (1893) by Eduard Von Hartmann
673289. Mediaeval Music: An Historical Sketch (1894) by Robert Charles Hope
673290. Universalism in America, a History V2: 1801-1886 (1894) by Richard Eddy
673291. The Educational Situation (1904) by John Dewey
673292. Oils, Fats and Fuels (1921) by Thomas Hull
673293. Operas, with Introduction V2 (1908) by W L Hubbard
673295. Thought and Things V1: A Study of the Development and Meaning of Thought, or Genetic Logic (1906) by James Mark Baldwin
673296. Wages and Capital: An Examination of the Wages Fund Doctrine (1896) by F W Taussig
673297. The Island of Stone Money: Uap of the Carolines (1910) by William Henry Furness
673298. The Natural Style in Landscape Gardening (1917) by Frank Albert Waugh
673299. Pillars of Society (1915) by A G Gardiner
673300. That One Face: Studies of the Place of Jesus in the Minds of Poet and Prophets (1919) by Richard Roberts
673301. The World's Best Orations V4: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time (1900) by David J Brewer
673302. Applied Mechanics and Strength of Materials (1906) by A B Clemens
673303. The Palmerston Readers: Book Four (1897) by Blackie And Son
673304. Edward MacDowell: His Work and Ideals (1910) by Elizabeth Fry Page
673305. Peeps at Many Lands: Australia (1911) by Frank Fox
673307. Twenty Centuries of Paris (1913) by Mabell S C Smith
673308. Peeps at Many Lands: Java (1912) by J F Scheltema
673309. The American Japanese Problem: A Study of the Racial Relations of the East and the West (1914) by Sydney L Gulick
673310. My Confession and the Spirit of Christ's Teaching (1887) by Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy
673311. A Tour Through Indiana in 1840: The Diary of John Parsons (1920) by John Parsons
673312. The Romance of History (1891) by Herbert Greenhough Smith
673314. The Modern Gas Engine and the Gas Producer (1910) by A M Levin
673315. A Short History of War and Peace (1911) by G H Perris
673316. Life and Writings of Amelia Bloomer (1895) by D C Bloomer
673317. Farm and Garden Insects (1910) by William Somerville
673318. A Score of Famous Composers (1891) by Nathan Haskell Dole
673319. Colonial Civil Service: The Selection and Training of Colonial Officials in England, Holland and France (1900) by A Lawrence Lowell
673320. Intercollegiate Debates V7 (1917) by Egbert Ray Nichols
673322. American Literature and Readings in American Literature (1915) by Roy Bennett Pace
673323. The Battle of New Orleans: Including the Previous Engagements Between the Americans and the British, the Indians and the Spanish (1904) by Zachariah F Smith
673324. The Old Plantation Melodies (1888) by Stephen Collins Foster
673327. The Haunts of Life (1922) by J Arthur Thomson
673328. The Design and Equipment of Small Chemical Laboratories (1908) by Richard K Meade
673329. New American History (1917) by Albert Bushnell Hart
673331. Edison and His Inventions: Including the Many Incidents, Anecdotes and Interesting Particulars Connected with the Early and Late Life of the Grea by James Baird Mc Clure
673333. Guide to the Insects of Connecticut: General Introduction and the Euplexoptera and Orthoptera of Connecticut (1911) by Wilton Everett Britton
673334. Andele, or the Mexican-Kiowa Captive: A Story of Real Life Among the Indians (1899) by John J Methvin
673335. The New Gardening: A Guide to the Most Recent Developments in the Culture of Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables (1913) by Walter P Wright
673336. The Indian's Revenge or Days of Honor: Some Appalling Events in the History of the Sioux (1891) by Alexander Berghold
673337. Dry Land Farming (1911) by Thomas Shaw
673338. Looking Back from Beulah (1910) by Mollie Alma White
673341. The Mechanical Principles of the Aeroplane (1921) by Selig Brodetsky
673342. The Indians: Their Manners and Customs (1889) by John Mac Lean
673344. Memories of the Months: Fourth Series (1907) by Herbert Maxwell
673345. New Zealand Sheep Farming: Wool, Mutton, Pastures (1915) by J R Mac Donald
673347. Presiding Ladies of the White House: Containing Biographical Appreciations; Together with a Short History of the Executive Mansion and a Treatise on I by Lila G A Woolfall
673348. The Nature of Matter and Electricity: An Outline of Modern Views (1917) by Daniel F Comstock
673349. The Motor Industry: Its Growth, Its Methods, Its Prospects and Its Products (1917) by Horace Wyatt
673351. Copper Work: A Textbook for Teachers and Students in the Manual Arts (1908) by Augustus F Rose
673355. Popular Official Guide to the New York Zoological Park (1909) by William T Hornaday
673356. The Lure of the Garden (1911) by Hildegarde Hawthorne
673357. Brain and Spinal Cord: A Manual for the Study of the Morphology and Fibre-Tracts of the Central Nervous System (1918) by Emil Villiger
673358. Heredity of Coat Characters in Guinea-Pigs and Rabbits (1905) by William E Castle
673361. Fruits of the Hawaiian Islands V1 (1907) by Gerrit Parmile Wilder
673362. The Relics of Columbus: An Illustrated Description of the Historical Collection in the Monastery of La Rabida (1893) by William Eleroy Curtis
673363. Reminiscences of the Happy Life of a Teacher (1885) by Alfred Holbrook
673367. Photomicrography: Including a Description of the Wet Collodion and Gelatino-Bromide Processes (1885) by A Cowley Malley
673369. Daffodils, Narcissus and How to Grow Them as Hardy Plants and for Cut Flowers, with a Guide to the Best Varieties (1909) by A M Kirby
673370. The Charm of Gardens (1910) by Dion Clayton Calthrop
673371. The Disputed V.C.: A Tale of the Indian Mutiny (1904) by Frederick P Gibbon
673372. Overland and Underground: Poems of the West and Its Mines (1912) by David G Thomas
673373. Stories of the Universe: The Plants (1909) by Grant Allen
673375. The Birds of Ohio: A Complete Scientific and Popular Description of the 320 Species of Birds Found in the State (1903) by William Leon Dawson
673378. The Life of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd: Containing His Letters from Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas Island (1906) by Nettle Mudd
673379. Jewish Fairy Tales and Fables (1908) by Aunt Naomi
673381. Physical Laboratory Handbook (1909) by George A Hoadley
673383. The Prairie Casket (1875) by Mrs John P Hills
673384. The Sa-Zada Tales (1909) by W A Fraser
673386. Life of Thurlow Weed: Including His Autobiography and a Memoir (1883) by Thurlow Weed Barnes
673387. The Biography of Ephraim McDowell: The Father of Ovariotomy (1890) by Mary Young Ridenbaugh
673388. Color Measurement and Mixture (1891) by W De W Abney
673390. A Round Trip in North America (1895) by Theodora Guest
673392. Microbes, Ferments and Molds (1892) by Edouard Louis Trouessart
673393. The Story of the Bacteria and Their Relations to Health and Disease (1889) by T Mitchell Prudden
673394. Handbook of Bacteriological Diagnosis for Practitioners: Including Instructions for the Clinical Examination of the Blood (1902) by Walter D Este Emery
673395. Nutritional Physiology (1918) by Percy Goldthwait Stiles
673402. Catalogue of a Collection of Birds from Guatemala (1907) by Ned Dearborn
673405. The Warblers of North America (1914) by Frank M Chapman
673406. The Standard Library of Natural History: Embracing Living Animals of the World and Living Races of Mankind V5: Africa, Europe, America (1907) by Charles J Cornish
673408. The Insect and Other Allied Pests of Orchard, Bush and Hothouse Fruits and Their Prevention and Treatment (1909) by Frederick Theobald
673410. The Diamond Fairy Book (1897) by Various Authors
673411. Mother Goose and What Happened Next (1909) by Anna Marion Smith
673413. Typical Flies: A Photographic Atlas (1921) by Ethel K Pearce
673414. Irish Fairy Tales (1907) by Edmund Leamy
673417. An Introduction to the Study of Meteorites: With a List of the Meteorites Represented in the Collection (1896) by Lazarus Fletcher
673418. Alice of Old Vincennes (1900) by Maurice Thompson
673419. Northern Polypores (1914) by William Alphonso Murrill
673420. Pretty Goldilocks and Other Stories from the Fairy Books (1906) by Andrew Lang
673421. The White Islander (1893) by Mary Hartwell Catherwood